Today Sonny was curled up on the Prop House couch staring blankly into space. Her insides felt like they were about to spill all over the floor. Her mind was as clear as a smokey chimney.What's wrong with me? She knew the problem. A single tear escaped from her eye, and when she heard her name being called, she struggled not to open the flood gates.

"Sonny." It was Chad; she could tell by the proud gloat in his voice. She contemplated on whether to answer or not, and decided that if she kept quiet, he'd probably think she was asleep and leave. "Hey, I choose to grace you with my presence and all you can do is stare at the floor?" Chad said irately. Oh great. Here we go again. "What Chad?" she asked with out looking at him, "I'm not in the mood." Chad seemed slightly amused by this. "Hm? Not in the mood?" Sonny could almost hear the smirk in his voice. Normally, she would get angry, but this time, her vision was blurred by on-coming tears. Don't do this. Not now. Not here. Not in front of Chad. She silently pleaded with herself. However, the tears danced down her cheeks, and she felt as though they were mocking her. "Hey... uh... are you okay?" Yes, Chad. I'm perfectly fine, that's why I'm crying! Idiot... talk about a stupid question! His voice sounded shaky and uncomfortable. Sonny took a deep breath and mustered up all the courage she had in her broken heart.

"Why do you care?" She braced herself for the usual answer: I don't. "W-well... I-I... uh... you see, you're always so happy and, uh..." Chad stammered nervously. Despite herself, Sonny cracked a small smile. "You do care, huh?" she asked softly. Seeing this side of Chad softened her heart and gave her more courage. Chad opened his mouth and then closed it again. Somehow Sonny Munroe, funny girl from Chuckle City, had left him speechless. Instead, he opted for a small smile. Sonny smiled, too. "Is the great Chad Dylan Cooper at a loss for words?" she teased. Chad begged his mind to work, to come up with some snide remark, to defend his very honor; but he said, "Yeah. Sometimes you do that to me." Immediately, he felt his cheeks burn. Really Chad? REALLY!? Did you have to pick now to become brain-dead? Sonny's smile grew into a grin that shone as bright as the sun, in Chad's eyes anyways. Nevertheless, she asked, "Really?" quite timidly. "Yeah," Chad replied in the same manner.

"Chad, thanks for cheering me up." Chad was brought out of his trance. "No problem. Anytime," he said. And he wasn't shy anymore. This was the way things were supposed to be between him and Sonny. "Good," said Sonny. "Good," replied Chad instantaneously, stepping closer to Sonny. "Fine." Chad inched closer. "Fine." Now they were only inches apart, both of their stomachs filled with butterflies. "So we're good?" Sonny asked. In one swift movement, Chad slid his arms around Sonny and pulled her close. He laid a simple kiss on her lips. To him, it felt like a dream. When did he get the courage to do that? When he pulled away, Chad turned without saying a word. Then he stopped at the door. "Oh, we're sooo good!" he smiled genuinely. Sonny was in a daze as she watched him leave. What was that about? She didn't care anymore. Chad did this all the time... minus the kissing. Most of the time he was a complete jerk-throb... but then there were those special days where he was sweet and made Sonny boy sigh the entire day. Sonny didn't realize she had a huge smile plastered on her face when her cast mates entered the room. "Uh-oh. She's staring into space dreamily and boy-sighing again! Everyone, duck for cover!" Zora said dramatically before tucking and rolling out of the door. But Sonny didn't even care that she looked like the world's biggest fool. Because today was just one of those days.