For many years, I have been toying around with the development of a new league of extraordinary gentlemen ever since Mina Died. Now my timing could not be perfect. Soon many villains will come forth trying to make their claim on the world thus something must be down. A new league must be formed from the ashes. These are the candidates I have chosen with best regards from the government: Alice Liddell whose imagination can manipulate anything, the latest Son of Britain, Harry Potter, who is skilled with magic and defense against the Dark Arts, Percy Jackson latest son of Poseidon, Artemis Fowl skilled Irish thief who is accompanied by bodyguard family Butlers, Isabella Swan, vampire who is mentally shielded and Maximum Ride, Avian girl. They will be accompanied by Mma Ramottse and Robert Langdon an American scholar. It is with a heavy heart that the league must be mobilized gain. I pray that this time all the members survive.



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