Chapter 12

It's decided. I have now officially allied myself with Voldemort. However, I do not bare the dark mark – I have a different mark. I received my mark when I was a baby. Who would suspect the Boy-Who-Lived to have a scar turned into a dark mark after all? For that matter, I could have taken his usual mark and told the world it was just a tattoo likeness to remind me what we're fighting against. The world would've believed it too. Oh well. Voldemort has already assigned me a mission. My mission is to become more powerful while convincing as many others as possible to join us. Voldemort has returned my wand and he will be releasing me tomorrow. Our alibis are all worked out. I am going back to school in three weeks time and it's there that step one will commence – get better grades. Having worked out my inner issues, I no longer need to write.


OK, so now it's finished. I hope all of you who have read this far have enjoyed it. You can look forward to a sequel - eventually... I don't know when It'll be up, if ever, but I am writing one and I'll post it eventually. Till then, thanks for reading!