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Summary: A mysterious attacker is on the loose in Manhattan and quickly escalating. No one can say who the next victim will be with virtually no similar aspects linking his victims. The only way he'll stop is when he's dead, and everyone at the SVU knows this.

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Her breath caught in her throat for all of a moment before escaping in the form of a pain filled groan. Then the same thing happened again. This time her attacker let go of his iron tight grip on her face and let her slide down the wall he'd just used to slam her head against.

She fell to her knees in an icy cold New York puddle. Dizzy, she toppled forward only saving herself with her hands. She was crouched on the floor like a dog. A swift strong kick into her side had her flat on her stomach. Again she groaned in pain. Would it ever end.

Her attacker then used his large feet to kick and flip her onto her back before falling to his knees, straddling her slim frame. She was about to lash out and hit him but she was too slow and his fist connected with her cheek first, a loud crunch followed and echoed about her head.

She prayed her beating would be over soon. She prayed her attacker would leave her, satisfied with the damage he had already clearly caused her. But he wasn't done yet. Taking hold of her head, he pulled it towards him before swinging it back smacking it against the hard concrete floor of the alley they found themselves alone in.

It was enough to make her see all the starts in sky. She reached up and held her head, hoping it would make the spinning stop. She gasped in pain and fear as she felt her attackers fingers claw their way into the waistband of her jeans. She let go of her head and swatted his hands away, pushing and scratching them when he refused to move them away.

"No!!!" she screeched as he began tugging them down.

"Shut-it!" he spat back at her.

"What's going on up there?" a man from the end of the alley, the street, called. He wasn't alone, he was with about 7 or 8 other men, no match for the vicious attacker.

He growled, annoyed, before getting up and running off up the alley. The men quickly ran after him, one of them stopping by the beaten and bloodied woman who lay almost lifeless on the floor.

"Shit! Miss can you hear me?" he asked trying to see the woman's face through the blood. "I'm gonna call an ambulance, you'll be fine. Can you tell me your name?" he asked, resting a comforting hand gently on her shoulder.

The woman said nothing for a moment before muttering what he could just barely make out. "Ben...son… D…detective Olivia Benson." she said.


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