The Life of a Demon Attorney

A/N: Hey guys, I've been replaying all my Phoenix Wright games recently and thought I'd take a shot at writing a fanfic for the series. I'm usually a writer for Harry Potter or Alice in Wonderland, 2010, but I love Edgeworth immensely, especially after his last game, so I thought I'd give him a fanfic! This will be a romance fanfic for Edgeworth, but not solely so. There will be mystery/suspense in the later chapters, seeing as it is a Phoenix Wright fanfic. ;D

This takes place after Miles Edgeworth: Investigations but before the time of Apollo Justice. Since this is before Apollo Justice, Trucy is not fifteen yet, she is twelve; Phoenix and Edgeworth are thirty. Kay Faraday, consequently, is three years older, and twenty.


The usual disclaimer applies.

Chapter 1: All Work and No Play

Miles Edgeworth sighed as he pushed a button, resulting in the automatic rolling down the window of his red sports car.

"Don't you ever think this car gives the impression that you're compensating for something?"

"No," he replied blandly, placing his hand on the shift and switching gears. He sped down the highway as his passenger held onto the crash handle.

"Well, it does," the passenger laughed, but Edgeworth's face remained stoic as he cut off a garbage truck. "Where's the fire?"

"Wright, really. You should be more concerned for your daughter."

"Hey, Trucy's a big girl. What could happen at her school?"

"Excuse me? If you remember correctly, Wright, you pulled me away from a full day's worth of work to give you an emergency ride. You said Trucy was in trouble."

"Ah, I was just too lazy to bus," Phoenix said, and Edgeworth sent him his trademark side-glare.


"Hey, relax! You can't stop on the highway and kick me out! Besides, I did you a favour! You work too much, and you needed a day off. We're going to dinner tonight, and I wanted you to come-"

"You're not seriously inviting me to a dinner with you and your twelve-year old daughter?"

"Come on, Miles-"

"Edgeworth," he corrected between grit teeth.

"Edgeworth, Trucy hasn't been living with me for all that long and I'm doing my best, okay? I want her to have a good time."

"Not a long time? She's been with you since she was eight, hasn't she? That's four years."

"That's not a long time to a dad," Phoenix countered, and Edgeworth scoffed.

"Come on, Maya will be meeting us for dinner later, and I thought we could catch up. She hasn't met Trucy yet."

Edgeworth sighed as he made a sharp left turn, causing Phoenix to yell and cling more tightly to the crash handle.

"It's boring without you in the courtroom, Wright," he said, out of the blue. Phoenix, once he was over the shock, blinked.


"You heard me. The victories are too easy."

"Are you still pursuing every guilty verdict, or have you finally figured out the true meaning to being a prosecutor?" Phoenix asked, and the corner of Edgeworth's lips pulled up in a smirk.

"I pursue the truth now, Wright."

This was the first time in about two years that Edgeworth had seen Phoenix Wright. Since he lost his attorney badge for falsifying evidence, Edgeworth had never found an excuse to see him again. What with leaving and returning to L.A. all the time, he rarely had enough time to see Dick Gumshoe, his not-so-trusty detective and assistant.

Until now. Miles Edgeworth was back for good.

"So… Trucy is okay?" Edgeworth asked, and Phoenix smirked.

"Well, I never said that. Maybe she fell and broke her arm, then you'll be glad you drove me."

Edgeworth pulled into the schoolyard property, slowing considerably before finding a parking spot in the Visitor's Area. The two men got out, and Edgeworth looked around.

"She goes to school here?" he asked, arching a brow. "How could you afford a place like this?"

The property was vast, with at least five different buildings and a large Church towards the end of the lot. He knew of it, though he hadn't personally attended it. They were at Immaculate Conception, one of the finest private schools in the district. If he were ever to have kids, he would send them here, too.

"I win a lot of poker games," Phoenix said with a shrug. "Plus, Trucy's new agency brings in a lot of money."

"I can't believe you make enough of a living playing poker," Edgeworth scoffed, disregarding the possibility that a child's Talent Agency could actually bring in enough profit. Phoenix grinned beneath his turquoise cap.

"I'll play you sometime, Edgeworth, and I'll kick your butt."


A young girl of about twelve ran up to the two of them, a small backpack slung over one shoulder. Her short, brown hair was tied up in a ponytail, and she had what looked like a magician's cape draped over her school uniform.

"Trucy!" Phoenix laughed, giving her a hug and ruffling her hair. Trucy laughed before looking at Edgeworth.

"Um. Who's he?"

"Trucy, this is Mr. Edgeworth. He and I used to battle in court."


Trucy bowed her head with a big grin before reaching her gloved hand out to Edgeworth. He sent Phoenix a look before humouring the young pre-teen and shaking it.

"You're the first man I know who wears girly colours, Mr. Edgeworth." Phoenix bit his lip to hold back a laugh as a sudden look of shock passed over Edgeworth's pale face.

"It's… it's burgundy," he insisted.

"I like your ruffles," she said with another nod, and Edgeworth glared at Phoenix before looking back to Trucy.

"It's called a cravat, Trucy."

"Uh oh, Trucy," Phoenix said suddenly, and Trucy looked up at him. "What did you do?" he asked, and Trucy bowed her head in shame. Confused, Edgeworth looked over his shoulder, where Phoenix's gaze was directed. One of the teachers was walking out of the nearest building, straight towards them.

"Mr. Wright, correct?" the teacher said, and Edgeworth took a step back, his eyes widening in shock. None of them seemed to notice.

"Yes, that's right," Phoenix answered. "Is Trucy in trouble?"

"Yes, unfortunately. I'm a T.A. helping Mr. Beretworth's Grade 7 class, and during recess I was supervising. Trucy made one of the third graders cry today." Her voice was professional, polite, with a subtle undertone of amusement to it.

"Trucy!" Phoenix scolded. "How could you?"

"I… I just wanted to show them I could make their pet hamster disappear. I didn't think I wouldn't be able to get it back," she said through watery eyes.

"Nonetheless, Trucy's magic tricks, while fascinating, could be dangerous when performed upon her peers, especially with lack of practice." Edgeworth couldn't sit back anymore. This woman barely sounded like herself. He stepped into her field of view.

"How wonderful to see you again, Miss Faraday, or have you already forgotten me?"

At that point Edgeworth had regained his composure, and that look of calm collectiveness was on his face, smirk tugging at the right corner of his lips. The look on the woman's face immediately fell into one of shock.


"Edgey?" Phoenix repeated behind snickers. He was immediately reminded of Wendy Oldbag. Trucy fought the urge to laugh, too, probably because it was an all-around terrible nickname for Edgeworth.

"Oh my gosh, Edgeworth, it is you! How did I not recognize you?!"

"My goodness, you've grown. How are you doing, Kay Faraday?" he asked in that all-knowing drawl, and Kay broke out into a grin. Trucy stared at Edgeworth as though she had never seen him before.

"I'm doing well! I realized that the best way to find the truth is to go to its source: the children! They're our future, as they say, and if they learn the true value of honesty, then there will be no need to have to steal so many truths in the future."

Edgeworth smirked at Kay's answer. He had met Kay Faraday twice before: once, when she was younger, and he was meant to debut in court as a prosecutor. After that brief appearance, he hadn't seen her again until she was seventeen, when she successfully helped him escape from a kidnapping situation and aided him in some of his investigations. She was a determined teenager, very adamant about 'stealing' the hidden truths in the world and following in the footsteps of the Yatagarasu.

Her hair was just as long as it was back then, though it was left down. Instead of the interesting outfit she had worn as a teenager, she was in a simple, sleeveless blouse and pencil skirt. She looked very pretty now, but not like the charismatic teen he once knew.

"How old are you now?" Kay asked him with that mischievous grin. "Eighty?"

Trucy immediately giggled.

"He has the hair for it," she said, making Kay and Phoenix laugh.

Edgeworth glanced at Phoenix, who sent him a worthless smile. Having fun? The mocking question was written all over the ex-defense attorney's expression.

"I'm twenty-nine," Edgeworth said, and Phoenix scoffed.

"As if, Edgeworth! You're thirty!"

"What?" Edgeworth glanced at Phoenix. "I think I would know my own…" Edgeworth trailed off, Phoenix's words finally striking him.

"You must be old if you've forgotten your own birthday, Edgeworth. Why do you think I was going to take you, Trucy, and Maya out tonight?"

Edgeworth looked speechless.

He had completely forgotten it was his birthday today!

"Well," Kay said with a smirk. "Happy birthday. I'm turning twenty-one myself, but not until next month."

"Hey," Phoenix said, and Edgeworth immediately noticed the look on his face. It looked as though he suddenly had an idea – and his ideas usually meant bad things for Edgeworth.

"Why don't you join us for dinner tonight, Miss Faraday? We can discuss Trucy's proper punishment in detail while also celebrating Edgeworth's senility!"

I'm not old, Edgeworth found himself thinking.

"May I ask though," Phoenix went on, "How you two know each other?"

"That," Kay said to Phoenix as she glanced at Edgeworth affectionately, "Is a long story."

Kay had agreed to dinner, of course, much to Trucy's delight. While Trucy was not the happiest child for getting into trouble, she liked Miss Faraday and found her fun to be around. Kay was always willing to show her a trick or two and Trucy was more than delighted to return the favour with a magic trick of her own. She also held the hope that if Miss Faraday joined them for dinner, she wouldn't receive a detention. Kay insisted upon going home and changing first, and Phoenix immediately offered up Edgeworth as a ride.

"But- but Wright!" Edgeworth had protested. "You had me drive you all the way up here to pick up your daughter, and-"

"We walk home and stop by the ice cream shop on the way to the apartment," Phoenix smirked. "So you can take Miss Faraday home. Get ready and we'll meet you on Main Street and Burrard at six thirty. Don't be late!"

Edgeworth finally realized Phoenix Wright's true intentions in having him drive him to Trucy's school. Somehow, he had found out about Kay Faraday and brought him here. Why, Edgeworth wanted to know, did Phoenix do this, out of the blue after two years of zero contact? And what was the intention behind it? Did he truly think he didn't have enough fun and just wanted him to get out more?

"You have quite the car," Kay said from where she sat upon the leather upholstery. Edgeworth rested his hand on the gearshift.

"Thanks," he said, his gaze focused on the road.

"I guess Prosecutors make a lot of money, huh?"

"You could say that," he said with a small smirk.

"You ever think you could survive just on the simple things in life?" Kay asked, and Edgeworth finally spared a glance out of her out of the corner of his eye.

"I am simple," he tried to say, and Kay laughed.

"Yeah, right. Wait until you get to my place. I'll show you simple."

It took them half an hour to get to Kay's flat from the school, and Edgeworth silently wondered just how early she had to wake up to catch a bus or a taxi to arrive her to work on time, since she clearly had no car. He pulled into the lot with ease, and they rode up the elevator in silence to Kay's room.

"Your elevator takes you straight into your room?" he asked, eyes widening slightly. "Isn't that dangerous? What if someone pushes the button of the wrong floor?"

"The residents in this building all have specific card keys. Once you slide it in, it takes you to the right floor," she said, and Edgeworth grimaced.

"If you say so."

He stepped into her flat. It was one large room, as most flats were, her bed pushed against the corner. It was bright and colourful, albeit a bit small (he was used to living in a suite with more than one room, after all), but he couldn't imagine Kay living anywhere else.

"Was this your father's place?" he asked, and Kay nodded.

"Yes. He left it to me after… you know."

Edgeworth pressed his lips in a thin line as Kay ran to the dresser beside her bed.

"Er- no offense or anything, Edgey, but do you think you could turn around while I change?"

Ah, right.

"Of course."

He turned, and found himself facing her wall-mounted television. Above it was a shelf, and his eyes lingered on the figurines. The bottom half of the shelf was covered with Steel Samurai figurines, and the top half was covered with Jammin' Ninja figurines. He found himself counting how many of her figurines he owned in his own apartment. He could hear the rustling of clothes, and even the beeping of some sort of appliance behind him. She was lucky he had such self-control. Phoenix Wright would have turned around by now, intrigued by all the noises.

"Okay," she finally called out, several minutes later. "I'm done!"

He turned to face her, stepping back in shock.

"You're done getting ready?!" He had expected her to just be decent and dressed, but still have to apply make-up or do her hair or something.

"Well, yeah," Kay said, giggling. "It doesn't take much for a girl to get ready."

She contradicted every single date he had ever had. Not that he'd had many. Kay's long black hair, usually straight, was in large curls that framed her face, and she wore a simple pink and white dress, complete with short, dark blue gloves. It was Kay, but… she looked like an adult. It was different.

"Well… you look lovely," he said awkwardly, and Kay smirked.

"Well that's a first. You sure your boyfriend would appreciate you saying that?"

"My- my what?" Edgeworth's usually calm demeanor fell into shambles as Kay so casually tossed him a large, cold, green can that read "Iced Green Tea" along the side. He caught it, inspecting it with a quirked brow. Was he supposed to drink out of this can? Did she really expect him to?

"What?" Kay asked. "I'm not stupid. You're dating Trucy's dad, right?"

Edgeworth was suddenly hunched over the coffee table, hand clenched into a fist on the surface, a wrinkle in his brow.

"K-Kay!" he exclaimed, appalled, and Kay giggled.

"Hit a nerve, did I?" she said, jumping onto the couch in front of his coffee table and taking a large sip of her own iced green tea. "It's okay, you can tell me. I had an inkling from when I first met you. Who else wears a red suit? And you barely acknowledged all the women that fawned over you when I helped you with your investigations. Lauren was quite pretty, so I-"

"Burgundy," he found himself saying again, interrupting her pointless ramble. "It's a burgundy suit."

"Is that what you get away with calling it?"

"I'm not gay, Kay," he said, and Kay looked up at him with that smirk.

"Uh huh, Edgeworth."

"I'm not!"

Kay took a moment to take in his expression. After a few moments, that smirk was wiped off her face, and she suddenly looked guilty. He was actually telling the truth!

"Oh. Oh! I'm sorry, I thought- Er – well, how's your wife, then?"

"I'm… not married," Edgeworth said, regaining his composure and crossing his arms. One finger began to tap his upper arm as he looked down at Kay, sitting on the couch. He looked less than amused.

"Then, your girlfriend," Kay tried again.

"I'm not seeing anyone right now."

Kay stayed silent for a few moments before standing up and facing Edgeworth. She was at least a head shorter than him.

"WHAT!" she exclaimed, and he stepped back due to the loud volume of her voice. "You're not seeing anybody? Mr. Edgeworth, you're thirty! You should be married with like three kids by now! Even my dad had me by the time he was thirty!"

Edgeworth took another step away from Kay.

"H- hey! My personal life is none of your business!"

Kay crossed her arms.

"Oh God, Edgeworth, please tell me you've at least had sex. A relationship? Anything?"

"…" He'd had... dates. But he wasn't one for one-night stands.


"I don't-" Edgeworth closed his eyes, his finger tapping incessantly. "I don't have the time for such trivial matters. I'm very busy, Kay. I've been busy since I decided I would become a prosecutor. I'm only here right now because Wright made me think Trucy was in danger, and that somehow led to my birthday dinner."

"She wasn't in danger, but she sure is going to get detention. How do you replace a child's pet?" Kay shook her head at the thought of dealing with the student with the now missing hamster, but soon she was grabbing Edgeworth by the shoulders.

"Would you be so kind as to not cling to my personage?" he asked uncomfortably.

"Edgeworth. You need a life. Stat. You can't be all work and no play!"

"Excuse me, Kay, but I've been living my life for thirty years and it's going quite-"

"Edgeworth." Kay said. "Franziska von Karma. You told me about her, and how her dad was your mentor."

"Yes, and?"

"That man was scary and as successful as Hell, but even he found the time to have and raise a daughter! I'm not saying you should have kids or anything, but you need some kind of social life outside of Gummy, as great as a guy as he may be. There is more to the world than the Court!" Edgeworth knew that. He had gone on leave several times already! … Though, now that he thought about it, all his absences were meant to discover what being a prosecutor truly meant.

"You… you still speak with Gumshoe?"

"We e-mail each other all the time! And trust me, he agrees with me."

Suddenly Edgeworth realized how Phoenix had found out about Kay Faraday. He recalled Gumshoe saying something about Phoenix Wright's new e-mail a few days prior.

"And guess what?" Kay said, crossing her arms. "Even Gumshoe is dating someone right now. You're officially lower than Gumshoe."

"Now Kay, didn't your father ever teach you that you don't have to be with somebody? It's bad to be dependent?"

"Of course you don't have to," Kay scoffed. "But you haven't been with anyone! You have no life outside of your Prosecutor's Office! That's not normal."


"Oho," Kay chuckled, smirking deviously. "Tonight's going to be fun. We have much catching up to do, Prosecutor Edgeworth."

Edgeworth found himself driving to the restaurant much earlier than six thirty, upon Kay's insistence of course. They would sit at the bar, she said, before the rest of their party arrived, and they would just chat and catch up.

Edgeworth should have known Kay had bigger plans up her sleeve.

"You're not old enough to drink," Edgeworth pointed out. "You're twenty, not twenty-one. You can't sit at the bar until next month." Not to mention Edgeworth just didn't sit at bars.

"I'm old enough to drink in Canada," she said as if it would make a difference. "Come on, big Prosecutor. Pull some strings. I'm not going to drink. Just let me sit here while we wait."

"We could just get another table until the others arrive, I'm sure I could pull some strings in that department." He wasn't going to encourage minors sitting at bars.

"And then what?" Kay asked, arching a brow skeptically. "Take up a table for two that some others could have, when we already have a table reserved for six thirty?"

"All right, all right," Edgeworth said, exasperated. He had forgotten how stubborn Kay could be, and he really didn't feel like arguing in a nice place like this. At least Wright had taste. They both took a seat at the bar, and were approached immediately by one of the staff. Edgeworth did his best not to wrinkle his nose at the smell of bar peanuts.

"A glass of White Shiraz," Edgeworth requested. The bartender smiled warmly.

"Absolutely, sir. May I see your ID's?"


He just stared at the bartender, trying to think of what to say in order to stop him from looking at Kay's ID. The bartender, however, assumed a suddenly frightened look and went to fetch the wine bottle.

"Wow, Edgeworth, way to go."

"Huh? What did I do?"

"Your glare always does the trick."

What? I'm glaring?

Edgeworth accepted the glass of wine once it arrived, smirking as Kay politely declined an alcoholic beverage, settling for water.

"You know, people drink before they're twenty-one," Kay told him. "I've had beer before, you know."

"I'd watch what you say to a prosecuting attorney about illegal activity."

"Oh Edgeworth," Kay laughed. "You haven't changed. Such a stick in the mud. Now come on. You like hypotheticals, right? You always made them up when I met you."

"Well, that was for investigations, Kay."

"Well, humour me. I'm not Kay right now. I'm Penelope Vix, a girl sitting alone at a bar drinking a martini instead of a glass of water." She sent him a seductive look, making Edgeworth swallow. She was actually quite attractive, he realized. He hid his surprise behind his intense stare, of course.

"Now, show me how you would approach me."

"Excuse me?" Edgeworth said, and Kay rolled her eyes, falling out of character for a moment.

"Pick me up! Try and score!"

Edgeworth did not feel comfortable with this at all.

"I don't want to," he said, and Kay glared.

"If you don't, I'll tell everyone about that "Ngooooooh" sound you made and that facial expression!"

"Okay, okay!"

Edgeworth drew in a deep breath and glanced at Kay.


"Edgeworth, you'll never get anyone with that menacing glare!"

"I'm not glaring!"

"Okay. Let's try something else." Kay suddenly puffed her chest out, and Edgeworth's eyes widened. He, of course, did not look. More than once, at least. Okay, maybe he glanced at her chest twice. But that was it!

"Kay- Kay, what are you doing?"

"My, what a hunk! You say it's your birthday? How about a birthday treat for the birthday boy?" Kay swooned, moving closer to him and dramatically fluttering her thick, black eyelashes. Edgeworth gulped as she pressed her figure against his. His arms immediately flew up, far away from her form and being very careful not to make any inappropriate contact.

"Kay! Stop it! You will desist!"

"Woah," came a voice from behind Edgeworth; it was accompanied by a much too smug laugh. "Are we interrupting something, pal?"

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