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Chapter 1- Wish that we can always stay like this forever

It was 5:30am at Pixie Hollow. And at this time, fairies would get ready for their duties. And as we all know, Tinker Bell, would get her new tinkers ready for face off.

"I'm really excited! I can't wait to show them my new inventions! But, i have to show Terence first since he is my best friend! I'll go look for him." She carries a bag full of new products handmade and flew off to Terrence while she still had some pixie dust left.

She arrived at the tree where Terence worked and saw him sitting down by the pool of pixie dust looking really sad. So she flew over to him and surprised him.

"Hi Terence!!!" she yelled at his back. This made Terence jump over and fell at the dust pool.

"Tinkerbell! You nearly gave me a heart-attack back there." He giggled as he stood up. "What brings you here anyway? It's only 5:35 AM."

"Well, I'm just excited! I had to show you my new inventions before i show it to everyone else!" she dropped her bag and took one product.

"Okay? Let me see them. You seem kinda hyper about it. You probably worked hard on that little thing."

"I sure did, buddy! This is no ordinary invention! It would help Pixie Hollow do their jobs with less difficulty!"

"And how am i supposed to believe that, Miss Smarty Pants?" He tickled her back.

"Hey, I'm serious! And by the way, Mr. I-know-everything, I am not wearing pants. I'm wearing a skirt." She stuck her tongue out. Terence glanced at her for a moment when she stuck her tongue out. Tinker Bell did the same. They were staring at each other for some time and they seem to feel that they were in paradise until someone came.

"Well, look who we have here. Sorry for disturbing your moment but, Terence, can i have my Pixie dust for today?" Silvermist came in giggling.

"Yeah, uhm... Sure, here you go." He handed Silvermist a bag of Pixie Dust.

"Thanks. I'll leave you two then." She winked at Tinker Bell and made her blush a bit feeling embarrassment for having a fairy see them nearly kiss each other.

"Uh, I have to go, Terence. Can i have my Pixie dust now?" she was still blushing.

"You were going to show me your inventions, weren't you?" he looked puzzled handing her the bag of pixie dust.

"But, i really have to get to Fairy Mary to show her these before showing it to other fairies." then she flew off.

"But, you said i was the first one to see." He murmured forming a frown on his face as he sat down alone again.

"Aw, come on Terence. Don't feel sad. It's quite obvious that she likes you too, you know?" Fawn came in sitting down beside him.

"But, it looked like she was embarrassed being seen with me." He looked away.

"Why? What happened?" Fawn patted his back.

"Well, we were talking about her invention a few minutes ago until we caught each other's eyes. Then we nearly kissed but Silvermist came in and stopped the moment."

"You wanted to kiss her?"

"No! I mean- yes! But, i can't! 'Cause she—" he was panicking.

"It's okay, Terence, dear. It's normal to feel like this."

"Thanks, Fawn. But, i don't know how to tell her how i feel. I'm afraid of her thinking that I'm using her to forget about how I feel for Silvermist. She still teases me sometimes."

"Aw, Don't worry about it, Terence. Silvermist liked you too but she knew that Tinker Bell would get hurt when she'd start dating you. And you know the two of them are really tight, right?"

"I never knew Silvermist liked me back. But, that doesn't change it. I'm in love with my best friend. And I won't change her for anything!"

"Don't be too over acting, squirt." Fawn laughed at him. "She's yours, i know. I'll help you get manly about this. Oh, by the way. You should get yourself insecure 'cause Bobble secretly yet obviously is planning to court Tink." She winked at him as she took her pixie dust and flew off to train her skunk.

"Bobble likes my dearest Tinker Bell!?" his eyes widened as he clenched his fist. "I'll have to be the first one to do so."


"I'm so stupid! I nearly kissed my best friend! In front of Silvermist! She must've felt jealous since she liked him. Stupid, Tink! And, Terence would never fall for someone like me. I'm just a Tinker. And he probably sees me nothing more than just a friend. I mustn't keep my hopes up. But, we nearly kissed. If Silver didn't have to come, I would've probably got the chance." Tinker Bell thought to herself.

She found Fairy Mary with Bobble and Clank and proceeded to them.

"There you are, Tink! I've been lookin' all over for you! Where have you been?" Bobble clung to her arm and pulled her closer to where Clank and Fairy Mary stood.


Terence went off looking for Tinker Bell and saw her with Fairy Mary, Clank and Bobble. His eyes widened when he saw Bobble clinging on to Tink's arm. He didn't think twice as he flew quickly and pulled Tink away from Bobble. This startled both Tinker Bell and Bobble.

"Terence? What's the matter?" Tinker Bell asked him.

"Why do you have an angry look on your face, young lad?" Fairy Mary examined his expression. This got Terence back to his senses.

"Oh, uhm... I have to talk to Tinker Bell... about... some issues needed to be discussed! Yeah, that's it." He pulled Tinker Bell away from the group.

"What do you have to tell me, Terence? I'm in the middle of showing Fairy Mary my work!" Tinker Bell pouted.

"Bobble was clinging on to you! Didn't you know that he's planning to court you!?" he sounded upset.

"Bobble? You crazy fairy. He's not going to court me. And besides, he doesn't like me. Why would he, right?"

"Are you sure? But with the way he acts, he's like a... you-know-what!"

"W-wait right there, Mister. What's wrong with Bobble courting me? Are you jealous?" Tinker Bell smirked.

"J-jealous?! Me? Jealous?! I am Not, crazy girl!" he stomped his feet.

"Then why are you so protective, then? Come on, Terence. I would never replace you. You'll always be my best friend even if Bobble would cling on to me all the time." She patted his shoulder.

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"B-best friend?" Terence glared at her.

"Yeah. Isn't that what we'll always be? You said it yourself before, right? That nothing more would happen and nothing less. Best friends we will always be." She smiled at him.

"O-oh. R-right. Best friends, alright." He showed a fake smile.

"Well, are we clear?" she asked him.

"Yeah, we're clear." He smiled back at her as Tinker Bell moved forward to hug him really tight. Terence didn't see the tears falling of Tinker Bell's eyes. "I wish you knew, that i love you more than anything... And that what I have said earlier wasn't really what i wanted. I wanted us to be something more. It just hurts to know that you love someone else... I wish that we'd always be like this." She thought as she wiped her tears off before she pulled away from Terence.

"Wish that we can always stay like this forever"


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