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Regular= Shawn

Bold= Gus

Disclaimer: I do not own these lovely characters that are PSYCH!!!! I just like to borrow and play with them =D



"And then we burst into a rambunctious slurry of fiery hot dance moves."

"Shawn none of your plans ever turn out the way you plan it. You just wing it on the fly. No way, I ain't playing these games no more."

" I wasn't aware we were playing a game, but if we are may I suggest connect four. I don't know just getting those four little checker pieces in a row like that make my heart fill with joy! Must have something to do with deep rooted psychological issues, something about how I wasn't hugged enough as a child."

"Oh believe me Shawn, you've got issues."

"Gus what is up with you? With this? I thought we were like Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard, but obviously I was wrong."

"Wow wow wow, I no way am I Hugh Laurie!"

"Well obviously I'm Hugh Laurie, since I am clearly the more sarcastic and witty one of the group, but now that you mention it Robert Sean Leonard does have much better hair, which I obviously win...... Bad example. Ok scratch that we r now Joey and Jesse because I know how much you love Full House."

"What you talking about? I watched that show like twice when I was a kid."

"No you didn't! Just last week I walked in on you in the middle of 'Full House Wednesday' on ABC Family and then when you thought i wasn't paying attention you watched 'Secret Life Of The American Teenager' I mean really dude? Seriously I need to take away your guy card. But by now you would be at negative five thousand eight hundred and sixty four and I'm your friend so I don't want to do that to you."

"Whatever Shawn! I'm still not following your crazy plan that's gonna make me look like a fool in front of the entire SBPD! You always change it last minute and I'm stuck there looking like an idiot cause I didn't get the memo!"

"Gus I assure you that's not what's going to happened! Look, I promise you that I will not change the plan. No gimmicks. No funny business. And I promise that if you follow my plan I won't say anything about your incessant Full House watching to Martha, that new barista a starbucks that you seem to be taking the liking to."

"You wouldn't!"

"Oh yes I would."

"Fine Shawn you win his time. I'll follow your little plan, but if you switch it up I get to watch whatever I want on TV and you can't make fun of one thing, got it?"

"You have my word Gus."


"You said you weren't gonna change anything!"

"I DIDN'T........ except for the dance thing, but I personally thought you added something special to the crime scene, flailing around like a spazing monkey ninja, you really set the mood for the guy being taken away in handcuffs."

"You know what this means now."

"Full House Wednesday?"

"I'll make the popcorn."

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