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Story: What if Percy was a little older, and female? What if, at an older age, she wasn't the impressionable 12 year old that easily changed his life for others, but had her own plans, designs? And mind you, nice and sweet as she is, underneath she isn't all that forgiving…
Set AU for "The Lightning Thief", genderbending.
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Warnings: Cursing and violence for now…hm, just in case since I'm usually writing it, bit of crazy humor, perverted humor, morbid or sarcastic humor, and maybe some sexual situations…
Pairings: Ares/Percy, Hermes/Percy, Apollo/Percy, semi-platonic (semi-not) Luke/Percy (mostly friendship, one-sided romance), Poseidon/Sally, Hades/Persephone, one-sided Annabeth/Percy, one-sided Clarisse/Percy, Annabeth/???, Clarisse/???, Dr. Chase/Athena…

The Light Before We Land
Chapter Two: Little Darling, I Say It's Alright

Percy groaned, wearily opening her eyes. It was bright and early. Quiet too. Looking around, she saw she was sitting up in a deck chair on some huge patio, looking across a meadow and green hills at a distance.

Then the events of the recent past caught up to her and she nearly lurched forward in pain, remembering her mother's pained eyes and her pleas. And her death…

"Percy?" Grover's voice.

She looked and saw hooves and a goat bottom half.

"Not a dream," she murmured to herself.

"I thought you might like this…it was cracked off when you –when you, um, buried Pasiphae's son?" Grover said it questioningly, as if he were still processing it or still wasn't sure what quite had happened.

He handed her one of the Minotaur's huge horns, she taking it blankly.

"I'm sorry! It's my fault –" she cut off Grover.

"No…no. It wasn't your fault," 'It was mine' "So don't think or say that again."

"Well, here," Grover said awkwardly, handing her a glass of what looked like apple juice. She tasted it and started in surprise. It tasted like the blue chocolate chip cookies her mother made for her. "And it was the least I could do, but I managed to grab the bags you and your mother brought along. They were outside of the car before it exploded so they survived."

"Thanks, Grover," she mumbled, shouldering her bag and grabbing her mom's.

"Come on. You'll have to see Mr. D and Chiron."

She reluctantly left her comfortable seat and followed after Grover, her misery and grief still bubbling under the surface. Soon enough, they'd reached two men playing cards at a table, a girl a little younger than Percy sitting on the railing and watching.

Percy tilted her head to the side and observed, "Mr. Brunner."

The two men looked up, 'Mr. Brunner' smiling. The girl looked at her curious, but said nothing.

"Chiron, my dear. I'm afraid that was just a pseudonym."

"I see," she murmured.

"Well, look's like it's four for pinochle! Come on you two, pull a seat and grab some cards," Chiron cheerfully invited them over. "Percy, this is Annabeth. She helped nurse you back to health. Annabeth, would you mind checking on Percy's bunk? She's in Cabin Eleven for now."

Annabeth left and Grover and Percy sat down at the table, cards handed to them. Percy didn't know how to play the game, but Gabe had occasionally obnoxiously insisted she sit in a couple of games of poker and play, so she decided to do what she did when she first started out –fake that she knew what she was doing, lose if she had to, while she learned how to play the game through trial and error. She adopted the poker face she carefully crafted with Gabe and his group, smiling cheerfully and eyes bright and wide in childish excitement.

After a couple of rounds, losing and betting, she finally got the hang of pinochle and won the next round.

"Oh, good one, Percy. Played before?" Chiron asked.

"No. I just learned now," she lightened her poker face just a bit.

She was stared at. She shrugged and explained, and then went back to looking at her new cards, ignoring their stares.

"So…Grover flinching and cowering before Mr. D is a satyr, Mr. D smells like wine, likes wine I gather from that glass he's staring at longingly, Chiron as in Greek Chiron…Greek mythology, huh?" she listed nonchalantly. "And I assume Mr. D is a son of Zeus and one of the gods…Dionysus?"

"Oh! You remembered! You have been paying attention then?" Chiron excitedly asked. "But how did you know?"

"The Minotaur is real, there are a bunch of satyrs like Grover running around, Grover is repeatedly cowering and groveling before Mr. D making Mr. D someone important and especially to Grover's kind, Mr. D's obvious love of wine, and the fact my eyes are strangely seeing a body of a horse from you instead of a wheelchair. Either I need to get my eyes checked or I need to suppose myths are real in the meantime." Percy was wondering how stranger things could get.

"Ah, I'd forgotten I'd forgone the wheelchair today. I apologize."

"Mm, now where am I and what's going on? Better yet, tell me I'm here."

"Percy, did your mother tell you nothing?" Chiron asked gently.

She closed off her expression, "Nothing of importance to you or to the situation. What was said was for me. That is nonnegotiable." Okay, a bit rebellious and angry, but she lost her mother and she wanted answers, answers that she believed might have caused her mother her life.

Mr. D roared in laughter, "Cheeky little brat, aren't you? Throwing around names –names have power, young lady! And such disrespect! Why, you could be turned into a little rat if I had my say so."

Percy stared at him steadily, causing Chiron and Grover to grow nervous.

"You're a god. And yet here you are," she said quietly. "From the myths, one of the 12 doesn't usually do things like this unless Zeus is punishing them, ala Poseidon and Apollo." She shifted in her seat, leaning forward and resting her chin on her clasped hands as she stared at the wine god more intensely. "You are the God of Wine, and yet you have so little in your glass and you're not refilling, not even drinking at all from it. Am I to guess that you have been restricted from wine and stuck in this place for some time?"

Grover winced and whimpered, while Chiron cringed. Dionysus' face grew red and his lips pulled back in a snarl. She ignored all that and rummaged through her bag, grabbing bottle after bottle and thumping it onto the table.

'Figures Slimy Gabe would dump that crap into my bag to stash it from Mom,' she inwardly sneered.

"I'm guessing again that Zeus isn't allowing you to use your powers to get yourself wine or maybe his order is restricted to just wine, depending on his wording? Maybe it's both. So I'll make you a deal. I'll make you a drink every now and then, and I get to be left alone. I don't want to be favored. I don't want to be picked on. I just want to be left alone, and I want my answers without any smart aleck comments."

Dionysus' lips pulled back again, this time in a harsh smile.

"I want to see if you can make a worthwhile drink first."

Percy shrugged and grabbed his glass, taking a sip and cringing from the strong taste. But she gulped it down until there was only less than a third left and held it out to him.

"Ice. Crushed."

In amusement, he waved his hand and humored her, and then she went back to the drink, adding a bit of other alcohol in it.

"Sweet or sour?" she asked without looking up.

"Sweet," he drawled. "I don't understand how you mortals can stand so much of that harsh stuff. It's not that good. In my days, it was all about the sweetness of wine, not that I don't patron the sour stuff every now and then…Light on the vodka, sweetheart."

She ignored him.

Finished, she stoically handed his drink and Grover and Chiron waited with bated breath. Dionysus took the drink with a smirk, and took a sip. His eyebrows lifted lightly and he set down the glass a moment later. Then he was reluctantly leaning forward.

"Alright, this is Camp Half-Blood. It's a summer camp for brats like you, half-god and half-mortal. That means one of your parents is a god, who went and shacked up with a human. That means you're a demigod. Seeing as your mother is human, that means your father is either Apollo, Hermes, Hephaestus, or Ares. You could even be one of my brats, if your skill with drinks is any indication," his smirk widened.

"You're right. I'm here as punishment. Father does love to punish me. First it was Prohibition. Madness, I tell you! I have no idea what Father was thinking. And now it's this blasted camp, because I decided there was this lovely nymph I couldn't resist. Too bad she was off limits and got me into this mess…"

"Okay then…but why was the Minotaur chasing me?" she asked, her lips set in a neutral line and her eyes hooded.

Dionysus and Chiron shared a look, while Grover munched on the Diet Coke can and averted his eyes.

"Monsters from Hades can smell you, Perseas Jackson. It's a bit…intoxicating to them. And they come after your smell and are attracted to your power. They attack you, intent on your death. Usually, your kind is sent here at 12 years of age…that's when their smell becomes harder to mask and becomes too strong for monsters not to notice. Lucky for you, your mother married your stepfather to help hide you. His repulsive smell masked yours, and helped you hide for a long time. It is a wonder though…how you could have survived to 16 on that alone, when your smell would have gotten even stronger and there is no guarantee even your stepfather's scent could mask it anymore…Most at 12, don't even last then. It's always at 12…they die, child. And yet here you are, alive and 16," Dionysus ended in a murmur.

"Something I should tuck away to remember to ask later?" Percy asked sarcastically, frowning.

"Well, Chiron, you can answer the rest of her questions. I want to take a nap before the sing-along tonight. Grover, come along. I want to talk to you. Cabin Eleven, brat. And mind your manners, at least."

The god and satyr moved away, Grover glancing back nervously.

"Will Grover be okay?" she turned her attention to Chiron.

Chiron coughed uneasily at the intensity of her focus, recognizing the uncharacteristic retreat from the wine god.

"He will be. Ah, he's not really all that angry, just hates it here. Can't wait to be able to get back to Olympus, you see?" and then he began explaining about Western civilization, the gods following it, and then stood up on all four of his legs, starting to lead her around in a tour.

She ignored the campers pointing and talking about her, choosing instead to focus on what Chiron was saying and hauling her and her mother's bag, and the huge Minotaur horn. She also noted something vaguely moving around the Attic of a big four-story building, but decided to not say anything about it. It was something else to remember and ask about later…

Preferably Mr. D as he seemed to be the easiest of the two to get answers out of, what with blackmail and bribing and all…

She listened to him closely, but she let her mind wander. There was that field of strawberries she'd have to look into later, personally because she liked strawberries and maybe she could make a strawberry daiquiri. Maybe she could make that to help her bribe the god into giving her more answers she knew she wouldn't normally get.

And so Chiron continued to explain everything from the layout to training to Capture the Flag, and all the time she remembered that if Olympus is real then so would the Underworld.

After various more information, they came across the blond girl again. Annabeth, Percy recalled her name was.

"And this is where we stop. Percy, I'll leave you in Annabeth's hands. Annabeth, please show her where Cabin Eleven is."

When the centaur had left, Percy and Annabeth stood in front of each other, measuring each other up.

"You're…a lot older than the usual newbies," Annabeth started out slowly. "The oldest that comes in new are usually 14. And you got to fight Pasiphae's son, which everyone in the camp would kill for a chance to do the same."

"Your priorities are completely out of order," Percy snapped. "I would rather have my mother here with me than have to fight the thing again. Just get me to Cabin Eleven."

The blond girl turned red and started walking.

"I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sound inconsiderate of your mother. How was she…like?" Annabeth asked quietly.

Percy bit back the pang of pain in her heart, almost making her lip bleed.

"She was beautiful, kind…before Grover…I didn't have anyone else in the world, and it was just her and me. She used to make blue food a lot, because my stepfather told her there was no such thing and she stubbornly used any opportunity to prove him wrong. She had a rebellious streak, just like I do. I probably get it from her…and her home-made blue chocolate chip cookies were my favorite," Percy said wistfully.

"I went to school everyday for her, even when I wanted to give up because it was so hard. I worked hard and tried to overcome my dyslexia and ADHD mostly for her. I worked to help her out and to ease the burden of taking care of me. I had high dreams so she could be proud of me, and I worked hard to try to achieve those dreams for her. What am I going to do now?" she muttered that last part to herself, though Annabeth heard, however she kept quiet.

"She sounds nice…my…my mother is Athena. I don't see her much, but…I saw her once. It was one of the most happiest moments in my life, if not the most," Annabeth confessed.

Percy gave her a small smile that she returned.

After that, they started chatting a bit more comfortably and Annabeth helped Percy learn more about the camp and trying to help her settle in.

"Well, well. If it isn't the newbie," a voice sneered.

Annabeth stiffened up and they both slowly turned around to see a mean-looking girl with stringy brown hair, a XXL t-shirt hanging on her, and a big camo jacket over that.

"Clarisse," Annabeth struggled to keep her face neutral and not to glare.

"Miss Princess," Clarisse mocked.

"Perseas Jackson, meet Clarisse, Daughter of Ares."

Percy easily blanked her face, used to it after practicing that type of poker face for awhile before deciding on the other one. Her eyes casually glanced between the two and the growing group of onlookers, as well as what seemed to be Clarisse's posse behind her.

She sighed in frustration, and then focused really hard at the ground underneath Clarisse and her group's feet. After a few seconds of intense concentration, the ground leaped up to Clarisse and the others' ankles, locking them to their place. Some of them unbalanced, landing on their hands and knees, with their feet still buried.

"Huh, Annabeth. You still haven't shown me Cabin Eleven. We should get going now," Percy said nonchalantly, as if they hadn't just been confronted by Clarisse and Percy hadn't just humiliated the Ares cabin.

"Why, you!" with a burst of anger, Clarisse had escaped and was running full speed towards Percy, knocking her into the bathroom door behind her and into the bathroom itself.

Both of them fell to the ground, but Clarisse quickly got off of Percy and yanked her up. Percy felt her anger rise up, and she wrenched Clarisse's hands from her collar and grabbed her throat, slamming her against the wall and holding her several inches off the ground.

"I dare you to touch me again," Percy hissed, unaware that her sea-green eyes were bright and eerily slightly glowing warningly, or that the toilets and sinks around them had burst and water was angrily bubbling upwards in small geysers.

Clarisse instinctively cringed back and stared at her in unwanted terror, swearing she could see flashes of lightning crackling in Percy's eyes and hear the roaring of waves and a monstrous storm in her ears.

"Percy!" Annabeth screamed from the doorway, tentatively walking more inside.

Percy snapped her head to the side to face her, turning that terrible gaze on Annabeth, who unconsciously took a couple steps back.

"Percy, calm down. Please," she pleaded, watching her new friend take several breaths and then close her eyes. All of a sudden the mini-geysers around them disappeared as the water fell back down, and Percy opened her hand, letting Clarisse fall to the ground. When she opened her eyes again, they were normal and Annabeth relaxed, not noticing that she had even tensed up in the first place.

"Sorry," whether she muttered that to Clarisse or to Annabeth wasn't clear, but she swept passed the fallen girl and grabbed Annabeth's hand, striding away from the bathroom and ignoring the crowded people around outside, who were whispering and wondering as they couldn't see what had happened inside and the noises were muffled. The most they could hear were the deafening rush of water and barely audible voices.

Annabeth snapped out of her daze and tightened her grip on Percy's hand, moving forward to lead them.

"I'm sorry. I hadn't meant for that to happen. My temper is usually so controlled. Nothing makes me that angry unless it's my stepdad…or…Annabeth, I don't like my dad really much. My real dad. My Olympian dad, I suppose. And this place…this whole place is connected to him. It just makes me so angry…and since this whole place is connected to him somehow, it's like everything is setting me off…"

Annabeth tightened her hand again comfortingly.

Finally, they reached the cabins and were in front of number eleven in no time.

"This is Cabin Eleven, Percy. The Hermes cabin. And since he's also the patron god of travelers, all demigods who are unclaimed or undetermined stay here," she explained.

"What am I?"

"Undetermined. Your…father hasn't claimed you yet."

"Who says he will?" Percy's voice was tinged with bitterness.

Annabeth cringed, but didn't say anything. She just led the new demigod into the cabin.

"Regular or undetermined?" Someone called out.

"Undetermined," Annabeth announced, though there was an odd note in her voice that hinted she wasn't so sure.

There were a bunch of groans and two brothers who looked similar popped up closer.

"That's too bad," the older one stated with a grin.

"We would have loved to have kept you here," the younger grinned just as much.

"Now, now. Travis, Connor, stop messing with the new girl," a new voice entered.

A young man a little older than Percy walked up, blond hair disheveled and mischievous blue eyes shining at her. He was very handsome, despite of the thick white scar running from just underneath his right eye to his jaw.

"I'm Luke," he introduced himself. "I'll be your counselor for now, until you're claimed and probably moved, unless you turn out to be Hermes'. Then you're stuck with this lot. Don't worry. I'll take care of you while you're with us."

"You better, Luke," Annabeth warned, narrowing her eyes at him. Though, Percy could have sworn there was a light blush on her face as she looked at him, and there was a different tone to her voice. "This is Perseas Jackson. I'll leave you with her."

"I will," Luke promised. "Hey, I'll help you get set up, Perseas."

"Percy," she quickly cut in. "Just Percy."

"Alright, 'Just Percy'," Luke teased. "Let's get you some stuff in the meanwhile."

They split with Annabeth and Luke led Percy to the camp store. He told Percy to wait outside and then a minute later came back with some stuff for her.

"I stole a sleeping bag and some toiletries for you," he grinned, holding them up for her to see.

"Uh, thanks." She wasn't quite sure if he was kidding or not.

They walked around a bit in comfortable silence, stopping near the lake. They sat down on a log and watched over the calm waters.

"You ever meet your dad?" she blurted out.

He blinked at her before grimacing.

"Once," he said bitterly. Though she was surprised an easygoing guy like him could sound so bitter, she understood. And so she didn't say anything when he didn't elaborate.

"Dads suck," she stated in a matter-of-fact voice.

His lips twitched upward, "Olympian parents suck."

They both snickered and grinned at each other, before leaning comfortably against one another and staring over the lake once more.

"Hermes, the winged-foot messenger guy. Somehow, I'm just not getting the picture." She couldn't stop smiling.

"Oh? And what don't you see?"

"I'm trying to picture a guy who looks like you with wings on his feet and flapping around in the air. And then after that ridiculous picture, I end up picturing you with wings on your feet and tumbling around in the air."

"Wait a second, I'm not even flying in the air like him?! I'm tumbling around?! Is that even possible?"

"I think so."

They both started laughing uproariously again.

"Well, that's him. The 'winged-footed messenger guy,'" Percy stuck her tongue at him, but he just kept grinning. "God of messengers, medicine, travelers, merchants, thieves. The on-road people of the world," Luke threw out his hands dramatically.

"Meaning anyone who uses the roads," Percy said wryly.

"Yep. Hence, you and Cabin Eleven, and you enjoying our hospitality. Hermes isn't picky about who he sponsors," Luke's grin started to twist bitterly again.

"Psh! I'm not just anyone! I'm Percy Jackson, Wondergirl extraordinaire!" she declared, winking at him.

Luke laughed again, and she was happy to see him less cynical.

"That's right," he murmured in agreement. "We're extended family, after all. We take care of each other."

He leaned a little more on her, tiredly turning his head to rest it against her chest and the top of his head buried just right under her chin. She blushed, but smiled softly, inwardly feeling warm.

She'd never had an older brother before. Grover for all intents and purposes, despite her finding out he was actually 28, had been more of a younger brother she'd loved taking cared of.

Maybe it wouldn't be so bad there after all.

"It's almost dinnertime," Luke muttered, reluctantly moving away from her. "I'll have to go back and gather up Cabin Eleven, since I'm their counselor. You can go straight to the mess hall. Unless you want to walk back with me?"

"I'll just stay with you," and she walked back, feeling much better than she had since she'd woken up in that place.

They got to the cabin just as the sound of a conch shell was blown, and Luke ordered everyone to fall in. Seeing everyone line up in order of seniority, she slipped to the back. Once they'd march to the pavilion, she inwardly winced at the overcrowded-ness of the Hermes' table and figured she'd have to sit at the edge at the very end.

"Hey, Percy, just sit on my lap," Luke said, tugging her sleeve to pull her closer to him.


He rolled his eyes, "Plenty of the others are doing the same. It's just too crowded here to be comfortable at all. At least you'd be more comfortable on my lap than sitting on the edge."

He was right. There were some kids sitting on some of the older teens' laps. But they were kids.

"I'm not a kid," she muttered.

Luke huffed and did a sharp tug, making her tumble into him.

"You want to be somewhat comfortable, right? And not worrying every few seconds about falling off your seat?"

She sighed but nodded, so he directed her to his lap, squeezing her between him and someone to his left, before promptly plopping her onto his lap.

"You know, your dad's been busy," she pouted.

Luke lightly laughed, "I suppose so. But quite a lot of this bunch isn't even his."

"Consider them adoptees."

He laughed again and she could feel the shaking of his body behind her back. She fought back a blush of embarrassment. This was a really awkward situation. But then again, it really didn't have to be…he was just a guy, a friend, and starting to be like her older brother…so no, not awkward at all. Right.

A bunch of food was brought out and Percy didn't hesitate in piling on the food on her plate, garnering more than a few stares from people. Luke snickered into her ear.

"Glad to know you like food."

"Like?" she scoffed. "I love it. Now move. You aren't stealing a scrap."

He stole a grape anyway. She glowered and glared at him, but turned back to her meal when she noticed that people were getting up and heading toward the fire in the middle of the pavilion.

"Ohh, dessert!"

"Not quite," Luke grinned in amusement. "Come on."

Heading over there, she realized that people were taking the best portions of their meal and putting it into the fire.

"Burnt offerings for the gods. They like the smell."

She stared at him.

"Huh. Why am I not surprised? I'm just going to accept this and move on…"

When everyone had gone, she ended up being the last. Luke had tossed in a juicy cluster of red grapes, murmuring Hermes. She blinked and wondered what god she should say. Unable to decide, she shrugged and tossed in a cluster of grapes as well.

"Zeus, as King of the Gods, may your reign be everlasting," she murmured. Shrugging again, she tossed in some strawberries too. "For Hera, please take care of my mother, wherever she is." Deciding what the hell, she cut half of her pot roast and put that in the fire too. "For Athena and Hermes, because you're Annabeth's mom and Luke's dad and they're both really awesome. And Hermes for letting me shack up in your cabin for awhile…or forever, depending." Getting a mischievous smile, she rummaged through her bag she'd managed to retrieve before getting to the mess hall. Taking out the prepared drink she'd made for Dionysus, she grinned and opened the water bottle it was in and poured a little into the fire. "For Dionysus. 'Cause he's an asshole."

Silence. Mr. D twitched and was torn between scowling and enjoying the divine smell.

Percy was going to turn and leave, when she hesitated and turned back to the fire. Making up her mind, she tossed in the entire brisket off her plate.

"For Hades…if my mother really is with you, please take good care of her…and when I die, please take care of my soul."

'You must be so lonely down there…especially if Persephone isn't there with you…' She didn't know why that crossed her mind. She shook her head to clear it.

She bowed and took her plate with her, leaving to go back to her seat, and leaving complete silence in her wake.

"Mmhm, nice exit. Actually, good way to come out with a bang," Luke smirked, leaning back so she could slip in more easily. "And yet, your plate is still more than half full. Huh, you must have a lot of energy."

"Yup, fast metabolism," Percy said cheerfully, already starting to dig in.

"And I am amazed."

"Shut up, you."

Dinnertime finished and it was time for the sing-along. Except she didn't want to go. Her good mood had vanished and she was frowning down at her plate.

"Hey, you comin' to the sing-along?" Luke asked her worriedly.

"Nah, I'm just going to sit here awhile. I'll catch you later, Luke," she gave a weak smile before staring down at the now empty table, before her gaze turned to the burning fire.

Luke hesitantly nodded, waited until she moved over and then slipped off the bench, looking back at her anxiously until he was out the door.

"Can I be arrogant to assume that was my drink earlier?" Dionysus' familiar drawl echoed behind her.

"I want answers," she stated, without even turning to look at him.

"Isn't that what you always want?" he sighed in boredom, traveling to move to sit on the other side of the table.

She held up the strawberry daiquiri water bottle and looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh, alright," the god huffed.

"Good. Margarita glass?"

"Ohh, you do so know how make a drink," Dionysus crooned, eyes rolling upwards at the smell before waving his hand and making a Margarita glass appear.

She opened the water bottle, squeezed in a little more lime, and then closed it before shaking twice. Then she poured it into the glass and sprayed the top edge with something before putting on white rocks on the edge, letting it stick. After that, she took out a drink umbrella she crudely made with a leaf and a toothpick she managed to snag, plopping it into the drink and over the side of the edge.

"Ah, wonderful presentation. Now to sample," he took the offered drink and sniffed appreciatively before taking a sip. Nodding in acceptance, he waved a hand, gesturing for her to continue.

"What is in the Attic of the Big House?" she immediately asked.

He mumbled a Greek curse.

"You saw something then?"

"Something moved passed the window, making the curtain flutter. I know something's up there."

Dionysus took another sip, scoffing.

"The Oracle of Delphi. Or formerly of Delphi. She said something that upset Hades, and he cursed her to stay in her body, even when it's rotted. She's consulted when one of the kids are granted a Quest."

Percy nodded, "Why is it so surprising that I'm still alive at my age?"

"I told you that most of these kids die at the age of 12. No one's known to have survived as long as you have without coming here. But you survived all 16 years of your life, without being able to be trained to protect yourself. Not that it would matter. Your scent's powerful, brat. Your scent would have overpowered your stepfather's long ago, maybe even before you turned 12. It's because you're powerful. More powerful than expected actually," Dionysus narrowed his eyes at her. "And you have the feel of a god's blessing…not your father's…the feel is too distant to be a close relative of yours…"

"You should have been dead at 12," the god stated bluntly. "With your power, it's no surprise your scent is the way it is, and probably has been for the longest time. The only reason why you're alive is mostly because of that god's blessing."

Percy grimaced, "There were still some monsters that did end up coming after me though. I fought them off."

"Fought them off? How'd you do that without any training?" he guffawed.

She blinked, "I'm a sixth degree black belt in Kempo and I have a basic understanding of anatomy so I know which areas are more fragile or prone to damage."

Dionysus echoed her blink and stared at her.

She shrugged, "Just because my stepfather masked my scent and whichever god blessed me, doesn't mean I wasn't hassled with monsters throughout my childhood. I suppose I was just buggered with the normal amount of monsters that come after my kind, with Slimy Gabe and the blessing cutting down the amount of monsters I should of have had normally with my, uh…scent.

"I mean, it's not like I didn't know they were monsters or something. But my mother told me early on to just not question it. So I tried to take them out or run away, and then I moved on and didn't look back. There were plenty of monsters in my childhood…I just didn't bother to look too closely into it. And anyone who asked, I just said they were guys with monster masks on. I didn't want to look crazy, you know."

Dionysus continued staring before he snorted and sipped at his drink, huffing and rolling his eyes.

"Don't get so high and mighty, brat."

She sniffed, "Of course, Mr. D. And you'll be there to help cut me down to size when I get too arrogant, won't you?"

"Humbug," she refrained from laughing, "Next question, brat."

Percy threateningly pulled his drink away and he snatched it back and held it out of her reach, closing his mouth with an audible click.

"Summer Solstice? Why is it important? What's going to happen then? Why is everyone pointing and staring at me?"

"That's too many questions at once," he grumbled.

"I have a feeling they're all connected. So talk. Please, sir."

Sighing dramatically, he winced and looked uncomfortable.

"How did you hear about the Summer Solstice?"

"I overheard Annabeth say something about it when I was going in and out of consciousness."

Looking unhappy, Dionysus reluctantly began speaking.

"Summer and winter solstices are when we hold the gods' annual meetings. Something was stolen and has to be returned by this Summer Solstice, or else things will get…unpleasant."

"You didn't answer my question fully!" Percy protested but an actual warning glare from the god silenced her and made her back down.

"Anymore on the subject is closed. Next question and make it good. I want to go to sleep soon," he scowled.

Percy squared her shoulders and narrowed her eyes at him.

"Do you know who my father is?"

Dionysus, once again, stared at her. He sighed.


"But you have an idea."

"…Yes. There are some very strong hints as to who your father may be, but until you are claimed nothing is for certain," he said it like it was final, but his face showed that he didn't really believe that –that he didn't need a confirmation to know who her father was, he just knew without her being claimed.

"Goodnight, Mr. D," she said stiffly.

Soon enough, she was alone in the mess hall once more, sitting impassively in the loneliness of the substantial emptiness encompassing all around her.

Started 3/19/10 –Completed 3/30/10

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