This is the first fanfiction I ever wrote, and I am so thankful for all the feedback and comments! It has been so rewarding to hear that people like the work you've done. It makes me feel like Sally Fields and say "You like me, you really like me!"

I have always been in love with Greek Mythology, from reading Homer and Ovid's Metamorphosis. There is just something about that period and the stories and myths that come from them, mostly unexpectedly tragic. But that being said this has a somewhat happy smutty ending... well not entirely happy since we all know how 300 ended.

And I have to admit something... I have a huge girly crush on Michael Fassbender, and it started with this movie. He is not smack you in the face hot, but there is a gleam in his eyes that just says 'danger' along with being witty and intelligentthat I find really attractive. So I felt that he deserved a background, someone who loves him and like most warriors something/someone back home worth fighting for.

Disclaimer; I do not own any rights to 300, so please don't sue me!

~Bringing on the daylight

Hemera ran, the long country side of golden wheat fields could not bear how far her heart needed to flee this place. It felt as though it would burst from her chest, and the weight made her feet fall hard on the earth.

The sickness had finally took her mother, the loss struck her to the core. Hemera wanted to scream and beat her chest, to weep, and most of all to be left alone. But it was not proper, and was not Spartan way. So Hemera ran, till her legs gave way and the cool earth pressed against her face. But the darkness held many shadows and she couldn't help but scream as red eyes bore into hers. It's massive body moving as though to savor his new prey, it's growl vibrating in her ear.

Even with fear gripping her she grasped a stick with shaky hands, standing up to face the wolf. Her breath caught in her throat as she stood her ground as it crept closer.


Stelios had heard the scream, not sure it was the wind or some sort of trick to throw him off track from returning home. It had been too long since he had been among companions, too long had he been in the wilderness. He prayed that the gods were not toying with him as he ran towards the screams. Spear in hand he let out a breath, seeing the beast. It was not the same creature that his King had slain, nowhere as massive but Stelios grinned at the prospect of such a trophy.

The beast's eyes snapped to him, turning to a more substantial prey. With grace Stelios drew the beast to him, his breath calm, feeling the wind, never taking his eyes off his prey. His hands steady, his form perfect.

The wolf dropped, the red in its eyes glassed over as Stelios drew his spear from his body. Looking up at the little girl who was now staring at him with wide eyes.


The wind howled an eerie tune, and the chill in the air swept ruthlessly across the fields but the men continued to search. Torches lit, doubtful to find a living thing. It was a pity for councilman Celeus, to lose a wife and daughter in one night. But then he married a Athenian woman, soft and weak. Though his wife was fair, the choice was ill advised by many, the blood that ran through Athenians was thin.

There was a shout from across the field as Apollo drew his chariot through the sky. A figure in the distance approached.


The hand that he offered was callused and covered in dirt, just like the rest of his body but without hesitation Hemera took it. The stick she had been gripping clattered to the floor. As she flung her arms around him, she knew this was frowned upon, but to her surprise he only chuckled and picked her up.

"Mother was sick," she said plainly, almost cold. "I wanted to run like Atlanta, to never stop."

Stelios studied the small form, "Ahh, but Atlanta lost her race." he said with a small grin, "Hippomenes through golden apples to catch her eye, to distract her so he could win."

Hemera smirked, "but I would never be distracted."

Stelios smirked, "never is a long time little one," Giving her a charming wink.