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Six Goals in One Weasley Year.

Blurb …

The Weasley siblings are nobodies, two years after the war. A drunken New Years realises their dreams: to become rich, famous, married to have a baby, to get that top job and to find true love. Too bad they've only got a year … :RHr HG and others AU AU AU:

AU: This story takes palce in an alternate universe where Ron never met Harry and Hermione on the first day of Hogwarts. Harry and Hermione became best friends and were the ones who went off and saved the world while Ron was the unknown redhead who sat at the back of every class with Seamus and Dean and to a lesser extent, Nevile. This story takes place during the year of 2000.

Epilogue: There's a lot of Screaming

2nd May, 2001

"You're kidding?" Ron insisted, somehow managing to stumble out of bed, watching Hermione tear around their bedroom, throwing various items into a beaded bag.

"No, I'm not!" She said. "Harry just flooed now! Ginny went into labour about half an hour ago! Apparently she had been having stomach cramps all day but she just dismissed it!"

"But it's two thirty in the morning!" Ron complained. "I shouldn't be getting up for another two hours at least! What about the Battle Anniversary?"

Hermione just gave him a look. "Ron, we all knew that her due date was today." She answered.

"Yeah, but none of us really expected her to have it on her due date!" Ron said, rubbing his eyes as he shuffled along behind her. "First child and all that, we all thought it'd probably be late or something … in fact, George and Percy have a bet on that."

"I'm sure that George can mourn the loss of his money later." Hermione said, rolling her eyes.

"Actually, it was George who won this time," Ron pointed out as Hermione hurried out into the lounge of his (now their) little flat. He reluctantly trailed after her. "Percy of course wasn't really betting, it was Audrey who was behind it. Has Harry been going around flooing everyone?"

"Yes and that is why we need to get going!" Hermione cried, grabbing a bottle of water and throwing it into her bag. Ron had to eye the thing with scepticism since she had thrown about half the flat into that bag and it was a tiny little thing.

"Hermione, would you calm down?" Ron took the bag off her, chucked it onto the sofa (ignoring the loud bang it made) and placed his hands on her shoulders to stop her incessant pacing around the flat. "Bloody hell, you'd think it was you who'd gone into labour!"

Hermione sighed, letting out a breath and she moved forward to hug him. "I'm never calm when it comes to these sorts of things. Only child and all that, I don't really know how to handle a new baby."

"Well I grew up with six siblings, so I know all about it," Ron sniggered, holding her tighter. He glanced sideways at the fireplace, which they were currently standing in front of. "No one's going to come shooting out of there, are they?" He asked.

Hermione looked over as well. "I shouldn't think so, they'll all be heading to St Mungo's," She said. "Though we've taken so long to get going, I wouldn't be surprised if Harry came rushing in! Come on, we've taken up so much time!"

"Just because I like my sleep!" Ron complained as Hermione took a pinch of floo powder before dragging him into the fire place. "Honestly, you said Harry was in a right panic, yelling and everything. How did I not hear that?"

Hermione snorted. "Ron, you can sleep through anything," She said. "Need I only remind you of the time when I had that dream where I was a kick-boxing champion and I kicked you in my sleep?"

"Remember?" Ron said. "You're lucky I love you, I had a bruise on my leg for weeks!"

"And yet, you still managed to sleep through the whole thing."

Ginny was going to kill her brother.

"I swear, I'm never doing something nice for you again!" She snarled at him. Bill just cringed. "Shit, this bloody well hurts!"

"Sorry, Ginny," He said, though that seemed to be the only thing he could say at that moment. "I suppose I won't mention the fact that we'd like our child to have siblings …"

Ginny considered swearing at him again, but decided against it as all her siblings had ever heard that morning were swear words. Instead, she just glared at him. She wasn't very far along, so thankfully her contractions were rather far apart. At the moment. She shuddered to think what it was going to be like in a few hours. She glanced helplessly at her Mum, who was sitting on the end of her bed, making sandwiches. "Mum, how the hell did you manage to do this seven times?"

"I suppose it was seven," She said, absently as she buttered a piece of bread. "I forget that I had to do the birth twice in one hour. At least I only had to do the pregnancy once for those two. You're just lucky I was willing to have more kids after that."

"Is that your idea of a bloody pep talk?" Ginny asked. When her mother just smiled she groaned, throwing her head back onto her pillow. She didn't think that she could take much more of this and she'd only been doing it since two that morning.

"Ginny, it'll be ok …" Harry muttered in her ear as she closed her eyes. Ginny did feel pretty bad for him – he'd been very supportive the last couple of weeks. Ginny had been staying at Bill and Fleur's for the past two weeks so they would be there when she went into labour. However it was Harry, who had insisted that he stay with her at Shell Cottage, who had gone into a panic, flooing everyone in the family while Bill and Fleur calmly managed to get her to the hospital. The poor Welcome Witch had apparently cringed at the sight of Harry tearing in a few minutes after she herself arrived, demanding that she tell him where his wife was.

Ginny managed to snort with laughter. "I still can't believe you told the Welcome Witch that I was your wife." She said.

Harry laughed as well. "Well, what was I supposed to say? Where's my pregnant girlfriend, having her brother's baby? I'm pretty sure that they would frown upon that."

"Good morning everyone," Came a cheerful voice and they all turned to see Healer Margo entering the room. Ginny scowled at her face – how she could be so happy at quarter to three in the morning was beyond her. "Just here to check on Ginny again."

"If you could give her a charm to stop her from swearing so much, that would be lovely …" Mrs Weasley muttered under her breath. Ginny heard her, however and glared at her mother. Margo only chuckled.

"I've heard a lot worse," She answered. "I've been doing this for about ten years and I once heard a woman call her husband a 'hairy-nosed arse-licker'. I'm pretty sure there's nothing Ginny can say that I haven't yet heard. You're about three centimetres dilated," She added, standing up. "We're moving along. I'll come back soon to check on you … and make sure that your family members are still alive …" She muttered as she left the room.

"Brilliant. Hairy-nosed arse-licker … that's a new one …" Ginny muttered to herself. "I suppose I'll just have to come up with something bett – SHIT! BLOODY HELL!" She yelled as another contraction hit. Harry yelped slightly as her fingernails dug into his hand but she didn't remotely care – if he was going to complain then he could bloody well have this baby!

"You had better be bloody grateful," She hissed to Bill and Fleur. "Because I'm never doing this shit again …"

"We are, Ginny," Fleur said, apologetically, sitting down on her other side of the bed next to her. "We are so grateful. I'm sorry zis 'urts so much for you – you don't know 'ow much I wish eet were me-"

"Then you come here and have your own bloody baby!" Ginny yelled at her. She knew she'd feel bad about it later, but right then she didn't care. "For God's sake Bill, was it that hard to impregnate your own bloody wife? And where the hell are Ron and Hermione?" She added, turning to Harry, who looked almost scared.

"Er … I did floo them," He said, looking at the door to Ginny's room. "They should be here, everyone else is … do you want me to go find them for you?"

"Well I can hardily do it myself now, can I?" Ginny snarled, rolling her eyes. "Since I'm busy trying to get a kid who I swear is about the same size as the Knight Bus out of my vagina!" She thought for a moment as Harry stood up. "About the same size as your bloody head, Potter!"

"… I'm not going to pretend that that insult even makes sense …" Harry muttered, heading for the door. Bill and Fleur looked almost longingly after him while Mrs Weasley grinned to herself.

"That's right, LEAVE me when I NEED you!" Ginny yelled after him. "And stop looking like I'm holding you two here against your will, I'd need my bloody wand for that, but they took it off me, didn't they?" She yelled at Bill and Fleur.

"Er, well mothers-to-be in this amount of pain could do anything if they had a wand, so it's safer to just keep it out of the way for a bit …" Bill muttered. Fleur gave him a look and Mrs Weasley outright laughed at her son as Ginny fumed.

Oh, he was going to bloody well pay for that.

"Dear God, help me!" Came Harry's voice and Ron turned around. He and Hermione had arrived about fifteen minutes after Harry had flooed – mainly because he had fallen asleep again and Hermione was forced to levitate him out of bed and onto the cold floor in order to wake him up. Now, since he could barely keep his eyes open, he and Hermione had offered to go make cups of tea for everyone up in the visitors tearoom on the fifth floor.

Harry looked like he'd been through hell and it wasn't surprising. Ron knew what his sister could be like at the best of times. The worst of times was something no one ever wanted to see. "You all right, mate?"

"Do I look alright?" Harry cried, holding onto the closest thing to him for support, which happened to be Hermione. "I've been doing my best to keep her comfortable, but I have no experience with this!"

"In other words, she's eating you alive, isn't she?" Ron asked him, carrying the tray with their various cups of tea. Harry nodded miserably and Hermione managed to hide a smile as she patted him on the back.

"It's all right," She told him. "Just think after all of this, it'll be over. Bill and Fleur will finally achieve their goal and Ginny won't be so … er, emotional I suppose …"

"Right," Harry said, letting go of Hermione and shaking his head. "Well, you two had better get down there, she's been harping on about where you are for the past half an hour."

"That was Ron's fault; he wouldn't get out of bed." Hermione pointed an accusing finger at her boyfriend as Ron scoffed.

"It's still dark out," He said. "And the bed was all nice and warm …"

Hermione just gave an exasperated sigh and waved her wand at the tray of tea, making it levitate. "Let's go before Ginny kills us."

"Yes," Harry said, thankfully as they began to make their way down all of the stairs to the ground floor where Ginny's room was found. "Oh and when she screams at you, don't take it personally. She's been insulting everyone from the healer, all the way to Merlin's mother. And swearing like a sailor."

"You can blame George for that, him and Fred were the ones who taught her all the swear words." Ron said. At Fred's name however, the three of them seemed to suddenly remember what day it was. Since the Battle of Hogwarts had ended at dawn, those who came down to Hogwarts for the memorial service every year all got up at four thirty in the morning in order to see the sunrise – the exact moment when Voldemort was defeated. If the baby was born soon, there might still be time to go …

"How far along is she?" Hermione asked quietly, all of them seemingly thinking the same thing.

"Not very," Harry answered. "Three centimetres last time Margo checked."

Ron sighed. It didn't seem right that they weren't down at Hogwarts that morning. Like he had said earlier, none of them had expected Ginny to actually go into labour on her due date. He had foolishly thought that the baby would be born sometime before or after and that they could all go down and remember Fred, Remus, Tonks, Sirius, Dumbledore, all those who died during the war …

"We'll probably be free for the parties later on …" Hermione said in an attempt to cheer the two boys up, as they continued to make their way down the stairs to the Ground Floor. By the look on Harry's face, Ron knew that they both must feel the same.

"It's not really the same …" Harry muttered. "The memorial's are for those who lost their lives. The parties are for the fact that we actually won the war. It's like, we can't party if we haven't done our bit for those who died yet …"

Hermione sighed as Ron said, "George is the same," They clattered out onto the Ground Floor and Ron saw the Welcome Witch in the lobby cringe at the sight of Harry. "He's done it the past two years, whenever the Battle Anniversary was approaching, he just went quieter and quieter … now, he's barely speaking to anyone except for Ginny. But that's because if he ignored her now, she'd probably blast him into the hallway, never mind the fact that they took her wand away …"

"She's not really being that bad, is she?" Hermione asked, apprehensively as they entered the Maternity Ward's waiting room. Mr Weasley, George, Angelina, Charlie, Mila, Percy and Audrey all waited there, lounging on various chairs.

"Oh yes, she is," Audrey said, gratefully accepting the tea Hermione had sent flying into her hands. "So much in fact, that no one wants to go in and visit her now. We've been taking it in turns – who's next, by the way?"

"Technically, we're up to Charlie again," Percy said, consulting a piece of paper that apparently had all of their names written down as Charlie groaned. "But since Ron and Hermione are finally here, they can go in."

"YES!" Charlie's face morphed from being scared, to being ecstatic. "Ha! That'll teach you to be late!"

Ron was actually feeling afraid of his own sister now. He and Hermione exchanged looks and he held onto her hand tightly. What could his sister possibly do to him?

"And FINALLY, the two arse-lickers themselves arrive!" Ginny yelled the second they walked in through the doors. "Tell me, have you been enjoying your sleep? Oh don't you DARE deny it!" She added as Ron gabbled, trying to answer. "Harry told me everything, the bastard!"

Ron and Hermione glanced at Harry, who shrugged as he took his place at her side again. "Her insults are aimed at everyone," He said. "I've gotten used to it. I had to tell her, mate."

"Look, we're here now," Ron said as they moved forward to the end of Ginny's bed to join their mother (who greeted them both by handing them a sandwich each). "How's it … er, been going?"

"Uh, I want to say fine …" Bill muttered, though Ginny cut over him.

"How d'you bloody well THINK it's been going, Ronald Weasley?" She said, giving an exasperated groan. "Oh, I've just got a bloody kid inside me who DOESN'T WANT TO COME OUT! But I'm fine, really I'm fi-" She suddenly cut herself off as a contraction hit with a mixture of swear words that made even Ron wince.

"So it's going well, then …" Hermione muttered.

"Well, at least she hasn't been screaming …" Ron said.

"She is right here!" Ginny cut in.

Bill, Fleur, Harry and Mrs Weasley all gave Ron various looks. "Trust me, Ron," Bill said. "There's a lot of screaming in here. Just not by Ginny."

Ron paused for a moment. "Sorry, how far along is she, did you say?"

Ginny just huffed. "Three bloody centimetres. Why the baby can't just slide its way through that, is bloody well beyond me."

Ron exchanged looks with his family. If the waiting didn't kill them, then Ginny certainly would.


"Bloody hell, you can hear her all the way out here!" Charlie said.

"I can't believe this has been going on for six hours now …" Ron groaned, hanging upside down on one of the waiting room chairs. It was almost eight in the morning and they were just passing around the left-over sandwiches that Mrs Weasley had made earlier. In fact, she had made so many that they had started passing them around to all the other families waiting.

Charlie and Mila were sitting on the floor, apparently playing a bunch of muggle hand-clap games out of sheer boredom that they had learnt from the six-year-old girl who was leaning over the back of her chair to watch. The girl's family had arrived at six that morning and Charlie and Mila had ended up befriending both the girl and her little sister as they waited for their baby brother to be born.

Audrey had fallen asleep, her head in Percy's lap as she spread out over several chairs. Percy had begun to braid lots of little plaits in Audrey's dark hair and was now trying to get her to turn over so he could do the other side. If it had been a normal day, the two of them would just be opening Rosie's for breakfast. Ever since they had bought the café off the old owners together, Rosie's had become very popular at Diagon Alley.

Mr Weasley was busy trying to calm his wife down as Ginny had only grown more aggressive as the time went on and now had apparently reduced their mother to tears.

"She didn't mean it, Molly." Mr Weasley was saying, patting her on the back.

"I-I-I know!" Mrs Weasley sobbed. Ron decided not to question her rather dramatic reaction – Mrs Weasley was always going to be emotional at the birth of her first grandchild.

Harry had refused to leave Ginny's side, even when she had thrown one of the sandwiches at him. He was a lot stronger than Ron gave him credit for. Bill and Fleur however had managed to leave for a few minutes so they could regroup, drink tea and freak the hell out before they had to go back to Ginny again. Fleur was so stressed that she kept reverting to French every now and then.

"I don't think I can do this …" Bill muttered. He was sat in a chair next to Hermione, who had been reading the Daily Prophet to pass the time. She and Ron looked up to see Bill with his head in his hands. "I'm definitely not ready to be a father … if I can't even handle the birth, how the hell am I going to handle the actual 'looking after the baby' bit?"

"Bill, I'm sure you'll be fine," Hermione said as Ron swung upright. "It's just all the stress freaking you out. And I suppose you're probably worrying about the memorial service."

"Yeah mate, there's no point since we missed it by about four hours." Ron muttered. Hermione shot him a look and he shut up.

Bill just rolled his eyes. "All right, it's everything. First baby and all, we expected it to come late. We've missed the memorial service, Ginny is ready to murder and well … I'm not handling it well."

"I can tell …"

Hermione gave Ron another look before placing a hand on Bill's shoulder. "Bill, it will be ok," She said. "You have a large family to support you and you have Fleur."

"Er, though I'm not exactly sure about Fleur's sanity at the moment …" Ron pointed out. She had sat herself on the floor, clutching a cup of tea and was now singing in French under her breath. As if on cue, everyone in the family seemed to glance over at the nervous wreck of a mum-to-be.

"I've got her," Mila said hastily, moving from Charlie (who was now arguing with the girl over different versions of a hand-clap game she was trying to teach him). Mila crouched down next to Fleur, muttering, "It's all right, Fleur … come sit in a chair or something."

Bill sighed. "Yes. You're right, Hermione. I can do this. I have to keep it together, at least for my wife's sake …"

"The baby's not the only thing you're worried about though, is it?" Came a sudden horse voice and they all turned in surprise to see that George had finally spoken up from his position in the corner. Angelina was sat at his feet, reading the paper like Hermione had, though she too looked up in surprise. "You're worried about Fred too, right?"

All of the Weasley siblings winced at this. "Yeah," Bill muttered. "We all missed the memorial, so …"

Ron had to agree with George. He knew that they couldn't leave their sister and he knew that Ginny was probably the one who wanted to go to the memorial more than anyone. Apparently that morning after she had woken everyone up when her water broke, she had started dressing for the memorial service, planning on going to it, even if it killed her. It had taken both Bill and Harry to be able to wrestle her onto the sofa in order to knock some sense into her.

Ron didn't know what any of them expected to happen if they missed the memorial – for Fred to get pissed off and to suddenly start haunting them? But it was expected of them to go – and it was definitely going to end up in the Prophet if the famous Harry Potter didn't turn up to the memorial.

He supposed that they could have gone down to the memorial – they could have been there and back and Ginny really wouldn't have gotten any further along – but as Ron guessed would happen, no one even considered it.

"OI!" Came a sudden loud voice and every head in the waiting room turned around. "I'M HAVING YOUR BLOODY BABY SO YOU HAD BETTER GET YOUR ARSES BACK IN HERE NOW!"

Bill sighed. "The Spawn of All Things Evil has commanded …" He said and he helped Fleur to her feet as they reluctantly went back to Ginny.

Ron yawned. Six hours gone. Probably a million more to go.

At one in the afternoon, Andromeda and three-year-old Teddy arrived. "So is it a boy or girl then?" She asked happily, letting go of Teddy's hand and he ran to the nearest person, who happened to be Charlie on the floor. "I'll bet they look gorgeous!"

"They haven't been born yet, Andromeda." Percy said, sighing.

"What?" Andromeda said, sitting down next to him. Audrey next to him, now awake, had a whole set of plaited hair and both were now working on Hermione. "But you sent me an owl at about half past two this morning!"

"Yeah, don't we know it …" Charlie muttered, Teddy squirming around on his lap for a moment before he jumped up and threw himself at Mila. "How was the memorial?"

"Oh," Andromeda's face fell for a moment. "It was …"

"It was really boring," Teddy cut in, now running at Ron and crashing into his leg. "And everyone – everyone was crying, but I didn't cry." Ron snorted at his proud look as he swung Teddy up onto his lap. They had gotten to know Andromeda and Teddy even better over the past year and a half since Harry looked after Teddy often. The little boy had changed his hair to a bright red colour in order to match the Weasley's.

"Why didn't you cry?" Ron asked him. Teddy thought for a moment.

"You only cry when you're sad and I wasn't sad," He said. "Everyone else was sad … I was sad when I broke my toy broomstick …"

"Teddy darling, remember how I told you that today was about remembering your Mum and Dad?" Andromeda asked. Teddy just pouted.

"But I don't remember Mum and Dad!" He said, like he'd said it a dozen times. He squirmed down off Ron's lap to run at Hermione, who caught him with a yelp as Percy and Audrey tugged on her hair.

"Well we remember them, Teddy," Hermione told him. "We'll remember them for you, yeah?"

Teddy considered. "Yeah! What are you doing?" He asked Audrey, who started to explain that she was plaiting Hermione's hair before he cut her off, asking if she could do it to him. One second (and a screwed-up face) later, Teddy had long brown hair that matched Hermione's perfectly.

Ron sniggered at the sight. He was sure that Teddy was going to like his new play-mate once she was born.

At four o'clock, everyone was ready to explode.

"Hermione, my arse has gone numb …" Ron complained as Angelina came back from her shift with Ginny, looking slightly pale. "I can't believe Ginny's been doing this for fourteen hours …"

"Yes, so just imagine what she's doing compared to you sitting on your arse for fourteen hours." Hermione said, rolling her eyes.

"Your sister's strong, I'll give her that," Angelina said, collapsing next to George. "Ron, I'm afraid it's your turn."

"Ah, shit." Ron muttered. Angelina winced.

"Please, could you not swear?" She asked, wearily. "I've heard enough swearing to last me a life time!"

It was a mark of how scary his little sister could be that Ron just simply agreed. He walked past Audrey, who having plaited both Hermione and Fleur's hair, was now moving onto Angelina; Percy, who was now onto his sixth cup of tea in two hours; Charlie and Mila, who had lost their young friends as their baby brother had been born about an hour ago (which Ron thought was rather unfair since they had all been there well before them) and Hermione, who was dozing across three chairs. He very much so wanted to join her, but he forced himself onwards to his sister. However, thankfully he had a companion.

"Uncle Ron, can I come?" Came Teddy's voice and Ron turned to see his hopeful face and Andromeda looking grateful in the background. Keeping the three-year-old entertained had proved difficult.

"Sure thing, mate." Ron said, happily swinging Teddy into his arms. At least Ginny can't yell at a three-year-old … Ron thought.

Margo was there in the room to check on Ginny once again, who was looking thoroughly fed up. Harry grinned at the sight of Teddy and even Ginny looked slightly happier, despite wincing and cusing under her breath a lot more often than before. "Auntie Ginny!" He said happily. "Why haven't you had your baby yet?"

If anyone else had asked that, Ginny would have torn their head off, Ron thought scathingly. However, Ginny just sniggered and said, "Teddy remember, it's not my baby, it's your Uncle Bill and Auntie Fleur's baby. And they're just taking a while – you know, I don't think they want to come out …"

"Where's Bill and Fleur?" Ron asked, hesitantly. Ginny rolled her eyes.

"Bill is using the loo and Fleur's sending an update to her family," She said. "You do know that you lot don't have to keep taking it in turns to come visit me? I'm not a bloody nutcase who needs watching to make sure I don't hurt myself! OUCH, shit!" She added, clutching Harry's hand tightly.

"Er, Ginny? D'you mind toning down the language while Teddy's here?" Harry asked, cringing from the explosion sure to come. However, Ginny just looked at Teddy and immediately agreed. Ron and Harry both exchanged looks.

"Well, you're nearly there, Ginny," Margo said, spearing her wand through the bun on her head. "Nine centimetres. Shouldn't be long now."

Ginny's eyes went wide. "Great. Thanks." She said, her voice slightly higher than usual. Ron didn't think that the change in voice was the only thing that was weird. He was expecting a response along the lines of, "Thank bloody God!" or something.

"Auntie Ginny, you sounded silly," Teddy pointed out. "Why doesn't your baby want to come out?"

"Er …" Ginny shook her head. "I dunno, Teddy … maybe it just likes it in there …"

"But that's inside you!" Teddy said, poking Ginny's side. "How did it get in there?"

"Er, maybe ask that when you're a bit older, Teddy." Ginny said, wearily as Bill edged into the room.

"You all right?" He asked.

"Healer Margo said nine centimetres!" Teddy told him. "At home, I once jumped all the way from my bed to the door! That was nine … hundred metres!"

"Brilliant, Teddy." Bill said, sitting down in the chair that was on Ginny's other side as Harry stood up and stretched.

"And he was right," Ron pointed out. "You did sound silly before. What's wrong? I thought you'd be glad that it's almost over."

Ginny shrugged uncomfortably. "I dunno … oh all right," She said at the looks that Ron, Harry, Bill and even Teddy gave her. "I'm bloody petrified. Sorry, I mean really petrified." She added for Teddy's sake.

Harry and Ron exchanged looks again as Harry regained his chair next to her. "So all this screaming at everyone … it's not just because it hurts or because you're irritated that you missed the memorial, right?"

"Right," Ginny said, wincing. "Look, I'm scared that I won't be able to do this … it's been taking so long, I'm obviously doing something wrong, I've probably ruined your baby! SHIT!" She added and Harry and Bill both grabbed a hand each. "I don't regret doing this for you Bill, but right now, I'm bloody – sorry, really – really scared."

Neither Harry, Ron nor Bill could seem to be able to answer her. Instead, it was Teddy who spoke up. "Auntie Ginny," He said. "I don't think you should be scared."

"Why's that, Teddy?" Ginny asked, wincing again.

"Because," Teddy shrugged. "Whoever's inside you … I wanna play with them all the time. I can help you look after them! They'll be my friend and your friend. And your friend and your friend and your friend," He added to Bill, Harry and Ron. "Everyone's friend!"

Even Ginny managed a smile. "Calmed down by the three-year-old," She said. "I promise I'll get you your friend, Teddy."

One hour, a lot of screaming, several breakdowns, four cups of tea and one broken nose later, Bill and Fleur's baby was finally born. It was a girl in the end, a piece of knowledge that solved a lot of long-running bets between the family members (Fleur having won by a landslide). She was, as Andromeda had predicted, absolutely gorgeous with strawberry blond hair and Fleur's blue eyes.

Mrs Weasley had started crying when Ginny had been wheeled off to the delivery room and she was still crying now, having battled her way through her children and various counterparts to get to her grandchild first. Mr Weasley was right beside her, apparently incapable of speaking at the sight of his new granddaughter. Margo had just marvelled at the sight of every single Weasley there cramming themselves into Ginny's room.

"I'm very glad you came to see me all those months ago," Margo said, happily. "I never doubted for a second that you wouldn't have a child."

"Neither did I," Fleur had taken her daughter off Mrs Weasley and had started to cry herself, sat next to Ginny on her bed. "Salut, mon petit une …" She said. "I'm your Maman. I know I didn't 'ave you myself, but zat doesn't matter. You are 'ere now and I love you just as much …"

Hermione was grinning at the sight, sitting down on the end of the bed, patting Ginny's leg. Ron stood behind her with his hands on her shoulders, grinning as Bill joined Fleur, staring at his daughter in awe.

"I knew she'd be a looker," Charlie said. "Well done Ginny, you did brilliantly."

"I did, didn't I?" Ginny said, grinning back wearily. "Oh and I'm terribly sorry for screaming at all of you … I didn't mean any of it, I swear …" She glanced at Bill who was the one who had received a blood nose. "I'm so sorry for shoving you like that – I didn't realise you had gone down until her head was out and you were no where to be found!"

"Don't worry Ginny, it's worth it." Bill said, stroking his daughter's face in Fleur's arms, never mind the fact that his face was covered in blood.

"Oh come here, I can fix that for you." Margo said, moving forward and healing Bill's nose in a second.

"And Harry," Ginny turned to him on her other side. "I'm especially sorry to you … I didn't mean to throw that sandwich at you …"

"It's fine." He said before kissing her. Ron rolled his eyes as she kissed him back for a moment, but then pulled away to stare at the baby in Fleur's arms.

"It's so … weird," She said. "She was inside me for nine months … now she's here."

"She's beautiful, Ginny," Hermione told her.

"Yeah, God help any bloke who tries to get off with her when she's older." George said and they all sniggered as Bill just glared.

"Don't even joke." He said.

"Can I hold her?" Teddy said excitedly and Fleur nodded, still crying. Teddy crawled over the bed and Fleur moved so Teddy could take her spot next to Ginny. Placing the baby carefully in Teddy's arms, his face completely lit up. "She's so little! How come she's so little but you were so fat, Auntie Ginny?"

Ginny just rolled her eyes as Ron and his siblings all suddenly started coughing in an attempt to smother their laughter.

"Can I hold her, Ginny?" Percy asked. He stopped himself and added, "Sorry, I meant Fleur … and Bill. Are they officially the parents now?" He added at large. Margo, who was now sorting through various papers on her clipboard, answered him,

"They pretty much are," She said as Percy took the baby carefully from Teddy. "Ginny, Bill and Fleur all just have to sign this form here," Margo said, pulling out said form. "It's fairly straightforward. It's lucky that we're not in the muggle world, the legal matters surrounding surrogacy are enormous. It's basically just saying that Ginny is no longer the mother and is passing the parenthood onto Bill and Fleur."

"I'll sign it," Ginny said immediately. "I'll sign it now. I was never her mother, not really," She glanced at the baby, who was now being held by Audrey. "Or well … I'll miss her," She said, gesturing for her and Audrey passed the baby girl back to her. "I kind of got used to having her inside me. But she's definitely Bill and Fleur's child."

Fleur completely broke down in tears and nearly squashed Teddy as she threw herself at Ginny. "Zank you so much!" She cried.

"Oi, careful!" Ginny said. "You're going to crush her!"

"And you're squishing me, Auntie Fleur." Came Teddy's muffled voice and Fleur quickly withdrew. Ginny handed the baby girl to Bill.

All of them were silent for a few moments, all staring in amazement at Bill as he held his goal in his arms. Eventually, Mila asked, "Do you have a name for her yet?"

Fleur sighed. "We 'ave been through thousands of baby name books," She said. "We 'ave a list, but most of zem were boys names."

"I guess we were so sure that being a Weasley, it would be a boy," Bill said. "Should've known."

"Well, maybe you could read off the names and we can see which one fits her?" Percy suggested, ever the practical one.

Fleur gestured for the bag they had brought with them and Angelina passed it to her. Fleur pulled out a very battered looking notebook. "Ok. Girls' names. Emilia?"

They thought. "Too posh." Angelina said.

"Anaïs?" Fleur read.

"Way too posh." Charlie agreed.


"Nah, that sounds weird."


"Too plain."

Percy then asked, "Are all of these names French?"

Fleur glanced at the list. "Yes. Annabel?" She read and Bill cut in,

"I think we decided that that would be nice as a middle name," He said. "Unless you wanted to use your mother's name?"

Fleur thought for a moment. "No, I don't zink I want 'er to be named after someone. Oh merde, my parents!" She added. "I 'aven't sent zem a message saying zat she ees born!"

"Don't worry Fleur, I can contact them for you." Mr Weasley said, gently prying his sobbing wife off him and onto Charlie, who was the closest before leaving the room.

"I can't believe I forgot zem …" Fleur said, shaking her head before turning back to her list. "What about Adele?"

"I had a manager at Rosie's called Adele once," Audrey said, shuddering. "She was a right cow."

"Ok, no to Adele … Chantal?"

"Sounds like a brand of perfume."


"I dunno, I don't think she feels like a Colette …" Bill said, rocking his daughter slightly.

Fleur sighed. "Zere are only two names left!"

"Well, what are they?" Harry asked.

"Victoire and Juliette!" Fleur said, disgruntled. Everyone thought.

"I like the first one." Angelina said.

"Victoire?" Fleur thought. "I was zinking more along zee lines of Juliette …"

"Yeah, but 'Juliette Annabel Weasley'?" Bill said. "That's a bit of a mouthful, don't you think?"

"Victoire Annabel …" Fleur said the name. "I zink I like eet. What does everyone else zink?"

"It sounds nice to me." Hermione said.

"Beautiful!" Mrs Weasley cried.

Everyone else agreed. "Zen we 'ave a name for our daughter," Fleur said, happily. "I suppose eet fits very well – Victoire means 'victory' in French and today was zee day zat we were victorious …"

At the mention of this, everyone suddenly seemed to remember what day it was. At five o'clock in the evening, the main party of the day at Hogwarts would be nearing it's tail-end, having started early that morning. Ron physically slumped over, wrapping his arms around Hermione's shoulders upon remembering that they had completely missed it. Ron wasn't the only one. Everyone suddenly became subdued as Teddy's hair turned a morose black.

"I can't believe we missed it …" Percy muttered, arms around Audrey and several of them agreed.

However, it was then that George decided to speak up, one of the few times he had all day. "You know," He said. "I think Fred would give up one day of being remembered to be there for the birth of his first niece. It's not like we don't think about him every other day."

"Your brother is right," Mr Weasley said, edging back into the room after sending an owl to Fleur's family. "In fact, I'll bet my plug collection that he's here with us right now."

Even George smiled. "And besides," Fleur said, taking Victoire from Bill gently. "I'm sure zat Fred would also want to see all zee goals officially be achieved."

"Bloody hell, that's right!" Charlie said. "I can't believe we actually achieved them in the end …"

"Though not exactly by the person who officially made them." Mila pointed out to him.

"Even so, a year and a half ago, Bill wanted a baby with his wife," Ginny said, smiling up at her brother and sister-in-law. "And now they do."

"You know, I'm kind of sad now," George said, leaning against Angelina. "Those goals ended up making one hell of a year for us."

"I never would have met Hermione." Ron agreed and Hermione reached up and squeezed one of his hands.

"I never would have opened the shop again." George said.

"I'd still be working in a stiflingly boring job," Percy said. Then he added, "Oh, and I wouldn't be married."

"I never would've met Charlie." Mila agreed.

"I never would have been nearly killed by Ginny on a broomstick!" Harry pointed out, laughing.

"Do I even want to know what these goals are?" Andromeda asked at large, sniggering slightly as Teddy stood up in his place on the bed so he could better see Victoire in Fleur's arms.

"Probably not, Andromeda," Mr Weasley said as Mrs Weasley just wiped her eyes. "They've caused Molly and I enough stress and worry."

At this, several conversations broke out as George asked Andromeda about the memorial service, Mr and Mrs Weasley listening in; Ginny began discussing with Harry how long she would have to wait before she could return to the Harpies (Ron figured that she'd probably waltz into training tomorrow morning if she was allowed); Bill and Fleur obviously cooed over their daughter; Mila played with Teddy as Charlie, Percy and Audrey continued talk about their finally completed goals.

Hermione turned around to face Ron. "You have a niece!" She said.

"I know!" Ron couldn't help but be excited. "And she's amazing! But she's so little …" He turned to Bill and Fleur. "Er, can … can I hold her?" He asked, hesitantly.

"Of course, Ron!" Fleur said. Ron was pretty sure that he was going to squash poor Victoire, but apparently he took hold of her correctly. Hermione sniggered at the look on his face.

"She's not going to explode, Ron." She said.

"I dunno …" Ron said, staring down at the baby.

Fleur laughed. "You look lovely togezzer, Ron," She said. "You will be a natural by zee time you 'ave your own baby."

Ron's ears went completely red at the thought. "Bloody hell, that's a long way off …"

"Nice to know you'd consider it, though." Came Hermione's voice, a smirk on her face and Ron could have sworn his ears went even redder.

"All right, don't make Ron explode," Bill said, sniggering. "He is holding my daughter, after all …"

"Yeah, don't make me explode, Hermione …" Ron muttered. Hermione just laughed and leant over to kiss him quickly.

"So the goals are all over." Charlie's voice rang out and everyone turned to him.

"I suppose they are," Ginny said. "I'm quite sad, they made life interesting."

"Yeah, what're we meant to do now?" George asked, laughing. "What? Make up some more goals-?"

George cringed as everyone in the room ended up shrieking, "NO!"

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