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Claire writing!

This is the last thing that I'll ever say
I'll be there when the world falls down
And all your friends are gone forever

– Friends by Red Car Wire

14 years old; Bpov

Today was the day. Today, I'm going to tell one of my best friends, Jasper, that I love him. Okay… well, that probably won't happen. But people can dream to have the guts can't they? I've told myself this every day since of a couple months ago when I realized I loved him.

I just then got a text.


Every1 is comin

over ur house in

30min. Wear

Sumpin cute!


It's just like my friends to invite themselves over. I don't really care; we are all like one big family. Though some of us like each other, you get the point. I like Jasper, Alice likes some kid named Tyler Crowley in our class, and Rose likes Edward. I'm not really sure who the boys like; we don't really talk about THAT aspect of our lives with the boys. If I had to guess though… I would have to say that Edward likes Rose back, but they both are too afraid to admit it. Emmett likes Jessica Stanley; and I'm still not sure about Jazz. I hope that he likes me, but why would he?

I have frizzy shoulder length hair, muddy brown eyes, and rainbow colored braces. Fashionable, yeah, I know. I also am not skinny like my friends. I'm not fat or anything, but average weight. So in short, I'm not even close to attractive. And it's not even my appearance. I'm so shy it's socially incorrect. I know it's weird to think of myself as socially incorrect, but I know am. I just don't know how to gain the confidence and raise my self-esteem.

I decide to stop moping and get ready. I go in my closet and pull out green sweat pants and an orange baggy tee. Green and orange go together, right? I guess it doesn't really matter though; it isn't like I'll look cute if I wear anything different. It'll just look like I'm trying too hard.

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I sigh and run my brush through my knotty hair. I think I just lost my brush. Grumbling, I give up and brush my wired teeth. Just two more years; then I can get theses cages off.









g Dong.

My friends are here. And it sounds like Emm was ringing the bell till someone hit him.

I run down my stairs, tripping, and open my front door.

My breath nearly catches as I see Jasper wrestling Emmett in the front lawn. Guess it was Jazz who hit him.

I take a deep breath, recovering from seeing Jasper, and say to my friends, "Hey guys; come on in."

Rosalie and Edward walked in first, talking animatedly to each other. Then I hear a screech.

"Alice! What's the matter?" I ask frantically, scanning her 4'11 stature. Yes, I said 4'11. She is super short, but she is beautiful in her own unique way. She has black hair spiked out in an orderly fashion and an eye for fashion. Don't even get me started on how hyper she is.

"What. Are. You. Wearing!" She asks horrified. I self-consciously look down at my outfit. I know it's bad, but it's nothing out of the normal.

"Nothing Ali, now go in the living room." I say calmly.

She huffs and walks away. Oops. I hope I didn't upset her too much.

"Wait Ali, I'm sorry." I apologize, making her turn around.

Her tinkling laugh fills the room and she shakes her head; then continued to walk.

I nervously turn around, to find Emmett and Jasper walking my way patting each other's backs, laughing.

"Hey guys." I greet, quietly.

"Hey Bells!" Emmett booms, swinging me in a giant bear hug. Emmett… how can I explain him? I guess there is only one word to describe him with. Big. Not in a fat kinda way, but as in he has MAJOR MUSLES! He may just be 14, but dude has a defined six pack. And before you ask, no I definitely don't like him! He is like my brother! Plus, he isn't my type.

Mine is more bright blue eyes, tall & fit, and honey golden hair. Not that I'm describing anyone…

"Come on Emm, she probably can't breathe, let 'er down." Spoke a smooth southern accent. I look over Emmett's shoulder to find Jasper standing there, looking as magnificent as always. When I look him in the eyes I swear, I SWEAR, I saw a hint of jealousy. Nah. Who am I kidding with?

Emmett finally puts me down and walks away; leaving me alone with Jasper.

Oh geez.

"Hey darlin, how are yah today?" He asks genuinely. Oh swoon!

"I'm… I... ah… um... fine, thanks… uh... you?" I stuttered back. I am such an idiot!

"I'm mighty fine actually, excited about hangin out with everyone today." He says, his blue eyes sparkling.

"That's good." I said, blushing.

"Come on." He says, grabbing my hand, dragging me to my living room. Of course, through this all, I'm on cloud 9.

"Hey Bella!" Rose squeals, pulling me into a hug. Wow, she was so wrapped up in Edward, she thought this was the first time we saw each other today. I don't really see the appeal. Don't get me wrong, he is one of my best friends, but he is a little self brooding and possessive for my taste. (..EDWARD!)

"Hey Rose!" I smiled back shyly. Just being in the same room with her, takes a few hits to your self-esteem. She is tall, with long blonde hair, violet eyes, and has curves in all the right places. So basically, she looks like a model. And what does she do with a great body like that? She works on cars. I don't get her sometimes.

"Thanks for having us over!" She says sweetly. Rosalie is a very nice person, but only towards her 'family'.

"Hello Bella." Edward says, smiling at me from his seat on my sofa. Edward and I have a special type of friendship. I can't even start to explain it. Its sorta like, he's my brother, but he isn't overly affectionate like Emmett. When we are alone hanging out, we will usually just watch a movie, not talking. It isn't awkward between us though. It's a comfortable silence. He is very quiet and is a music freak.

"So, what ya'll wanna do?" Jasper asks, almost making me faint.

"I say we go and trash the school!" Emmett bellows.

"No way! And plus, you guys all promised we could watch P.s. I love You today; if we ordered Chinese last night, sooo... pop it in!" Alice squeals.

"But…"Edward started.

"Edward." Rosalie warned. He shut up.

Can anyone say whipped!?!

"Fine." He grumbles pushing the movie into the VCR.

~Half way through the movie~


"What was that?" Alice asked; everyone else shrugging.

"It sounded like car doors." Jasper said.

Just then Renee and Charlie come in the house slamming the door closed.

"Bella! Pack up! We're leaving!" Renee yelled, pushing the power button on the TV.

"Hey!" we all chorused.

"Bella. Now." Renee snapped.

"What's going on?" I asked getting up, walking into the kitchen, all my friends trailing behind me.

"We're leaving!" Renee screamed harshly from the next room, pulling a luggage from the closet.

"Dad? What's going on? I'm so confused?" I ask Charlie, who is sitting at the kitchen table, looking defeated.

"Bells… your mom and I… we are getting… a… uh… divorce." He whispered, looking like a broken man.

I choke on a sob while I hear my friends gasp from behind me.

"What? Why? But… huh?" I question, lost.

"Sweetie… you and your mom are going away." He says quietly looking apologetic. So it's Renee's fault.

"But, I can't leave all my friends!" I sob. I look behind me and find them all with tears in their eyes or already crying.

"It's not an option Bella. Now go pack." Renee says, venom coating her words, coming into the room with her bags.

"But…" I whisper/sob.

"No." she says glaring at me. I flinch away from Renee and run upstairs, not looking my friends in my eyes.

As I descend up the stairs, I hear 10 footsteps from behind me.

"Bella!" Jasper yells. I'm going to miss him most.

"Wait up!" Alice chirps, but crying at the same time. Oh, Alice; I'm going to miss her bright mood.

"Bells?" Emmett booms after me. My big brother.

"Stop!" Edward yells. How I will miss talking to him about our common interests.

"Hold on!!!" Rose calls, sobbing too. I'm going to miss her caring nature.

I start throwing cloths in my luggage from under my bed, blurry eyed.

I suddenly feel strong, warm arms wrap around me as I finally give in, collapsing to the floor.

"Oh Jazz, I'm gonna miss you." I say, sobbing harder.

"Shhh darlin, it's goin to be alright." He whispers, stroking my hair.

I then feel everyone else join in the embrace.

By this point everyone is at least shedding a few tears.

"I'm s-s-s-so-so-oo so-rry guy-s. I'll mi-ss you s-o much-ch. I lo-ve you a-ll." I sobbed into my friends. (Translation: I'm so sorry guys. I'll miss you so much. I love you all.)

"Oh Bella." Alice cried loudly.

"It's… gonna be… ok-ay… we will all… stay in touch… r-right?" I said/ asked.

"Of course Bella!" Jasper answered for her. I never even got a chance to tell him that I loved him; now it's too late.

"I prom-ise… that I'll… one day… come back… I wi-ll. I promise." I promised them. And I meant it. Renee can't keep me there forever. Where ever there is.

"You better!" Emmett said laughing, but it came out strained and crackly.

"I'll miss you guys." I said, finally catching my breath a little.

"We'll miss you too Bells." Edward said quietly.

"Thanks. I promise the moment I get to where ever a computer is, I'll email you." I said.

"Darn it Rose! I told you we should have gotten her a cell phone for her birthday a month ago. But nooo she just had to have a camera! Now we can't even take pictures with her!" Alice said fuming.

"Ali, calm down. This isn't Rose's fault. Plus, I loved the camera." I said quietly, putting my hand on Alice's shoulder.

She sighed and said, "I know. Sorry Rose." Rosalie just nodded her head, but didn't saying anything, probably afraid she would start crying again.

I went over towards Rose and hugged her. She just hugged me back, no words.

"Bella! Hurry up!!!" I heard Renee scream from down stairs.

I give Rose one more squeeze then release her. In the next moment I'm engulfed in a giant hug.

"I'm gonna miss you baby sis!" Emmett says hugging me till I'm blue.

"Same here big bro." I whisper back.

"Hey! Share her!" Alice whines.

I chuckle along with everyone else and get out of his embrace.

Then once again, I'm attacked around the waist.

"Oh Bella! Who am I gonna dress up now!?! Rose hates being dressed up! No more life sized Barbies!!!" Alice joked around, crying.

"I'll miss you Ali." I say, hugging her tight.

"Me too Bells" Alice says, kissing my cheek, and then passing me off to Edward.

Uncharacteristically, he locked me in a large hug and whispered, "If you ever need any of us to come beat someone up, don't hesitate to call."

I laugh and say, "Thanks, I'll miss you lots Eddie."

"Bye. I'll miss you too." He said, not even correcting me.

"Bella!" Renee yells, sounding even more agitated.

"Coming!" I yell, squeezing my eyes tight, fighting off the tears.

I once again feel the same pair of strong, warm arms wrap around me.

"I'll miss you darlin." Jasper whispers, so only I can hear.

"Jazz…me too." I said, starting to cry again.

"Bella?" Jasper asks quietly again.

"Yeah?" I answer.

"I think that I'm in…" He starts, but gets cut off.

"Bella Now! I am leaving, and you are coming with me! Get down stairs right this instant!" Renee screeched.

I slowly back out of Jasper's arms and stare at all of my friends.

Alice is cowering into Emmett, sobbing; while Edward is protectively holding Rosalie. I then look at Jasper. He is currently pushing his golden locks out of his watery brilliant blue eyes. I don't know how I will live without him. And without my friends. I'm gonna miss them all so much.

"Bella I swear!" Renee screamed up the staircase.

"Bye guys. Love you all. You were the best." I then quickly look away and head towards my door. Right before I leave I say, "Take care of Charlie okay? This isn't his fault." Then I walk down towards my doom.

Written by: Claire (.)

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