JAGR: J___ and G____ Romance

It can be a crossover, or within one fandom. It can be serious, but it's better if it's a humorous crack pairing. (However, it can be written seriously, just to be absurd, like the example I'll write!) Slash or femslash is allowable, but non-slash is preferred. The rating must be T or less. Open to all categories, but the preferred ones are:


Mortal Instruments

Invader ZIM

Harry Potter

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

And crossovers of the above. You're allowed to pair fictional characters with real people, such as celebrities. For example: Joe (I made him up. Let's pretend he's from a fandom.) and Gaga Romance. (If you don't know who Gaga is- scratch that, if "Bad Romance" isn't playing in your head right now due to the words "Gaga" and "Romance", then something's wrong.)

Further Rules and Restrictions:

While writing the story, your computer must not be on fire.

All stories must be submitted on a day that ends in "y".

Spontaneous combustions and explosions in the story are, if not mandatory, awesome.

Have fun!