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The Prologue and a New Life


An old man with a wired looking head was reading an old scroll from his vault in the corner. He opened it and read aloud.

The Tale of the Kitsukage

Naruto age 16, last heir to the Uzumaki royal bloodline and the last of the Namikaze clan. Naruto had been 5 months since his third and last face off with Sasuke.There first fight and the battle of the Valley of the End or the Final Valley. Sasuke had won. After a long talk with Karin he figured out how to beat Sasuke. The 2nd fight. Naruto had won. But Naruto gave Sasuke a chance to come back, when he refused Madara saved his life and they both got away. The 3rd and last time. Naruto won a combination of Sage Mode, Wind Style Rasen-Shrunken beat Sosano and Izanagi. And Sasuke died because of Rasen-Shrunken's power. Because of her help Karin was spared and allowed to live as a Med-Ninja. Needing the power of the 8 other tailed beast to take down Naruto's power he himself combined with Zetsu and Kisamie toke down Bee and extracted the 8 tails. Both Zetsu and Kisamie died in the battle. Soon after that Naruto became the 6th Hokage, and got closer to Hinata during this time. She was there to comfort him after he had killed his best friend. After Sakura died at the hand of Sasuke because she couldn't kill him. In a quick ceremony Naruto and Hinata were married. So soon after this, Madara unleashed the power of the 8-Bujii that he had captured on the 5 great nations. First was Stone. The power of the 8 was too much for the 3rd Tsuchikage he and most of the Ninja of the Stone village fell in that battle. Any survivors felled to the leaf village to be safe by the now deemed Strongest Ninja in the Ninja world: Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. Any hatred for the boy's father was overwritten by the need to live in his village. Next was the Village Hidden in the Clouds. They too fell before the might of 8 of the 9 tailed beasts. The 4th Raikage fought for as long as he could. But he fell just like the rest. All survivors felled to the Leaf village. 3rd on Madara's list was the Hidden Sand village. Using all of his power was not enough for the 5th Kazekage. But his life was saved by his wife and his older brother and sister. Tamari and Kokuro lost their lives to let Garra and his wife escape. All saviors felled to the Leaf. Naruto welcomed them without question, against the will of the council. Next was the Mist village. But the 5th Mizukageforesaw this and evacuated the villagebeforehand. But the order to evacuate came too late and many lives were lost. The Mizukage only lived because of her two most trusted guards knocked her out with a Gentle Fist strike and stayed behind. They too felled to the leaf village. The Mizukage begged on her hands and knees for Naruto to let them stay, and offered him anything she has in return. At first the council tried to tell Naruto to take her as his second wife for letting them stay. As he needs to rebuild his two clan's. He would not go for it but the Mizukage over heard and said she'll agree in exchange for staying in the leaf. It happened too fast for Naruto and before he could blink. He had a 2nd wife. Hinata was a little mad at first but a quick 'licking' and she was fine with it. The two hit it off real quickly and, much to Naruto's liking, Mei got Hinata very kinky very fast. Soon after that Shion came and every perverted person in the leaf village were going on and on about the 'Hokage's Harem'. But all of this was to come to an end.

Madara came riding the 10-tails. The date October 10th Naruto's 16th birthday. He had found this out 2 days before along with the shocking news of ALL THREE his wife's being pregnant. It was a sad for him. He was given the 'Key' to his power not long ago. And the only way to win was to use 'it'. And 'it' would cost him his life. He spent the last 5 mouths researching for this day. Now he stands before his village's Ninja and the rest of the 5 great Nation. Addressing them for the last time.

"My ninja, loyal, and great Ninja from all 5 great Nations. The day we have long feared has arrived. Madara, in his desperate attempt to win this war, has unleashed 8 of the 9 tailed beasts on this world. But what you all don't know is. He managed to merge them to their true from, the 10 tailed Juubi."

There was scared talk amongst the Ninja. Naruto raised his hand

"Ninja of this land. Your people, your family, your friends need you. Do not fear you will not go unprepared. On the table in front of you are seals. One for each of you each with your name on it. This seals have a three time use only and can only be used tonight. 16 years ago this night the 9-tailed Fox Kyuubi attacked the Leaf village. And my father, the 4th Hokage, stopped it. But at the cost of his life. Many brave Ninja died that night. My father and mother being among them. Tonight something far more powerful will attack the leaf village. A power so great that I'm sorry to say that all of our combined villages' powers will not be able to stop it. So, that being said, I'll sacrifice my life so that the ninja world can be saved, and Madara defeated."

Many yells were all of disapproval, none of them wanted their Hokage dyeing for them. Many of them were saying that they'll take his place. Naruto held up his hand again.

"I'll need 5 hours to prepare the Jutsu that is 10 times stronger than the Reaper Death Seal. But, Madara will be here in about 4 hours. So I asked of you... CAN YOU THE NINJA OF THE FREE WORLD GIVE ME 1 HOUR!"

"YEAH!" 1000's of Ninja yelled in unison.

"Now my friends. The seals I was telling you about. Are special. As long as my charka is within 4 miles of that seal it can work. If you're about to be hit or you to injured to move, just say 'teleport' and you will be teleported to the hospital. It has only 3 uses, so please use them well."

He let those words sink in before he continued.

"Now my Ninja. I want you to look to your left." They did. "Now look to your right." They did."That person is your brother. Your sister, Fight for them, not for yourself. Fight for the family that is in the village praying for your return. Fight for your friends and family who died to get here. Fight for your lives, fight for your freedom, fight so that one day you may rebuilt your homes and fight for your lives."

Everyone was yelling at the Hokage's words.

"Well said Naruto. Your father would be.."

"I get it Kakashi-sensei."

"Sir you don't have to call me sensei anymore. Your my boss remember."

"Yeah but you'll always be my pervy-sensei."

Despair mark on Kakashi.

"Kakashi when this is all over, you'll be the strongest Ninja and thus you'll be the 7th Hokage."

"What are you saying Naruto! What about lady Tsunade?"

"Kakashi, be reusable. She has 1 maybe 2 years to live. And if she survives the night. She'll never be the same again. You have to do it. And take care of Hinata and Mei and Shion. I told them that I'll come back, but that was a lie. Also, if you live long enough can you or Konohamaru train my kids? I want no one else doing that. But at the very least Kakashi-sensei, tell them... about me." Naruto said with teary eyes.

"But what if I don't live though this?"

"Oh I'm confident in my ability to keep you alive."

"Huh... !"

Naruto used his Flying Thunder God Jutsu to get behind and Knock out Kakashi.

"I'm sorry Kakashi my friend. But it looks like you'll survive yet another team 7 tragedy ." He made 2 Shadow clones. "Take him to safety." The clones did. And he himself was preparing the Ultimate Jutsu. Naruto was chanting the words and doing the hand signs for the Ultimate Jutsu. 4 hours came and Naruto had to here the screams of the Ninja who were fighting for their lives. And the lives of all of the people that they care for. When his preparations were done, he ordered all units to fall back.


"What can you do to me boy! I'm an immortal. No one but an Uchiha can kill me now! Surrender, and I'll spare this pitiful village and everyone in it!"


"Then you'll face the wrath of the Juubi! ATTACK!"

To the one watching it was a fight to see. It was a heroic last stand. If Naruto lost, then the free Ninja world would fall soon after. To the elder Ninja, it was a remake of the battle 16 years ago with the Kyuubi. Naruto look so much like his father. Smiling while his life was on the line. What felt like days was only an hour. Much longer than any fight in history

"This fight... is... over... Madara..."

"I... agree... I win."

"Your... wrong... Madara... I win...You see... a while back... Itachi gave me some of his power... and today..." Naruto closed his eyes. And then opened them."I'LL USE IT!" Naruto... had the Sharingan.

"The Sharingan Itachi you traitor!"


"You can't win, even with the Sharingan, My Rinngan still beats you, child."

"Well see..." Naruto was doing the seals for his jutsu 'Hinata, Mei, Shion, I'm sorry. I promised I'd return. And raise our children together. Watch them grow up. There first words... first steps... there first hand sign... there first crush... and there first mission chasing that dammed cat Tora, god forbid,...But, my loves, in order for that to be true... I need... to break that promise... forgive me'

"Forbidden Jutsu: Reaper's Seal!"

After he said that. Ancient seals marks appeared on the Juubi and the Juubi cried out in pain

"What's happening!" Madara cried out in fear.

"This Jutsu is so powerful that God herself forbids it's use. Using it can have one of 3 not so happy consequences. None of which I know of. But I'll take whatever punishment she'll give me if it means that I beat you here today."

"This... can't... be..."



No one heard the name of this 'Ultimate' Jutsu. And because of that its name was lost forever in History. A flash of growing black light was blocking the view of everyone there. When it cleared, Naruto was standing alone in the middle of a clearing. The trees 100 ft in every direction were atomized to nothing. Everyone was cheering because of their investable Hokage.

"Long live the Kitsukage!" Everyone looked at the man who said that.

Soon after that.

"Long live the Kitsukage!"

"Long live the Kitsukage!"

"Long live the Kitsukage!"

"Long live the Kitsukage!"

Naruto smiled a bit. 'Kitsukage huh? Not a bad...'

Naruto didn't finish his thought he felt something pierce his gut.

"Heh... you like it. It's called The Sward of Xxxxxxxxxx." Again the name was not heard.

"You... think you've won... far from it..."

"The Juubi is inside you now... When you die The Juubi will go on a rampage and destroy all life on this Earth... If I can't rule it... Then I'll... destroy it."

"You'll die long before... I let that happen."

"And what... will you... do humm?"

"This..." Naruto used Flying Thunder God Jutsu and got behind him.

"Wind Style: Tornado Blade!" Naruto had his tri-kunai infused with wind chakra to from a blade of unfathomable power.

"Now it's over..."

Madara was cut into 8 pieces but Madara died saying these last words.

"Maybe so. But that sword ends you too."

Madara fell to pieces.


"But all was not well. Even with Madara Uchiha's fall, and no casualties. Naruto was badly injured. And for reasons unknown to all but him. He sealed himself in a crystal formation. And there he slept. And has not risen since. But before that he left these parting words for the Ninja world to hear.

When one heart touches together...

Friendship is born...

When you realized that a life lived, for someone else...

Carries no regreats...

You grow stronger."

"Oh grandfather that's so sad."

The old man looked up and saw his granddaughter in anima tears.

"Ah sorry there dean. Konoka just wanted to hi before went home for the night." A red head said to the old man.

"Oh that's alright Asuna."

"Grandfather what was that story just now? I've never heard it before."

"Oh this. This is just a 10,000 year old legend."

"Really, what legend is that?" Konoka asked with her puppy dog eyes that no one can stand against.

"The legend of the Kitsukage."

"So grandfather, how does it end?"


"The legion. I've heard about it but never heard the end of it. Something always came up." Konoka asked.

"Hohoho. Well if the two of you want to hear the end I'll gladly tell you."

"We do! We do! We do!" Konoka asked in a childish voice.

"Well the story ends with the loved one's planting a seed where the Kitsukage fell. And for 10,000 years it grew without hindrance. It's said the tree even survived all types of brutal weather. Rain, hail, snow, extreme heat. In fact, some say that our world tree is the grave sight of this great hero The Kitsukage."

"That's just a myth, it's not real." Asuna stated.

"But it's so sad. The Hero never suppose to die at the end. He's suppose to marry the princess and live happily every after." Konoka still had the anima tears.

"Hohoho I agree, but that's how the legend go's I'm afraid."

"Still let's get going Konoka."

"Coming Asuna. Bye grandfather."

Both girls left.

'Oh Konoka, Asuna. If you only knew. Hum?'


'Where am I? Where am I? Where am I?' An eye opened. 'I fell constricted. Suffocating. I must get out. I need to get out! Get out. Get out. get out.' A hand move, and broke the crystal around it. 'I must get free. I must get !' With a get amount of energy The person got free from the crystal that imprisoned him. He had blond hair, with a White coat one that said 6th Hokage on it. (Think 4th Hokage with Naruto in his place) He got up slowly, and started walking. 'Who am I? Was everything before... just a dream? Whyyyy?' His vision blurry. His mind foggy. His strength weak. But images were flooding his head. 'What all this? Is this... my past? And if so... what does it mean?' He walked to the light not knowing where else to go. After a little while walking he was outside. Still holding his head with is right hand. 'Am I outside? But... where am I. It's cold... is it night?' Naruto continued to walk. He felt something hinder his moment but after a second or two it was gone.

(In a wood cottage somewhere in the woods.)

A 10 year old, blond haired girl with many dolls was reading a book on her bed. Swinging her legs back on forth as a girl with wired ears and neon green hair looked on.

'Today was so boring.' "Humm!"

"Is something the matter Master?" The neon-green haired girl asked.

"Um Master... is there a reason why I can move now?"

The 10 year old blond looked at a doll that was about 2 ft tall. And it was walking. The girl paid little mind to both. What she did pay attention to was the fact that not only an intruder was on the campus. But the seal that kept her here was shattered. She had no idea why, but like hell she cared. She focused more. No it was not gone completely. In a moment the seal that kept her imprisoned had changed completely. She had only 20% of her overall power back but it was still growing a little, but a second seal revered engineered itself because of this intruder. She had no idea a second one was even there. But one thing is for sure, she had to meet this thing that shattered a seal so powerful just by walking in it.

"Chachamaru, Chachazero, were leaving." The girl said leaving no room for augment. Or so she thought. "Why Master?" The green haired girl asked quietly. "I thought you couldn't leave this place Master?" The little doll asked "Someone or something has shattered the barrier keeping me here. And I want to meet this person or thing. But hurry, I'm not the only one who felt that."


Mana was have a slow day. 1 whole thing to do all day. And there still a whole week before class starts. Man this sucks she thought. She yawned and then she felt it. Something so powerful, she was covered in Goosebumps from head to toe. She holstered her guns got her gun belt and lot's of ammo, something told her she was going to need it, and ran in the direction she felt it come from.


Setsuna was busy training her kendo, when a surge of energy hit her, knocking her off balance. She was sweating a little.

'What power. Are they after Miss Konoka?'

She collected herself and ran, she was fairly close to the location that it came from. Using her senses to sense demons, she was tracking it very well.


She wasn't the only one. All the magic teachers senses it as well. And they all came running. But none of them would make it before Setsuna.

Back with a still dazed Naruto. Naruto had been walking in a straight line since something called to him. It was alluring, and calming at the same time. After a moment or so, he heard running behind him. In a flash images were flooding his head of many different things. But for some reason, he knew what to do. He heard something being said behind him, but he ducked forward to escape it. He got back his composure and look at his attacker. It was a girl, a young one at that. She was about 5 ft tall.

'Why is she attacking me?'

"Who are you!"

'What did she say? I can't here.'

Taking the silence as a refusal to respond. Setsuna charged again with a battle cry. An image appear in Naruto head again. This time it was one of him taking out a tri bladed knife of some sort. He reached into his coat pocket pulled it out and stopped the attack. With one hand.

'How! Am I just that weak still? Or is it... that he's just way beyond my skills!'

Naruto heard a sound that he didn't know. Another image flowed into his head. This time he was dodging a star of some sort. He heard a bang and went into action, back flipping to not get hit by the cylinder metal thing.

'What was that?'

'How did he do that! This guy is a lot stronger than he looks to escape that.' Mana thought.

'Mana missed! He's good.'

"Why..." The two girls looked at him. "Why... why...why are... you..." That seemed like such a weird question to them. He was dangerous. And Setsuna felt that he was more than a demon far more. Mana took aim again and fired. To Naruto he saw it coming at him slow-mo. Another image hit him. His tri-blades with an energy, a sharp energy, around them and it cutting thou steel. And he did this. A light blue energy surrounded his blade and cut right though the bullet.

"How'd he do that!" Asked Mana absolutely shocked.

"I have no Idea, did he use magic!"

Naruto was getting upset now.

"Why... WHY ARE YOU ATTACKING MEEE!" Naruto charged them. His eyes were red with black commas in them. But that's not what shocked them. What shocked them was he was 20+ ft away from them one second and then right in found of them the next. He made a cutting motion to hit Mana. She dropped her rifle and jumped back as best she could. But it wasn't enough. The blue blade extended and would cut her in half.

'This is it!'

Setsuna step in getting over her shock. She grabbed Mana's collar and pulled her back more. But by doing so, she was cut. Not enough to be lethal but enough to draw blood. Setsuna held her side in pain. The wound was burning.

"Thanks Setsuna, I own you one."

"It's alriiiiight! The pain, it burns!"

"Setsuna what's wrong!"

"It burns!"

Naruto had another flash back about another move. And now for some reason he knew it, and it's name. But more importantly he knew his name. It involved throwing his tri-blade and focusing on it for instant teleportation. He readied his weapon and the blue energy left it. The two girls got ready for round 2. Naruto through the weapon at them, Setsuna just blocked it and it went to the side. She smirked and went for the killing blow. But it did not come. Naruto brought out another one and it had the blue energy around it. Mana shoot her twin handguns at the man but he just cut them all in half. Setsuna cut downward and Naruto cut upward horizontally. Naruto won as his blade cut right through Setsuna's blade. Naruto's blue blade was on target with her head. Eye level to more accurate.

'No one's going to save me this time. I'm done for. Konoka I'm sorry... I've failed you' Setsuna had a tear in her eye as the blade got closer. Naruto saw this, and something inside him told him that he can't kill her. At the last second Naruto kicked her so that the blade would miss. She felt it's energy as it passed her. Naruto stumbled back a bit because he lost his balance saving Setsuna. 'Why did he do that. He could have killed me. And that look is not the look of an amateur fighter. But a hardened warrior. A killer.'

"It's over..." He said that made them shiver. He through his weapon again, but it missed them by a couple of inches.

'Wait, he missed on purpose!"

The girls heard a sound. It sounded like lighting or electricity. But what sent a chill down there spins was the fact that cold metal was touching their necks.

"I win. Surrender or die." Before they answered or he move he was hit by something. Then a man appeared in the clearing. It was Takamichi Takahata with his hands in his pockets. The two girls ran over to him to support him. Takamichi kept the attack up but this kid was fast. Trees were being destroyed and the kid had yet to be touch since the surprise attack.

"Sakurazaki, what happened to your sword?" Takamichi asked.

"Sorry sir. But he manage to cut right through it."

"How... ! What Kuzuha!"

Touko Kuzuha a swordswomen like Setsuna charge at the boy. Naruto saw this, with his red eyes it was like he was light speed and she was a slug. Light blue energy which Naruto now knows as chakra once again surrounded his now named tri-kunai. He smirked at the women, Touko saw this and blushed at the handsome man she was attacking. Said handsome made tornado like movement's and cut her sword into bits. Before she shared the same fate as her sword, Naruto kicked her down and she hit the ground like a rock. As he was falling he felt an great beam of energy coming right at him. He look at it in shock.

'I can't dodge it.' Another flash back, of him spinning around and a sphere of chakra was protecting him from all attacks.

"Heh..." He smiled. Takamichi saw this and was worried "8 Tri-Grams: Wind Style Wind rotation!" Naruto was spinning rapidly knocking Takamichi's attack away. Everyone stared in shock, awe, and in fright. This kid was something else.

"Touko-sensei get Setsuna to the nurse offices. That cut looks infected, and bad."

"Yes sir."Naruto saw the women limp to the two girls he beat earlier.

"Alright everyone, we need a coroneted attack. Wait for my go." Takahata took charge of the mage group

"Yes Sir!" The 20+ mages said in unison. Naruto was at a disadvantage. He felt himself getting weaker.

'Use their weakness against them, use the injured girl.' Naruto heard a voice in his head. It was the same one that made him change direction earlier. He felt compiled to listen to it. Another flash back and a new idea got into his head. Slowly but surely his memories were coming back to him. He through his tri-kunai again near Takamichi's right side. It was so fast that he barely managed to deflect it. Naruto smirked again and again Takamichi did not like it. Use Flying Thunder God Jutsu combined with a ball of energy in his hand.

"RASENGAN!" The ball of chakra slammed into Takamichi's gut with such furousity that he had no time to think about the pain he was in. Takamichi was blown directly into the magi group. And all of them were knocked down. Naruto took this opportunity to do what the voice in his head said and get some answers at the same time. He did his Thunder God Jutsu and appeared next to Touko, Setsuna, and Mana. All three women were shocked that he appeared in their field of vision before they sensed him. He hit Touko in the gut, and kicked Mana in the face, got behind Setsuna and put his tri-kunai to her neck. "Freeze! One wrong move and this pretty young girl's head go's missing! I want some answers and you're going to give them." Everyone froze. Setsuna on the other hand was pissed and blushed a little and the pretty comment. She was taken prisoner, so easily.

"Everyone, we mustn't endanger the life of are student, do as he says."

"But Takahata sir we can't negotiate with the likes of him."

"I don't think he wants' to negotiate my friend. Look at him, he's confused and scared." Everyone did look at him, and the boy did look scared. "Alright kid we'll talk. But first, my name is Takamichi Takahata I'm a teacher here at Mahora Academy. And you are..."

'Mahora? What's that? Is it a Ninja village? No Ninja's don't cloths like that... But then again I did where orange for the better part of my career.' "My name... is" he held his head in pain.

"Takamichi now's our chance." A dark skinned teacher whispered to Takahata.

"No you'll endanger Setsuna."

"... my name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, I'm a Ninja. That's all I remember. Huh! YOU BEHIND THE TREES COME OUT HERE! NOW! NO POINT IN HIDING. MY EYES SEE ALL!" Naruto yelled at the trees to his right.

"COME OUT NOW." Takamichi yelled. Three girls with black clothing on.

"Eh? Why are you three naked?" Naruto said keeping his eyes on the girl's face, trying not to look.

"Pervert! Were shadow users and were not naked!" Said the tall blond.

"Shadow users?"'Why does that sound so...' "All of you come out here now! I told you, my eyes see all!" A couple more teachers in suits came out.

"Alright now can we talk Naruto?" Takahata asked in a calm tone.

"Yes we can Takamichi. 20 questions. Where am I?"

'So he's a ninja like Kaede' Setsuna thought.

"Mahora Academy." He said with a smile "Well Naruto. Do you mind if I asked you a question?"

"It's only fair. Go ahead." Naruto agreed.

"Do you knew were you from? Or if you can't remember that, what's the first thing you remember?"

"I remember... pain... unimaginable pain. Waking up to unimaginable pain." Naruto was holding his head with his spar hand.

"Pain? Was there nothing before that?" Takamichi asked a little confused.

"NO! That's all I can remember. I remember my combat training. My name and nothing else." Takamichi was thinking.

"I'll take it from here Takahata." Just than an old man can to the scene.

"Who are you!" Naruto said keeping the blade at Setsuna's neck.

"My name is Konoue Konoe, the Dean of this school. If you let Setsuna go I give you some of the answers you seek... Naruto Namikaze." Naruto was frightened. This old man shouldn't have known his name.

"How do you know my name!" Placing the blade to Setsuna's neck it was pressing against it, but not cutting it.

"Like I said, I can give some of the answers you seek Naruto, if you come with me." Naruto was using his eyes to see if there was any lies to his words.(Sharingan is you forgot) . Naruto removed the blade from Setsuna's neck and let her go.

"Alright... I'll trust you for now old man." Naruto was moving and he saw Setsuna's sword that he cut in two. A flash back of a weapon being re-forge by him come to him. He reached into his pocket and found what he needed. He moved to the sword, and everyone looked to make sure he wasn't going to cause trouble. He put the two pieces back together and placed a tag on the cut part. He made a hand sign, and in a flash of light, the sword was back together. Everyone was amazed.

'What sort of magic is that?' Everyone was thinking.

"Sorry for messing up your sword Setsuna. I hope you can forgive me." Naruto gave his foxy grin than make ladies weak in the knees. And Setsuna was no different. She blushed, sheathed her sword and walked away.

'Well what do you know Setsuna can blush.' Takamichi thought.

"Now Young Naruto. Please follow me, Takahata you too. Everyone else continue you duties." The dean said calmly

"Sir!" And they all vanished.

Up in a tree with Chachamaru, and Chachazero, Evangeline saw the whole thing and she had a glass of wine with her.

"Master how is it you were able to influence him? And why did you do it?"

"I wanted to see if he would. And he did well. As for how I influence him, my power are returning for some reason or another. But I'm more interested in the fact that someone has more power than that of Thousand Master."

"Is that possible master? I mean Thousand Master defeated you. Are you saying that this, Naruto, is stronger than you?"

"I'm not sure? He seems, at times, stronger than every magi here. And, at others, barley as strong as me."

"He's cool. The way he made that swordswomen bleed, and the scream she made. Music to my ears."

"Chachamaru. Follow them, and invite Naruto to dinner in 4 days time."

"Why wait so long master?"

"I want you to ask him his favorite dish. I want it to be perfect, I think I found a perfect partner. On top of that. I fell a great dark power beyond anything I've felt before."

"Yes Master. I'll get on it right away." Chachamaru jumped to follow Takahata And the dean.

"Oh, and tell him to bring what he already has on."

"Yes Master."

"Master, if you fuck him, can I watch?"

"Come here you psycho perverted doll!"

"But I just wanted to watch." The doll was being violently shaken back and forth.

(20 minutes of explanation, Dean's office)

A quick summary of what was said. The Dean said that he was a Leaf Ninja of the land of Fire. His rank was Hokage, the leader of the village. And that he had been sealed under the world tree of the last 10,000 years. And during that time the Leaf village fell. The dean didn't tell about any of his wife's. Or how they died. He thought that Naruto couldn't handle it. Although he giggled at that. A 16 year old with 3 wife's. Naruto was on his knees crying. Other than what he was told, a few more memories came to him. (Think just before the Chunin exams arc)

"Naruto I'm sorry about what happened. I really am. But I think you woke up in this time for a reason. A purpose."

"A... purpose?"

"That's right. I belief that there is a reason that you woke up now rather than later or earlier."

"What it that, old man, why did I wake up now?"

"I'm afraid I don't know. But, Naruto, your welcome to stay here, at Mahora Academy to find it. A legend of your skill will help us greatly in protecting the student's. All of which are precious to me."

'When someone you love, someone you truly care for, someone you want to protect. That is when you become truly strong. You will become strong. Very strong.' A voice in Naruto's head played

"People who are precious..." Naruto said to no one but himself. But both men heard him. "... Love that is what makes people strong." Both men smiled. He knew what true strength was.

"Now Takahata, I hate to ask, but can you room Naruto for the night?"

"Sure Dean no problem."

*Knock knock*

"Humm? Come in."

"Sorry to bother you Dean Konoe. But Chachamaru Karakuri whishes to speak to you, and are new guest." Shizuna asked and she peeked her head in the room.

'How does Evangeline know Naruto's here. Or even that we have a new guest?' Alright send her in."

Naruto saw a girl with weird ears and a light green like hair. She was in maid's cloths which was odd to him but the old man and Takahata, ether didn't notice or didn't care.

The girl bowed low. "Good evening Dean Konoe, Takahata-sensei."

"Good evening Chachamaru. What can I do for you tonight."

"Master, wishes to extend an invitation to are new guest, who's name I believe is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze if my sensors heard right, for dinner in 4 days, Friday. If he is available."

'Sensors? What's that? Dose she hear a special way?' Naruto was confused

"Well Naruto, it's not every day that young Evangeline has anyone over for dinner." 'Unless there the dinner.' Konoe said under his breath.

'What did the old man mean about that? Unless there the dinner? I must of heard wrong.' Naruto concluded.

"Well what dose Eva want with our new guest?"

"Master wishes to have dinner with him."

'Humm. This is strange. Eva never wants to have dinner with anyone. What make you so special Naruto that Eva what's to meet you?' Takahata was thinking hard.

"Well Naruto. Do you what to have dinner at Eva's place?"

'I have no idea but I don't think that it could hurt right? I mean it's not like she's a blood sucking monster, right? Better not piss someone off if there trying to be nice to you.' "I don't see why not. I'll be there... um Chachamaru was it?"


"Well Chachamaru, tell Evangeline that I'll be there and that I said thanks for the invite."

"I will Naruto. What is your favorite dish so that I may prepare it?"

'Let's see. I love ramen, but that's no some for a dinner with someone else. Soooo...'"I'll eat anything you cook Chachamaru."

"Very well. Good night Dean Konoe, Takahata-sensei, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. Master said to bring what you already have on. One more thing. Takahata-sensei would you be able to escort Naruto to masters home in on Friday?"

"Sure thing."

"Thank you." The girl bowed and left instantly.

"Well Naruto. It looks like you already have a fan, hohoho." The Dean was just laughing.

'Yeah, fan, right." Takahata was not as happy. Something was up with Eva and he didn't know what.

"Well Takahata, Naruto, it's late. So Naruto please follow Takahata to his place for the night and I'll look for a more permanent residence for you. Now Shizuna can you take Naruto to the nurse offices to look him over for a minute so me and Takahata can speak in private for a second?"

"Sure thing dean. Come along now Naruto. Let's get you looked at." Naruto nodded and left with the older women.

"Now Takahata. I want you to keep a close eye on Evangeline from now on, while she with Naruto. I'll check on the seal that keeps her hear to see if any problems accrued."

"Of course Dean."


"Your name is Shizuna right?"

"Yes Naruto. It is." She said with a smile.

"What do you do here?"

I'm the school nurse and the guidance consular. So come to me if you need to talk about anything, ok."

"Ok. Thanks."

"Well I see nothing wrong with you. Considering who you fought just now and how many people were there that amazing." She said with a shock

"He he, thanks."

Unknown to them, some had seen what happened and left.


Chachamaru flew back to her master cottage, with her report on what she found out on Naruto.

"Ah Chachamaru, what did you find out?"

"From what I heard. Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze was imprisoned in crystal. The amount I'm afraid that I did not hear, as it was stated before I got there. Furthermore, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze has an amazing healing abilities as he was not injured or showed any signs of having been in a fight."

"Ah... that is good to hear. Now than, did he accept my invitation?"

"Yes Master. Also he wishes to thank you for the invitation for dinner."

"Dose he now?"

"I hope he kills something while he's here." The psycho puppet says

"One more thing Master."

"Oh? What's that?"

"The Dean has asked Takahata-sensei to keep a close eye on you when your with Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. I do believe that they know some of your powers have returned to you."

"Dose he now well it doesn't matter. If I can get Naruto on our side, getting out of the middle school prison will be child's play. Now let prepare."

"I'll prepare the bedroom for Master fuck session with the kid."

The rest of the night was filled with random things breaking and a little voice say 'Please don't break me Master'. Which could be taken many different ways.


TFK: Alright some things that might be confusing for you all.

1. Naruto memories will come in either small chunks, or bits and pieces.

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