Child of the Hogyoku


Surviving arrancars were dealt with and the gotie 13 were finally finished with the war that spanned Toushiro's lifespan.

Although some could barely believe it squad four was busy with the aftermath. Many had been injured but there was a few who had been sitting in a certain room even though they had been seen too.

Ichigo, Renji, Rukia and Matsumoto to be exact.

They were all sitting quite relaxed in the room of the sleeping white haired boy. According to Unohona he had used a dangerous amount of power but he would pull through after a long rest.

"So he actually was my captain for a bit?" Matsumoto asked after Ichigo had just told them what had happened.

"He doesn't call me Kurosaki and the look in his eyes…far too aged to be him." Ichigo replied.

"How do you think it happened?" Rukia asked.

"Beats me but it gave him the move he needed so what every happened was a good thing," The ginger shrugged.

"He might be able to tells us when he wakes up," Renji looked over.

It had been a few days before Toushiro showed any signs of waking up and Ichigo was obviously still there. He'd admit he'd fallen asleep in the room a few times but never left.

He pricked up at the soft groan the boy let out and went over to the bed as his teal eyes began to peal open.

"Hey," He spoke softly.

Toushiro blinked fuzzy half lidded eyes, trying to make sense of the blur of colours around him. The only think he could really make out was some orange so he guessed.

"Ichigo…?" He muttered.

"Yeah," Ichigo sat on his bed.

It took him a bit, rubbing his eyes before everything came back to him. He jolted up.

"Woah," Ichigo put his hands on his shoulders, "It's okay."

The boy panted his teal eyes wide, "A-Aizen- D-Did it work? Captain Hitsugaya's plan?"

Ichigo blinked put pulled him closed.

"Yeah, Aizen nothing but a statue now," He told him and felt the boy relax, "But…Captain Hitsugaya's plan?"

Toushiro looked up to him, "I met him. Aizen was using the Hogyoku and it pulled the connection between us close enough for him to help me. He told me what I had to do."

Ichigo frowned. Seemed he still didn't get it.

"I see," They looked to the window to see a lazing black cat.

"Yoruichi," The boy smiled,

"It's good to see you awake," She jumped down onto his bed.

"Can you explain it better?" Ichigo asked.

She sighed and shook her head, "Ichigo, the first thing Aizen did with the Hogyoku is make it link him to his pasted life. When Aizen attempted to use the Hogyoku to control Toushiro it pulled the link between the two lives closer. Enough for Captain Hitsugaya to make contact."

"So…" The ginger was still trying to get his head round it though Toushiro didn't seem to care, Aizen was gone, "Because Aizen's control forced Toushiro's link to the Hogyoku to strengthen it also forced the link between him and his past life to strengthen."

Yoruichi nodded, "You seem to finally have it."

"I think he was the presence," Toushiro looked between them.

"Huh?" Ichigo blinked.

Before Toushiro could talk he was suddenly engulfed in a bone crushing hug.

"You're awake," The busty tenth captain squeezed him tight, "We were so worried."

"R-Ran-g-g-"This had to be the tightest hug she'd ever dished out, he couldn't even talk.

"Rangiku let him go," Ichigo jumped up and pried the woman off of him.

The boy took a deep breath of sweet sweet oxygen when he was free and Rangiku pouted.

"Anyway," Ichigo sat back down.

"You were talking about a presence?" Yoruoichi prompted.

"Yeah," Then he remembered the only person he told about that was Rangiku, "Do you remember, Rangiku, when I told you about being able to feel a strong presence in the Hogyoku?"

She nodded, "Just before you went to save Ichigo right?"

He nodded, "I think it was your captain."

"Oh! I heard what happened," She blinked, "You became my captain for a bit."

Toushiro nodded, "I met him."

"What did you think?" She said eyes as curious as he cat zanpactou.

"Seemed kinda grumpy but considering what Aizen had done…and he didn't like Ichigo. Called him a ginger idiot."

Rangiku giggled, "Sounds like him."

As inevitable as the sun rising celebratory parties swept the soul society. Tenth squad played host to most which meant the barracks was a mess although with Rangiku as captain that didn't surprise many. Though Rukia had to laugh when she found Toushiro looking over it with a frown.

"Hey," She came over, "What's that face for?" She poked his cheek.

He glared at her, "Rangiku's making a mess of the squad."

She just laugh and sat with him,

"Prize for our little war hero,"

Toushiro jumped back as he saw a lollypop appear in front of his face. Following the arm holding it he found the smiling face of Ukitake.

"I'm not two," he grumbled.

"You deserve it," The man pushed, "It's watermelon flavour."

At that Toushiro looked up and after a moment of telling himself not to he grabbed the sweet from the mans hand,

"Damn you."

He took off the wrapper and started to eat it. He smirked momentarily. It was good. But then he looked round and frowned again.

"…Where's Ichigo?" He asked.

"So that's why you're grumpy," Rukia nodded.

"I am not, I just-" He glared but gave up and glared at a wall instead.

"He'll be back soon Toushiro," Ukitake assured him, "He just needed to sort something out."

Toushiro sighed and hoped Ichigo wasn't going to make a habit of running off when he actually wanted him there. Too lost in his own thoughts he didn't notice the knowing grins exchanged by Rukia and Ukitake.

As promised the man returned and as he walked through the tenth's door the boy flash stepped over. It was getting close to eleven and Toushiro was unable to find anyone he knew so he darted over to Ichigo quick.

"Where have you been?" He asked glaring for leaving him.

"We'll talk about it somewhere else," Ichigo turned the boy and lead him into the tenth.

"What's this about?" Toushiro looked back at him worried.

"Nothing bad Toushiro," Ichigo was smiling, "Trust me."

"Hmm," Toushiro seemed unconvinced but he trusted Ichigo and stayed quite.

He was lead down the halls of the barracks until they came to where it seemed everyone had been hiding. The advanced squad plus Unohona, Ukitake and Shunsui. It was the captain's office. Everyone else seemed to know why he was here and he didn't like it. Rangiku looked like she was really restraining herself from jumping up and down, Rukia looked like she'd found a new bunny toy.

"Ichigo, what's going on?" He looked back as the smiling ginger closed the door behind him.

"Well Toushiro," He directed the boy to a couch in the crowded office.

He sat gingerly not liking being stared at. Ichigo sat opposite,

"I was just back in the world of the living to ask Tiechi something," Ichigo continued,

Toushiro blinked,

"You see my time as your foster father is coming to an end so I asked him about adoption," Ichigo smiled, He wasn't sure Toushiro's eyes could get much wider, "He said he'd get the papers ready but I obviously need you permission first."

Silence was all that followed and Ichigo frowned,

"You don't have to Toushiro it's just that-"


Ichigo looked up, "What?"

"Did you really think I might say no considering everything that's happened?" He boy shook his head.

A few in the room felt the need to clap as Ichigo jumped from his seat and smothered the boy in a hug. Toushiro just let it happen not able to stop himself from smiling.


Ichigo moved off when he heard that,

"Does that mean I have to take your last name?"

"Only if you want to Toushiro," Ichigo replied.


Ichigo was taken aback a bit by the sudden response,

"Not that I wouldn't be proud to have Kurosaki as a name but…meeting Rangiku, coming to the Soul Society. I know a lot it tied to my name and I plan to live with it. Maybe Toushiro Hitsugaya can actually grow up this time." He replied.

"You can get old enough to drink!" Matsumoto clapped, "And then you can come out with me."

"I think I'll pass," He shook his head.

"Oh you've got a while yet," She waved her hand.

"And what about calling you dad?" He looked back to Ichigo.

Ichigo couldn't help but suddenly smile when he said it but replied,

"Again only if you want to."

"That one I can get used to," Toushiro smiled, "Dad."

Authors notes: I do not own bleach's over. Epologue and all. Toushi is now Ichigo's son and can live happily ever after.

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