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General POV

E.D sighed. Re-crossed her arms and started to tap her foot. She was sitting on the porch steps of the main house waiting for Zedediah's car to crawl up the road. Although it was not Zedediah she was waiting for, it was his passenger. A cloud of dust appeared at the beginning of the road which quickly became bigger signaled their arrival.

"Destiny. He's here" A cannonball of blonde hair and blue eyes hurtled out of the house closely followed by what could only be identified as a very small wolf or a very large dog. The car of interest had suddenly stopped in front of the house and as the car door swung open a person with cropped brown hair was attacked by both dog and young boy. E.D. smiled, standing up she stretched her legs then went over to greet Jake Semple.

Jake's POV "Looks like people are pleased to see you" Zedediah said dryly. As I opened the door I nearly toppled over when Destiny and Winston launched themselves at me.

"Destiny, you've grown so much" I said as I reached down to pat Winston who was slobbering over my shoes. I laughed as Destiny, clinging to my arm, launched into of his speeches of what had happened since the moment I left, his huge blue eyes looking up earnestly.

"It's good to see you too," I grinned at the sarcastic note in E.D.'s voice as I turned around and stepped back. I never thought a person could double take in real life, but I was proved wrong. I had been expected a person with a slight figure close around my height, with worn jeans, a dirty t-shirt and cropped hair. But in the place of that was a girl that seemed very unfamiliar. It was only after a closer examination that I could confirm it was E.D. Applewhite. She had let her hair grow longer and it was now pulled into a ponytail. She wore more jewelry then before, it was different to the plastic bright stuff girls normally wore. She had several rings on her fingers and a few bracelets. Her worn jeans and grungy white t-shirt were replaced with newer and cleaner versions that hugged her figure. I felt my cheeks grow hot.

I turned away from E.D. to hide my blush and lifted the back of the car and started to unload my small amount of possessions I had packed away in an official looking suitcase and my old duffel. We hadn't seen each other for about a year. After the success of the musical I had sudden news about my father and mother. I won't lie, they were both bad people, they grew marijuana in our basement for God's sake. But still they were my parents. Well it turned out that dad was sick, not flu kind of sick, but really sick. The doctors said he had lung cancer and didn't have very long to live, it was because of this that Mum and dad were granted leave or something off Jail. I was quickly flown over back to Rhode Island.

"Destiny can you take this new wood to the workshop for me? Take that Damn dog with you too. And E.D. you can stop standing around go show Jake to his room." Zedidiah directed before creaking off to his workshop.

"This way your holiness" I looked up at her sharp, sarcastic remark and saw her smiling. I laughed softly, shouldering my duffel and thought to myself. No, she hadn't changed.

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