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Behold, the corruption of Allen *insert evil laugh here*

A D Gray-Man Fanfiction
By: Hakuma Twins

Chapter 6: Innocence of the Family of Noah and the Duke's Scenario

Road idly huffed as she looked out over the crowd of people, the small girl dressed in a lavender-blue frilled dress that reached down to her knees and a bodice, white lace bordering her sleeves and part of the back of the shirt. She was wearing expensive high heels with flower decor and white cloth gloves over her hands. Her black hair was done up into a loose bun with a flower-tied ribbon just above her right ear.
She found parties like these to be rather boring or otherwise pointless but it was something that was required living with her father Sheryl as well as the outer appearance of their family to the general public. She'd been forced to stay close to Sheryl, the Duke, and her uncle, Tyki for much of the party, though at the moment Tyki was forced to mingle with the other people at the party, though she wasn't so concerned about that. She looked around before pouting again to herself slightly and looked to the Duke, pout still in place as she tugged on his sleeve slightly, earning his attention.
"Duke, can I go find Allen?" She asked. It hadn't been the first time since the ball began that she'd tried to get him and Sheryl to agree. After a moment of thought he nodded, giving in to her charm.
"Alright. I believe he was mingling with the young ladies on the dance floor." He consented. She instantly brightened and turned to quickly descend the stairs, lifting the hem of her dress slightly as she did so and making her way into the crowd. Her dark eyes scanned around the large ornate room vigilantly as she made her way across the fine polished marble, before her gaze fell on a silver-haired boy that seemed to be just a few years older than her dressed in a pure white tuxedo with a top hat and red ribbons and trim. Several girls, a few of them the small girls who'd played with him on the terrace during his first party, were standing around and giggling flirtatiously, no doubt at something he'd said. Allen could be quite the actor when he wanted to be, despite that he had practically become like a Noah himself in view and mentality.
She skipped towards him, maneuvering through the crowd with obvious practice before going to pounce on his arm.
"Here you are, Allen~" She purred affectionately.

"Good evening Road," Allen said, inclining his head slightly to the girl who had just seized him by the arm. He was surprised that she hadn't accosted him sooner, almost disappointed actually. He wasn't really enjoying himself mingling with the people who attended this party, their talk so mind numbingly boring. "I wasn't aware that I was lost but I'm certainly glad that you found me."

Road offered him a smile, her gaze knowing though he was one of the only people that would be able to pick up on this fact. Despite the semi-occasional rough 'game' the pair had grown fairly close and the Noah girl could pick up on how he felt over a situation pretty easily, even without using her abilities to read into a person's mind.
"I imagine after all the talking and mingling you've done today your probably thirsty. Why don't we go get something to drink?" She ventured, using it mostly as a means to get away from all the oggling girls that he was preoccupied with.

"That is an excellent idea," Allen said, jumping at the opportunity to get away from the group that had surrounded him. They had been hounding him for the better part of the night and this seemed like a great chance to make his escape. Turning back to the group he gave them a polite bow, playing his part perfectly as always. "If you'll excuse me..."

"'re going already?" One of the girls whined in disappointment.
"Well if was lovely talking to you." One of the others consented, offering a slightly curtsy.
"I hope you'll spend time with us next time, Allen!" A third chimed in.
Once goodbyes were finished Road led Allen away, who was quite a bit taller than her now, though he was still slightly shorter than some other males his age. Road used the cover of the crowd to their advantage to sneak out unnoticed into the halls. After all, it was unlikely the Duke would approve of them ditching the party.
She found one of the various rooms that had some comfortable furnishings before releasing his arm, though he didn't seem to be too bothered by it like he used to, especially since he was much stronger than back in those days when he was still even shorter than her, even if just by a little.

"That was beyond annoying," Allen muttered as he moved toward one of the chairs that was positioned in the room. Removing the top hat he tossed it aside, it coming to rest in one of the other chairs. "I still hate these stupid parties..."
Of course he would never say this to the Duke, since he saw it as his duty to attend, but that didn't mean that he had to enjoy it. And the good thing about being with Road was the fact that he didn't have to pretend. She disdained it as much as he himself.

"Yeah. But just think, once we're done purifying the world, there won't be any more stupid parties with those filthy sub-humans." Road mused, taking a seat on the armrest next to Allen. It had often been a habit of hers to stay close to her 'little brother' whenever she could, probably part of why they had become so close. "After the party ends and we go back to Lord Millennium's mansion we could always 'play' with Jasdero and Debitto~" She tempted with a purr to her voice, twirling a lock of his white hair around one finger. It had pretty much always been one of the things that she loved exceedingly about him and made him even more unique and interesting from other sub-humans, though she would never call him one now. To her he'd become the same as another Noah, even if he didn't have the awakened gene's of one.

One corner of Allen's mouth twitched up into a smile. "That sounds like fun," he mused, idly tapping his fingers on the chair as though he were playing the piano. "Though they may be hiding from us... I don't think they enjoyed the last game that we played together."
He chuckled lightly as he recalled that day.

"But it wouldn't be as much fun if they did." Road pointed out with a devious grin. "Besides, it's not like we can play with Skin or anyone else like that." She added, remembering the first, and last time that they'd tried that, at least in the house. Once had been with Skin and of course the large Noah had nearly brought half the manor down and they'd not been allowed to anymore. Mostly because their finances and building budget weren't big enough to have to rebuild the house every time the big lug decided to turn the tables.
And of course Lulu Bell just wouldn't have it, period. That had been fairly obvious when the panther-like Noah had nearly turned Allen into a shredded cat toy, and compared to the other Noah's, she wasn't as openly accepting of Allen.
Even so Road didn't find them nearly as entertaining anyways so that left the pairs two favorite tormentee's, Jasdero and Debitto.

"I know it wouldn't be as much fun if they enjoyed it," Allen said casually. "I just meant that it'll be harder than usual to find them." A grin formed across his face. "I didn't say that it was impossible or that I wasn't up for trying."

"But that just makes it more fun~!" She chimed with a grin. "Just imagine their faces when we find them."

"You always have been partial to hide and seek," Allen mused thoughtfully. A smirk appeared on the teen's face as another thought occurred to him. "So, do you think Sheryl has picked out a bride for Tyki yet tonight?"

Road snickered as Allen said this, leaning back slight and resting her head on his shoulder.
"He even got Lord Millennium to go along with it this time." She chimed in his ear.

"That'll go over well," Allen said with a smirk. "He'll be chain smoking by the end of the night... if he isn't already."

Road smiled at that thought before draping her arms around his shoulders, putting on a pout.
"A-llen~ will you play that song for me?" She asked in a whiny voice, though she knew he could tell it was to get her way. Of course that still didn't stop her from doing it nor did it lessen the success rate of it. She also didn't need to elaborate which song she meant either, since there was one in particular that always remained her favorite.
And the one that only Allen could play.

"If you wish," Allen said, getting to his feet and walking over to the piano that was positioned in a far corner of the room. "You know, the whiny tone isn't really necessary..." he said quietly as he sat down at the piano. Poising his hands over the ebony and ivory keys he turned and offered her a roguish grin before beginning to play.
He still had no idea why she liked this song so much, she had never elaborated, but it was the one that she always asked him to play.

"Of course I know." Road returned, flopping back into the chair he'd previously occupied as Allen sat down before listening to him play, looking somehow more peaceful than her usual devious and malicious nature, humming slightly with it. She could never figure out why he seemed to be the only one who could play the song, not for certain anyway, though she had a few vague suspicions. Of course this thought rarely came up anymore, just letting herself enjoy the tune she'd missed for a long time until Allen joined their family.

As the notes of the song filled the room, Allen closed his eyes and began to sing in a quiet voice. For whatever reason this had been a song that he just seemed to know, ever since Road had hummed the first few notes of it so many years ago. Over time he had gradually learned others, now having a fairly vast repertoire of songs, but this one was by far the easiest to play.
And the one that he always performed flawlessly.

Road listened as she gazed at Allen through half-closed eyes, listening to the boy since along to the tune for a while, before it started to wind down towards the end. As it did Tyki chose that moment to appear, stopping in the doorway, not having expected them to be here.
"Shouldn't you two be at the party?" He asked aloud, gazing over both of them. "What are you doing way in here?"

Removing his hands from the keys and turning to face Tyki, the white haired teen tossed back. "Shouldn't you be at the party Tyki? After all I'm sure whichever future wife Sherryl picked out for you will be missing you soon." He couldn't keep a roguish grin from spreading across his face as he said this, knowing the affect that it would likely have.

Tyki nearly choked on his cigarette before casting in indignant glare at the boy.
"There is no future wife!" He barked, having gotten really tired of this years ago. Eyeing them he added, "And I highly doubt Duke Millennium gave you any permission to leave the party before it's over.""But aren't you ditching too, Tyki~?" Road retorted with a purr like the cat that caught the bird, especially when he wore a look of being caught in the act.

"Sounds like grounds for extortion to me," Allen said, the grin on his face only growing wider. "Tell you what Tyki, we won't tell on you if you won't tell on us. Deal?"

Tyki's brow twitched slightly as he walked into the room towards a different side, pulling his cigarette away from his lips and exhaling.
"Please, like I was planning to tell the Duke to begin with."

"You can never be too careful," Allen said with a chuckle, turning back to the piano and idly playing a few more notes. "I'm not in the mood for a lecture."

"Well perhaps you need one~" The Duke's voice purred, nearly making Tyki choke on his cigarette for a second time. "Shouldn't you all be at the party?" He asked, eyeing all three.

"Well that was lousy timing," Allen muttered in a voice low enough to prevent the Duke from overhearing. Turning around on the piano bench once more he gazed at the man, silently wondering why neither Road nor Tyki had warned him about that.

"I almost expect as much from you, Rodo~ but you two?" He continued, his gaze going from first Allen then Tyki. "You weren't planning to ditch the rest of the party, were you~?" He asked in a slightly reprimanding tone.

Allen forced his face into his best innocent expression as he turned large gray eyes to the Duke. "We wouldn't dream of doing such a thing Duke Millennium... we were just taking a short break."

Eyeing the boy a moment he nodded his head in acceptance.
"Alright then, I expect you to be back within the next ten minutes then." He purred. "I'll be keeping my eyes out~" With this said he turned and left the room back toward the party, leaving the trio alone.
"That was a nice save, boy." Tyki sighed, grinding the end of his cigarette into an ash tray.

"Ugh," Allen groaned once the Duke was gone, reaching up and running a hand through his white hair. "Not such a good save... now we have to go back."

"And that surprises you?" Tyki chuckled. "You should know the Duke better than that by now, boy." Road leapt up from her place on the chair and made her way over to where Allen sat on the piano stool, throwing her arms over him and resting her head on his shoulder with a pout. "Well there goes the last fun of the evening..."

"I never said that I was surprised," Allen said, getting to his feet and going to retrieve his top hat from the chair where he had tossed it earlier. Picking it up he twirled it with one hand, turning his attention back to Road. "We should go... I doubt that I'll be able to get us out of trouble twice in one night."

Road sighed as she moved to follow him.
"At least we won't have to go to very many more parties after this, I would think." Road pointed out.

"Oh," Allen said as he stepped out into the hallway. "And why is that?"

"Hasn't Lord Millennium told you yet~?" Road purred, latching her arms around one of his as she leaned up towards his ear. "It's almost time to raise the curtain and begin our plans against the exorcists." She said more quietly, almost in a whisper.

Allen gazed down at her, a smile on his face and a strange expression in his eyes. "I was not aware... now I feel a little left out."

Road smiled at him deviously.
"You don't have to worry about that. After all, you have a large role to play in the Duke's scenario."

"Yet another thing that I was unaware of," Allen mused as he led the way back to the ballroom. They were on a time limit after all so he didn't want to delay their return. "What else have you guys been keeping from me?"

Road pouted with feigned hurt.
"You make it sound like we're hiding the whole world from you when you put it like that." She said incredulously, though she knew he'd see through her fake hurt since almost nothing got to her.

"Uh huh," Allen said, not the slightest bit fooled. "It would almost be better if you had," he added in a whisper that was meant solely for her. "Because then I wouldn't be forced to mingle with these people and pretend that I'm interested in their boring and trivial lives."

Road cackled in amusement at his words, fully agreeing with this comment, though Tyki looked like he had similar thoughts even if he hadn't heard the teenager.
"I find entertaining thoughts of 'playing' with them in my mind really helps to make it more enjoyable." She commented, offering a bit of her inner secrets of handling such unlikable events.

Allen seemed to perk up at the thought. "That is a great idea... now why didn't I think of that?"

"Because I've simply had more time and practice coming up with that." Road shrugged. "Living many generations longer than almost everyone gives you a lot of opportunities to be creative." She stated with a grin.

"I suppose there is that," Allen said with a shrug of his own shoulders. By this time the trio had made it back to the ballroom, the white haired teen forcing a smile back onto his face. He would act as though he were enjoying himself, even as he envisioned several of the more annoying people suddenly bursting into flames.
That thought brought a genuine smile to his lips.

The party had ended at long last after carrying into the night and the last of the guests had just bade their farewells and headed home in their own private carriage's. The Akuma maids who were present were bustling about, cleaning up the ballroom. Tyki sighed as he flopped into a chair, while his brother was still rambling on about 'how he should've gone for that one lovely brunette' or 'how could he pass up such a lovely young woman such as...', annoying him to no end.
Road giggled at their exchange before Allen made his reappearance with the Duke in the lead, coming back from dismissing the last of the guests. The girl pranced down the steps to greet them, throwing her arms around her younger brother affectionately.
"Did my advice help~?"

"Very much so Road," Allen said, wrapping one arm around her shoulders in an affectionate, one armed embrace. "Thank you."

Road offered him a bright smile before turning her attention to the Duke as he headed up to the top of the stairs. Turning his gaze down he called for them to follow.
"Come along, you two~, we have something important to discuss." Road let Allen go and pranced up the stairs. "Road, if you would..."
Road nodded before summoning her bright heart-shaped door, the Duke heading in first with Tyki and Sheryl following behind, while Road waited for Allen to reach the door. Once he had they traveled a short way to the exit, coming out to the dining hall of the Duke's manor.

As the group came out from Road's door, they came to the dining hall of the Duke's mansion, a feast laid out in front of them. Of course one could only guess Allen's reaction to the sight.
Skin, Lulu Bell, and the twins - looking decidedly unhappy to be there instead of in hiding - were entering at about the same time.

A bright smile appeared on Allen's face as his gaze fell upon the food that was laid out. Tilting his head slightly to the side he questioned, "What's the occasion?" Something about this situation, notably that the entire family seemed to have gathered, struck him as odd.

"I have an announcement to make~" The Duke said, taking a seat at one of the chairs before motioning for the others to do the same. Road took a seat in her customary place, right next to where Allen normally sat, while Jasdero and Debitto made sure to sit as far away from the pair as was possible.

"They don't seem to trust us," Allen mused quietly, his gaze shifting toward the twins. He gave them an innocent smile that promised future torment before turning his attention to the Duke.

Debitto glared while Jasdero seemed preoccupied looking around for a place to escape through after dinner, until their attention was brought back to the Duke.
"Some of you already know but it's time for us to begin our prelude to the final show with the exorcists~" The Duke announced.
"It's about time." Debitto huffed.

"While others are still woefully in the dark," Allen added, his tone polite as he gazed at the Duke. Having spent a great deal of time with Road the boy was much more likely to speak up now as opposed to when he was younger but he still maintained a respectful attitude.
At least most of the time.

"Don't worry, I fully intend to inform you." The Duke promised. "Especially since you have a particularly important role~"

"Everyone keeps saying that," Allen commented casually. His curiosity had been piqued and he was anxious for the Duke to explain things to him.

The Duke nodded, lacing his fingers together.
"This may come as a surprise to you, but your role will be to infiltrate the Order and pose as an exorcist." The Duke informed.

Allen's gray eyes widened as he heard these words.
"You're joking right? You can't be saying that you actually want me to buddy up to people that I've spent so much time systematically tracking down."

Having fully expected the boy's objection the Duke merely nodded his head slightly.
"It seems like quite a while ago that you were brought into the family, even if it was only three years ago, and you've far exceeded my expectations and become an equal member of the family since. You've even come to accept killing the exorcists and sub-humans without too much trouble and I couldn't be prouder, Allen~" He praised. "All of this training was to eventually lead up to this. With your help, we can finally be rid of the troublesome Exorcists and purify the world anew. With you acting as our little agent in secret, the Exorcists will stand no chance. All of their strengths, weaknesses, and secrets will be easily and readily available to us, and we'll know everything happening on their side of the War. I'm sure you'll be able to pull it off seamlessly, won't you~?"

Allen gazed at the Duke for a long moment, taking all of his words into consideration. As a wielder of Innocence he was the only one who could infiltrate the Black Order and it would be useful to have a spy for their side among the Exorcists. Nodding his head he offered the Duke his most charming smile. "Of course I will Lord Millennium."
His voice sounded so innocent as he said this.

"I'm very glad to hear this, my boy~" The Duke chimed. Debitto looked like he had a comment to say but thought better of it and kept his mouth shut. "As you all see, we have quite the banquet here." The Duke went on. "So, let us celebrate the beginning of the end for those of the false God." He announced with a joyful grin.

Taking this as his cue Allen began eating, the Noah no longer surprised by the massive quantities of food that he was capable of eating. He figured he should make the most of this since he would no doubt be departing soon.

After a while of eating and some idle chit-chat Road noticed the twins trying to sneak off unnoticed, a grin forming on her lips as she jumped up. She'd already finished her meal and was in the mood for a little fun time, casting a glance at Allen for a moment before back at them.
"Oh Jas-de-ro~, De-bi-tto~" She rang. Both Noah's froze stiffly before slowly turning their heads, a fearful look on their face as they waited for the inevitable, inescapable truth that was to come. "Since Allen's going to be going away soon why don't we play a ni-ce, lo-ng game." She suggested devilishly as she stretched out two of the words purposefully, a sadistic grin crossing her face. "We'll make this one extra fun~"

A grin that was almost a perfect match for Road's fell upon the boy's face as Allen got to his feet and came to stand at the Noah girl's side. "That does sound like fun," he purred, his tone promising that he would be just as difficult to deal with as Road. "After all I'm going to miss you guys SO much so the least you can do is play with us one last time."

"RUN FOR IT!" Debitto shrieked.
"Run, run, hee hee!" Jasdero echoed, the two pushing each other out the door. Road laughed aloud and pranced after them.
"Come on, Allen~!" She called.
"Don't destroy the house~" The Duke called after them, having learned long ago that there was no stopping Road from 'playing'. Keeping Road from playing torture-filled games was like keeping a pot-head from drugs.

"Oh don't worry," Allen said, moving along behind her. "I wouldn't dream of missing the fun."
A smirk on his face he moved along behind Road, quickly catching up to her as she pursued the frantic twins.

"What shall we play with them this time~?" Road inquired in a sing-songy voice as she skipped after then non-challantly. After all they never escaped her for long.

"Well," Allen said, his voice thoughtful as he gazed about through calculating gray eyes. "The first game that we'll have to play seems to be hide and seek... after that, I'm open to suggestions."

"Should we lock them out of the rooms again or make things a bit more challenging?" Road questioned, delight brimming in her voice and tawny golden eyes.

"We may as well make it a bit more challenging," Allen said, his hands held behind his back in a bored gesture. A smirk appeared once more on his face as the white haired youth added, "Plus, the expressions on their faces will be all the better if we let them believe that they've won for a change."

Road's grin widened.
"I can just imagine their faces now~" She purred deviously, skipping along, keeping her eyes out for the pair, though it wasn't hard to find them. "There you a-re~!" She chimed, summoning a barrage of candles.
"Damnit all!" Debitto yelped.
"You can have first dibs, Allen~"

Allen smirked as he watched the expressions that appeared on the faces of the twins as their gazes simultaneously fell on him and Road. There was a gleam in his gray eyes as he gazed at them. "You would think that you two would get better with practice but no... this hiding spot is as pathetic as they usually are."

"Shut it!" Debitto snapped, raising his gun in time with Jasdero to point at the two, his golden eyes just daring Allen to come after them.
"Yeah, hee hee!"

"That wasn't very nice at all," Allen said, not really seeming overly concerned about the pair of guns that was being pointed at he and Road. "You've hurt my feelings now..."
A glint appeared in his eyes, which would be a match for the Noah themselves if it weren't for the fact that they were steely gray instead of tawny gold. Holding up his transformed left arm he took a step toward them.

Debitto cast a very slight nervous glance over his shoulder as Allen advanced, contemplating his escape before the two prepared to fire.
"Take one more step..." Debitto threatened.

"Alright then," Allen purred, stepping forward.

"I warned ya." Debitto said, a slight grin forming as both Noah boy's fired. A torrent of fire formed and shot down the hall at both Allen and Road, burning everything from the floor to the ceiling.

Allen smirked as he anticipated the attack. "A few years back that would have frightened me," he muttered as he raised his overly large left hand and used it to shield himself from their attack. "But now it's just annoying."

Debitto growled slightly as the fire dissipated, leaving both Allen and Road pretty much unharmed.
"Ooooooh~, Lord Millennium's gonna be mad when he sees what you two have done~" Road chimed in a sing-songy voice, a good portion of the hall burnt black and the various objects around it falling to the floor in cinders.

"I'm pretty sure that destroying the place is frowned upon," Allen added, his voice calm and sounding as though he couldn't be bothered enough to care very much. Taking a moment to size up his opponents, Allen leapt forward, seeking to knock Debitto's gun out of his hand.
He was the closest to the white haired boy after all and Allen was feeling the need for a little stress relief after that little meeting with Lord Millennium.

The two looked vaguely scared at the mention of the Duke finding out before recomposing themselves a bit, just in time for Debitto to leap back to one side, barely avoiding being disarmed.

Landing on the ground in the spot where Debitto had been standing mere seconds before Allen looked disappointed.
"You weren't supposed to dodge."

"Tch, the Hell if I care." Debitto growled, aiming his gun at Allen simultaneously with Jasdero, only to have a barrage of candles fly and hit then, pretty much a whole wall that was aimed everywhere but Allen, making both scream in slight pain but more surprise than anything else.

"You should care," Allen said, his tone not changing despite Debitto's obvious anger over the situation. Turning he offered Road a smile over his shoulder before using their moment of surprise to his advantage. Rushing forward he actually managed to capture Jasdero's weapon, the blond being more easily disarmed than his twin.
Holding up the gun, Allen smirked. "Look what I've got..."

"Hey!" Jasdero screeched as the two painfully dislodged Road's candles from their skin. "That's mine, bastard! Hee hee!"
"More importantly, you two can't do anything without it~" Road chimed with a growing grin as the two seemed to deflate slightly in realization.

"The two of you could really use a lesson in manners," Allen said, shaking his head slightly as he twirled the gun that he had stolen. "Being called a bastard doesn't really make me want to give it back. Tsk, tsk... you guys really should know better."

Despite the non-challant attitude the two backed away warily, seeing as trying to get it back from the boy while they were disarmed and Allen had his Innocence would be near-suicide. Though with how things were looking they might die anyway.

Allen stepped forward at the same moment that the twins stepped back. "You aren't scared of me are you?"
There was a taunting quality to this question as Allen smirked at the pair.

"As if." Debitto snarled. Of course he was but the Noah was rather prideful and Hell would freeze over before he ever admitted such a thing.

"Hmm," Allen hummed to himself as his gray eyed gaze shifted to the gun that he was holding. "I wonder... exactly how hard it would be to break this."

"Don't you dare!" Debitto snapped with a deadly glare, pointing an index finger at him sharply.
"Yeah, hee!" Road merely grinned at them, greatly amused even though she wasn't directly involved. Yet.
Her favorite younger brother was a perfect natural at this game.

Allen's gaze once again shifted to Debitto. "And what are you going to do if I decide to experiment a little?" he questioned, twirling the gun with one finger. The white haired youth seemed far less than concerned and his features plainly showed this fact. "Not really much you can do... since it takes both of them."

Debitto growled, his eyes darting sideways to the ground a moment, one eye twitching slightly as he tried to think of something that he could do to the teen if he did but so far he was coming up empty.

"That's what I thought," Allen said in a slightly smug tone of voice, turning away from the pair of them and making his way back over to the spot where Road was standing.

"Hey!" Debitto barked as Allen started heading away while Road merely grinned.
"So, what should we do with them now, Allen~?"

"Not sure," Allen said as he continued to idly play with Jasdero's captured weapon. "But it wouldn't be fair of me to have all the fun... I think it's your turn."

"I'm still having fun either way, but if you insist." She grinned, flicking one finger up in preparation to send her candles at them, making both of them widen their eyes before turning and bolting down the hall, gun temporarily forgotten before a wave of her candles flew after them, hitting them in no time at all before they reached the end and eliciting a pair of screams from both of them. "You'd think they'd wisen up eventually..."

"I gave up that hope long ago," Allen said, chuckling as he waved the gun in the air. "So... how long do you think it'll take them to realize that they forgot something rather important?"

"Depends. They aren't all too bright sometimes..." Road shrugged as the twins recollected themselves, rather worse for wear.
"Damnit all, now I'm really pissed..." Debitto growled as he and Jasdero staggered to their feet.
"Ooh~, maybe they'll actually make the game more fun now~" Road mused as she watched the two.

Allen yawned, deactivating his Innocence so that he could cover his mouth with his hand. "I hope so... this is getting rather boring."
This was partially true but more than anything Allen was only saying it because he knew that it would only serve to further piss off the twins. Something that he had grown to excel at during his time with hte Noah.

True to Allen's intentions this only served to further anger the teen.
"No more damn games." Debitto growled.
"No more, hee!"
"Hand the damn thing over or I'm gonna fucking kill you, part of the family or not!"
"Yeah, give it back, hee hee!"

Allen was unimpressed.
"If you could kill me then you'd be doing it and not standing there and running your mouth." Allen paused, a thoughtful expression on his face. "Not to mention the fact that you'd have a rather difficult time explaining that one."

"Like I give half a rats ass!" Debitto snapped.
"Oh~, he really does sound mad." Road noted, sounding even more amused. "I have an idea, let's play a game~. If you win, you get your gun back, simple as that. What do you think, Allen?"

Allen looked somewhat reluctant to part with his new found plaything. "What kind of game did you have in mind?"

Speaking quietly enough that the twins wouldn't be able to hear from this distance she grinned and said, "One that they can't win~" Obviously she already had something particular in mind.

The smirk returned to his face as Allen nodded his head ever so slightly. "Alright, count me in."

"Why should we agree to any of your games?" Debitto demanded, not fooled by the innocent act. Because any time they agreed to any kind of game with Road things turned out bad for them.
"Because you're never getting your gun back otherwise~" Debitto pondered this for a moment with a slight growl but realized they didn't have much of a choice.
"Fine..." He agreed reluctantly.

"That's the spirit," Allen taunted, still casually waving the gun around. More just to constantly remind them that it was in his possession than anything else. "I knew you'd see things our way."

"Fuck you!" Debitto snarled.
"That's not very nice..." Road pouted as the carpeted floor melted into endless black and white checkers and ongoing darkness fell around them like curtains, the only source of light being the various candles floating around them.
"Just get on with it."
"Very well..." Road said, issuing a slight sigh. "The game is simple: you just have to come over here and take the gun." Road stated innocently. Neither twin budged, eyeing her suspiciously.
"What's the catch?" Debitto growled, eyeing her warily.
"There's no catch." Road replied innocently.

Laughing Allen's gaze shifted back and forth between the twins and Road for a couple of moments before finally settling on his 'sister'. "I don't think they trust you very much Road."

Road pouted at the two at this point.
"Well that's not very nice...we're family after all. What did I ever do to you?" She asked, feigning hurt. The twins merely glared more at her.

"I would imagine that particular list would be long enough to fill a novel," Allen said calmly. "Not that I think the two of them would be smart enough to actually write one..."

Road merely shrugged. "You two aren't going to just stand there all day are you?" Road questioned. The pair eyed her warily before taking a hesitant step forward, pausing a moment but nothing happened. Despite this they seemed even more wary as they took another step and another, while Road just stood where she was with a seemingly innocent smile.

Allen wasn't fooled by the innocent look and kept his eyes glued to the twins. All he knew was that this was supposedly a game they couldn't win but Road hadn't given him any details either. So all he could do was wait and watch.

The twins kept wary eyes on the pair as they walked forward, step by step but nothing seemed to happen. When they got only about a tile away the two gave a battle cry and leapt forward, only to have the tile between them and the devious pair shoot up and hit the underside of their jaws, knocking both twins back.

"Ouch... you'll feel that one tomorrow," Allen quipped as he watched them, smirking. "Oh wait... you're feeling it now."

Road laughed as the pillars dropped back down and the two glared.
"Bastard! That was a dirty trick!"
"Bastard! Hee!"
"That wasn't a dirty trick..." Road said, the tiles below them opening up and the two yelped as they fell into a newly created pit into liquid, leaping up out of it with loud yelps before they crashed back down into it and scrambled for the edge.
"Burns, it burns, hee hee!"
"What the Hell...?"

Allen was enjoying himself immensely as he watched the two of them struggling, their yells only adding to his enjoyment of the situation. "There's no such thing as playing dirty... it's all just a matter of who's better."

"What the Hell is this stuff?" Debitto yelped painfully.
"I thought a nice acid bath'd cool you off." Road grinned wickedly.

"Wouldn't have thought of that," Allen quipped, still smirking. "Sometimes you amaze me Road."

Road merely grinned.
"I've had centuries of practice." She shrugged.

"You've really gotta teach me some of this stuff," the white haired boy said with a snort of amusement, the pistol that he had captured still held casually in his hand.

"Let us out!"
"Owch! Owch, burns! Hee!"
"Nope, you have to find your own way out~" Road chimed.

"This isn't likely to kill them is it?" Allen questioned after a couple of minutes passed. He knew that the Noah were stronger and more resilient than humans but by the same token this was Road. "Because I imagine Lord Millennium would frown upon that."

"Of course not. Besides, I wouldn't kill them. Aside from being family they're too entertaining~" She said, even as she watched the pair flounder around, delight in her tawny golden eyes.

"Alright then," Allen said with a smile. "I just didn't want to have to endure another lecture because of those two. It's rather annoying."

Road pouted slightly. "This could go on a while...wanna go find something else to do while they try and figure a way out?" She asked. The twins were never the smartest bunch so likely it really would be awhile.

Twirling the gun around Allen nodded his head. "What did you have in mind?"

"Not entirely sure," the Noah girl shrugged, straightening up and grinning at the twins. "Have fun you two~" She rang, waggling her fingers at them before prancing through her newly materialized door.
"Damn it, don't just leave us here! Road! Road!" Debitto hollered.

"They're not going to be happy when they get out of there," Allen said, laughing hysterically as he listened to the shouts of the twins as he and Road walked through her door. "Or... if they get out of there.'

"It's not as if we can't handle them." Road chimed, leading the way back into the manor. "I know..." Road realized, deciding what it was that she wanted to do now. Turning on her heel she glomped her younger brother around the waist and offered up a long-ago perfected puppy pout. "Allen, will you play for me~? Your songs are always so beautiful..."

"Again with the piano?" Allen questioned as he gazed down at his 'older' sister. It seemed odd to think of her that way since he was now taller than she was but that was just the way things were. He once again found himself wondering why she bothered with the faces when he never refused her.

"But you can play even better than Lord Millennium," she pointed out. That and only he could play her favorite song. "And I won't see you for a really long time!"

Allen chuckled despite himself. "He might not appreciate hearing you say that." The white haired youth paused for a moment before smirking. "You know I can't refuse you... lead the way."

Road grinned delightedly and took his hand, sauntering to one of the rooms in the house that had a polished grand piano.

Allen allowed her to lead the way until they reached the room where the piano sat, at which point he pulled his hand free from her grasp and walked over to the instrument. Taking a seat on the bench he glanced at Road over his shoulder, smirk still in place. "Am I to assume that you want to hear the song that you always make me play?"

"Mm-hm." Road replied, taking a seat not far from the piano. Of course she loved all of the teen's music, because he was a born natural at it, but that particular song was her favorite.

"That's what I figured," Allen mused quietly.
Poising his hands over the keys for the briefest of moments Allen touched his fingers lightly to the keys, the notes of the song rising to fill the air. He always got the strangest feeling when he played this song, a fact that he had never disclosed to Road. Allen couldn't even explain it to himself, never mind trying to explain it to someone else.

After a while of Allen's playing the door to the room slammed open forcefully, Debitto and Jasdero glaring heatedly at the two with acid-burnt clothes, their make-up running and hair dissheveled.
"Wow~ they escaped faster than I thought..." Road mused, unconcerned by the fact they were practically glaring death.
"You two. Are both. Going to die." Debitto growled menacingly.

Ceasing in his playing and once again grabbing the gun that he had stolen, Allen turned toward the twins with a grin on his face that could rival any of the Noah.
"And what makes you think you'll have any more luck killing us than you've had thus far?" he questioned in a tone that he knew would only serve to further infuriate the twins. Which was pretty much what he was going for.

Debitto snarled furiously, fixing his glare solely on Allen.
"We're done screwing around! Give it back or don't, we'll kill you either way!" He snarled.
"Bastard! Hee!" Jasdero chimed in. Only briefly glancing around, the teen grabbed the nearest object, a steel coat-rack and lunged forward, swinging it straight for Allen's head furiously.

Allen's eyes flashed as he knocked the coat-rack the side before grasping Debitto by the throat with almost blinding speed. Pushing him forward it was only a second later that he had the Noah pinned against the wall.
"What were you saying again?" he growled, his tone low but still fierce.

It was at the same time that Road had summoned her candles around Jasdero, the blond cowering against the wall. Debitto was about to retort when the Duke chose just that moment to appear, gazing about the room.
"I hope you're all just playing, it would be unfortunate if anyone was being mean and had to be punished~" He purred, meeting all four gazes meaningfully.

"We wouldn't dream of being mean Duke Millennium," Allen said, his voice the epitome of innocence, even as he tightened his grip around Debitto's throat just the tiniest degree. His eyes still held the spark that had been brought on by Debitto's attack but otherwise his expression was calm.

"They stole Jasdero's gun!" Debitto accused.
"Yeah, stole it!" Jasdero echoed.
"Only after they scorched one of the hallways with it..." Road pouted innocently. "We just didn't want them to destroy any more of the house." A total lie of course, but Road was an incredible actor.
"Did they, now~?" The Earl purred, looking at the two, who gulped slightly. Walking over to Allen, he extended his hand. "Well then I guess they won't be needing it for a while~ Allen, could you give it to me?" Road grinned in triumph.

Releasing his grip on the throat of the dark haired Noah, and allowing him to fall to the floor, Allen turned and offered the gun that he was holding in his other hand to the Earl. "Of course," the white haired teen said calmly. "I only took it so they wouldn't cause any more damage."
He was just as good an actor as Road herself, having picked up her tricks.

"You two can have this back when you behave, now~" The Duke chimed as he started to leave the room. "Allen, come with me. It's time to discuss your special mission~" Debitto growled as he watched the Duke leaving before glaring at Allen. "Mark my words, black sheep, you. Will. Pay." He growled.

Having moved to follow the Earl as he'd been bidden, Allen paused to toss a smirk in Debitto's direction. "Ooh~ Now I'm really scared." His tone was mocking once more and, after offering the Noah a wide smile for good measure, Allen left the room.

Road grinned slightly at Allen's retort. Sometimes it was hard to believe this audacious teenager had once been a much more mild-mannered, somewhat skittish little boy only a few years earlier. Hopping off her chair, she followed suite to the den, which was just as dark, with just the light of the fireplace, as usual. The Duke took a seat in his customary rocking chair and gave the two a moment to make themselves comfortable, Road taking a seat on the armrest of the seat Allen normally occupied.

Making his way across the dimly lit den Allen sat down in his usual spot, Road having already claimed the armrest. Not that this was really any great concern to the teenager. Turning gray eyes toward the Earl he said calmly, "So you wanted to discuss a mission..."

"Yes. Road will be taking you to Bordeaux, France where a large number of my Akuma will gather to gain the Order's attention. It may take a couple of days but once someone from there arrives or takes notice, I want for you to make an appearance, perhaps destroy a couple of Akuma to make it look convincing if you feel it's necessary. Once you meet up with them, just say that you were travelling with Marian Cross and got separated from him a month or so ago. He's been missing from the Order for at least a couple of years now from what we know, so that shouldn't be a problem. Then you will follow them to the Order. If you can find out the location of their headquarters and are able to reach it yourself, you are free to kill them, so long as no one sees~" The Duke instructed.

"So I'm going to be playing Exorcist," Allen said, a gleam appearing in his gray eyes as he thought about the possibilities that this would present. He knew how to spot the Exorcists, having learned this in his training, and it wouldn't be a tremendous difficulty to kill them. The difficulty would lie more in blending in with a group that he wanted to destroy.

"That's exactly it. You'll be leaving tomorrow evening, so rest up tonight. You have a big role to play in our little scenario, after all~" The Duke said.

"I can't help but think that I'm going to stick out among them," Allen said, his gray eyes focused on the Earl. "At least from what I've witnessed."

"You'll do fine." Road said, wrapping her arms over his shoulders. "And when at last we destroy them and you can let your act fall away, I bet the last expressions they wear before they die will be priceless." Road said with a grin.

A smile graced the teen's lips as he thought about that. "An image that will no doubt help me through this charade," he said with a dark chuckle. He held this expression for a moment before another thought crossed his mind. "I'm going to have to fight against my siblings, aren't I?"
He didn't really mind the thoughts of fighting against some of them, since he did so on a regular basis anyway, but there were others that the prospect of fighting against was wholly unappealing.

"There might be a time when that could happen, yes," the Duke said. "Though I don't foresee much of a problem in regards to that. Although you may have to fight, obviously neither would be out to actually kill the other, though it'll have to at least look convincing. There shouldn't be a chance of this happening until far later into our scenario, though~" the Duke assured.
"And if I ended up fighting you, you wouldn't have to worry since you can't really harm me~" Road reminded. "It'll be just like playing a game, only we'll have the Exorcists too."

Allen couldn't help but think that the Earl's words might not quite hold the truth that he thought they did, not that he was overly concerned about that. He was a match for the siblings who would likely actually try to cause him harm.
"You know Road," Allen said as he heard these words from her, and the glee contained within her voice. "I think you're forgetting how those games usually turn out for me." Granted it was easier now than it had been in the past but she was still more than a force to be reckoned with.

"Yes, but just think how it'll turn out for them." Road pointed out, a sadistic gleam to her eyes. She really did take a vast amount of pride in the torture she put her enemies through.

The gleam was almost mirrored in Allen's eyes as he nodded. "I imagine you'll have them begging for mercy in no time." With a dark chuckle the teen turned gray eyes back to the Earl. "Is there anything else, Lord Millennium?" he asked politely.

"No, that would be all." The Duke excused while Road jumped up.

Inclining his head to the Earl, Allen got to his feet and left the room.
"I guess I should get ready," he mused as he made his way from the den down the hall to the room that belonged to him. It would be a big adjustment leaving this and going to stay with the Exorcists but he had to do his part.
No matter how much he loathed the very idea.

Trailing along, Road followed the teen to his room, flopping onto the edge of the bed.
"It'll feel strange here with you gone so long..." Road commented. It hadn't been unusual for him to leave for maybe a month or two at the most for training every so often, but even then the Noah girl often grew to miss his absence fairly quickly. None of her other siblings were anywhere near as fun as Allen, after all, not to mention her partner-in-crime for just about every kind of mischief - if you could call it that - that she got into.

"It could be worse," Allen said as he sat down in a chair that was near the fireplace. He needed to pack but he would get to that in a minute. "You're not the one who has to be stuck with them." This last word was said as though it left a foul taste in his mouth.

Road grinned slightly in amusement.
"But then it'll feel even better when our scenario comes to an end and you get to end their wretched lives." She said pointedly.

"True enough..."
Allen wasn't worried about pulling off the act since he had become a fairly adept actor during his time spent with the Noah, thanks mostly to Road's help. He had changed quite a bit since coming here; changes for the better in his opinion.
A small smile once again appeared on the face of the white haired teen as he imagined the deaths of the Exorcists. "They scream out in misery... and all I hear's a melody~"

Road merely smiled widely in amusement but opted not to say anything this time around, sitting comfortably where she was.

Allen sat for a short time, staring into the dancing flames in the fireplace, before he got to his feet. Walking over to the large closet he pulled out a suitcase, stowing a couple of things carelessly inside before walking over to the bed and sitting down on the edge.
"Ready as I'll ever be," he announced needlessly. "So I guess the only thing left to do now is to wait until tomorrow."

"That's fine. It just means we'll get to spend more time together~" Road chimed, throwing her arms around him again in an affectionate manner.

Allen allowed her to embrace him, having long since moved past the stage where he felt the need to pull away. Not that it was really effective with Road anyway.
"What will you ever do without me?" he teased.

"Steal Lero?" Road quipped.

"Poor substitute," Allen quipped with a smirk.

"Yeah, no one can replace you~" Road admitted, planting a kiss on his forehead.

Used to her hugs, Allen was actually somewhat taken by surprise by the kiss and this fact showed plainly in his eyes.

"What? I can't be affectionate~?" Road purred. "It's not like this is the only time I've ever done that." She pointed out, idly kicking her legs behind her as she hung off his shoulders. Before, when he was younger, it would've been more straining on him but owing to the fact that her younger brother was now bigger than her and considerably strong after his time training she was rather light-weight by comparison.

"True enough," Allen said as he recovered from the shock of the moment. "But you have the uncanny ability to pick the moments that take me by surprise, without fail." Fully recovered by this point he didn't give a second thought to the fact that she was now hanging off his shoulders. He looked thoughtful as he gazed ahead. "Road... I'm not looking forward to this particular mission. I'll probably be using your method of imagining them all experiencing grisly deaths a great deal during my time with the Exorcists."
She'd taught him that particular method for coping with stupid people a long time ago, when he had to target and wait for an opportune moment to kill an Exorcist or Finder in the past for one of his various missions or weed out a traitorous Soul Broker on the Earl's behalf, and there were moments when it was infinitely useful. And Allen couldn't help but think that the frequency of those times was only going to increase once he departed for his special mission.

"But just think, when all is said and done and the curtain of Lord Millennium's scenario begins to close, you'll be able to bring about the gruesome death's you imagined to your heart's content~" Road purred. "And I can't wait to see their faces when you do~"

"I have no doubt that you'll enjoy that," Allen said, a dark purr to his voice as he imagined the final phase of Lord Millennium's scenario. "And it is a soothing image, I must admit."

"Aside from that, you should probably rest and relax while you can. I doubt the Exorcists have as nice, comfy accommodations as we do." Road pointed out.

Allen shrugged his shoulders, or at least as much as he could with her hanging on them. "It's not as though I've always had it this nice," he reminded her pointedly.

"But you deserve only the best~" Road purred affectionately.

"It's just another thing that cannot be helped," Allen said with a smirk. "But I'm sure there are advantages to being with the Exorcists..." A devious smile appeared on his face. "I'm sure they'll be tons of fun to 'play' with."
After all, Lord Millennium hadn't told him that he couldn't have a little fun with the Exorcists. And, so long as they didn't realize what he was doing, his cover shouldn't be compromised.

"That's true..." She said before pouting. "Now I'm jealous...I want to play with the Exorcists too!" She whined petulantly.

"Don't be like that," Allen said calmly, offering her one of the few genuine smiles that he ever wore. "I'm sure you'll have plenty of opportunities to play with them."

"Yeah, I suppose..." Road pouted.

"Come on, cheer up," Allen coaxed. "You know I don't like to see my favorite sister upset."

"Yeah..." Road sighed before smirking. "I'll just be sure to make my games even more fun later~" She purred wickedly.

Allen sweat-dropped slightly, vaguely wondering if she were referring to playing with Exorcists or with him. "Should I be concerned about that?"

"Of course not~" She rang.

"I guess I'm relieved by that," Allen said as he made a move to lie down. Stifling a yawn the white haired teen decided that it was time to get some rest.

Road merely smirked slightly and idly curled a lock of his snow white hair around one finger.
"Good night, Allen~"

"Night Road," Allen returned, not paying any attention to the fact that she was playing with his hair. This was something that she'd done for years and he no longer gave it a second thought. Within minutes, he was asleep.