It's been 2 months! I am very sorry for not updating. Here's Chapter 9 for you all!

Chapter 9- Awkwardness

"You're… back, Tinkerbell..." She said softly with a trembling sound.

"It's you… Silvermist…"

The atmosphere was intense. None of them said a word until Lance spoke up.

"Hey. I'm Lance. Tinkerbell's friend." He raised his hand up for a handshake.

"Oh. I'm Silvermist. I know you. You're the legendary fairy that left years ago. It's good to have you back here before spring." She simply said and shook his hand.

"Well, someone kind of knocked my senses off." He elbowed Tink.

"Y-yeah. Haha! Nice seeing you again, Silver." The way she said it wasn't sarcastic. It wasn't happy at the same time. She was definitely confused.

"We better go now since there're lot of inspections to do. Catch you later!" Lance grabbed Tink's arm and flew off.

"Thanks, Lance. You always save me in times of trouble." Tink sighed in relief.

"It's what I do." He smiled. Suddenly, a group of female fairies rushed over to him squealing like fan girls.

"LAAANCE! Oh my Gosh! The Legendary Lance is back!"


"Those sparkling eyes and raven colored hair! He's just too perfect!"

"The way his skin is tanned. It is sooo manly!"

Fairies gathered around him and that separated him from Tinkerbell.

"Tink! A little help here, please?" he begged. Tink laughed at him as fairies bombarded him with questions as to why he had returned.

"Tell us about your fantastic runaway!" they started.

"Uh-… I left and came back now! Ha ha. I better get going, pretty ladies. I have to get busy with Spring preparations!" he tried to get away but the fairies kept pulling him back.

"Aww! Stay for a while. I'm sure you're tired from travelling. We'll give you a massage!" a fairy said.

"No need for that. I am totally fine." Slightly pushing the fairies aside and looked for Tink. She was out the crowd looking at him with an evil smile. Then she flew off. "TINKERBELL!" he shouted. Fairies started to look at the direction where his eyes are. Tink got a bad feeling about it and hurried off.

"You're going out with Tinkerbell?" another fairy asked.

"I- uh…" then he remembered that evil smile on Tink's face and decided to get a little revenge. "Oh, yes. I am definitely going out with her."

"Oh my Gosh! Why, of all fairies, would you choose Tinkerbell? She's soooo… plain!" frustrated fairies started to talk bad about her.

"Simple is beautiful." Lance said flatly. The girls looked at him quietly then squealed a few minutes later.

"Go out with me, Lance! I can be simpler than Tinkerbell!" it was a rampage there until someone came to the rescue.

"Girls! Girls! Keep your voices down. You are such a disgrace. Go back to your jobs and leave Lance alone. Come on, my boy. We have a lot to talk about." Fairy mary hushed the other fairies as they left sadly.

"Thank you, Fairy Mary. I don't know how I'd get out of that crowd if it weren't for you. I owe you everything." He breathed heavily feeling tired 'cause of the interrogation.

"Not to worry, my boy. Let's get to work now."

Tinkerbell giggled to herself remembering how Lance was left with all those fan girls. She stopped by her working place and saw Bobble and Clank.

"Bobble! Clank!" She called to them. They looked at her. No, they stared at her for quite a long time before their eyes widened in shock.

"HOLY MOLY! Tinkerbell! You're alive!" Bobble hugged her like a child and so did Clank.

"We missed you a lot, Tink." Clank frowned and squeezed both of them.

"I'm sorry to have you two worry so much. I am fine." She smiled at them.

"Well, the trio is once again reunited!"

"Not a moment to lose, Bobble. Let's get this working started!" She said happily.

Meanwhile at the Tree…

"Have you heard? The Legendary Lance is back with Tinkerbell. Fairy Mary even announced that they were going out." Whispers started and Chuck doesn't feel comfortable at all. He can sense that Terence wasn't feeling good.

"Hey, buddy. Maybe you'd want to take a break for a while?" he started.

"W-what? None sense. I am fine, Chuck." He smiled sadly.

"Don't you want to see her?"

"I have a girlfriend. She has a boyfriend."

"It doesn't mean you can't be friends with her."

"Would she even talk to me? I've hurt her. I-I mean… I never knew how she felt until that day."

"What day?"

"That day I saw her in the woods."

"What happened?"

"She was so excited about everything we could do together. Then I was so stupid. I suddenly blurted out that I was going out with Silvermist."

"The black haired fairy?"

"Yeah. That one."

"Well. That was stupid of you."

"Gee. Thanks for making me realize it."

"You could've at least waited for the right moment."

"When was the right moment?" Terence sighed.

"There wasn't." Chuck whispered to himself.

"Wait… what?"

"Nothing. Go get me a sandwich. I'm feelin' hungry and all."

"Oh… uh. Sure thing. I'll be back." He left.

"Geez. That guy sure got his ass in big trouble. It's freakn' obvious he likes that blondie more than blacky."

"I'm guessing… it starts with the letter Q!" Lance shouted.

"EEENNKK!" Bobble had his arms crossed.

"5 more tries and the man is hanged!" Clank pointed at the white board.

"Gaah. This is so frustrating! Stop guessing impossible letters, Lance!" Tink punched him on the arm.

"You're not even saying any letter! How are we going to guess the right word!?"

"I'm thinking of a letter, okay? Just keep it down!"

"I can see that you guys are having fun there." Fawn came in to picture.

"Hey Fawn! How've you been?" Tink ran to her and gave her a hug. "You smell bad like always."

"Skunk training, Tink." She frowned.

"That explains it." They giggled at the statement.

"I'm guessing the word is 'Tinker'. Is that right?" Fawn looked at the whiteboard.

"THAT IS CORRECT! Fawn got it!" Bobble leaped happily.

"WHAT!? Darn it!" Tink stomped her foot.

"I'm good at that game, ya know?"

"Well, anyway. Fawn, meet Lance. Lance, meet my friend, Fawn."

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Legendary." She shakes hands with him.

"That Legendary thing is starting to piss me off. HAHAHA!" Lance giggled.

"It sounds very cute to me." Tink said shyly. This surprise Fawn and Lance.

"You're so cute, Tink." Fawn smiled and pinched her cheeks while Lance tried to hide his blush. He felt happy 'cause of Tink's comment.

"T-thanks." He said softly.

"Anyway, I'd like to borrow Tinkerbell for a while. Is that alright?"

"Sure! Go ahead." Lance shooed them off.

"Seriously, Tink. You should talk to Terence. That guy's been miserable!"

"Yeah right. He's the one who went over the forests to find me just to say he's going out with Silvermist. How does that sound? Look, Fawn. He isn't the only one hurting." Tink said emotionlessly.

"And you talk like you don't care. I'm not asking you to be lovey dovey with him. Just think about the friendship you once had. Besides, you have a boy friend now. Why wouldn't you want closure with Terence?"

"Don't you get it, Fawn?! There is no LANCEXXTINKERBELL. It's just something Fairy Mary made up since she was too excited to see us both. I'm still sort of in love with Terence, Fawn. It hurts that he's got someone close to me as his girlfriend. Now, it's even awkward with Silvermist. I'm not ready to face him."

"You don't like Lance?" she raised an eyebrow.

"I…" she was caught off guard. She never figured it out herself. Did she actually start liking Lance? If she did… since when? Her mind was going in circles. She's definitely confused.


"I don't know. I don't want to think about anything." She sighed.


"I'll rest for a while, okay?" she left her there alone.

"Do I like Lance? I don't know. How about Terence? I really don't know. This is so hard and frustrating."

She was thinking too deeply when she bumped into someone… (You've probably guessed who it is.)

"Hey. I'm sorry!" the fairy apologized helping her up.

"It's nothing. Don't worry about it." Then she looked up and saw a surprised Terence in front of her.

"T-Tinkerbell…" he stuttered. He dropped the sandwich he was holding for Chuck and stared deeply into Tinkerbell's tantalizing eyes.

"H-hey." Was all she said. What was she supposed to say anyway?

"H-how are you?"

"Never better. You?" She smiled.

"Same like always." He smiled back.

"Anyway, I better get going. Catch you sometime." She was about to run off when her arm was pulled.

"W-wait." Tinkerbell didn't look back but she knew by the sound of Terence's voice that he was longing for her company. He sounded really sad yet she couldn't for she was hurting as bad as he was.

"L-let go, Terence." She said softly. There was no response. They stayed still until Terence hardened his grip and pulled her towards him and hugged her tightly. Tinkerbell's eyes widened yet she felt comfortable. This was her heaven for all she knew. She hugged him back as tears started to roll down her pale cheeks.

"I missed you so much." Terence's voice cracked. He was about to cry as well. He couldn't hold back the emotions any longer. "You don't know how it feels to be me." He tightened his hold while burying his face on Tink's hair.

"Same here. You don't understand how bad I'm hurting because of you." She broke away and looked at him with a sad smile on her face. Her tears were still present and Terence felt his heart break. He had witnessed once again, painful tears caused by him.

"Don't cry… I'm getting emotional too." He tried to break the awful mood and stepped forward to touch her face and wipe her tears off.

"I'm not ready, Terence. It's hurting every time." She held his hand and placed it down. "I have to go." It was the last thing she said that left Terence broken on his spot.

"I love you, Tinkerbell." that thought made him break down more. He loved her. He loves Tinkerbell and not Silvermist.

That ends this chapter! Sorry for making it too emotional! I'll update soon! :)