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Alice had warned me that the girl would be selfish, but I brushed it off, not seeing how her actions would affect me. I mean, seriously, human selfishness had nothing on a selfish vampire. The emotion in them was laughable, hitting me with a pang that I could compare to the feeling of cracking my knuckles. When a selfish vampire crossed my path—Rosalie for example—it felt like a sucker punch to the gut, enough to knock the wind out of a human.

I'd been near Edward when he had unconsciously made the decision to pursue Bella. As always, he thought he was doing it out of selfishness, and that combined with his strong will to have her caught me off guard. I was so shocked that he would finally do something to aid in his happiness that I didn't control the wave of selfishness that hit me, and poor Tyler Crowley bore the brunt of it.

We were in the gym playing basketball when Tyler fell into what was deemed an 'asthmatic fit,' when really he was experiencing an emotional whirlwind. He wheezed from the force of it, gripping the ball tightly to his chest, the only thing he had in his possession to be covetous of.

So, of course I thought that I had no need to worry about the dainty human.

But then, she became a constant staple at the Cullen home. Isabella Swan: clumsy human, boring girl, and perhaps a tasty snack. It was her selfish nature that had forced me out of my own home.

It started simply enough with Alice promising Edward that him and the Girl were fated. He himself knew Alice's gift, knew that her visions were subjective, even knew that she could manipulate them by assuming certain scenarios just to see how their outcomes would play out. Had it not crossed his mind that she could assume Bella was fated to be his mate and not his meal? That she could see the path that would lead him to the outcome she wanted? Surely he was aware that if he ate the Girl—as he should've—that he still wouldn't have been lonely. All he had to do was see someone he liked and said 'Hey Alice, how would me and this human fare?" He didn't though. Couldn't see past his own brooding to consider the possibility.

That was another thing I suffered from the Bella Swan Effect (BSE). She turned my favorite brother into an idiot. But that's neither here nor there.

So, like I was saying, because of Bella I was once again a nomadic vamp. Time I would usually spend relaxing with my wife, making love to her, and enjoying being around the 'family' was cut short. Instead, I wandered the forest alone. It wasn't because the Girl was at the house all the time, her visits weren't really that frequent, but the BSE had affected everyone.

Rosalie's anger and vanity had taken a turn for the worst. There was never a moment where she wasn't pissed off at Edward or annoyed with the Girl. This led to her ill feelings toward Alice for endorsing their relationship to begin with. She even had angry sex with Emmett, needing to find some way to release all of her stress. I could only be around her in small increments of time.

Emmett, who was normally good-humored, was uncharacteristically nervous all the time; walking a thin line between supporting Edward and his new toy, and wanting to keep his wife happy. He never said anything about it, carrying on as usual, but the anxiousness around him was palpable, making me want to pull my own hair out.

Carlisle and Esme were just…annoying. Their combined desire for Edward to finally be happy and experience love the way they had was a strong force. A force that typically led to couples mating. That would normally be fine, but I wasn't mating with my own partner as much as we used to, and their emotions left me…frustrated.

Which brings me back to Edward.

I hadn't had the urge to rip a vampire and watch them burn since I'd helped Maria create her newborn army. Edward had the attention span of a thirteen-year old child. One moment he was sullen, and the next he was angry about his lot in life. He was determined to leave the Girl, he was determined to stay with the Girl. He was horny all the time, but could barely separate that feeling from his bloodlust. All of these emotions I would instinctually block, but to do that when the whole house was on edge…I just didn't possess the strength.

Lastly was my sweet, sweet, wife. All of her time was spent on helping the happy couple. Providing them excuses to spend time together, telling Edward he wouldn't hurt the Girl, using her visions to make sure everything played out as she saw it. Not how it had to be mind you. I hunted alone, spent time away from the house, didn't even bother her for alone time anymore because I knew it was pointless.

On one particular hunting trip, when we were finally alone, I flooded her with all of the emotions coursing through me. I was finally at peace in the woods, Alice's tiny body hovering over me as I sought that moment of infinite bliss. And it was close, so close, but before I could reach that edge, her mouth formed the words that sliced through me like a sword.


Apparently the vision couldn't wait, but her husband could.

It wasn't until September the thirteenth that I lost my grip on my remaining control. My worst thoughts were all confirmed. The Girl knew how her presence had changed our lives. Knew that the Volturi could come and behead and burn us all. Knew the discord she had caused amongst Rosalie and her brother, though she'd never admit it, her favorite brother. She knew the burn Edward felt when he wanted to be near her, yet she constantly pushed him for more. Worse yet, she knew I carried it all.

Her selfish nature was so overwhelming that I was intoxicated by it. No one noticed this though. As usual, they just presumed I couldn't handle being around the Girl.

The mind-reader and the future-seer wouldn't be able to stop me when I had decided on the course of action I knew I had to take. I felt like I was back in Texas, Maria whispering in my ear, "seek, kill, destroy." But the Girl wouldn't get a rebirth into the next life.

Not if I could help it.

Blocking out all of my emotions, and definitely not deciding on anything but staying away from the girl, I fed from those around me.

Edward's love, Carlisle's and Esme's desire, and Rosalie's anger invaded me quickly.

I only hoped I could detach the Girl's head from her body in time.


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