Title: Autumn
prompt "autumn"
Disclaimer: If I really and truly owned Harry Potter and anything related, I would have done that whole "embraced him like a brother" bit in Prisoner of Azkaban a little differently.
Notes: Just a short little piece about the pups enjoying the almost-fall day.

"Autumn," Sirius began as if he was about to unleash the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything, "is the greatest."

"Why d'you say that, Pads?" Remus asked.

The two boys were lying out on the school grounds, enjoying the first weekend of the term. Peter was working on a Transfiguration essay ("Homework already," he had muttered darkly.) and James had finally been able to convince Lily to endure his presence. Those two were currently in the Commons, engrossed in each other no doubt.

Remus and Sirius didn't mind that they were alone, though. They had been watching clouds pass comfortably for at least an hour and had no intention of moving in the near future.

"Why do I say autumn is greatest?" Sirius echoed. "Because it is. I get to come back here and be around you, James and Peter 24/7. Bloody brilliant."

Remus grinned at that. "Yes, but you're living at James' now. Haven't you got enough of him?"

"Yes. Precisely why autumn is so wonderful. Means I can leave him in Lily's hands and spend some time with you."

"Of course," Remus responded, grinning.

"Only bother is the coursework."

"Yes, imagine that: a school giving coursework."

"Only you think homework is reasonable, Moony."

Remus reached across and swatted at Sirius' shoulder in retaliation. Sirius just chuckled.

After another few drawn out moments of silence, Remus pointed out, "It's not actually autumn yet, you know."

"Look around, Rem. Red and orange leaves? Pumpkins in the Great Hall? Temperature sloping down? All signs point to autumn."

"Yes, but it's only the tenth of September. The Autumnal Equinox falls on the twenty-first."

"You made that up," Sirius accused, not missing a beat. "Just sit back and enjoy the nice autumn day, Moony."

"Of course, Pads."

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