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Wildwing woke up, feeling…better. Like he had actually slept a full night or so. The only thing that bothered him was the fact that the area just under his eyes felt odd. Like…

Then his eyes widened and he suddenly remembered. Nosedive!

He shot up on the bed, looking around. What the? What am I doing in the Infirmary?

"Welcome back to reality bro."

Wildwing looked over to the bed next to him to see Nosedive, a comic book in hand, looking at his big brother. "What took you so long to wake up? It's been boring in here," the teen said.


"The one and only!"

Wildwing quickly got out of the bed he had been laying on, pushing the covers off. He closed the distance between himself and Nosedive's bed. "Nosedive!" Wildwing gasped, looking down at the younger one. "Thank Drake you're alright!"

"What're ya…? Oh, right that," Nosedive said, laying the comic on his chest. " 'Course I'm fine. I didn't die, so I'm alright."

"You idiot!" Wildwing exclaimed, slamming his hands on an empty space of Nosedive's bed. "I've been worried sick about you!" He closed his eyes, feeling new tears coming. "You…stupid…idiot…"

Nosedive sighed, looking up at the goalie. He knew that Wing had every right to be upset, but he seriously needed to stop worrying so much. Or at least, that's what the teen thought.

I wish you would stop doing this to yourself, Nosedive thought, trying to read more of Wing's face. He could see the tears that didn't seem to want to stop falling from the older Flashblade's eyes. "Wing, it's alright. I know you keep worrying, but you don't need to-"

"Of course I do!"

Nosedive just stared at Wildwing as the older one continued. "I p-p-promised to protect you b-back home after the Invasion, then again after we joined the Re-resistance. I've been doing a horrible job at it-"

"No you haven't," the teenager said.

Wildwing opened his eyes, tears still falling. "You've been doing great," Nosedive told him. "I've just been doing what I said I would; you're all I got left bro. If I could do something to help you, I'd do it. Hasn't that occurred to ya yet?"

That last line brought a memory back to Wildwing's mind.

"The kid saved ya last night because he loves you, looks up to you. What else was Dive supposed to do when he thought he could do anything to save his big broth'ah?"

Wildwing closed his eyes again, sighing.


The leader pulled over a nearby chair and sat down, drying what tears were left. "I'm sorry Dive."

"What the heck?! Didn't I-"

Wildwing held up a hand to command silence. "I'm not finished," he simply said, opening his eyes. Putting his hand down, the leader continued. "I'm sorry for not listening to you. You were right about not shooting Siege. If it had been the other way around, I probably - no, I would have - done what you did."

Nosedive just looked at the older one, listening to what he said.

"There's probably a hundred other things I should be apologizing for, but in all honesty, I couldn't name them all. All I can say now is…well, I'm glad you're alright. And…"

Nosedive just waited for a moment. When his brother didn't continue, he asked, "And what?"

Wildwing couldn't look Nosedive in the eye as he continued. He felt ashamed of himself, and didn't know how his brother was going to respond to anything he had been saying. "…I love you Dive. I honestly don't remember the last time I told you that, so I thought I should say it now, if anything else happens."

The teenager smiled. "Feel better?" he asked after a minute.

Wildwing looked at the younger one, slowly smiling for the first time since he had woken up the other night. "Yeah, I do," he said.

"Good, 'cuz I love you too big bro."

The brothers just looked at each other and smiled, glad to have reached a compromise.


FINALLY, Tanya thought. Wildwing's gotten whatever complex he had.

The team tech/medic had been about to enter the Infirmary when she had heard voices. Not wanting to disturb the Flashblades conversation, she stayed outside and just listened to what she was able to hear through the Infirmary doors.


The techie just indicated 'quiet' when Mallory tried to speak. After a moment, Tanya said, "They're both awake. Seems Wing got over - uh - whatever was bothering him."

"I was beginning to wonder if he would," Mallory commented.

"So what'cha down here for?" Tanya asked her red-headed friend. She honestly didn't have a clue what the other had to do down here, since the Infirmary had a different part of the Pond to itself.

Mallory shrugged. "Came to see if you wanted to eat lunch," she said. "You were here all night last night and I didn't know if you'd eaten breakfast. Since it's supposed to be Wildwing's day to make the food, but he's, uhm, - currently busy - I figured I'd take over today."

"Duke and Grin wanted you to come check on me, didn't they?"

"That'd be one way of saying it," Mallory confessed. "But I was serious about cooking today." She paused, looking at the door in front of her. "Think they'd want to eat too?"

"Wildwing? Definitely, considering he's - y'know - barely eaten anything since…well, two days ago," Tanya said. "And I bet Dive's starving."

So the two went off to scrounge up some food for the Infirmary dweller (for the time being) and his brother.


Two Months Later…

Wildwing sat in the penalty box, its door open as he watched his younger brother slowly skate around the rink. It had been a long recovery so far for the teenager, but with each passing day, Tanya said he was getting better. Dive's leg had healed first so he was allowed to skate again, as long as he had someone close by to watch.

One of the good things about the timing of when Nosedive had gotten hurt was that it had happened just after the Stanley Cup finals, so the season was over meaning no games to worry about. The bad thing was that Phil had tried to do anything he could to get publicity stunts set up, but since the youngest had been/was still hurt, the team didn't really have anything to do during the off-season.

Not much of anything anyway.

Wildwing and Nosedive had been up on the rink level of the Pond for about half an hour before the older sibling noticed his brother was stopping. Figuring that it was time to go, Wildwing got up from his seat, stepping onto the ice, and skated over to the youngest team member. "You alright Dive?" the elder asked after he had stopped.

Nosedive was wobbling a little, looking beat, and was panting slightly. "Just peachy," the teen answered. "Seriously though, I'm tired. Can we go back down?"

The leader chuckled. "Sure," he simply answered. He pivoted on the ice, where his back was facing Nosedive, bending down a little.

The teenager looked at him, confused.

"C'mon, you're getting a free ride," Wildwing answered, looking back at Nosedive. "You look so tired that you'll fall over if you try to skate off the ice, much less walk around when we get back down under the rink."

The teen smiled. He wrapped his arms around Wildwing's neck and raised his right leg. Wing picked up his brother's right leg under the knee and lifted, doing the same to the other. After adjusting the smaller-framed duck on his back, Wildwing started to skate off the ice.

"I can't remember the last time I got a free ride," Nosedive said, sounding a little sad.

"It's been awhile," Wildwing agreed. "I think the last time was during the Invasion, when you got sick. Remember?"

"…a little," Dive finally said. "I remember not being able to do anything for a week. The guards were pi-"

"Nosedive Flashblade."

This brought a smile to the teen. "Alright, they were mad. Happy now bro?"

Wildwing laughed a little. "Yeah," he answered. "I am."

He stepped up from the ice to the part that would take them to the locker room, humming a tune quietly. By the time the leader had reached the elevator, he thought Dive was asleep. But this was not the case.

"Hey bro?"

"Yeah Dive?"

"I'm tired and hungry at the same time. Which one's better to go with?"

Wildwing laughed. "I think sleep would be better for you," he answered. "I'm not waking you up if you fall asleep while eating triple spicy tacos."

"You're no fun," Nosedive yawned, trying to use Wildwing's neck as a pillow.

"Well think of it this way," Wing told him, stepping into the elevator. "When you wake up, it'll most likely be time for dinner and you can eat then."

The ride down to the lower parts of the Pond and walk to the room Wing and Dive shared was relatively quiet, other than the *clink clink* of Wildwing's skates against the floor as he carefully carried his younger brother. By the time Wildwing had reached their room, the teenager was asleep…but he still had his skates on.

So the elder sibling lowered the younger one onto the bottom bunk (they had decided to switch for the duration of Nosedive's recovery when Tanya had released him from the Infirmary) and laid him down. Wing then started to take off the skates that still were on Dive's feet, knowing that falling asleep with them on was not the smartest thing to do.

After removing both Nosedive's and his own ice skates, Wildwing placed them next to the couch and sat down. He gazed at the sleeping teen, a memory suddenly coming to mind, though it was a bit hazy:

Both Flashblade parents were speaking with a doctor while filling out official documents, saying that their newest son was whole and healthy, as well as stating the youngster's name.

Wildwing just sat in the chair his father had vacated, watching his new brother. Since Nosedive had hatched a few hours ago, the doctors had taken off the top half of the incubator and had allowed the parents to cover their child with his first blanket. The child laying there had drifted off to sleep some time ago, something Wildwing was feeling like he should do too.

I can't, Wildwing thought, shaking his head to keep himself awake. Nosedive needs me. Dad said it's my job to protect him!

Suddenly, the sleeping duckling in the uncovered incubator began to stir. Wildwing watched as the newborn wiggled a little and opened his eyes. As Wildwing watched Dive, it seemed to him that the duckling was looking for something, but Wing didn't know what.

The elder Flashblade sibling got to his knees on the chair he was sitting on and leaned forward a bit. Placing his hand on the side of the uncovered incubator like he had when his brother had first started to hatch, he smiled and began to talk.

"Hi Nosedive."

When the newborn's attention turned to him, Wing smile grew.

" 'Member me? I'm Wildwing! I'm your big brother now, so you're kinda stuck with me. Mama says that when you're bigger, we can teach you to skate so you can play hockey and do loads of other stuff. But right now you're too little, so we can do other stuff until you get bigger."

The duckling laying there stared at Wildwing for a minute, then smiled as if he had understood everything that his older brother had just said. He tried to reach out his tiny hand and touched the other side of the open incubator. If the plastic hadn't been separating the two, the Flashblade siblings hands would've been touching…

The memory suddenly faded and Wildwing looked back at Nosedive, still asleep on the bunk. He noticed that the younger one was shivering a little. The goalie got up, walked over to the bed, and pulled the blankets up to Dive's shoulders. The younger sibling settled down after a minute, smiling a little.

"Sleep tight baby brother," Wildwing said quietly. "You need it and deserve it."

He was about to walk away when he heard Dive say something. "Will do," the teenager answered sleepily.

Wildwing was confused about this. Had Dive heard what he said?

"But I dunno…if I can eat all those tacos, Mr. President."

Apparently not.

Wildwing couldn't help but burst out into laughter after hearing Nosedive talk in his sleep.