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This is the full summary: Bella Swan has been held captive for over a year by The Volturi, she won't be freed until she agrees to their condition - Become a vampire. Bella fears them all, and hates her life of starvation and torture. When Edward and Alice Cullen join The Volturi, she knows they are just as evil as the rest. But what's with Alice's kindness when there's no-one else around? And Edward's loving gaze?

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I cringed into the wall as Alec sneered in my face.

"You'll do what I say, or no dinner." He threatened.

I looked at the wall and tried to hold back the tears that were threatening me – I failed miserably.

I turned my head to look at him as the tears streaked down my face, "No." I whispered.

His crimson eyes hardened even more and he smiled wickedly, "Fine." He said, taking the food and placing it on the floor, "Let's see how far you stretch..." he said quietly, almost as if to himself.

His cold hand curled around my ankle and he pulled me harshly down the floor. My legs scrapped along the rough concrete floor and I gasped in pain.

He could only pull me a certain length of the cell, the chains stopped him. He measured where my leg could reach and then when he was finished he flung my legs back up the cell again, making me groan in pain.

He took the food and placed it a centimetre from where my foot had stretched to, it was just out of my reach...

He smiled sweetly at me and I glared at him as he walked out the door. I listened in horror to the sound that had filled my ears for 18 months now – the lock as it slid across the metal door.

I put my head against the wall and twisted my wrists in the chains to loosen them and relieve some of the pain. I started to cry again, as I did every day, remembering the memories of my parents before The Volturi killed them.

It had been a nice night, we'd gone out for a meal and we'd come home to watch the Saturday night TV shows that we loved. But we'd opened the front door to see a young girl watching us, her blonde hair and red eyes as penetrating as the sun. She'd smiled at our shocked faces and suddenly my parents fell to the floor, writhing in pain. I tried to bend down to help them, but my muscles suddenly locked and I couldn't move.

I stared at the girl and the boy who had come up behind her. Suddenly they moved from the doorway and three men walked up the hall towards me, one looking incredibly bored, one looking intrinsically evil and the other had a smile on his face that seemed to make him even scarier...

The smiling man raised his fingers and clicked them sharply, a sound that still rings in my ears. I'd watched as a massive guy walked up to my parents and pulled them into the house.

Suddenly it was as if my muscles had relaxed and I was able to move again.

I ran into the house after the man who had taken my parents. I heard the door closing in a purposeful movement and the fear struck in me.

I tried to take another step but my muscles were locked down again.

The man turned towards me, an evil smile on his big face. I watched in horror as he held up my father... And snapped his neck.

I screamed out, but I was shocked to notice I was feeling no pain.

Again he lifted my mother and did the same to her, dropping her on top of my father when he was finished.

I was crying at this point, but I wasn't feeling anything.

Suddenly I felt my muscles unlock and my legs buckled below me and I felt every emotion I should've when I watched them die. Except now, it was potent and stronger, taking over my body and making me wish for death myself.

But I got this life instead... I thought to myself as I looked around the cell through blurred eyes.

I'd been taken from my home and brought here... After we got here they told me what they were...


It was Jane who had made my parents squirm in pain and Alec who had cut of my muscles and emotions...

These people had to be the most evil people I'd ever heard of. The Volturi.

And they wanted me to be one of them....

That's why I was here... And I would be, until I agreed...

I lifted my head as the lock slid across and I heard voices filter through the near sound proof walls.

"I don't see why you would like to do this job." I heard Aro speak, his voice polite as always.

"Well we thought it would be fair if we started at the bottom of the importance list after everything we've put you through. Saying no and now saying yes to your kind offer." I heard a high voice speak, it sounded like Jane...

Aro laughed, "I'm still surprised Carlisle allowed you to come here."

"He didn't have a choice." I heard a boy talk and my heart thudded in my chest, something that had never happened before.

The girl laughed, the noise like bells, "Yes... He was quite willing to let us go."

"He really doesn't approve of our lifestyle... He probably wanted you to go, to come to us." Aro said confidently.

"Not as much as we wanted to come." The boy spoke again and they moved through the steel door.

I saw Aro first, his robes trailing the floor and his hands folded in front of his chest.

He moved across the cell, his eyes apprising me.

I moved my head away from him and looked at the new arrivals, the vampires who would certainly make my life hell.

The first was a girl. She looked to be around my age. She was tiny with short black pixie hair and she wore the same robes that every other member of the Volturi did. I stopped myself before I looked in her eyes, the evil that consumed the Volturi stopped me from looking.

I moved my attention to the boy. He was wearing the robes too and as I moved my frightened gaze up his body I saw just how gorgeous he was, and deadly.

He had perfect features, a strong jaw that any girl would love to run her fingers across and pale skin, paler than any other vampire I'd seen. His hair was tousled and a golden colour that seemed so natural is was unnatural...

By mistake I looked into his eyes. The red colour was penretrating into mine and I felt my heart lurch as I remembered the look on Felix's face as he killed my parents.

The boys eyes were narrowed in hatred and disgust and I felt myself take a deep breath as I tried not to cry.

"Introduce yourself Isabella." Aro spoke softly, menacingly.

I cleared my throat as I looked at both of them, "I-I'm Bella." I whispered.

They smiled, "I'm Alice Cullen." The girl spoke sarcastically.

I looked at her, her red eyes looking me up and down disgustedly.

I moved my eyes away from hers and looked at the boy, "I'm Edward Cullen." He spoke softly, which made him even more gorgeous, but more evil too...

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