Jacob- from Twilight GIR- from Invader ZIM

Jacob skulked away from the Cullens' house, depressed that Bella would be dying for this baby, and also weighted by the knowledge that this would not have happened if she had chosen him.

If she'd chosen him… Jacob sighed and continued walking. In his haste, he did not notice the small metal object just beneath his waist, and he tripped and sprawled on the ground. He cried out in pain and crouched to examine his leg. After a moment, he came to wonder why he'd tripped. The tall werewolf looked up to see a small silver robot standing in front of him. That had to be it- a robot! He was so caught up in surprise that it took him a moment to recognize that the robot's pale blue eyes were focused on him intently.

As soon as he looked into the android's cyan eyes, Jacob felt something within him shift immensely, like going over the peak of a roller coaster. The pain in his leg was momentarily forgotten, as was the pain of losing Bella.

"Oh no! You fell down and junk! Oh, did I do that?" screeched the robot. "Lemme just get my cellular out, call you an ambiance. Oh wait, I can't. 'Cause I'm a robot? So…" He had a high-pitched, metallic voice, and in it, Jacob heard what he'd been looking for all his life. He realized that he'd been searching all his life for this electronic miracle, this rescue from his despair-filled life. This robot was the answer; it always had been. Jacob sat in awe as all the pieces of the universe connected. Before the robot could say another word, Jacob wrapped his arms around him and thanked him wordlessly.

And then Jacob's whole universe, Jacob's GIR, exploded in his arms, leaving him in darkness forever.