"Hey, Dennis," Suzanne Dunne greeted as her boss and favorite partner-in-crime approached her desk. "Did you happen to read the newspaper this morning?"

"No. Why?"

"Then I guess you haven't seen the obits yet, either?"

Dennis resisted a sigh of impatience. "Who died, Suzanne?" he asked, reluctant to play along.

She gave him a grave look, pursing her lips together and raising her eyebrows slightly. She handed him a folded up section of newspaper. "The name Jeff Ferris ring any bells?" she asked significantly, already knowing it would.

The name caught his full attention. "Jeff Ferris? Donna's husband?" He grabbed the paper and scanned his eyes over it quickly. "Damn it," he cursed softly.

"Funeral's the day after tomorrow," Suzanne informed him quietly, appreciating the levity of the matter. "I already got you the day off."

"Thanks, Suzanne." Dennis gave her a half-smile and retreated to his office, closing the door.

He dropped the newspaper onto his desk and stared for a moment at the black-and-white photograph of his now-deceased high school rival.

He picked it back up, tore Jeff's obituary from the rest of the page, folded it and poked it into his pocket.