Author: Helbo

Pairing: Zack x Cody

Rated: M for this, and hopefully later chapters

Contains: Lemon, smut, twincest, slash, and whatever else


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The First Glimpse

It was a Saturday afternoon and the boys had just gotten out of bed. Carey was in the kitchen making breakfast, while Cody wobbled to her side, tired, to assist with cooking. Zack had decided to take a shower and left the door unlocked in case for emergency reasons.

As the two had just finished preparing the morning meal, Cody called out to Zack three times, each with no response. He thought that Zack was probably just finishing jacking off in their bedroom as he usually did every morning, hence why he was always late for school. Cody strolled to the bathroom door and opened it without thinking so he could relieve himself.

The wooden door swung open to reveal a slim figure standing with no clothes on with his back facing towards the door. Cody's eyes widened to see that the bathroom was occupied by his brother, and damn, was he hot. Although Cody could only see his twin's back, his groin began to heat up. Zack's body was perfect; the broad shoulders that defined his teenage, muscular figure, his perfectly sculpted arms from weight training, his gorgeous, shaved legs that were tanned and seemed to glow with radiance. But the one thing Cody couldn't stop staring at was his twin's ass.

Although Cody had seen it a million times before as a kid, he hadn't payed attention to it until now. Two perfectly round globes sat among the lower back of his identical copy. It was so round and full o that it just seemed to scream, "Please, please penetrate me!" Cody started to daydream about pounding his brother right then and there.

"Cody, are you okay?" His mother called from the kitchen.

Cody quickly snapped out of his gaze and pulled the door shut without his brother noticing. "Uh, yeah mom, I was just cleaning up Zack's mess as usual."

"Well tell him to hurry up, his breakfast is going to get cold by the time he ever gets out of that bathroom."

Cody yelled at Zack to hurry up and then joined Carey at the dining room table. She then laid a plate down at Cody's spot which had blueberry pancakes on them, Cody's favourite.

Cody starting eating the pancakes with happiness gleaming across his face, and then slowed down. He was staring at the blueberries.

Hmm, blueberries. They're so plump and round... just like my brother's butt.

Cody started getting hard again.

Oh jeez, I really shouldn't be thinking about these things. He's my brother, and I can't do anything like that to him no matter how much my hormones tell me to. Mom always tells us not to give into peer pressure or anything we know isn't safe, but I can't help but-

"Ohhh yeah, blueberry pancakes, my favourite!" Zack yelled from halfway across the room, snapping his brother out of his fantasy. Zack joined his mother and brother at the table and began to wolf down his food like a ravenous hound.

"Oh shoot, I'm going to be late for practice," Carey said suddenly.

"I gotta scoot now, in super emergencies I'm just downstairs, love you both." She said as she leaned in between the two while they both gave her a peck on the cheek.

"Love you." They both unanimously with monotonous voices.

There was an awkward silence after the parental guardian had left, so Zack and Cody ate the rest of their food quietly. Zack decided to break the silence.

"So, Codester, do you want to play the new Pajama Gama game I got yesterday? I promise I'll go easy on you." Zack said playfully.

"I don't know, I still have a lot of schoolwork to do left, and I'm starting to fall behind. I'm only one week ahead and I don't want to fall father back."

"Oh come on, is homework all you ever think about? I bet you haven't even started exploring sexuality yet."

It seemed as if a tonne of bricks had impacted Cody in the stomach. He knew his brother could be harsh, but he didn't have to play the hormonal card. Cody felt as if all his identical copy ever did was come-on to girls and think of different pick-up lines, while he was busy studying important things such as tax returns and financing. A look of distraught came across Cody's face.

"Woah, hey buddy, are you okay? I'm sorry if I came on too strong, what I meant is that you can't just spend your life rolling out the facts, you have to get loose once in a while, y'know?"

Although Cody hated to admit it, Zack was right. Although his philosophy was flawed, Cody needed to start having some fun. And he thought he would start right then and there.

"Zack, I need to tell you something." Cody said, hesitantly.


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