Child of the hogyoku

Chapter 1

The not so winter war didn't end as planed. It dealt a hard blow to both sides. Although the highest ranking casualties were mostly on Aizen's side. He had lost almost all of his espada. It was a fatal blow to him and it would take him a long time to recover. The Shinigami had at least earned themselves peace for a while. On their side there were lucky that the captain of the fourth squad and Orihime had shown up when they did. There were able to save many that would have died that day but one of their youngest. There were so many to heal they didn't get to him in time. The tenth squad captain was the highest rank to pass that day. Captain Toushrio Hitsugaya died that day.

12 years later

Ichigo was kept updates with Azien and the war but other than that was told to get on with his life. He was young and still had a lot of it ahead of him. He wasn't really happy having to return to such a normal life after using so much power only to have complete victory and Azien's death slip away. He walked along the road on a shopping trip for him and his practically permanent flat mate Rukia. She would go back to the soul society from time to time but she was the soul reaper for Karakura town and lived with Ichgo most of the time.

Awoken from his thoughts by the annoying alarm Rukia had out on his phone he pulled it from his pocket with a annoyed scowl. A hollow. Not huge but Rukia probably wanted him to deal with it since he was out. He sighed and ran in the direction.

Exiting his body he pulled Zangetsu from his back. The worm like hollow gave a rawr.

"Yeah yeah," He said and destroyed the hollow with ease.

He watched it. Dissolve into the air. It was only after he felt it. The air was colder than usual. It wasn't that much of a change but it was noticeable. The orange haired shinigami looked over his shoulder.

There was a boy, watching from behind a distant tree.

He was hooded in a navy jacket a light blue bandana round his neck covering what wasn't covered by the shadow of his hood.

"Hey kid." It was obvious they boy could see him and by his height he could only guess he was still in elementary school.

The boy didn't make a move. Ichigo looked at Zangetsu, maybe he was scaring the kid. He was about to put the zampacto back on his back but another rawr filled the air.

"Crap." He turned round to see anther hollow.

It was a bug like and darted at him faster than the other hollow but it was nothing it to substitute shinigami. With a timed virtual swing it dissolved into the air defeated.

"Kid I..." He turned quickly intending to tell the child that it was alright and that he wasn't going to hurt him but he was gone the cold air with him.

Ichigo could only scratch his head. He was never very good at tracking spiritual power unless it was someone like Kenpachi Zaraki. Returning to his body and finishing his errand was all he could do.

"You got the hollows then?" Rukia greeted with a smile as he came in.

"Aren't they your job?" He glared at her handing her the bag.

"I know you'd complain if I killed all the hollows," She went to put it away, "Or is there just no winning with you."

Ichigo followed her into the kitchen leaning back on the counter and shooting a glare.

"Anyway," He pulled his eyes away and stared at the wall, "There was this kid who saw me kill the hollow."

"Huh?" She looked round, "Did they have any spiritual power?"

"I'm not sure," Ichigo replied, "But it did feel pretty cold when they were there."

"Cold?" She blinked her violet eyes, there had only ever been one person she'd heard of that's spiritual power cam out like that, "Did you get a chance to talk the?"

"No," He shook his head, "He ran off before I got a chance."

"Well did you see what he looked like?"

"Kid was wearing a hood. Couldn't even see his eyes." Ichigo replied.

There was a silence as the adopted noble thought how to deal with this, "We best just keep an eye on things." She eventually said.


"Wouldn't he be going to your school anyway?" She realised.

"No he looked a little too young to be going to high school." Ichigo shook his head.

Ichigo as you would expect had graduated from high school a while ago but he was back and a assistant PE teacher.

"Well we'll see." Rukia shrugged.

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