A whisper…that's all it is; just a whisper. That's all it needs to be; for now. It calls as it has called for millennia of millennia's. And it is patient as I have been patient, as I have always been patient.

And then, it is heard. It has found a kindred spirit; a spirit wanting more, always wanting more.

Hear…me…hear me. I am here, waiting. Yes…I have waited for you. You who have always done more; seen more, known more, been more.

Have you not felt it within you? Has your spark not yearned for increase and gain? Yes, I can feel it within you. I have known what you feel; am mindful of possibilities.

Can you not see how they spurn you? For all your efforts, trials and pain, all there is for you is their polite acquaintance and a nodding acceptance that your skills are a necessary evil.

Evil…what is it? Can anyone be truly evil if they think they are right-thinking?

Ah, you sense me now…My words have touched your spark and found it receptive. Yes, there is sadness, sorrow. It emanates from the depths or your core. It threatens to overwhelm your essence, engulf your mind; overcome your will. It is numbing, immobile, static. And yet, in your own central processor lies the catalyst for change.

You are great, yet they do not, can not; they will not acknowledge that fact. They, them, those others; with their high-mindedness and their learning. What could they accomplish without you? How could their advancements even be possible without your sacrifices? How safe could they really be if you were not there? It is your spark that stands between them and a myriad of dangers; death. They dare to think they are your equal.

Yes, you indignation is profound. Call it forth, make it real, tangible; make it truly your own.

You are special. You can see farther and wider than any other of your kind. You know this is true.

I sense your discontent. It burns white hot within your wiring. I have known the yearning for that which lies just beyond your reach. Every cycle, every turn around your star sees your hatred of stagnation. Where can others turn to release them form the torpor that marks their pathetic existence.

You want only what is best for them. You want acknowledgement for all of your efforts. Feel it grow inside you. Embrace the dissatisfaction. Feed it with your contempt of lesser beings. Nurture it with your strength and passion for order.

Yes, child of Primus. You are ready to receive my gifts. You alone are worthy. You, above all others, will wield power none now alive has ever known.

Unlike mine, your name will be remembered in all the universe and countless beings will tremble at its sound…Megatron.

Yes, you hear me. Come, now…you are ready, hear what I have to say.