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Six Goals in One Weasley Year

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The Weasley Siblings are nobodies two years after the war. New Year's Eve and a lot of Firewhiskey realises their dreams: to become rich, famous, married, to have a baby, to get that top job and to find true love. Too bad they've only got a year … :RHr HG and others AU AU AU:

AU: This story takes palce in an alternate universe where Ron never met Harry and Hermione on the first day of Hogwarts. Harry and Hermione became best friends and were the ones who went off and saved the world while Ron was the unknown redhead who sat at the back of every class with Seamus and Dean and to a lesser extent, Nevile. This story takes place during the year of 2000.

This story is dedicated to all my beautiful friends, new and old. For Rachey, Clozey, Em, Sarah, Bex, Lena, Bun, Katapus, KM, Kel-Bel, Becca, Cody, Elly, Jam, Van, My, Catherine and Catie. I love all of you so much. xox

Prologue: There's Some Goals.

December, 1999, New Years Eve.

There's no possible way she can see me here … Ron thought desperately, clutching his bottle of Firewhisky as he sat crouched under the drinks table. The only way she could see me is if she were lying on the ground …

"Ron? What the hell are you doing under the table?"

Inwardly swearing whoever it was to hell and back, Ron glanced up from his rather uncomfortable position to see his younger sister, Ginny standing before him, supporting her own bottle of Firewhisky and a very confused expression.

Ron sighed and crawled out from under the table, accepting his sister's hand up from the ground. There was no point in hiding if Ginny could see him. His sister tended to look over most things, especially when she'd been drinking. If she could find him, he had no hope of hiding from Lavender.

He wasn't even sure why they were having a New Year party. It had been something of a tradition for years, but he must have figured that what with the war and everything, no one would really be in a party mood. He should've known his mother, however; Molly Weasley was never someone to argue with.

"So you going to explain why you're hiding away like Uncle Bilius had risen from the dead?" Ginny asked once she had heaved Ron to his feet.

Only one word was needed in answer. "Lavender."

"Oh," Ginny frowned. "Do I need to get the broomstick out again? I'm sure an extra whack will deter her this time-?"

"No!" Ron shot, cringing at the all-too memorable last time Ginny had tried to forcibly remove Lavender from their house.

Ginny only laughed at him as Ron glanced around the insane amount of people chatting, drinking and dancing together. Before the war, their parents had hosted a New Year Party every year. The war had mostly disrupted that but they had been trying in vain to start it again – this was the first party they had had since the war.

"Fred's kind of lucky right now, don't you think?" Ron asked Ginny who sighed.

"He doesn't have to endure this torture." Ginny agreed. Even one and a half years on, the rest of the family had never quite gotten over the loss of the other Weasley twin.

"The battle seems so long ago now, doesn't it?" Ron asked. The battle that had saved the world, yet also ruined it with the loss of so many lives.

"It does," Ginny agreed. She took a long draught from her drink before putting on a grin and saying, "You'd better come on then, we're all waiting for you up at the orchard. We all would've disappeared like last time, but I think Mum's caught on and put anti-Disapparation jinx's everywhere."

Ron groaned. "I'll go anywhere, so long as Lavender isn't there."

"Which reminds me, you still look as if Uncle Bilius has risen from the grave," Ginny told him as they headed out into the equally crowed garden. "If you want to chuck Lavender for real this time-?"

"No!" Ron insisted. "Lavender's brilliant and everything … she …"

"Just drives you completely mental?"

"Yes," Ron admitted. And Lavender was brilliant – they had started going out during their Sixth Year at Hogwarts and while there had been a bit of drama though the war, they had stuck together. Lavender was easy, he knew what to expect. Not that he had much experience to go on anyway. "She only came tonight because Mum made cheesecake and you know she can't resist that. I think she's still traunmatised from last time."

"Oh of course!" Ginny cried as they climbed the small fence at the back of the garden and headed up to the orchard where they played Quidditch. "Where not even the strongest whack of a broomstick could get her away! Wasn't that also the One-Shot Whisky night?"

"The one and only time you can see Bill serenade Fleur on the kitchen table with 'A Cauldron-full of Hot Strong Love'."

"Merlin that was some great whisky …"

Ron agreed as they reached the orchard. All of Ron's elder brothers were there, already cracking out the Firewhisky as they sat on logs around a small fire pit. Bill waved to them before pointing his wand and fire filled the hole until it became somewhat of a mini-bonfire.

"You lot took your time." Percy told them as they sat down, chucking them both a new bottle.

Ginny rolled her eyes, as Ron popped open his new Firewhisky. "I had to find this one – his grand hiding place this time was under the drinks table."

They only laughed. "Seriously? Ron mate, that's probably the reason Lavender keeps finding you again." Bill told him.

"Sod off, would you?" Ron said in answer. All right, so it wasn't the best hiding place in the world …

"Another year gone …" Charlie was saying sombrely to his bottle. "To think that this time last year, we were all in the exact same place …"

"Funny that, we do this every year," George put in, whacking his older brother around the head. Charlie swore loudly before continuing.

"Except for the year before," He muttered and they all fell silent to his musing. None of them liked to mention the war if they could help it. "But what I really mean is that our lives are completely the same."

"That's not necessarily bad, is it?" Percy asked. Charlie shrugged.

"Depends how you look at it," He said. "What I mean is, Ron's still with Crazy-Lavender," He gestured to Ron who'd accepted Lavender's unfortunate nickname months ago. "We're all still at the same jobs," Percy gave a huff. "Ginny's still not a international Quidditch star-"

"-Oi, I'm working on that!" Ginny interrupted.

Charlie rolled his eyes. "Yeah, yeah Gwenog Jones considered signing you onto the actual team this year, rather than the reserve. We know, you've told us a dozen times."

Ginny grabbed a stray bottle lid and chucked it at her bothers' head. They all laughed at his yelp. "And that impeccable aim is one reason why, Charlie."

"Yeah, yeah," he said, still rubbing his head. "But we still haven't gotten anywhere. Even Bill is still child-less."

They all glanced at their eldest brother, who had married his wife, Fleur two and a half years ago. "It takes two to make a baby," He said, looking stony and staring into his bottle. "Fleur's confidence was shattered after last time … we tried a whole year, and nothing. None of you know what that's like."

"You only gave up six months ago," Ginny said, laying a hand on her brothers' shoulder. "I dunno, who knows? Maybe things have, erm … kicked into gear since then?"

Bill gave her an odd look. "Possibly … wait, Ginny, how in Merlin's name did you know that?"

Ginny shrugged. "I'm the only girl. Mum has to gossip to someone."

All the boys seemed to agree with this.

"At least you might still have a chance, Bill," Percy grumbled and they all turned to look at the third-eldest brother. "I have to live with the fact that I simply wasn't good enough to get that promotion at work. That Peters guy hardily deserved it …"

"Don't be stupid, Perce," George said. "You're the best in your department! All the other swots didn't stand a chance against you."

"Yet, here I am, still stuck as junior assistant to the Minister," Percy replied in indignation. "It's madness! It's a popularity contest, not actually based off who can do the bloody job better!"

"Of course it is," Ginny put in. "That's what every job is like … specially the reserves of the Harpies team. Those girls can hex! Merlin, you guys would love to see those cat-fights …"

"And thanks for putting that image in my head," George said, grumbling at the lost fantasy. Ginny rolled her eyes.

Percy was apparently too full of ire to reply as he mumbled under his breath something like senior personal assistant to minister … popularity contest … might as well give up …

"This is stupid," Ron said eventually, considering his brothers' morose musings. "We know we're one of the best Merlin-damn families in the Wizarding World!"

"Exactly!" Charlie cried, throwing his hands into the air and splashing Firewhisky all over Bill, ignoring his cries of, 'Oi!' "So why aren't we putting ourselves out there and making a name for ourselves?"

"It's not that easy, Charlie," Bill said. "Look at it realistically. It's not like we're Harry Bloody Potter. We can't just say, 'Hey, look at the Weasley's!' and have the entire Wizarding World fawning over us. We need to do something worth The Daily Prophets' time."

"And before you say it," Ginny said, pointing an accusing finger at George before he could even take a breath. "Your annual 'Quidditch in Drag' competition does not count."

"Aw, Ginny! That's always a hit!"

Ginny rolled her eyes. "We deserve happiness in our lives. Fred wouldn't want us to wallow in our own self pity, would he?" They were all silent, George's face turning sober in an instant. "So we should fight for our lives! It won't be that bloody hard!"

"Have you ever tried going out with Lavender?" Ron put in, irritated. "It's not easy!"

"Hence the reason you were hiding under the drinks table?" Percy asked, smirking.

Ron rolled his eyes as he directed his wand and sent a near-by rock flying at his brother, who ducked. "I'm sick of never having any sort of … personal space?"

"Because we all know that once Lavender gets in there, she stays there." Ginny said, sniggering and Ron shoved her backwards off her log.


"Sometimes," Ron stressed, taking a large gulp of Firewhisky despite the stinging sensation as he swallowed. "I believe it'd be a hell of a lot easier to just find one person you get along with and stick with them for the rest of your life."

"Are you saying you want to marry Lavender?" George asked in amazement as the other brothers gaped.

"Bloody hell, no!" Ron said quickly. "But marriage does sound easier than going out with her. You're together and bam – instant partner until you die."

"That sounds horribly depressing mate." George put in.

"You had better make sure they don't have confidence issues first …" Bill muttered darkly, more to himself.

They all seemed to agree with this as they all fell into a morose silence. Ron considered what he had said to his brothers; sure he loved Lavender, enough to stay with her for three years. But his experience was a little … hampered, to say the least. It was the fact that besides Lavender, he'd never had a girlfriend in his life. He had no bloody clue what was or wasn't acceptable in a relationship! He normally would've complained about this aloud, but there was something about the nature of drinking Firewhisky alone with his brothers and sister on New Years Eve that made him keep his mouth shut and to wallow in silence.

Eventually Ginny broke the sombre mood. "My brothers, what on Earth are we doing?"

"Er, drinking away our sorrows on New Year's Eve?" George put in, obviously thinking he was being helpful. Ginny only shot him a look.

"No, I mean what're we doing with our lives?" She elaborated. When none of her brothers gave any dawning looks of comprehension, she sighed angrily and took another gulp of Firewhisky before continuing. "Look, we sit here on our arses, complaining that our lives are shit and that we've got nothing to live for, blah, blah, blah … but we never make any effort to do something about it!"

"It's too much effort, Ginny," George replied, shrugging. "And besides … I mean, I would love to actually be worth something. Opening up the joke shop again and getting rich? Now that would be great … but …"

George gave a small cough and none of them had to ask why his voice trailed off. George had refused to step foot in the joke shop since Fred's death.

Ginny sighed. "That's why we need goals in life! George, you really want to be rich, yeah?"

"Erm, yeah …?"

"Then drink to it!" She said, pushing his bottle into his face, causing him to nearly fall over backwards. "Drink to your goals. Say by this time next year, you will have opened up Weasley's Wizard Wheezes and become filthy rich!"

All the brothers laughed at their sister's ideas of becoming rich within a year, but to their surprise, George repeated this goal and drained his bottle.

"I agree with her," He said to his siblings' shocked faces, shrugging again as he tossed his empty bottle aside. "We all need goals in life – it's time we started making them. Opening up the joke shop again won't be easy. But it's what I really want to do."

"Have you had too to drink George, or did you just agree with one of our sister's plans?" Percy asked, raising an eyebrow. Ginny had her wand out in a second and within another, a rock flew from the ground into Percy's head much like Ron's rock had.

"OUCH! Gin-"

"Perce, you're complaining that this 'Peters' got that job, even though you deserved it," Ginny carried on, Percy now in the spotlight. "You know that the Senior Personal Assistant to the Minister job has your name all over it! Make it a goal."

Percy must've drunken too much as well, Ron noted as he actually considered this. After a few short moments, he held up his drink and said, "By this time next year, I will have gotten that top job and Peters will be wishing he were me." before downing his own bottle.

Ron could see where this was going. He'd never fancied having goals before as he could never really stick to them back at Hogwarts and always ended up failing. The failed goals always just reminded him of how much he could've achieved. But either he really was mad or the alcohol was getting to him (Ron suspected the latter), because he made the next goal, "I vow that by this time next year, I will be married to a gorgeous and amazing woman who I am yet to meet!"

"That's a big ask, mate," Charlie pointed out, laughing. "If it's that hard to find a wife, I'm sure Lavender would be perfectly happy to marry you!"

"Merlin, please don't talk about Crazy-Lavender Brown and marriage, it makes my skin crawl." George said, shuddering. Ron silently agreed with him, feeling exhilarated about his goal either way.

"Bill?" Ginny prompted after also agreeing with George's comment.

Bill looked thoughtful before raising his drink. "I know what I want. A family. By this time next year, I will have had a baby with my beautiful wife."

There came some mock 'Aw's and laughter as Bill just stuck up his middle finger at his siblings.

"So what about you, Charlie?" He asked, turning to his younger brother. Charlie thought for a moment before lifting his bottle and saying, "I make the goal that in one year I will have made a name for myself. I will be so bloody famous, I'll be the one getting married, not Ron."


"All right!" Ginny yelled as many more rocks were thrown about and there came cries of outrage and a lot of swearing. "We don't need any more concussions tonight!"

"Oi, what're you going to achieve by this time next year?" Ron put in, glaring at his little sister. "You started this and we've all made goals except for you!"

Ginny looked faintly embarrassed, yet she still made a drama of holding her Firewhisky in the air and saying, "My goal, dear brothers, is this: by this time next year, I will have found true love with a wonderful and amazing man who doesn't mind that I have red hair and probably knows a broomstick better than he does."

All five brothers were silent for a few moments, all exchanging looks. Then George snorted and they all burst out into hysterical laughter.

"It's not that funny …" Ginny grumbled as Charlie fell off his log and ended up rolling around on the grass as he laughed.

"Are - are you kidding?" Percy managed to gasp. "You, Ginny Weasley, tomboy Quidditch player, are going to find true love? You're mad!"

"I am not," Ginny countered before sighing exasperatedly and kicking Charlie in the shoulder as he rolled at her feet. "For Merlin's sake, stop laughing! It's not funny!"

"S-sorry, Ginny," Charlie said, not making any move to get up, even though he'd stopped laughing. "But imagining you … true love … you've never cared for pansy-girl stuff like that before …"

Ginny sighed. "You lot might not have noticed – I mean for Merlin's sake, you're my brothers of course you haven't – but I am a woman. And all women dream of finding true love some day."

"And you think you can find that?" Ron asked, eyebrows raised.

"Bill did," Ginny said, gesturing to their eldest brother. "If he can find love with Fleur, the vainest person alive, why can't I find love with someone?"

This seemed to stump the brothers for a bit, so Ron said nothing. Eventually after a bit of thinking, he said, "So wait … we're supposed to achieve these amazing goals … within a year?"

"Mate, like hell that'll happen," Charlie said, laughing. "How're you supposed to fall in love and get married in just one year?"

"Or have a baby?"

"Or become rich!"

"And famous, of course."

"You know what my brothers? And sister," Percy added. When no one answered he said, "Who cares? We have goals in life, a purpose. A completely ridiculous purpose, but still a purpose nonetheless."

"And Firewhisky!" George added, raising his own bottle as he said this.

"And Firewhisky!" They all yelled in varying cries. Suddenly, Ron could hear the voices of the many people back at the Burrow begin the countdown to midnight – the start of the New Year. 20, 19, 18

"We can do this!" Ginny said excitedly, adding her own bottle of Firewhisky in a toast in the air. "All of us! We are Weasley's and we can do anything!" … 17, 16, 15

"Six goals in one Weasley year …" Ron said, raising his own bottle.

"This should be interesting." Bill said, adding his own Firewhisky. 14, 13, 12 …

"Yeah, I can get famous within the next twelve months, sure," Charlie said sarcastically, eyeing all his siblings' bottles held in the air. 11, 10, 9 … "Why did I agree to this?"

"You can't go back now!" Ginny insisted. 8, 7, 6

"You're not going to let this go, are you?"

"Hell no!"

"Fine," Charlie said, adding his bottle into the air. 5, 4, 3 … "To goals, Firewhisky and everything else in between."

"Hear, hear!" 2, 1


"Happy New Year!"

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