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Set AU for "The Lightning Thief", genderbending.
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The Light Before We Land
Chapter Fourteen: Meddlesome and Troublesome

She lay in her bed, staring out blankly. The coin rolled over her knuckles again and again. She got up and went to her bathroom, filling up the sink and dropping the drachma into the water. She stared a few moments into the waters, before she plunged her hand into the sink and fished out the drachma and strode back into her room and lay back in bed, rolling the coin on her knuckles again and staring at the bathroom door.

Percy did this several times through that night, as she had been doing for the past week.

Poseidon could only stare back wistfully through the waters, up to the other side where her indifferent face was mirrored, and just wait patiently for his daughter. He was just thankful that Iris seemed to know his daughter was thinking about contacting him, and connected them once Percy had dropped the drachma in so he could catch a glimpse of her. Even if most times it was quick and as soon as she took the drachma back, they disconnected.

It was better than nothing.

"Father," he heard his eldest speak softly behind him. He turned slowly to acknowledge Triton, sighing quickly to himself. "I'll be on the surface for awhile…I'll probably be gone a month or two…"

Poseidon gave him a tired smile. "Of course, Triton. If that is what you wish. If you are going to mingle with the mortals, take care to not let on what you are, if you can. Contact me every once and awhile so I know you are alright."

Triton rolled his eyes. "Of course, Father."

And he would. Once he'd managed to stabilize a relationship with his new sister.

When morning dawned on New York City, Triton unsurely stood in front of his sister's apartment. According to Iris, his source, she had moved back in after her…stepfather had practically been abducted by Zeus and tossed to the "wolves" in Olympus and was currently being "entertained."

He knocked hesitantly and was taken aback to see the man at the door when it opened. This was her…boyfriend. Iris had shown him what he looked like.

"Hello," he made sure his voice was steady. He held out his hand. "My name is Triton. Is this Perseas Jackson's apartment?"

The other blinked at him and hesitantly took his hand, shaking it. "Er, yes. It is. May I help you?"

"I'm her brother on our father's side," Triton explained, trying not to rush his explanation. "I recently found out I had a sister and was hoping to meet her."

The man's eyes widened. "Oh! Would you hold on for a second?"

As Triton nodded, the door closed slightly and he heard –Eddie, he thought it was –speak to someone on the other side, before the door opened again to reveal his sister.

She was pretty –prettier than the photo laid credit to her. The sea-green eyes of their father shown fairly bright in on his sister's face, and was framed and looked much better on her. She wasn't all that tall, probably of average height and he was a good head taller than her.

Before she could speak, the door opened again and Eddie slipped out from behind her. He gave them a quick smile.

"I think I should leave you two to meet each other and get to know each other alone. It was really nice meeting you, Triton. I'll see you later, Percy," he shook Triton's hand again, and then leaned over and kissed his sister's lips briefly. It was chaste and tender, and Triton approved.

He decided he quite liked this mortal.

Soon enough, it was just brother and sister alone, and the air was quite awkward between.

"Um…would you like to come in?" she asked him.

"That would be nice," he murmured, and entered into the abode once she'd opened the door to accommodate him.

"I don't really have any godly treats lying around, so I hope at least water's okay?" she furtively chanced a look at him.

"Water is good for me," he nodded, and she retrieved a glass and filled it up, while he went and took a seat at the kitchen table.

She handed him the glass of water and grabbed a can of some sort of soda.

"Is there a particular reason you wanted to visit? Hopefully not to vaporize me, because I'm yet another illegitimate child of Daddy Dearest," she asked bluntly.

"I wouldn't say that," a smile twitched at his lips. "But really, I just came by to see you. I was hoping…I was hoping to get to know you," he said sincerely, deciding that just telling her the truth would be better.

She looked in bemusement at him. "But why? I would think you'd probably just hate me, like all of our other siblings."

He shrugged. "I guess I just decided not to be a sulking jerk this time."

His sister burst out into laughter and gifted him with a large smile that lit up her face.

"So, I told Father I would be gone for awhile –he doesn't know where I am," he reassured her after seeing the reticent look on her face. "But I was hoping I could stay with you for awhile, while we get to know each other."

"Well, I got room," she ran a hand through her hair. "I suppose it's alright. The place has to be fixed up a bit, what with Gabe having lived here by himself and leaving everything a mess."

"Ah. Him. He's…preoccupied on Olympus," Triton said blandly.

Percy coughed and looked awkward. "Oh. Um…I don't think I want to know."

"You don't."

And that was the end of that.

It was odd having her brother there with her. He was diligent in the "chores" she'd assigned to him, and hadn't minded the work or that she'd asked him to do them. He got along with Eddie and the two liked watching football together. He asked her things about herself frequently, and never brought up their shared father.

She was very grateful about that.

Percy was going to go and check out the library and decided, as she watched Eddie and Triton earnestly debating the game that was on right then, that the two would be alright alone together. She shook her head and smiled as she watched them.

She let them know where she was going, and set off to the library. Outside the apartment building, she looked up at the sky and frowned. It looked like it was going to rain. She debated going back inside and getting an umbrella, but she didn't want to waste any more time and thought she could reach the library before it began to rain.

In fact, she managed to get there just in time before the first of the raindrops hit the gray sidewalks. Entering inside, she found it actually empty and silent. Seeing no one, she headed to the History section to grab a book about the Founding Fathers, so she could finish her summer homework. Since she had some time to herself, she figured it would be alright to stay there awhile and read the book in one of the seating sections.

She found a book quickly and found the closest area to sit at, sitting on one end of a couch and practically curling into the arm. Deciding it was too quiet and since no one was there, she took out her phone and searched through her music, playing a solemn violin piece and putting it on repeat to keep the mood and so she didn't have to bother going back to her phone. Setting it on top of the side table next to her, she started to read comfortably.

She was ten pages in when she saw someone walk into her area.

Looking above the top of the book, she saw a lovely-looking woman with dark hair and gray eyes (familiar gray too), sitting opposite her on the other couch. She had a book in her hands as well and seemed like she was intently reading.

But Percy knew that aura and she shivered, hands clenching around her own book.

"Should I blame the rain on Zeus?"

There was a pause there somehow, and Percy almost thought the other wasn't going to say anything or even deny that she knew what she was talking about.

"No," the other's voice was gentle and soft, and yet also firm.

However, Percy felt like the other wasn't quite telling the truth. She wouldn't be surprised if all this was organized by them –the empty library, the rain that would force her to stay in there longer and seek shelter, an intimate setting and perfect for a confrontation with this unknown goddess…

"What do you want from me?" Percy murmured, but didn't shirk away from the inevitable talk.

"Nothing, Perseas Jackson. Simply nothing."

But Percy knew better than that and refused to believe that something wasn't afoot, even if she couldn't figure just what.

However, silence reigned and the two sat there opposite each other.

As Percy finished a good chunk of the book, she checked it out and was at the library's entrance, when she was joined by the goddess.

"Do I get a name?" she asked wryly.

The other gave her a small smile and her gray eyes actually twinkled a bit.

"Why don't you guess it?"

And then the other left first, leaving Percy behind. Percy sighed and walked through the doors, surprised to see Eddie and Triton waiting for her at the steps, underneath an umbrella. They waved at her when they saw her, and both of them trekked up and held the umbrella above her head.

"We saw it was raining and remembered you didn't have an umbrella with you, so we came here with the car," Eddie grinned at her.

"How long have you two been waiting here?" she asked in astonishment.

"Probably got here a few minutes after you," Triton told her sheepishly.

"You two should have gone inside!" she scolded them, but fondly threaded her arms around one of theirs each as she settled between them.

They squished together underneath the umbrella and began the walk back to the apartment building.

Percy wasn't very enthused to find Zeus at her door the next morning. Triton, conveniently, was hiding in his borrowed room, though she was quite sure it was useless and the two were well aware of each other's presence.

"Didn't we just see each other?" Percy asked dryly.

"Did we?" Zeus smirked. "Maybe, maybe not. It does not actually matter. There is a movie I want to see. Let us go!"

He grabbed her hand and was about to pull her out the door, when she stopped him.

"Wait a second! Don't I get a say in this? You can't just drag me out!"

Triton appeared closer to them and shoved her jacket at her, before shoving her out of the apartment and closing the door behind her.

"Bye, Uncle, Sister! Have fun!" his muffled voice said.

"Triton!" she screamed, before being dragged off by Zeus without further ado.

And that was how she found herself reluctantly accompanying Zeus to the movie theater, in line with him to get tickets for some action flick that had just come out.

"Don't be grumpy," Zeus said cheerfully. "I hear this movie is quite good. I've been looking forward to its release."

"Don't you have some godly powers that let you see it beforehand or something?" she raised an eyebrow at him.

"That's no fun."

Percy shook her head, but smiled.

Once they got the tickets, they went inside and Zeus led her to the concession stand.

"You can't eat any of this, so there's no point in getting something," she poked his arm.

"I can't, but you can. What do you want? Get whatever you want! It's okay," he told her. "And besides, I can smell it, while being next to you."

She chuckled under her breath, but didn't hesitate in ordering a large drink, a bucket of popcorn, and a packet of a random candy brand. They headed to their theater and found seats in the back, where upon they settled in and waited for the movie to start.

It was a rather strange and yet somehow normal experience, watching a movie with Zeus. And when the movie was over, she was amused to find that she had to listen to Zeus rave wildly about it. She didn't say a word to him about it, or even contributed to the one-sided conversation, but it seemed he was more than fine going on and on by himself.

"I guess I was right about how much you like your movies," Percy's lips twitched.

Zeus laughed. "Yes, I suppose I do. We should do this again sometime."

She rolled her eyes. "Or maybe visit your kids instead."

"Ah, she's currently a tree and the rest of them I see too much of in Olympus…"

Percy froze and mentally kicked herself, forgetting that Zeus didn't currently have kids to visit, and that his one demigod kid was currently a tree. Geez, how could she have forgotten and let that slip out? Talk about being tactless…

She glanced over at him discreetly, seeing him smile sadly as he looked up at the sky and walked alongside her with his hands in his pockets. She scuffed her foot on the cement.

"Can you…can you tell me about Thalia?" she asked quietly.

His smile actually turned a little sadder.

"I wasn't able to get to know her so much. But I did manage to know some things, and I'm very grateful and happy to know them," he told her honestly.

And she quietly listened as he spoke of Thalia Grace with a sad love to his voice, and felt a little bit more understanding and empathy for the gods…

Percy was nowhere near her apartment building, she realized. After listening to Zeus, she hadn't noticed, but he hadn't led her back at all. Instead, she was in front of another building, in which she could see it proclaim some impressive outdoor activities.

"Where are we?" she asked in confusion.

"In San Francisco," he said matter of fact.

She stared at him. That hadn't been what she meant, but…

"What? But we were just in New York! How did we get here? Heck, I would have thought only that Hermes guy could do something like this."

Zeus huffed. "I'm King of the Gods, you know. I can do things too," he said mulishly, slightly pouting.

"Okay, fine," she refrained from laughing at him. "Why are we in San Francisco and in front of this building?"

"Indoor skydiving!" Zeus proclaimed enthusiastically.

She stared at him again.

But…she thought she wasn't exactly supposed to be in the skies…

"I heard you liked flying," he commented softly, glancing at her with an indecipherable look. "I thought this place would be nice…"

Then again, technically she wasn't in the skies…

When she was inside and actually "skydiving," she couldn't put into words how much she was enjoying it and the feeling of exhilaration she had. Even Zeus, who was Lord of the Skies, seemed to genuinely and extremely enjoy it. Then again, maybe because he was Lord of the Skies, he was enjoying it so much.

"That was great!" she exclaimed once it was over and they were leaving the building. "Thanks a lot, Zeu –er, Lord Zeus."

He snorted. "Why don't you just stick to Zeus, huh? It's not like you care or bothered about it before, you brat."

But she merely grinned at him and shrugged.

"Alright! I think some dinner for you before I drop you off to your home," Zeus decided.

"Again, you can't really eat."

Zeus shrugged this time and she threw her hands up.

"Fine, what are you craving to smell?"

Zeus beamed at her. "I've been wanting to smell some McDonald's. Maybe a Happy Meal, so I can get the toy?"

"You're kidding, right?" she asked, looking at him and waiting for him to burst into laughter at her for taking him seriously.

But he only actually looked rather serious about that, so she decided to dazedly take it with a grain of salt.

"Okay…you can have the toy," she muttered, still not sure about things.

Except after really ordering a Happy Meal and receiving it, Zeus did, indeed, ask for the toy again and happily got it from her. Percy just decided that gods were, by nature, insane, and further decided to just write the whole thing off.

She could just be weirded out later, when she was home and alone in her room.

By the time she was back in New York, Percy was alone and almost to her apartment building. Zeus had an emergency and she told him she wouldn't mind walking the last block to her apartment building, so he had managed to drop her off around that point before he'd gone.

A man joined her on the way.

Slowing down, she stopped and turned to look at him, when her heart practically stopped. She almost thought that Luke was there with her then, only she realized he didn't have blond hair and he was much taller and older than Luke.

He had curly black hair instead, but she knew those eyes and Luke had those eyes.

"You…you're not him," she muttered.

"No, I'm not," he replied gently.

But Luke's eyes…

He reached over and brushed a stray strand of hair from her face, tucking it behind her ear. And it was such a Luke thing to do in some way, maybe because it was this man with Luke's features and she was imagining things and she was delusional and she was still messed up –

She flinched and he withdrew his hand.

Although, she missed the shock that happened when their skins touched, but he definitely didn't. He frowned in thought about it.

She surprised him when her hands reached towards his face and cupped it between her soft hands, and she stared deep into his eyes almost desperately.

"But you have his eyes," she breathed out.

'He has my eyes,' he wanted to say.

He was horrified to see that she was not only tearing up, but quickly starting to cry. Big tears rolled down her face as she started to sob, but she wouldn't let go of his face.

"Why? You promised –you said –why –" and damn it all, she knew it wasn't Luke, but all she could see was Luke's eyes, and her vision was narrowed down to just them and she couldn't see anything else. She wanted to say so much, but she couldn't say anything passed 'Why?'

But then large hands gripped hers, and her vision cleared and she realized and saw that it was really Hermes in front of her all along.

She burst into more tears and practically collapsed into his arms, and he held her up, holding her close.

"I'm sorry for him," was all he could murmur to her.

And when she was done crying, she was left feeling awkward and pulling away from him quickly. But he'd been kind and he had comforted her, so she gave him a grateful, watery smile and leaned onto the tip of her toes as she kissed his cheek, surprising him.

"Thank you," she said sincerely, and then she started to walk away and trying to keep herself together.

When she was at the apartment building, she didn't feel like going to her apartment. Instead, she headed straight to Eddie's, finding both him and Triton there. Triton took one look at her face and decided that it would be better for him to leave, and let Eddie take care of her. It wasn't long until she found herself buried into his embrace, and letting loose another torrent of tears as she found comfort in his arms. Through her crying, she told him about Luke and then more about her father. He listened calmly and held her the entire time.

After awhile, she felt herself coming back to semi-normal, after getting it all out and Eddie fixing her up some tea and then making her a quick snack to eat. He just gave her a tender smile and brushed back her hair comfortingly, and she leaned against him for a time.

By the time she finally went to her apartment, she saw Triton was still up and looked at her guiltily from his spot in looking at the family albums her mother had compiled of the two of them. She stared tiredly at him for a moment, before she went over and sat down next to him. She took the photo album he currently had in his hands, and held it between them, starting from the beginning as she softly started to tell him the stories behind each photo. He listened attentively to her and she felt herself knit together a little bit more, finding herself after having felt so lost after that disastrous summer beginning.

After she was done with that photo album, before he could reach for another, she brought her knees to her chest and held them close, asking something from him that he'd never thought he'd hear from her.

"You know Poseidon well, don't you? Tell me…about him. Please."

And Triton haltering began to do so, as best he could. And if he tried to paint their father in as best a light as he could, then that was his business…

The drachma coin rolled over her knuckles again.

But this time, when she got up and filled the sink up and dropped the drachma, she called out Poseidon's name and connected to his side completely. And Percy began to rant at him, letting it all out –everything she felt, all the anger that had built up for him the entire time, screaming at him for leaving her mother and making Sally have to go through so much trouble alone, and she kept going on until she was red in her face and threatening. But this time, she refused to cry.

And Poseidon didn't care that his daughter was angry and screaming at him and seemed so hateful, because she was there. And she wasn't indifferent like last time; she was full of passion, showing her anger and showing she did indeed care, because she wouldn't be so angry and telling him all these things about what she felt and being all passionate about this if she didn't care.

He was happy to finally have his daughter, no matter how she came to him.

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