A Message to all...

I'm sorry that I haven't been updating recently. I've been quite tired, my inspiration has been shot, and I haven't been typing that much when it comes to working on many of my Fanfiction. So this is just a quick announcement.

I won't be working on anything big other than a story by the name of Counter Revolution from here on out.

It's a USUK story [Axis Powers Hetalia, for those who don't know] that my friend and I are working on together. We will post it on a separate account, but for now... I can't focus on Blackbullet or any of the other stories.

In Short, the only 4 I'm Concentrating on right now are: Blackbullet, Links to Fantasy, Yasogami Busters! & Pokemon: Friends Reunited

For some reason, I can't seem to stick with chaptered stories... But because I'm collaborating with Counter Revolution, I have no reason to drop it.

Most of my stories will be One Shots. I... I don't know why. I can't write that much anymore; It's as if my will won't allow it.

I'm sorry for the inconvienence. Forgive me! w;;