Operation: DANGER

(Delightful Children Accept New Grounds (and) Excited Ramification)

Disclaimer: I don't own KND, CN does!

Summary: How did the delightful children get back to earth after Operation: Zero? Spoilers to interview. (Just cause, I was wondering a lot about the DC/Sector Z, you have to wonder about everything you ever know about KND...)




...transmission recieved...

The vastness of space one must think about the horrors that could even be found here. Without a doubt we are all going to die!

"Lenny quite thinking that we are all going to die here in space. That and aliens don't exist," replied four eerie little voices.

"Of course," replied back Lenny. Luckily nobody could see his face, since his helmet covered his face. He felt they were all going to die today.

Besides, Father will most definitely, be mad that the Delightful children couldn't defeat Nigel Uno, the KND, and the fact they were in space.

..."Greetings earthlings!" said a mysterious voice. The dark space didn't show no UFOs or alies, and the moniter showed no ships or aircrafts around.

Yup, today was going to be the day the Delightful children will die and nobody will care about them.

"I want out of the ship now" cried out Lenny

...transmission interrupted...