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Summary: Allen Walker was left with nothing the day that Mana Walker died, and lost his foster father a second time the day he tried to resurrect him, but he never expected he'd gain a family again, until he was taken in by Noah's Family. Now he's going to have to repent for his sins, by helping the Earl and the Noah's destroy the Black Order for good…

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A D Gray Man Fanfiction

By: Hakuma_Twins

Chapter by: Kougetsu_KitsuneHinote_Hakuma

Chapter 1: If it had been…

Short, brown hair fell over the pale skinned orphans face, faint sobs escaping the small boy's frame. He shivered slightly as he sat up, tears still sparkling at the corners of his young gray-toned eyes.

"Mana…" He whimpered, looking around for any sign of his 'Father'. "Mana…Mana…? Mana!?" He called out desperately, but only silence followed. Tears started to well up again in his now dull gray eyes as he whimpered and pulled into a ball, body aching as his metal-looking clawed left arm returned to its normal form, a rough rustic red arm with a glowing green cross imbedded in the top of his hand. He hardly noticed the large shadow as it passed over him, too distraught to even think of looking up at the moment.

"Poor child." A rough voice purred, the figure's eyes watching the boy from behind his round glasses thoughtfully. Never before had anything like this happened. After a moment, he came to a brief decision. "You could stay with me, if you wish." He purred, making the small brown haired boy look up weakly, the long cut down across his left eye still bleeding.

The marshmallow-bodied Victorian man held out a hand, a pink umbrella resting in his other hand as he held it over him and the boy. He could see a mix of hesitation, confusion, and turmoil written across the boy's face, not seeming to know what he wanted to do before he looked down slightly again, a blank look to his eyes as if he'd given up on life. The man inclined his head to the side slightly.

"I'm sure it's what Mana Walker would want." He added. He was rewarded as the boy's eyes shot back to him immediately, the ghost of something like surprise and realization flickering across them. It took a moment for the boy to react, reaching up and taking the man's outstretched hand weakly.

The man's ever present grin widened slightly as he lifted the boy to his feet, gently ushering him toward a black and red checkered door in the shape of a heart that stood a few feet away in the graveyard soil. The boy was surprised as the door opened into an almost unreal vortex, a girl stepping out.

She seemed to be only a few years older than him, with somewhat messy spiked black hair, wearing a frilled white shirt, black skirt, and black dress shoes over black and white banded tube socks that reached mid-thigh. She smiled slightly as her gaze fell on the small boy and she stepped to the side.

"Thank you for summoning the door, Rodo~" The man purred, a hand placed leisurely behind his back. The boy looked between the two uncertainly.

"So, who is this little kid, Duke?" She asked curiously, casting her gaze on him again.

"I've decided to take this child into our family. You see, he's lost his Father." He said before ushering the boy towards the door again. "His name is Allen Walker. I'd like to get him out of here before that meddlesome man, Cross, shows his face." He added, making the girl nod in understanding as her gaze fell on the green cross in the boy's hand. 'Allen' looked between them in confusion as he was pushed towards the door.

The boy's small body was shaking as he walked beside the large man, seemingly as though being pulled along by some otherworldly force rather than by his own will. Allen was still in shock over the second loss of his foster father, the man who had taken him in when no one else wanted him. He'd had renewed hope for the briefest of moments but that had been shattered.

'Mana…he must hate me now.' This was a thought that Allen couldn't suppress as he looked at the strange girl that had appeared, stepping towards the door. His gaze kept sweeping between the man and the girl uncertainly, but the man had said that this was what Mana would have wanted and Allen didn't want to do anything else that would further anger Mana.

"Hey, fatso." Called a voice as Allen placed one foot inside. The three turned their heads to see a man with long, unruly red hair dressed in black, a white mask covering the right side of his face, and a white gun glistening from his gloved hand. "Hand over the brat."

A flash of fear appeared in Allen's gaze at the man while the fat man's grin narrowed slightly.

"Marian Cross…I knew you wouldn't be far…" He growled with an almost feral hatred that didn't do anything to alleviate Allen's fear.

"Yeah, well… I just happen to have a promise to keep, that's all. Plus I can't let you steal away some kid with Innocence like this, as much as I'd like to be elsewhere…" He retorted calmly, though Allen could see a hidden look of anger at the fat man. And then another thing caught his attention. What was 'Innocence'? And what did it have to do with him? His questions went unanswered as the fat man grabbed the handle of the umbrella.

"Road, take Allen Walker back home while I deal with this little issue…" He growled, eyeing the red-haired man dangerously.

The girl nodded and pushed Allen through the doorway quickly, leaving no room for argument. Allen cast a quick, confused glance over his shoulder and noted that the fat man was now holding a sword before the doors shut. Not giving much attention to where he was being pushed to, he didn't register that they had exited the door to another place for several seconds.

Allen looked ahead of him again and gasped in awe at the grand appearance of the room, turning in a circle as he took everything in.. Ahead of him stood a pair of staircases on either side of the entrance, a silky red carpet covering the floor all the way down the hallways on either side of the foyer and up the stairs to the second story. Multiple doors lined just about every wall while a glittering crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling. Fine paintings were hung all across the wall and decorative wall lamps lit up the walls on every side. Lush, well cared for potted plants stood at the base of the steps off to the side, and the ceiling stretched higher than he thought possible for a single room. Behind them the checkered door had disappeared and a pair of polished, hardwood doors stood in their place, intricately carved and dawning two fine golden handles.

"Welcome to our home." The girl named Road chimed, hands idly clasped behind her back. All the boy could do was gawk for a long moment before finally finding his voice.

"H-home?" He stuttered, looking at her. He recalled the man from before mentioning taking him into their family, so he couldn't help but ask, "This is…my home…too?" He ventured weakly, still not fully recovered from his experience in the graveyard. She nodded with a constant smile, enjoying his shock at the scale and luxuriousness of it. He looked down, his thoughts swimming in a jumble.

"Who…He…what…" He shook his head, trying to find his voice again. "I mean…what…happened in that…graveyard? Who were those guys?" He asked, desperate to know what was happening. Everything since his foster father had died was a blur to him.

"It will all be explained in due time." She replied before taking him by the arm and pulling him along. He tensed at the sudden motion, not having expected it and stumbled along behind her, still wary around this girl, as well as the man from earlier.

"Wh…where are we going?" He asked, his left eye closed in pain and to keep the blood from leaking into his eyes.

"Lord Millennium left me in charge of you until he gets back, so I'm going to get you cleaned up." She purred as she pulled him down a long hallway.

"L-Lord…Millennium…?" He parroted in confusion. "You mean the man who…offered to take me in?" He asked shakily.

"That's right. Lord Millennium, or Duke of the Millennium is what we call him, though some people also call him the Earl, too." She answered simply before stopping in front of a door, swinging it open. The bathroom was fairly exquisite as well, with polished white tiles and a porcelain sink, not to mention the largest bath tub the boy had ever seen in his life on the far wall. He stopped to admire the room as the girl fetched a clean rag and ran it under some water, returning to him and started to clean the blood from the scar on his face, making him jump in surprise since his focus had been on the detail of the room and winced slightly from the mild pain, is thoughts once again going to Mana, the one who had slashed his face…

"So you're name is Allen Walker, right? So, where are you from?" She ventured with obvious curiosity. He nodded as the girl questioned him on his name but merely shrugged when she asked him where he was from.

"Um…somewhere in Britain, I think…" The boy shrugged again. "Not exactly sure where…doesn't matter anyway."

"So what happed to you that the Duke took you in?" She probed insistently, pausing in her scrubbing to wash out the rag. No doubt she'd hear it soon from the 'Duke' but she was buzzing with a lot of questions, especially as to why he took in a weaker sub-human like this. Of course, she hadn't failed to notice the rustic red arm or cross of Innocence, but she could already tell this boy had no idea about it. Tears stung the boy's eyes as he recalled what had happened in the cemetery.

"I tried… to bring Mana… my Father… back to life. But something happened." At this the boy glanced at his left hand; the hand that had succeeded in killing Mana for the second time. "He was angry… and my arm did something weird… and I destroyed him." Allen couldn't keep the tears at bay at this point. It was painful to relive what had to be the worst moment in his young life, despite all his other hardships that he'd already suffered through.

The girl blinked at him sympathetically as she continued scrubbing his face, feeling a bit bad for him despite herself. She realized that the Duke must've been trying to create another Akuma, and the Innocence in the boy's hand must've reacted to it. And this was the end result.

"You don't have to worry. I'm sure Duke Millennium will be able to explain everything." She assured, finishing with her cleaning in no time and going to wash out the rag.

"I hope so…" The boy really hoped that the man known as Duke Millennium would be able to explain to him exactly what was going on… because he was at a loss.

His thoughts were snapped back to reality as a human-like figure with dark gray skin and a black upside-down star on their forehead entered, an apathetic expression on its face. The odd maid woman passed the two without a glance and began filling the large tub with hot water while the girl rung out the rag for the last time and dropped it into a basket, not noticing the boy's almost terrified look as his gaze followed the maid.

"You can wash up there and then come out whenever you're ready." She said, turning to him again.

"Wh-what is that thing?" He squeaked. A second being seemed to be protruding from the maid, like a mummy with a stitch mouth, hunched over in a fetal position in the air, surrounded by an unusual glowing energy. The girl looked between Allen and the maid, not sure what he meant or what he was seeing, but after a moment she noticed his left eye had changed. It had turned a near solid black color with a red bulls-eye shape as the iris and pupil now.

"That is what is called an Akuma. You could say they help us out. The Duke will explain it all to you soon." She assured before leaving. Once the tub had been filled the Akuma maid also briefly left so that Allen was completely alone. After a few seconds another entered, which also had a second being protruding from it to Allen's eyes, and left a change of clean clothes just inside before also exiting. After waiting a few minutes to make absolutely certain that no one else was going to barge into the room, he removed his clothes and slipped into the tub.

The hot water felt good on his battered body and for a moment Allen just allowed the water to soothe the physical aches. The mental ones, however, would take longer to go away. He let his mind drift a bit back to the graveyard and everything the girl, Road, and the 'Duke' had said to him, especially the word for those…whatever they were. Akuma, was it? He'd heard it somewhere recently and tried to recall exactly where, searching through his memory tiredly. Then his thoughts dwelled on when he had called forth the soul of his deceased foster father, despite that he didn't want to think about it very much, still recovering from the trauma…

"Hello, little boy~" The purring voice greeted as the figure leaned over the tombstone that had been erected for his foster father, looking at him from behind his round glasses. "Would you like me to revive Mana Walker for you?" The boy's gray eyes looked up at the man weakly, a flicker of hopefulness in his eyes.

"You could do that…for me?" He asked weakly.

"Why of course~! But I can only do it with your help…" He purred, stepping aside to reveal a black skeletal looking thing. "All you have to do is call out his name and I can call your precious father back for you." He purred. The small brown haired boy shakily got to his feet, hobbling toward the skeletal creature before him.

"A…all I have to do…is call his name…?" He asked again hesitantly, looking at the large man hopefully.

"That's right~ Just call him back, and you'll be reunited." He purred. The boy looked back again for a moment before calling out the name of the only person that had ever truly cared for him.

"MANA!" A flash of light shot to the black skeleton, etching the name of his father on the skeleton's forehead. He brightened hopefully but the voice of his resurrected father sounded far from pleased.

"A…llen…you turned me into…an Akuma…" He growled. The boy gasped as one of the sharp arms of the skeleton lashed down across his eye, falling back in surprise and pain. "You turned me into an Akuma!!!" Mana snarled furiously. "I'll curse you…I'll curse you, ALLEN!!!"

Allen jumped, splashing water as he tried to force the memory away, tears welling at his eyes again as sobs started to erupt for another time and he wept to himself, wishing that he had never done that to his father that had already done so much for him. He felt like he'd somehow betrayed Mana. Wiping away the tears that had started streaming down his cheeks he went back to cleaning himself up.

After thoroughly washing Allen stepped from the tub, using one of the fluffy towels to dry himself before he put on the clothes that had been left for him. Then, once he was dressed, Allen gazed down at himself briefly. The clothes that had been left for him were composed of a white dress shirt and black dress pants that, although were simple in design, were still elegant and expensive in their own way, more so than his previous clothes by far.

"I look weird…" He muttered to himself before leaving the room. He had no idea where he was supposed to go and his gaze surveyed his surroundings as he stepped back out into the hallway, looking around hesitantly.

'Now what?' He thought. He turned his gaze as he heard a sigh, seeing an older male just down the hall walking toward him. He was a bit tall and dressed in a black and white tuxedo, his skin a dark gray and a crown of black crosses across his forehead. The man ran a hand through his slightly curled black hair that was tied into a loose ponytail, while he held a black top hat in his other hand before looking up with piercing golden eyes. He raised a brow at the boy with short, brown hair. He'd heard something about the Duke bringing home a boy, but he hadn't been paying much attention otherwise.

He noticed the boy looked a bit lost, though he wasn't too surprised with how big the mansion was, and stopped a few feet away, the boy shifting uncomfortably under his gaze.

"Hey, boy. Lost, are we?" Allen absently wondered how many people called this place home, though it seemed large enough to him to house an entire city, and he paled slightly at that thought, not having had very good experiences with most people, owing to his deformed arm.

"It's not boy…my name's Allen. And I'm not lost. Just not exactly sure where I'm supposed to go." It was far from a polite answer but at the moment, Allen was unconcerned by that fact, despite that Mana had been teaching him to always be polite and gentlemanly. The man was slightly impressed by the brazen response despite himself, a brow still raised.

"Well if you're done with whatever you were doing, then I would assume that the Duke and Road are waiting in the den, which I'm assuming you don't know where that is." He stated.

"Um…unfortunately no." Allen continued to stare at the man for a couple of moments longer, a thin piece of fabric clutched in his right hand. The boy had left the top button of his collar unbuttoned and had decided against the neck tie. Mainly because he had no idea how to tie the darn thing. The man before him sighed and started down the hall past him, gloved hands going to his pockets as he returned his top hat to its perch.

"Fine then. Follow me." He instructed. Allen hesitated for only a moment before falling into step behind the man silently.

The man in the tux led the way to a pair of doors just a little ways away from the front of the manor, pushing the thick, polished doors open by their gold handles. The room inside was generally dark, a large fire place on the far wall the only thing illuminating the room once the doors closed again and the man led Allen inside. The fat man from before, who Road and the man in the tux kept calling 'Duke', looked up curiously as the two entered, sitting on a wooden rocking chair near the fireplace while Road was laying on the ground stomach down, , idly kicking her legs in the air.

Allen's gray eyes surveyed the room, falling on the fat man and girl from earlier, recalling their names after a moment of thought. This room was just as lavish as the others in the manor, or at least as far as Allen could tell. It was a little difficult owing to the lack of light. She brightened as they entered before the Duke spoke.

"Ah~ There you are, Tyki-pet~! And I see you've met Allen Walker already." The Duke greeted as the man twitched at the pet name, sighing and pinching the bridge of his nose.

"Like I've said before, Please don't call me that, Duke Millennium." He strained. The boy's gaze went back to the man, whom the Duke had called 'Tyki-pet', and he took in the irritation in the man's voice.

'Note to self, don't call him by that name.' He silently thought.

"Please, feel free to make yourself at home, Allen Walker." The Duke said, motioning to the general area around the fireplace with one hand. Tyki, for his part, took a seat in an armchair a little farther away from the group, digging around in his breast pocket for something idly.

"Um…thank you." He uttered, remembering the manners that Mana had taught him. Allen idly stepped further into the room . He didn't really know what to do so he sat down in a plushy chair, gazing around the room for a couple of minutes more before turning questioning eyes to Duke Millennium. He was careful to mind his manners again as he spoke to the man. "Excuse me, Duke Millenium, can I ask a question?"

"Of course, go right ahead." He responded, motioning with his hand for the boy to continue. Allen's thoughts briefly flashed back to the strange creature that Road had called an Akuma, and to the graveyard for a moment, before the boy took a deep breath and continued.

"Those…Akuma, was it? What exactly are they? Look's almost like two people sharing one body…" Allen tilted his head slightly to the side as this thought crossed his mind.

"Oh?" The Duke thought a moment, remembering Road had mentioned something about it after leaving Allen to his own devices. "Well, to put it simply, the Akuma are sort of like soldiers of God." He said carefully, a hand placed to his chin thoughtfully. "I was about to explain this to you, actually. After all, you are part of the family now." The Duke noted a curious, somewhat confused glance from Tyki as the man pulled out a cigarette he'd been searching for, lighting it and placing it to his lips. "As well as about that arm."

Allen's gaze shifted to his left arm, the source of much of the suffering he had endured in his life.

"You know what's wrong with it?" He'd always been curious about the strange appendage but even more so after the incident at the cemetery.

"Indeed I do~" The Duke purred. "It's actually made out of a substance referred to as Innocence, what some like to call 'God's crystal', and you are not the only one that possesses it. There are others who have it as well, only theirs each take a different form." He stated, earning Allen's full attention. His mind flashed to the red haired man in the cemetery that had mentioned something about it before his thoughts returned to the present.

"W…was that man…in the cemetery…did he have it too?" He couldn't help but ask hesitantly, earning a nod from the Duke.

"Yes, he is indeed. He's been quite troublesome to us as well. You see, the people who use 'Innocence' refer to themselves as 'Exorcists', working for an organization that call themselves the Black Order and work for the church. However, even though they call that substance the 'God's Crystal' and say that they are there to help the world, they are the true enemies and destroyers of the world." He rumbled.

"Enemies of the world…" Allen repeated, his gaze once again shifting to his left hand. His thoughts shifted back to the comments that people had made about his arm in the past. "So everyone was right… I really am an abomination…" He thought aloud dejectedly.

"No, no, you shouldn't say that~!" The Duke interjected. "In fact, you may be just what we need to turn the tables." He said thoughtfully. "You see, the exorcists are chosen by the Innocence, and because they are accommodators, or people chosen by the Innocence, the Black Order recruits them, telling them that they are carrying out God's will, but it is really the work of the Devil. Theirs is a false God, but those in our family are the true apostles of God, and although you aren't exactly the same, you're part of our family now." He said with a gleeful tone.

"But if I was chosen by the Innocence…doesn't that make me the same as them?" Allen was slightly curious and confused about how he was different from the others who had this substance called Innocence.

"Yes, in a way, you are the same, but you have not been tainted by them or their false god as those in the Black Order have, because we just so happened to find you first. Luckily we made it to you before that man, Cross, otherwise he would have tainted you and tricked you into joining them. And with the proper guidance and training, you will be able to use your Innocence to save this world, following the will of the true God." He purred. Tyki no longer looked surprised as he idly puffed away at his cigarette while Road seemed interested in listening, or more specifically, listening to Allen.

"The Innocence chooses who will wield it, the person doesn't choose the Innocence. That means that you have the choice to be an exorcist or not." Road added, kicking her legs in the air and earning Allen's attention. "Which means you can also choose to join us and be a true apostle instead of a false one."

"I think that…Mana would want me to help people." The boy's thoughts once again returned to the man who had taken him in when he had no one, and for a second his mind flashed back to his foster father's resurrection.

You turned me into an Akuma!!!

Allen swiftly shook his head, choking back the tears that threatened to well up again as he looked to the Duke.

"…but…when I tried to…to bring Mana back…" He said, earning Tyki's curious attention. "…he sounded angry about it…like being turned into an Akuma was bad…" He choked.

"Hm…" The Duke put a hand to his chin thoughtfully for several seconds. "Well… sometimes the souls that are brought back are confused or scared… especially if they have been tricked by the false god that the Exorcists follow…" He explained. "But by turning them into Akuma, you are really saving their souls." Allen looked at him for a few moments longer before looked down again.

"Oh…" He uttered, figuring that that made sense.

"However, once an Akuma is destroyed by Innocence, it is taken by the false god again…" He stated, making Allen flinch slightly. "However, you can redeem yourself to Mana and the true God if you help us, and the people out there all across the world." Allen looked at the Duke thoughtfully before holding up his left hand, gazing intently at the little green cross imbedded in it.

"Then if this can help people and make Mana happy…then I'm all for using it." His gaze once again shifted to the Duke of the Millennium. "I choose to be a member of your family." The Duke's ever present grin widened slightly.

"I knew you'd make the right decision." He said. "Now I'm sure you've had a long day. Why don't you go sleep? After all, there will be much to do now that you're joining our family." He said before looking to Road. "Why don't you show Allen Walker to his bedroom, Rodo~?" He suggested. With smile still present, she jumped to her feet.

"Of course."

Allen got to his feet at the same time, practically waiting for the girl named Road to seize him by the arm as she had before. But before that happened the youth turned to Duke Millennium and offered the man a polite bow.

"Thank you for everything, sir."

"It was no trouble at all. Now hurry off to bed. A boy like you needs his rest." The Duke purred. Road took that as her cue and quickly dragged Allen out of the room and up the nearest flight of stairs in the foyer to the second story hall and into an elegantly decorated room.

"This is your room." Road said, looking at him to see his reaction to all this.

"You could've just told me to follow y'know." The boy muttered before his gaze swept across the room that she said would be his. His gray eyes grew wide. Inside the room was a rather large bed, covered in regal, thick red silk blankets and pillows, a few paintings on the walls and just as exquisite curtains hanging in front of the window. A few tall bookshelves stood on one wall while a polished hardwood dresser stood on one side of the bed and a night stand on the other. This was far more than he was accustomed to and he actually found himself at a loss for words.

"Are…are you serious?" He asked as he finally found his voice, turning his gaze back to Road. She nodded with a satisfied look, getting great enjoyment out of his bewildered expression.

"The whole room is all yours." She replied.

"Wow," the boy breathed, the neck tie he'd been holding fluttering to the floor as his hand slackened. This was beyond even his wildest dreams. He barely registered Road let go of his arm and prance across the room, circling around to the other side of the bed, hopping onto it stomach first and bouncing slightly as she made impact.

"Why don't you come feel how comfy the bed is?" She said, looking at him almost expectantly.

Allen hesitated for a moment, not sure whether to or not, but after a moment, the pull was just too strong for him to withstand. Walking across the room the boy flung himself on the bed. It was wonderfully soft and Allen felt himself sink down slightly.

"This…is the softest bed I've ever felt." He sighed contently. He never even thought it was possible for a bed to be as soft and comfortable as this, it was almost like laying on a cloud. Road's face was filled with amusement, chin resting on her palms as she gazed at him.

"And if you ever need anything, one of us or the maids is pretty much always around. My room is just two doors down from here." She added the last part with a slight purr to her voice.

"Thank you. I'll remember that." He said gratefully, offering Road a smile. This was so much different from the life that Allen had led up until this point and he was feeling a little bit overwhelmed. Road smiled wider before sliding off the bed, trotting to the door and turning around in the doorway, hands behind her back.

"I'm going to go talk to the Duke. You can just relax or sleep in here now if you want." She said before leaving and heading downstairs again. Allen watched her leave before pulling off his shoes and settling in the center of the bed. So much had happened that day and the boy was still somewhat confused.

'This seems somewhat strange…' He thought to himself, pulling his knees to his chest and wrapping his arms around them. '…but everyone here is so nice. I'll have to work hard to find a way to repay them for taking me in.'

Tyki sighed, releasing a cloud of smoke as Road pulled the boy from the room, looking over at the Duke Millennium.

"Honestly, I'm surprised that you would make a move like this, Lord Millennium." He said, still arching a dark brow in the large Victorian's direction. "Do you really think a boy with Innocence will be able to help us? What if he decides to join the Order after all?"

"You're just thinking to hard about this, Tyki-pon. As long as we're careful not to expose him to them too soon, he'll stay loyal to us. After all, he'd do anything for his Father." The Duke purred, having thought this through rather carefully. "We only need to continue our charade for a while. Eventually he'll follow us without question or hesitation. Just give it time." He assured. "Speaking of the boy and the Exorcists, he'll need someone to train him… I'd like you to do it, at least at first." Tyki sighed and hung his head slightly.

"Sure, why not?" He conceded reluctantly.

"Good. Now, once your current mission is finished and you've returned, you can begin with the training." He said with a satisfied nod of his head. "And be sure he doesn't come into contact with any exorcists. Especially not Marian Cross."

Authors Note(2): So yeah, pretty much the Earl went and deceived Allen into joining them, but what's new? Lol Obviously Road is going to enjoy Allen being with them quite a lot, but aside from that, I'll probably only spend 2-3 more chapters on young Allen. Please R&R!!!