The Life of a Demon Attorney

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Chapter 14: Just Fine

"So did you pass?"

Apollo grinned as his gaze landed on Phoenix and Trucy walking into the hall. Father and daughter were dressed impeccably side by side; it was actually rather unnerving. Apollo was more accustomed to the black sweatpants and blue magician's outfit the two normally sported. It suited them more.

"Pass?" repeated Phoenix. "You mean the bar exam? Ah, that's tomorrow. We'll see how that goes."

"Wait, what time is your exam?" asked Apollo.

"Eight in the morning," Phoenix said with a smirk, making Apollo cry just a little bit inside.

"So you have a bar exam at eight in the morning tomorrow, but you're out here tonight, at a banquet that will last until well past midnight - drinking?"

"Hey," said Phoenix with a grin. "It's not my fault they all decided to have this banquet on a Sunday night. I wasn't going to miss this thing for the world."

It was that magical time of the year again: defense attorneys, prosecutors, judges, officers, and all gathered in the banquet hall of the Gatewater Hotel to celebrate the fast approaching New Years. Edgeworth was able to pull the usual strings and get Phoenix, Trucy, and Maya invited to the dinner. Even Iris and "Lamiroir" were around there somewhere. Phoenix had decided to follow through with his plans to take the bar exam, though he was being a little less than responsible by attending a big event the night before the big test.

"Yeah, I guess it is kind of fun," agreed Apollo, taking a sip of his champagne. "Who knew that people in law knew how to party?"

Phoenix laughed, and sixteen year-old Trucy suddenly waved down Maya, who was deep in the crowd chatting with Gumshoe and Maggey. They all watched as Maya excused herself before hurrying over to them. Phoenix watched her with a fond eye, taking in the purple cocktail dress she wore.

"Hey guys! It's about time you got here!" she said upon arrival.

"They're always late," said Apollo, and both Phoenix and Trucy shrugged casually.

"It's our thing," joked Trucy lightly.

At that moment, Phoenix raised his arm to gesture to some people walking by. A laughing Edgeworth and Kay stopped in their tracks.

"Oh," said Edgeworth, hiding a laugh behind a know-it-all smirk. "Hello."

"Kay!" said Maya, giving the young woman a hug. "It's been so long! You cut your hair!"

"And became a lawyer, but you know, the hair is more important," Kay quipped with a grin. Truth was, she and Edgeworth had fought in court a few times over the past few months leading up to the banquet. They had lost some and won some, but there was no denying that they made a good show. It turned out that years ago, Kay had forgotten about her promise to become a hero of justice like her father, and the entire ordeal with Seasons had reminded her of it. So she packed her suitcase, and got down to business: she finally went to law school to make her father proud.

"Hey," Phoenix whispered, leaning in to Edgeworth. "Are you okay? Are you and Kay comfortable around each other now, or..?"

Edgeworth smirked at his friend's concern.

"Actually... We're just fine, Wright. This entire time I thought she was angry with me, but she just had a goal and followed through with it, no distractions."

"So are you two…?" asked Phoenix, trailing off. Were they dating again? Edgeworth glanced at Kay. Somewhere down the road, she had grown up, and he had missed it because of his foolishness. Edgeworth looked back to his old friend, and offered him telltale smirk.

"We'll see how things go," he said, reaching over and touching Kay's hand.

"Come now Kay, Gumshoe's expecting us to drop by and say hello to Courtney. We'll see them later – we're at the same table as them, after all."

"Right," said Kay, wiggling her fingers in temporary farewell. "Talk to you guys later!"

Phoenix monitored them for a few moments, observing the almost timid contact as Edgeworth gently led Kay by the hand towards the Gumshoe family. For a while, he had worried for everyone: was Edgeworth okay, where was Kay, would Thalassa ever tell her children the truth? Things like that. Try as he did to interfere, to influence what he could and speed up the process, life had its own ideas. Phoenix eventually learned to let go, to let things progress as they may, and here they were, years later. Everyone still had their wounds to heal, but they were on the road to recovery.

As Maya and Trucy engaged in conversation that thoroughly embarrassed Apollo, Phoenix looked away from Edgeworth and Kay to one of the smaller tables nearby. Iris and Thalassa were sitting there, enjoying polite conversation over a couple glasses of wine. Thalassa looked up, and the two of them exchanged a look.

Suddenly Phoenix was confident that everything would be all right.

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