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Boy it's been all this time
And I can't get you off my mind
And nobody knows it but me

I should've been chasing you
I should've been trying to prove
That you were all that mattered to me
I should've said all the things that I kept inside of me
And maybe I could've made you believe

Lady Antebellum
All We'd Ever Need lyrics


(same class just seconds after the last chap took place.)

"Really you like it when I call you Jazzy? I always thought you hated it when people called you that!" I asked mostly because I wanted to see what he would say to it.

"Well, I don't like anyone else calling me that, you're the only one who can even get remotely close to calling me that." after he said it he looked like he wanted to take it back. Like he had said more than he intended to say, and I swear he blushed again. Wow, do I really have that affect on him? He has been blushing all day. That is when I decided to tease him, well, even more than I already am that is. Ha-ha!

"So I'm the only one who can call you that, huh? I must be really special to you then. Because as I recall, not even Emmett is allowed, so that must mean I beat him too, huh. I must be very, very special to you!" ha, ok that was a little mean, I'm torturing him, I guess I'll lighten up, I mean we are just friends.

"Yeah, you are my best friend, so I guess you are very important to me, all my friends are important to me." man he was good.

"Really ....."

Ding Ding Ding

Crap, the bell had to ring just then. All well; lunch, yeah!

"Darlin, we really should get to lunch." and then he pulled out my chair for me, awwwe how sweet and very kind of him. Who says chivalry is dead? Jazz here is living proof.

-----------------------------------at the lunch room 5 minutes later------------------------------------------

"hey guys how was the first day back since the only class I have you guys in isn't till the end of the day with the exception of Jazz here who is in every single one of them. Gosh i'm going to get sick of him." I said jokingly.

"Really I can asked to get switched if you want me to if you're really going to get sick of me I can get my schedule changed no problem." awe he really did sound hurt I had not meant to gosh.

"Jazzy I really did not mean it I was just.........." then someone shouted Bells and I turned around to see, wait no, it can't be, he cannot be here, no way, someone is playing a joke on me, this cannot be D.. D..Damon, no way.

"Bella, I found you, although you're not too hard to find, you stick out like a sore thumb. Well, a beautiful sore thumb to say the least." he said, well more like yelled. He always did talk loud.

"Hi Damon, I was not expecting to see you here. Why are you here anyway? I mean, shouldn't you be in school? Oh wait a minute; school in Arizona doesn't start for two more weeks. But still, why are you here?" I asked, quite puzzled.

"Well, I came to visit my girlfriend of course. You have not returned any of my phone calls or texts or anything, I was getting worried." We broke up didn't we? I thought we did, but he never was one to handle goodbyes well, he might have blocked me out when I said it to him.

"Wait a minute Darlin, you have a boyfriend from Arizona? Why didn't you tell us? I mean, you didn't just not tell me did you (he looked at Ali and Rose, great) I mean you would have told me right?" awe man, I hurt him I could see it is his face he was upset, man, I keep upsetting him. What do I do? The guy I thought I broke up with and the guy I love in the same room. And one or the other is going to be hurt, but I care about them both, what to do, what to do?

"Who is this punk Belly Who is he and why did he just call you darlin?" he said getting in Jazz's face. Oh great, that was not a smart move if they got into it. Jazz would win, he was allot stronger than Damon. I mean he's smaller, but looks can be deceiving.

"Well, I'm her friend Jasper and if you don't get out of my face your gonna have a broken nose, and by the way, she hates being called belly." Wow, I better break this up quick.

"Guys knock it off now! Damon and I are not going out, I told you like a month ago that we were over Damon!" after I said it, I watched his face for a reaction and got it. After it sunk in, he went from mad to upset. I felt bad after that, but he was going to hurt Jazz, my Jazz. Okay, so maybe not my Jazz, but a girl can always hope, can't she?

"W...W...What were not going out anymore? When did you tell me this? I didn't know." he said, and I felt bad for him, but I also felt hurt that he had tuned me out when I told him that we were over. When I told him that he wasn't the guy for me, when I told him that my heart already belonged to someone else even though they didn't know that they had it, but that is beside the point.

My point was, that it was not fair to him for me to keep pretending that it was him I loved and not the guy from my past, and if he had been listening, I had told him that I did not want him coming after me. So now because he didn't listen to me, I have to give this speech all over again. I have to do what I found hard the first time, a second time. So, I pulled him aside while all my friends were looking at me and he was frozen in shock, and did what I had to do.

"No Damon we are not going out anymore and I did tell you this about three weeks before I left for here. Now since you were not listening to me before, I guess I have to do this again." I sighed and keep going.

"Damon I have to break up with you, it is not fair to you and I'm sorry I lead you on, but my heart already belongs to another guy. I am so sorry Damon, but I can't keep using you like this, it feels so wrong and I don't want to hurt you. But i'm sorry; I just can't anymore. But before you go, I do want to say one more thing; thank you. Thank you for boosting my confidence, thank you for making me feel beautiful, and for everything else you did for me. I will never forget it." If that was hard for me, I know how hard it was for him, but what was I to do?

"It's that guy in there isn't it, that Jasper guy? You really don't have to answer that, I already know the answer. Thanks for being honest with me, I appreciate it allot." and with that he turned to leave, but in the doorway he turned back and said "Don't wait too long to tell him ok. At least do that for me." then he was gone and the bell rang for our next class.

-----------------------------------------------After school -----------------------------------------------------

After ninth period, the class we all had together, we walked to our cars, or in mine and jazz's case, motorcycles. We had all parked next to each other, so we got to talk as we got ready to leave and we made plans to go to dinner the that night and then go to the movie theatre in Port Angeles. Then after us girls were having a sleep over at Alice's house, but first I had to ask Charlie if I could go since it was a school night.

And after what he said I didn't know if I wanted to ask him. I mean I was told he cheated and now i'm told ,what is apparently the truth, that Renee was the one to cheat. I mean Phil did come into the picture really fast, but I just thought that was because my mom was hurting and that she needed someone. But I guess deep down, I knew something was wrong. I mean, hurting or not, three weeks is not enough time to already have your boyfriend. Who you met in a store down the road, and came by the house to pick her up for a date the next night.

Okay, thinking about it, Charlie is telling the truth, it wasn't him, it was her and tonight before we leave, I was going to call her and give her a piece of my mind. I mean, I deserve to get to do that at least right?

I got on my motorcycle and I decided last minute that I was going to go to La Push and visit Jake, who I have not seen in, well a year before I left, so 4 years now. I guess him and the Mason's did not get along, so I quit going down, but we were still friends and I was going to visit him no matter what.

As I pulled into the driveway, Jake opened the door and looked at the motorcycle that was sitting in his drive and then he turned to look at the girl on it, me. The girl, who until 2 years ago could barely walk, let alone drive a motorcycle, for Pete sakes, and asked "Can I help you with something miss?" Awe, he didn't recognize me.

"Hey Jake, long time no see, ah." I could feel tears welling up in my eyes and told myself I was not going to cry.

"Who are you and how the hell do you know my name? Wait a minute, Bella, Bella is that you or am I imagining things? He asked, and that did it, the tears pored over my eyelids and I was crying.

"Yeah it's me Jake, how are you doing? I missed you, it has been way to long and..." a sob broke loose and his arms were around me, holding me while I was crying and I was so upset, I didn't even realize how embarrassed I should be right now.

After I was done, he said. "Wow Bells, you have changed allot haven't you? I didn't even recognize you and that is pretty bad. Oh, where are my manners, do you want to come inside and catch up?"

Not trusting my voice, I nod my head and we go inside. And I don't know how long it was, but we laughed and talk and made fun of each other, and it was just like old times. then I looked at the clock and realized that I should get going, so I said my goodbyes and went back out to my motorcycle and went home to ask Charlie if I could go and to call Renee.

--------------------------------------------------After getting home-------------------------------------------

"Yeah, can I go to dinner and a movie with the guys and then from there go to Alice's house for a sleepover?? I asked him when I got home.

"Sure Bells. What time you meeting them?" he asked.

"Well, Jasper is going to pick me up and then we are meeting everyone else at the restaurant. Okay?" I had to ask, it was respectful.

'Yeah, sure Bells."

"Kay, i'm going to go upstairs and use the phone." and with that I walked up the steps to call Renee, a phone call that I was definitely not looking forward too.

"Hello?" that was Renee

"Hi mom." Why am I being nice, is what I want to know?

"Hello Bella, is that you"

"Yeah, it is me, but this may not be a good phone call for you. I just want to say that I know that it was you who cheated, not dad. So you know what I think? You are low and just plain jerkish breaking up the family like that, that is just wrong and if there was any chance of me coming back, it is gone. Just wanted to let you know, okay, goodbye." and with that, I hung up, hoping I left my mark on her. I then went to get ready, Jasper would be here in twenty minutes and I had to look my best.

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