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|| Epilogue ||

Seventeen years ago, Evelyn Suzanne Malfoy was born. Thirty minutes later, her fraternal twin brother Nathaniel Lucius Malfoy was born.

Both seventeen year olds stood on the Hogwarts Express platform with their parents. Evelyn's straight brown hair fell past her shoulder as she tugged on a loose strand anxiously.

"He'll be here soon, calm down." Nathaniel rolled his eyes at his sister. He pushed his blonde curls away from his honey eyes just as a few seventh year girls walked by. A beautiful golden blonde girl winked a violet eye at the devilishly handsome Nate.

"Mum, when did Aunt Luna and Uncle Blaise say they'd be here?" Evelyn glanced at her mother, mentioning the family friends.

"They were over for dinner just last night, honey." Hermione reminded her daughter with a smile. "And they'll be here in a few minutes."

"My big girl is a little too excited to see this boy." Draco teased his daughter.

"Daaad, stop!" Evelyn pleaded, her face flushing.

Suddenly a family of four approached. Luna Lovegood Zabini held her hand in Blaise Zabini's. With them was a seventeen year old boy, his skin a light brown, his eyes a dark blue. His sister, a sixteen and a half year old, had skin a shade darker, with lighter eyes.

Evelyn squealed, running to her best friend. "Celeste!"

Celeste grinned and hugged her, jumping around. "Evelyn!"

"Blaise, good to see you bloke!" Draco enveloped the man in a masculine handshake/hug combo.

"Hermione, hello my dear!" Luna's voice called to Hermione before the women hugged.

"Xeno, what's up man?" Nate greeted his best friend with a complicated handshake.

Evelyn watched her boyfriend address her bother before she said anything. Xeno Zabini stepped away from the two families, his hand in Evelyn's. "Hey beautiful."

"Hi," she said simply, grinning. The pair kissed.

"Your son will be a good first boyfriend for my daughter, won't she mate?" Draco asked Blaise.

"Only the best for my boy, you know that." Blaise answered with a grin.

"James!" Nate shouted as a dark haired boy passed the families.

"Hey, Nate!" James slapped his friend's hand. His parents showed up on either side of them, and so did a little girl.

"Harry, Pansy!" Hermione threw her arms around her old friends.

"And who is this little lady?" Draco lowered himself to his knees, eye level with a small girl.

"My name is Lily Luna Potter, and I am thirteen years old." She responded smartly, extending a small hand for Draco to shake.

"Well it's nice to meet you, Miss Lily Luna Potter!" Draco shook her hand with a smirk.

"Blimey, look who it is!" A loud voice exclaimed. The twelve people turned to see more figures coming their way.

Seamus and Parvati entered the circle of families with wide smiles. In between the parents were two children, a seventeen year old girl and a thirteen year old boy.

"Aileen!" Celeste and Evelyn shouted. The newcomer girl looked up and instantly grinned, joining her friends in a hug.

A loud whistle drowned out all the people's happy conversations. The Hogwarts express was here.

Blaise hugged Xeno and Celeste. "Xeno, just because you're head boy of Ravenclaw doesn't make you king of the castle. And Celeste, good luck with your internship with madam Pomfrey! Your mum and I love you both." His kids smiled.

"Be sure to tell professor Trelawney I say hello! Have a great year, children." Luna told the two, smiling, her eyes glassy. They agreed and kissed their mother.

"James you'll be the best Gryffindor seeker, don't ever doubt that." Harry said to his son, a wide grin on his face.

"Well, maybe the third best!" James replied with a smile.

"Good luck in your third year honey." Pansy kissed he daughter's forehead. "Your father and I will write often! James, can you make sure Lily gets on the train okay?" The caring mother asked her son.

"Don't get into too much trouble, okay mate?" Seamus winked at his son. The thirteen year old Anil tried to wink back. Seamus chuckled at his attempt and grabbed him in another hug, the two laughing loudly.

"Aileen, come here for a second!" Parvati called to her daughter. Aileen parted from Celeste and Evelyn. "Have a good year darling, I love you so much." A tear fell down her cheek as Parvati hugged her daughter.

Evelyn walked over to her parents. Nate did the same.

"We love you two so much," Hermione said, kissing each of her children on the cheek. "Ev, Nate, good luck in Parenting Prep this year!"

"Don't take that class for granted. And don't fear your partner; things will work out for the best." Draco advised his kids, grinning at the two seventeen year olds. "Evelyn, good luck as Gryffindor head girl. Nate, good luck at Slytherin head boy."

"Love you mum, love you dad!" Evelyn hugged both of her parents. Nate was eager to go find the gorgeous girl from before, and too old for a hug, but his mother gave him one anyway.

Xeno, Celeste, James, Lily, Anil, Aileen, Evelyn, and Nate boarded the train as the five minute warning whistle sounded.

Draco and Hermione waved to the train before walking away. Hermione slipped her arm in the crook of Draco's. "They grow up so fast don't they?"

"They sure do." Draco answered with a laugh. "And this time we have to deal with two of them."

The couple walked to the exit of the Station. A red haired man and a curly blonde-brunette kissed a girl goodbye before she boarded the train. A beautiful blonde, alone, walked a young boy to the train, hugging him with a kiss on the cheek.

"Are you working later tonight? I was thinking we could try that new restaurant on the corner." Hermione suggested, hugging her husband tighter when a cold draft blew through the station as the express pulled away.

"I was thinking we could stay in." Draco winked at his wife. She laughed before kissing him.

"Excuse me," a voice interrupted the pair. She was a middle aged woman, brown-grey waves of hair reaching her shoulders. "Those bracelets you two are wearing are beautiful! So unique! Where ever did you get them?"

She gestured to their wrists. Hermione looked down. Tied to her wrist was a light colored, handmade thread bracelet. Draco didn't have to look down. His green and white bracelet had been attached to his wrist for twenty six years.

|| Additional information ||

{ names you don't recognize are ones I made up for unknown parents. }

• Draco and Hermione married at the age of 23. Evelyn Suzanne and Nathaniel Lucius were born when the couple was 26. Both are entering their seventh year, Evelyn in Gryffindor and Nathaniel in Slytherin. To this day, Narcissa proves to be the best grandmother ever.

• Blaise and Luna married at the age of 24. At age 26, their son Xenophilius Blaise was born. At age 28, their daughter Celeste Hermione was born. Xeno is in his seventh year in Ravenclaw, and Celeste in her sixth in Gryffindor. Evelyn and Xeno are in a relationship, proudly approved of by both parents.

• Harry and Pansy married at age 25. At age 27, the couple had their son, James Anthony. At age 32, their daughter Lily Luna was born. James is entering his seventh year and Lily is going into her third. Both are in Gryffindor. James is the current Quidditch seeker, and also training his sister.

• Seamus and Parvati married the youngest, at age 19. Their first child, a daughter named Aileen, was born when they were 22. Their second child, a son named Anil, was born when they were age 26. Aileen is in Gryffindor year seven, and Anil is in Hufflepuff year three. Anil and his father are happy with Anil's placement when he claimed it would be easier to get a girlfriend in that house.

• The red haired man and curly blonde-brunette are Ron and Lavender. They were married at age 25. Their daughter Molly Rose was born at their age of 27. Molly is a Gryffindor in her seventh year.

• The single, devastatingly beautiful woman is Astoria Greengrass. Her marriage status is unknown. She gave birth to a son, Lane Parker, at her age of 23. He is fifteen, year five, in Slytherin.

• Neville and Hannah got married at the age of 24. At the age of 27, they had their first child, Elizabeth Alice. At the age of 29, they had a son named Kenneth Frank. Elizabeth is in her seventh year and Kenneth in his fifth. Both are in Hufflepuff.

|| Fun Facts ||

• I based some of Parvati's actions on Kelly from the office. :}

• I had NO idea I would love Blaise + Luna. When I wrote chapter four for the first time, I just threw together characters. When pairing Seamus and Parvi, I knew they would end up together. Harry and Pansy = maybe. Neville and Hannah = definitely. But throughout the book I realized, as well as B and L, that they are wonderful for each other. Both are so silent and powerful and wonderful and attractive and thoughtful. Plus, Luna only has her father, and Blaise only has his mother.

• The other alternative to the Granger-Malfoy PP child would have been a son, named after Draco. But I scratched that and gave D + H a girl.

• I rewrote the dialogue between Harry and Hermione in chapter 51 almost four times. I couldn't decide if I wanted Voldey to die or not … but I was like yeaa, Harry will kill him.

• I wrote for Astoria as that girl everyone is jealous of. However no one has a grip on what she is dealing with internally. For Astoria's part in the epilogue, I made her a single mother so she can have someone to love. Meanwhile, she has freedom and time to figure out who she is.

• For Anil and Aileen P-F I needed a man and a woman who looked somewhat biracial. I ended up using a famous Indian actor {from Slumdog Millionaire!} and a popular Indian actress :: Dev Patel & Amrita Rao. With help from Photoshop they now have lighter skin and green eyes.

• For Astoria G-W, an attractive female was the obvious answer. Taylor Swift fits the role very well because she's very pretty, has a sly smile, and curly hair. And with a little Photoshop magic she has green eyes.

• For Celeste L-Z I also needed someone biracial. I chose Freida Pinto, from SM as well. I changed her skin, her eyes, and her hair color to look half Caucasian and half African American.

• James P-P would have to be a handsome brunette with hazel eyes. Logan Lerman was an excellent choice because of his dark hair, super cuteness, and digitally added hazel eyes.

• For Kenneth A-L I wasn't sure whether to have a very cute guy or an average looking one. Michael Cera could have worked actually … but I chose Lucas Til and added darker hair with brown eyes.

• I was so excited to choose Evelyn's character! I wanted to give her Draco's straight hair and grey eyes. From her mother, Evelyn would get Hermione's brown hair and a distinguishing characteristic. Dakota Fanning was a FABULOUS choice {if I dare be so bold(:}! Her skin is a shade close to Draco's, beautifully pale. Her nose is extremely similar to Hermione's. Even without Photoshop, Dakota has grey eyes and straight hair. I enhanced them and made her a brunette for Evelyn.

Time for sappy comments I suppose (: Always embrace your love of reading, and I hope you enjoyed Parenting Prep!