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Chapter 10

It was quiet in the graveyard, with no one else there and not even a bird signing from in the tree's. The gravestone seemed untouched by the recent bad weather, though it had been there for a little over a month now.

Her name was engraved upon the hard shiny, marble. Written bold and clear in gold paint. The flowers beside it did show signs of having been there such a time. They were dead and rotting.

Reaching down Olivia pulled them away and pushed them aside, before replacing them with a fresh, bright and beautiful bouquet. She then looked up, back to the name on the stone… 'Lara Louise Owens.'

"You had to witness the start of all this." Olivia thought out loud, speaking to the stone in front of her. "You got to witness the last of it too." she continued.


Olivia lay on the floor, too exhausted to move. She looked up at the stars that looked down upon her, guarding her. She felt so safe under them, so secure, even when she heard footsteps approaching.

She turned her head to the side and looked along the ground, she could see heavy black boots coming towards her, they appeared to be running, taking long but hurried strides. Before she had noticed they had stopped she felt her body being picked up, suddenly her torso was resting against something warm. She looked up and could no longer see the stars, they were blocked by a familiar face looking down at her.

"Liv, Liv, Olivia? Please, honey talk to me." a familiar voice said.

"Elliot…" she mumbled.

"It's me. I'm here. Liv, where is he? Where's Cyrus?" he asked her.

"Inside," she said before she nuzzled her face into him and fell back into unconsciousness.


Inside, Fin lead the search. He followed winding corridors until he came upon a dimly lit room. He signalled to the others, who all followed his lead. He silently counted to three before leading the team into the room. He paused when he saw Cyrus knelt on the floor, a skeleton lay by him. He could see he had a gun held under his chin. "Come on Cyrus." he said.

Cyrus just smiled. "I'm not going anywhere ." he said before pulling the trigger. They all turned away, so as not to see as his skull blew apart sending bits of bone and brain all over the room.

Fin turned back to look, once the echo of the shot had stopped ringing around the room. Cyrus lay dead on the floor, his face barely recognisable anymore. He looked beyond him and noticed the skeleton again.

"Guy really wanted to keep his souvenirs." he said looking at the skeleton, feeling anger and sympathy for it.


Olivia closed her eyes shut. She wanted to block out everything about Cyrus. Today, visiting Lara's grave, was the last time she would have any connection to Cyrus Owens. The case had been laid to rest, although too many lives had been lost to ever forget about it. But no more women would die by Cyrus hands.

She looked up at the sky, she could see that rain was trying to fall, waiting. She stood up and stood there for a moment, just looking down at the grave by her feet. She stood there for a moment, in total silence. Then, she turned around and began walking through the graves, heading for the path. When she looked up she saw Elliot leaning against his car.

She smiled and walked right up to him. "Hey."

"You ok?" Elliot asked her as she stood next to him and also leant against the car.

For a moment she looked down at the floor. Then she looked up and turned her head to face him. "I think I will be." she said positively.

Elliot smiled at her, confident she would be. "Wanna go for coffee?" he asked her.

"You buying?" she asked him.

"Don't I always." he said with a smile before opening the passenger door for her and walking round to the drivers side. The both got in and shut the doors. Then, just as the first few droplets of rain began to fall, they pulled off and drove away to go get their coffee.

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