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Jake looked out on the stage as the thunderous applause praised his ears, he felt a figure step up next to him and grip his hand. He looked over to E.D who smiled back at him. They raised their hands and bowed deeply along with the other cast of the Applewhite's play: "Fame". They both breathed in the standing ovation that drowned their senses. Basking in the glow of adoration they gripped of each other's hand, making sure the other didn't drift away during the melee of praise. He felt the E.D's warm hand squeeze his and as the curtain drew to a close he looked down at her.

"How was that?" He asked looking down at her. E.D looked up at her boyfriend of almost 3 months. She was so proud of his performance during the last week of shows, this being their last show. She had watched from behind the curtains and catching glimpses of him in the moments she had torn away from her clipboard. She cocked her head in fake thought and tutted her tongue.

"It was alright," She teased, smiling.

"Only alright?" Jake said in mock anger with a smile painted across his face and lifted the lithe girl up from under her arms. He wondered to himself how he had ever gotten the attention of this smart, beautiful and wonderful person.

"Stop it Jake!" She squealed as he swung her around, her feet flying from under as they spun around under the pupil reducing stage lights on the now empty stage save the remaining props. Jake reluctantly put her down but wrapped his arms around him. She reached up and mussed up his heavily gelled hair with a hand. "You look like when we first met." Jake smiled in his completely punk rock costume.

He looked down at her, feeling as if it was the first time as she glowed in his arms. Her hair was tied back in messy bun, her face clear of all makeup, she was wearing the very same outfit that she had been wearing when he met her. A white t-shirt with jeans. The only difference was she had one of his bandanna's tied to her belt loop- her lucky charm she called it. She smelt of lavender and sawdust and he wanted to commit this perfect memory into his head from this moment on.

"Yeah, who thought we would have gotten this far, geez. That was a long time ago. What- we were both 12, right? That Applewhite Summer." He sighed.

"Our first summer," E.D smiled wrapping her arms around him as Jake leant his chin on the top of her head.

"Hopefully the first of very many more." Jake said, E.D mock punched him.

"The first of many more to come." She corrected. "Hey I want to show you something," E.D said suddenly. "I've got a present for you. I was going to wait for tomorrow, but I feel that now it's time" She began to pull him out of the barn and into the cold outside.

The grass was wet and Jake's costume skinny jeans began to get wet. E.D shivered half cold, half with the excitement a surprise brings. Jake quickly shouldered off his leather jacket and placed them onto E.D's shoulders. She smiled at the unexpected warmness and pulled her arms into the sleeves, her hands came a quarter too short and she pulled them up absently. Her hand came out and absently grabbed Jakes. She began to run, pulling him along through the knee high grass. Jake began to laugh will exhilaration and E.D started to smile. The they ran through the glass, through the dark, not stumbling and although there was no light, they face were lit up, not from anything exterior but a much deeper light that shone in their faces, in their joined hands and in their very hearts.

They slowed to a small walk, their hands gripped together. "Close your eyes. No peeking." E.D ordered.

"Would I peek?" Jake smiled.

"Good point," E.D undid the knotted bandanna she had tied to the belt hoop. She walked behind Jake and tied the piece of cloth around his eyes.

"Is this really necessary? I could fall and break my leg on something." Jake cautioned as darkness descended.

"Don't you trust me?" E.D, Jake could feel her breath on his face.

"Of course." He breathed back.


He felt his hand being held, gentler this time, squeezing the fingers, he realised that he was near the old Applewhite class room. The familiar creak of the door opened and as he stepped into the cool interior he felt something flutter on his nose. There were lights and he felt a wonderful snese of disorientation.

"Keep really still and keep on closing you eyes till I tell you." Said the disembodied of E.D. The bandanna slipped away, giving Jake's eyes the curious feeling of lightness. He was inside the room and through his eyelids he could see lights.

"Open." E.D said and Jake opened his eyes slowly his eyes adjusting. But when they did it was as if he was still in the hazy in between world of colour and light one travels through when going into a light colourful place. He didn't recognise the classroom. The walls were covered in Destiny's hand painting, covering them from ceiling to wall. All pieces of furniture were removed except what looked like an exceptionally tall birdbath filled with what looked like purple water. But what was the most disorientating, the most beautiful was the hundreds of butterflies floating around the room. Every single different species, many of the same. In the corners Jake could see several chrysalises He realised that the small fluttering on his nose was a butterfly. E.D was looking at him keenly/.

"Do you like it?" She asked. Jake was speechless. E.D smiled, that response was better than anything. She walked over to the birdbath and scooped a bit of the grape Koolaid onto her finger, licking it again then double dipping. Almost instantly a blue butterfly flew over and unrolled it's long straw like mouth. Jake walked up in a trance.

"Isn't that the-"

"Spangled blue butterfly I was obsessed with all that Summer? Yep." E.D replied.

"This must of taken you ages."

"It wasn't just me, Cordelia, Jared, Destiny and basically everyone helped. Zedidiah made the butterfly bath," Jake had a closer look and saw that the bird bath did indeed have many metal butterflies delicately forming the many metal strands holding the porcelain purple bath. "Even Lucinda made sure everything had the right Fung Shway."

"I was talking about the butterfly. It must of taken you ages to catch it." This time E.D smiled.

"No, surprisingly it was the very first one I caught." Jake sat down and looked up at the many wings flying around them. He looked at E.D who had sat down next to him and as they leaned towards each other they both coincidently remembered a fact from long ago: that butterflies mated for life. They both smiled as their lips met, both tasting grape Koolaid and happiness.

The blue spangled butterfly flew up to the ceiling as the couple sat below, both leaning together underneath the fluttering mass of wings of the hundreds of butterflies.

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