Chapter1- New start.

Somewhere in the promised land

Two figures could be seen sitting quietly on the beach. There was a greenish glow being emitted by one of them. In front of them was the peaceful ocean with waves slowly drifting towards them and behind them was a forest filled with different kinds of trees and plants.

"Hey...Renton?"Eureka asked quietly.

"Yeah?" he answered lighty.

"How are we going to get back?"

There was a moment of silence.

"I..." he muttered under his voice

They were both sleeping on the beach they had once visited with the kids over year ago. She didn't wait for an answer and shot out another one.

"Do you think the kids are alright? I mean, it's been almost a year now..."

"Of course! I'm sure Holland took care of em" he said, almost screaming out as he stood up, trying to cheer her up.

"Yeah.." she said.

His hands formed into a fist, without intent, he was staring at the ocean.

It was still night, the stars shone brightly around them. Eureka couldn't help but gaze at them, thinking of everything that had happened. A warm feeling covered her, she turned her eyes to see Renton holding her tightly.

"R-renton?"she asked in confusion

"I'm sorry." he said


"I can't figure out a way to get us back.." he answered.

She stood there for a while, and eventually held him with her arms as well. They stood there in silence, enjoying the moment. They eventually let go of each other.

"I'm sure we'll be able to leave soon" she said with a smile.

Renton couldn't resist but stare at her smile for a second, it gave him enough hope to believe in those words. As he thought, he smiled as well. They kissed each other for a small time. He sat down on the sand which was soft, she followed and leaned her head on his shoulder. And with that, they quickly fell asleep on the beach.

On the Gekko-go

A sigh was heard across the room where Holland and Talho slept with their child, Charles Novak. She was still sleeping as he stood over his son. He slowly took the baby's hand and rubbed it. He gave a little laugh as he left the room. In the meeting room, almost all the crew was there. Moondoggie, Matthieu and Hap were talking to each other while eating breakfast. Woz and Jobs were still arguing while Ken-Goh was sitting silently. Mischa was talking to Hilda.

"Yeah.. almost everyone" Holland thought as he walked in, thinking of Eureka and Renton.

Without them and the kids, things have been pretty quiet around the Gekko.

"Oh, hey Leader" said Hap, smiling as always.

Holland only gave a quick wave as he walked over the counter to get some coffee. He looked over the calendar. " Oh yeah... today was the day we had to pick up some stuff in Tresor." He let out another sigh has he left the room unnoticed. He was anxious to get his DevilFish back from the damage after his last encounter with his brother. He started to walk down towards the bridge, lost in his thoughts.

Even though Coralians and Humans had settled down, small rebellions started around the whole world, seeing as the U.F had lost it's commander they were trying to gain control over it as it was breaking apart. Gekko-go had interfered in a few cases, but without the DevilFish, there was little Holland could do but sit back and give orders. That really annoyed him . Plus, the 909 was under repairs as well. Many believe that the U.F is still corrupt, but there haven't been any reports of the new commander.

On the Super-Izumo

A young man with black hair was walking through the hallway towards the bridge. Lieutenant Dominic was called by the captain of the ship for a report on the recent attack on a city called Grunga. He passed through a few crew members who never seemed to notice him. He was just about to turn the corner when a hand snatched him away.

"Hey!What the.." he never finished that sentence.

"Oh, Anemone. What are you doing?" he asked.

"Nothing, but, why do I have a headache?" she asked him.

He stared at her for a few moments, he could see she had been in pain.

"Don't worry, just get some sleep, you're probably tired from everything" he replied.

He quickly gave her a hug that she accepted.

"Alright" she said as she walked away.

"I'll get her something to eat after this..Yeah, that'll be a good idea. And maybe some flowers."

He continued his path towards the bridge, uninterrupted this time.

As he walked in, he could see that every post was occupied.

"Captain" he stood straight and made a salute.

"You know we don't do that stuff anymore right.." Jurgens replied.

Dominic ignored the comment. The Super-Izumo and the Gekko-go were now even greater allies than they were before, Jurgens decided they would stay with Gekko-State and the rest of his crew agreed. The United Federation just couldn't be trusted anymore. With Tresor as their "base" they always had repairs done when necessary.

"Here's the report" said Dominic

He handed over the captain the notebook. Inside were pictures of rebels killing innocent civilians with guns, people would be battered to death and some would be simply shot in the head. It was a scene of horror.

"Casualties?" the man asked.

"Over 120, sir" the young lieutenant replied.

A sigh was emitted has the number was pronounced. Suddenly, a voice interrupted the conversation.

"Sir, we're currently approaching Tresor Facility" a young man with brown hair said.

"Good, establish contact and get us a landing spot." the captain replied.

"Yes sir!"

"I'm heading down, vice-captain, take care of things from here"

In the background noise, the communication man was talking to the control tower for clearance.

A red colored ship could be seen slowly descending from the sky as it touched down, the tires on the heavy plane screeched on the heating cement under the sun. It slowly stopped as it turned towards an empty hangar.

Aboard a ship

A young man walked through a hallway that wasn't very clearly lit up.

"Stupid task, stupid captain and STUPID LIGHTS.

The soldier was thinking of his miserable time aboard the stealth ship, DarkSinker.

"Of all places to end up in, I had to be stuck in this pile of crap of a ship."

He had to meet his captain for his daily task, making sure everything was okay on the ship. He hated it ever since he got promoted into a warrant officer. He preferred being a pilot, but he wasn't needed for the moment.

He scratched his blond hair as he knocked on the door.

"It's open" a deep voice said.

He opened the door to see his captain smoking as usual. The room was pretty clean, a brown wooden desk, a chair, some paintings on the wall, a library and of course a laptop. He stood there like he was bored. The captain was reading something on his laptop and finally spoke.

"So Jake, how are things around the ship?" he asked, not even looking up.

"Every thing's fine, there was a slight problem with the engines, but the engineers are fixing them."

"Good, now go to the bridge and tell them to turn this ship to headquarters."

"What? But we just got here, why would we want to return now? We don't have enough information to report back."

He stopped what he was doing and stared at Jake.

"Are you questioning me? Your commanding officer?" he asked in a serious tone.

His eyes were dead serious, Jake thought he was about to get killed on site for asking that.

"N-no..." he answered with a little shaking.

"Now get out, and shut the door." the captain barked.

"Damn it, how does he always do that..." he thought as he walked out of the room. He then started to walk towards the bridge. The rebel band Jake was in wasn't a normal one, it was dead strict, one mistake in front of a commanding officer could lead to execution.

Inside Tresor Facility

Over a loud speaker, a woman's voice could be heard.

"Captain Jurgens is demanded in the construction room"

As he made his way to the construction room, he saw engineers and technicians running here to there. The place was filled with them. It was as busy as any other day. Though today was going to be a little different.

He walked in the room and saw Morita, the chief engineer standing and looking over some KLFs that looked a little different from the normal ones. People were working on different sections of the area. There was even a test on some LFOs outside.

"Hmm, put that over there, no no, over there, yeah,"

He walked up to Morita and coughed.

"Oh, Captain Jurgens, good to see you again." he said with surprise.

"Yeah, yeah..." he answered without care.

"What is this?" he asked as he looked up to the new KLF.

Morita sighed as he looked up as well.

"It's somewhat a KLF, just better. It's faster, has more agility, and has mostly better accuracy than any other KLF. We call it the Dot."

"Dot?" Jurgens asked.

"Yeah.. some engineer came up with it and everyone agreed on it" he answered, with a small smile, a bit embarassed.

The KLF had the same original color but was thinner, allowing it to move faster than the normal KLFs that were bulky. The head was less square shaped and instead of an eye, they had a straight line that ran over half of the head, somewhat like the 505 Terminus.

"That's it's main weapon." he said as he pointed towards a gun held up by cables from the ceiling.

The gun was thinner but longer, allowing it more range. A set of wires were attached to it with some engineers still working on it.

"It's still a prototype, we haven't really tested it yet, but we're gonna finish up on it soon." the chief said

"What gave you the idea of making such a weapon?" Jurgens asked

Morita stared at him for a second before answering.

"Well, we didn't intend to construct it,but we still made it in case of any problems would come up and we needed some kind of fire power."

"Wait, what do you mean "we"?" the captain asked in confusion.

"Well, you, the Gekko-go and us." he answered with a know-it-all tone.

"Good thinking." Jurgens said.

Aboard Gekko-go's bridge

"Hap! How's the trapar level?" the leader asked

"We got a smooth flow" Hap answered

"Engines are okay and ready" Jobs suddenly said through the communications.

"Alright Moondoggie, full speed ahead, we wanna get to Tresor as fast as possible." Holland shouted as he sat on the captain's chair.

"Roger that, but what's with the rush?" he asked

"Just get on with it..."

Talho was listening to the news while baby Charles was staring at the ceiling with a smile in his mother's arms.

The Gekko-go's boosters fired up as they picked up speed. From the ground, a huge trail of smoke was clearly seen. Two men in brown suits looked up at the green ship flying away.

"Confirming that Gekko-State has left the area" one of them said.

In the promised land

"Renton! Watch out!" Eureka screamed out.



He tripped over a big branch that was lying on the ground and his head dropped into a mud flap. He raised his head and spit out some of the mud. "Doesn't taste good.." he remarked.

As he turned his head to Eureka, she couldn't help but laugh at his face covered in mud. Renton couldn't resist it either.

"Here, wipe it off with this" she said as she handed him a towel from her backpack. She found the backpack lying on the beach where they were a year ago, they figured it must have dropped from the Nirvash.

"Thanks" he answered

They had been wandering around the forest aimlessly. With no where else to go, they decided to look for something. Though they didn't know what the something might be. He took a few gulps of water to get rid of the aftertaste. "Come on, we better keep going if we're gonna cover some ground."she said.

Renton nodded as he took her hand in his. Eureka smiled and held his arm. Together they walked deeper into the forest, not knowing what was ahead of them.