Author's Note(s): I think I'm probably the only person in the world who's writing Eurotrip fanfiction. The reason for this is I recently re-watched the movie and forgot about how much I loved Jenny (Michelle Trachtenberg) and Cooper's (Jacob Pitts) flirtation in it. So this came about. I have a few more ideas for one shots for them so if you've never seen this movie or didn't like it or whatever, you don't have to read it.

The walrus line is a reference to when Scott and Cooper first meet up with Jenny and Jamie in Paris and Scott shows them the picture of Mieke and Cooper says that she makes every girl from their high school look like a walrus.

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Holy crap.

Oh my God.

Jenny was hot.

Jenny was really, really hot.

How the hell did I not notice this until now?

She wasn't just a cool guy with long hair. She was a smokin' hot female that I've been in close proximity with the past couple days. I have been an idiot. But it wasn't too late to rectify all those comments I'd made about her being just one of the guys for the past four years. Maybe I'd even get some crazy European sex out of it.

Though despite my best efforts of flirting and teasing Jenny, she was still not taking me seriously enough to even consider fooling around a little bit. My first attempt at propositioning her failed pretty badly.

The train was almost to Amsterdam. Jamie was cleaning his precious Leica for the twentieth time and Scott had his headphones on, clearly not wanting to be disturbed. Jenny was attempting to take a nap which looked like a great idea to me as well. So I used a sweatshirt as pillow by putting it against the window and closed my eyes. I needed to be well-rested for any sex clubs we might visit in the sex and drug capitol of the world.

Just as I was about to doze off, I heard some movement nearby. Annoyed, I opened my eyes to see Jenny repositioning herself in the seat diagonal from mine. She wasn't wearing that little blue bikini anymore which was sad for all of the male population. She wasn't aware of me watching her struggle with her own sweatshirt-turned-makeshift-pillow so I let my presence be known.

"You're not a walrus," I said.

"Huh?" She looked up at me, confused.

"You're not a walrus," I repeated a little louder this time.

"Oh, well, thanks, Cooper," she said, smiling at me, obviously not taking the comment seriously. Not like I was either but it might just help me hook up with her later.

"No problem," I said and closed my eyes again.

The last thing I heard was Jenny's chuckling before I dozed off for good to dream of her stripping out of that little blue bikini just for me.