Chapter 1 – Welcome to Yasoinaba.

"Hehe... Welcome to the Velvet Room.."

The man learned toward the newest guest of his little "ride" of adventure. He had gray hair, and ears that made him look like an elf. His nose was huge, and all he kept on his face was a freaky-looking grin to top off his appearance. "Ah... It seems we have a guest with an intriguing destiny."

Many people would expect a male to enter the room, but this was way different than any other journey the hero calls off. For some reason, there was an attendant by him with short, curly, blonde hair. She wore a blue uniform, and was just sitting there in silence.

However... This is a girl we're talking about.

"My name is Igor," Igor was talking very slowly, as if he probably thought she was stupid. "I am delighted to make your acquaintance."

The younger teen blinked. Listening to everything that he could say to her.

"This place exists between dream and reality, mind and matter..."

"It is a room that only those who are bound by a 'contract' may enter."

"...C-Contract?" The female spoke up after hearing this. Her voice wasn't in a whisper, but in a firm and confused tone. "What do you mean?"

"A fate, such as this, may visit you in the near future." He never answered her question, but he did show some manners. "What might your name be?"

"I am..." She sucked in some air, then exhaled. "Remilia Konagi. My name is Remilia Konagi."

"Hmm." He nodded, "Let's take a look into your future, shall we?"


Igor faced his palm over the blue table. Well... Everything was blue in the Velvet Room, it wasn't a surprise there. A light shone, and he held a stack of Tarot Cards in front of him.

"Do you believe in fortune telling?" He asked her, and chuckled before he laid seven of them out on the table.

'This feels so weird...' Remilia thought to herself, but continued to stay silent and watch.

"Each reading is done with the same cards, yet the result is always different..." He let out a small laugh. "Life itself follows the same principles, doesn't it?"

"Life..?" She repeated the word.

Without hesitation, he lifted the card up to show her.

"Hm," He blinked. "The Tower in the upright position. It represents the future coming up now, meaning you'll have a catastrophe approaching soon..."

"..." Remilia thought she could hear herself whimper.

"The card indicating the future upon that is..." He flipped another. "The Moon. In the upright position. This card represents 'hesitation' and 'mystery'... very interesting indeed."

"And that all means..?"

"It seems that you will encounter a misfortune at your destination." He nodded his head slowly, "A great mystery will be imposed upon you. In the next few days, you will encounter a contract, leading you back here."


"This year will be a turning point in your destiny... If the mystery goes unsolved, your future may be forever lost."


"My duty is to provide assistance to those who come here." Igor finished his explanation.

"Wait, so..." She blinked, "Are you saying... Something bad will happen?"

The female by Igor put her head down, but then looked back at her.

"Forgive me," Igor ignored her. "I have neglected to introduce my assistant. This is Margaret. She is a resident of this place, like myself."

"Hello." She nodded her head. "I am here to accompany you through your journey."

Igor stayed silent for a few more seconds. "I believe our time is up here. Details will be continued next time.."

"W-Wait!" Remilia wanted to stop him.

"Until then, farewell..."

I felt myself wake up after that whole incident. The train was still going, and going... Whoever that Igor person was, began to haunt my thoughts very much. I am listening to my MP3 Player as I heard the train rock by. All I can think about is my friend...

Oh! So, yeah. My name's Remilia Konagi. I'm sixteen, and I'm currently transferring because my parents are Overseas for a whole year. That town I'm going to, is apparently Yasoinaba.

I flipped open my phone again, all the while listening to "JOINT" by Mami Kawada. It was around 3:50PM, and the text message I received from one of my relatives was to meet him at Yasoinaba Station at 4:00. I turned off my MP3 at the right time, because we were just now getting to that destination, too.

When the train stopped, I put up my things, picked up my bag, and walked out the door without hesitation. I walked into the next train that should lead to the end of the Yasoinaba Station, and I just sat by the window looking out of the horizon. It looked really beautiful...

"K-Kh!" W-What are these thoughts appearing in my head?! I saw a guy... This guy in a vision I had just now. Then Margaret and Igor... God, my head...

"I-It's probably nothing..." I told myself, as I headed in and out the tunnel on the train.

Checked my phone again. 3:55.

"Yasoinaba..." The man from the train told me. "Yasoinaba."

I walked out the exit of the train station. I had around two minutes to spare, so I decided to look around at the place. Trees, and flowers... The place really had some touch to it!

Though, a voice had to ruin the moment. "Hey, over here!"

I turned to where the voice came out from, and walked downstairs to meet the person. Apparently, the "we" in the message must've been with the girl that was behind him.

The man looked like he was around his 40s, since he didn't look so old or didn't have gray hair. He was wearing a gray suit with a red tie, and held a jacket in his right hand. It seemed like he was growing a mustache, but it still looked like he was working.

I shook his hand. "Hello."

"Well, you look cuter in person than in the picture." What he said made me chuckle a bit. I mean, I'm not that cute. Red eyes? Short purple hair? Hell, you have me summed up in those two things. "Welcome to Inaba, I'm Ryotaro Dojima. So, I'll be looking after you." He scratched his chin for a minute. "Let's see, I'm your mother's younger brother... That about sums it up."

"Does that make you my uncle?" I questioned. I'm not good with the whole relationships thing, which made me feel kind of stupid. He gave me a simple nod and a small smile though.

"A-ah." I completely forgot to introduce myself. How rude! I couldn't help, but bow slightly. "My name is Remilia Konagi. It's nice to meet you, please take care of me!"

"No need to be so formal." He gave out quick laugh. "We've met before, you probably don't remember though." Yeah, no need to tell me twice. "I've changed your diapers before, y'know?"

He pushed the little girl closer to me, who I just stared down at. "This here's my daughter."

I had to keep myself from squealing, because his daughter was adorable! She had tiny ponytails on the side of her brown hair, and her brown eyes matched with the the most! It looked like she was wearing a striped dress, because it didn't really look like a skirt. Her pink shoes were the cutest though.

"Come on, Nanako." Dojima coaxed her. "Introduce yourself to your cousin!"

Cousin..? I'm going to faint from cuteness!

"..." She whined. I'm surprised I didn't consider this a Buzzkill. "...'lo."

She ran behind her father right after that, and he couldn't help but laugh again.

"What are you being so shy for?" He asked her.

She did look the cutest she could be when she slapped him on the leg for asking that.

"Ow! Haha." He turned back to me. "Well, let's get going shall we?"

He pointed to this white van that was in park at the lot.

"My car's over there."

He started walking, along with Nanako right behind him. I really had to follow behind, though.

As we were riding back to the Dojima household, we stopped by what seemed like a Gas Station from afar. April 11th, almost a month before my birthday came and I turned 17. The station's name was Moel, and had some kanji at the end of it. However, I really didn't care about it.

"Hi! Welcome to Moel!" An attendant came up to the car once we drove in.

Nanako was the first to jump out the car with Dojima right beside her. It seemed that Nanako had to make a bathroom stop as well, so Dojima asked if she could go by herself. She said yes.

I could see the attendant talk to Nanako about something, before she ran off with what seemed like an annoyed look on her face. I finally got out of the car with my Cell Phone in hand, overhearing the conversation that my Uncle was having with the attendant.

"'You taking a trip?" He asked him.

"Nah, we just came to pick her up." I knew he was referencing me. I just continued to tap numbers in the phone. "She just moved in from the big city."

"The city, huh..?" The attendant looked back at me.

"Fill up my car while you're at it." Dojima requested. "Regular's fine."

"Right away, Sir~!" That boy certainly had some excitement to him. It was only then I heard Uncle Dojima talking about smoking, until he walked away from us.

Ugh. Another cigarette-user?

"Are you in High School?" The boy asked me.

"Oh? Yes." I replied. "I'm going to be a Second Year student this year."

"Does it surprise a girl from the city to see how little there is out here?"

"Actually, it looks really nice." I couldn't help but smile. "I might like it here."

"There's little to do here, so I'm sure you'll get bored fast." Well, I don't mind anything too little. "You'll either be doing part-time jobs or hanging out with friends."

I sighed. Only if I had friends.

"Actually, we're looking for part-time help right now!" I could tell the boy was trying to cheer me up, since he walked up to me and flipped my phone back down. I clicked my phone back onto it's holder on my skirt, basically like a Key-chain.

"Give it some thought, won't you?" He gave a huge grin to me. "We don't mind if you're a student!"

I shook his hand, and that's when I thought I heard the footsteps of Nanako come in from behind. I said my goodbyes to the attendant, and then looked torward Nanako.

"Agh..." The headache hit me again. What was going on..? I rubbed my head to make it go away, but it didn't help that much.

"Are you okay?" Nanako seemed worried about me. "Did you get carsick..? You don't look too good."

I didn't know if it was from the whole trip, or what... I was feeling really dizzy, though.

"I-It's nothing." I lied to her. "Don't worry about it..."

It took another few hours, but we finally made it back to the Dojima residence. I really liked the house from the outside, I'm guessing it was two stories, since it had some windows on the top. I shrugged, but decided to go inside and notice all the specific details about the house. I can't believe I'd be over here for a year now... Somehow I am reluctant to believe that.

We sat on the Tatami mats after getting settled back in for dinner. I really love how they prepared the fish and such, since I hadn't had fish in a few months from going on a diet. Don't ask.

I was the only one to get a cup of Orange Juice, while they drank Soda. My body only allowed me to drink fruity stuff, but hopefully it wouldn't be such a problem while I'm living around. I held the cup in both of my hands, until Dojima said something.

"Alright, let's have a toast!"

We rose up our cups and cans, and then gave a sip of our drinks. I put the cup down to the side, and swallowed the last of the "sip" I had taken from the dainty green cup.

"Your mom and dad are as busy as always, huh?" Dojima asked me. "They are working Overseas, right?"

"Yes." I simply answered. I didn't really want to go into detail about my whole family life.

"I know it's only for a year, but getting stuck in a place like this because of your parents? It must be rough being a kid."

"I don't mind it, really." I smiled sadly, "It's nice out here, and there may be endless possibilities here, so..."

"It's just Nanako and I in the house," He informed me. Wow, they have a whole house like this to themselves? "It'll be nice having you around. As long as you're here, you're part of our family. Make yourself at home."

"Thank you for your kindness." I nodded, looking at both of them.

"I told you, you don't have to be so formal." He reminded me. I'm always like this around people, it's kind of awkward sometimes when they tell me this.

"Well, anyway... Let's eat."

I picked up the chopsticks, but that's when I heard my phone. At least... that's what I thought I heard. It happened to be Dojima's phone, as he stood up and took it out.

"Dojima, speaking." He continued to talk. "Yeah? I see... So where is it?"

I swear I heard a hesitation sigh. He really cared about being at home with us, I guess. When he hung up his phone, he looked back at me.

"I'm sorry. I have to go take care of some business." He looked down, "Go ahead and eat without me, okay?"

He then turned to Nanako. "I don't know how late I'll be, so take care of him, alright Nanako?"

"Okay..." She sighed. I guess I was being a burden to her.

When he opened the door, I could hear the rain pouring down outside. Didn't see that coming.

"Nanako, it's raining out!" He yelled back. "What did you do with the laundry!"

Nanako didn't wait. "I already brought it in!"

"Alright. Well, I'm off!" And that's all I heard after the Car started. Nanako looked down at the floor, then sat back down to turn on the TV.

We heard the forecast on the whole week. It seemed like the rain wasn't going to stop for awhile, which got my spirits down in the mood. Rain always makes me sleepy.

"Let's eat." Nanako spoke to me, and took her chopsticks to start picking up the fish. However, she was fairly quiet, so I decided to speak about something.

"It must be hard, right?" I was talking about her Uncle. "Do things like this happen often?"

"I'm used to it." She sighed. "He's a detective, so..."

We heard the news come on, and apparently it was talking about some affair with a guy. It made some appearances of reporters get canceled and... All that other junk I really could care less about.

"This is really boring..." Nanako said to herself, and changed the channel until we saw a commercial catch my eye.

"Every day's great at your Junes~" Catchy jingle. That's all I had to say. That's when I heard someone start singing.

"Every day's great at your Junes!" It was Nanako. All I could do was smile a bit.

She turned. "...Aren't you going to eat?"

"S-Sorry." I shook my head, and began to eat.

Looks like I'll like my stay here a lot.

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