Later that day, Stu sat in the living room of the Pickles' household, using his laptop to search for directions to Danville.

"That's strange." said Stu to nobody in particular

"What is?" replied his eldest son Tommy, who was currently filming his younger brother Dil.

"I can't find any mention of Danville online."

Tommy thought of a possible reason, but realized that he didn't have the heart to tell it to his dad.

"Maybe aliens erased Danville and all its inhabitants from existence?" said Dil

"Maybe" replied Stu sarcastically.


"YOU'RE TOO LATE, PERRY THE PLATYPUS! All mentions of the Tri-State Area are ERASED from the internet!" exclaimed Heinz Doofenshmirtz.

Perry wasn't exactly concerned about this. Sure, this could be the scheme that actually worked. And, yes, Perry did consider this, but he had a unique way of looking at Dr. D's plans. He liked to refer to it as 'msimitpo', the exact opposite of optimism. When things concern Doof, always look at them from the negative side. His plans never work, so why worry about them?

"Perry the Platypus, are you alright? You seem like you, kinda, zoned out just right there. Almost for a paragraph's worth of thought. …Since when did I compare lengths of thought to the various sections of prose? Does anybody even do that anymore? Did they ever do that? And since when I did italicize various words I say? W-wait a minute, how is that even possible? You can't italicize spoken word. You can speak with emphasis, but that's not italicization. Y'know, italicization reminds me of an event that happened during my days as a lawn gnome. I told you about that, right, Perry the Platypus? Kenny, and all that? All That. Now there's a good sketch comedy…"

Perry was in bliss. He got some sort of high from hearing his nemesis drone on and on.

"….And then there was that time where he suggested Rigby's hold a raffle to win a waffle. Of course, Kenan had to go and insult him for the idea. I don't see why. If I weren't evil, I'd hold a raffle to win a waffle. …..Wait a second. If I embedded some sort of evil device in the waffle…. That's it, Perry the Platypus, go ahead and destroy the Erase-inator, I have a new plan. EVIL WAFFLES!"

Perry blinked in confusion

" ….It sounded more sane in my head, I swear."