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"You can't just lock up an innocent kid! What is hell wrong with you?"

"What's done is done, Kurda. I'm not taking it back."

"You think starving him is going to solve anything? You're only making things worse!"

"That thing is a danger to every vampire in this mountain, you know that."

"You're forgetting that Darren is a vampire! He's one of us!"

"And you are forgetting that thing is vampaneze. He's one of them!"

"That's true," The blonde vampire admitted. "But he can't be blamed for what he is as much as we can't be blamed for what we are!"

He thought in silence. "You can't change my mind, you're just wasting my and your time."

"Standing up for what's right is never a waste of time," Kurda seethed. "He'll die soon if he doesn't have blood. You're missing the rarest opportunity if you keep him locked away. We can end this blood feud and bring peace between the two races. We can avert a war, a god damned war, Mika, and you're going to throw that away just like that?"

"That thing being alive is only going to cause more problems than resolve."

"Give him a chance. Give me a chance. Give the vampaneze a chance. Give us a chance. The vampires can pull this off. Destiny has given us the materials and the tool to complete this daunting task, all that's left to do is create the future."

"Destiny never gives you anything without a price."

"Maybe this once," Kurda mumbled. He then spoke up. "But we won't know if you don't give him a chance. Give Darren a chance, Mika. That's all I'm asking of you." Kurda got down to his knees. "Please, Mika, a chance…"

The prince thought for a moment, silence completely filling the hall. "As you wish,"

"Thank you, Mika," Kurda grins. "You won't regret this. Thank you…"

"I'm afraid I already do."

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