A/N: Contains explicit descriptions of their wedding night, so you're forewarned.

A/N2: Thank you so much to anonymous reviewer Toby for pointing out my obvious mistake with a comment Snape makes. Seriously, whoever you are, I love you right now. I had wrote Snape saying that what he felt for Aurora paled in comparison to Lily. I assure you that is not what I meant, though. I apologize for that. Sometimes when I'm writing, my meaning comes out backwards than what it should be and I don't catch it rereading through. Sincere apologies. What I meant is Snape saying that he loves Aurora more than Lily. Toby, I don't know if you'll read back through this, but everything you said was right. So the reason it didn't make sense with Aurora's character is because I wrote that line backwards. Snape still loves Lily, yes, which he states is likely because she was his first love and one doesn't get over that. However, he loves Aurora more because they've come so far through the series and been through so much together. And he shows this time and time again, I hope. Again, apologies for my stupidity in writing that line. I've fixed it now. Thank you, anon reviewer Toby, for pointing out my stupidity.

Renewal's Finale

Aurora smiled widely as she felt Severus wrap an arm around her waist while people continued to congratulate them. Truthfully, she had thought at least a dozen times of running off with him to their quarters to complete the last ritual. However, she stayed like any good well-bred pureblood would, smiling and thanking her gracious guests for showing up, not knowing who the majority of them were.

"Best of luck to you, my dear," Arthur said, kissing Aurora's cheek and shaking Severus's hand.

"Now, don't worry about a thing. Arthur and I will make sure the children are well taken care of while you two are enjoying your honeymoon," Molly said joyously.

"Thank you, Molly," Aurora replied, hugging the red-haired witch. Once the Weasleys had moved off, she glanced towards her husband. She hadn't remembered asking them to watch Angel and the boys. She then sighed. "Septima," she muttered, rolling her eyes.

"Actually, Aura, it was me," her father said, walking up behind her. "Syra and I have some business to attend to in Paris that came up rather suddenly I'm afraid."

"Is everything all right, Dad?"

"Everything's fine, Aura," he replied, shaking his head. He then glanced towards Severus and held out his hand. The two men were very cordial with one another as they shook hands. "Welcome to the family, Severus." However, when Orin clapped him on the back a moment later, Severus noticeably flinched. "I know you'll treat her well, son, so I'm not going to waste your time, telling you something you already do." His rich chocolate eyes then fell on his daughter. "I want you to know, both of you in fact, that Syra and I will always be here for you. You can firecall us whenever, no matter the time."

"Thanks, Dad."

"Well, if you two had some sense, you would be off." He then chuckled when he caught both of their looks towards the remaining crowd. "How about I stand in for you two? After all, you only get married once I say." His rich, hearty chuckles rained down as they opened their mouths to retort. "Go! I've got this covered," he said, shooing them towards the door. "After all, greeting people is sort of my specialty, you know." Once more, he pushed them towards the doors, smiling when they quickly left.


An hour later, the bride and groom arrived at their destination. Nearby, the waves crashed rhythmically against the pristine sandy beach they walked along. They held hands and smiled softly as they headed towards a small one-story stone building. The place they were at was utterly peaceful, and they'd surely both agree on that.

Out of the corner of her eye, she caught her husband glancing at her. She noticed the contemplative look on his face before he suddenly released her hand and scooped her up into arms. She shrieked unfortunately, but quickly closed her mouth a second later, knowing that it was foolish to scream. She felt him chuckle softly against her as he carried her towards the building.

When the front door creaked open after he turned the knob, she bit her bottom lip, wondering and hoping that he was taking her straight to bed. He of course didn't disappoint whatsoever. They walked straight through the small sitting area and into the bedroom of the place. Her heart instantly pumped faster in anticipation, nearly bursting from her chest when she saw the silk lined bed in front of them a moment later. He gently set her back down onto the floor, turning her to face him.

"I'm not ready," she said breathlessly, staring into his dark eyes.

"To make love?" he asked with a soft smirk.

"Well, a woman has to ready herself, Severus," she replied, hoping he didn't already know her little surprise for him that she had picked out earlier while shopping. Even Septima hadn't seen the surprise. When his eyes trailed down her body, she felt chills rush down her spine.

"You can ready yourself later," he said a moment later. "After all, the point of this little ritual I believe is to ensure a pregnancy, not to prevent one. Am I mistaken?"

"No," she whispered. On second thought, her surprise could wait. They had time.

Glancing down at her, he waited until she nodded before he gently pulled the calla lily out of her hair, setting it onto the nightstand beside them. He then slowly took out the numerous hairpins that had tamed her unruly dark curls one by one, placing them into the bowl on the nightstand. To say it was agonizing was a huge understatement. It was pure torture. Once finished with that task, he carefully removed her long dangling diamond earrings, setting them beside the lily. He then undid the tiny clasps on her two diamond bracelets, one for each wrist, placing them with the earrings.

"Are you going to remove my wedding ring also, Severus?" she teased. Exactly two seconds later, she whimpered softly as he pressed feather light kisses against her fingertips.

"No," he whispered, ticking her slightly. "You are to wear that ring at all times." His fingers then lightly trailed up and down her arm, making him chuckle when she closed her eyes and swallowed a moment later. "I am accurate in my assumption that you are not wearing a bra, correct?"

"You are," she answered, trembling slightly.

"And your dress fastens in the back by silver lace, yes?"

She didn't trust herself to speak this time. She knew her voice would likely squeak if she did. So she nodded numbly, staring at him with wide brown eyes. She then looked straight ahead at the wall as he glanced around her to inspect the lacy situation.

"Hmm," he said thoughtfully, pulling back with a frown.

"Is something wrong?"

"No," he replied, glancing into her eyes again. He then took a step closer so that they were chest to chest. His hand went behind her back then as his eyes remained staring into hers. "Do you trust me?"

"Yes," she answered without a second of hesitation. She then heard a click from something behind her back, making her narrow her eyes on him in confusion. When she heard the sound of fabric ripping against a sharp knife, her knees went weak. He was cutting each row of lace one by one. After the fourth shredded lace broke, her corset top fell forward, exposing her breasts to him. Her mouth was open as she stared at him in shock.

"I'll buy you a new one," he said with a soft chuckle, continuing to shred the lace with his blade. A few moments later, he closed his switchblade before placing it on the edge of the nightstand. He then crouched down in front of her and grabbed the excess material before giving it a big tug downwards. With the tattered dress now pooled at her feet, he stood and gently helped steady her as she stepped out of it. His eyes then trailed down and rested momentarily on her only remaining garment.

With a green decorative naughty bow in the back, her white lacy thong was attached to her stockings by green garters. She hadn't thought it possible, but his eyes definitely darkened as he followed the lace, then down one of the garters, and finally drinking in her slender stocking legs.

"Are you, um, planning to cut that off me too?" she asked, ignoring the sound of her out of control heart beating so loud.

"No," he said barely above a whisper.

"Oh," she replied, not noticing the disappointment that had crept into her voice. "Then what will you do to me?" She swallowed when his eyes darted to her own before he rewet his lips again, breathing very slowly through his nose. "Severus?" she softly said, staring at him.

When he suddenly dropped to his knees onto the floor, she gasped, not expecting that. She stared down at him, wondering what he was going to do. Luckily, she received her answer when she felt something, well, wet against her leg where one of the claps to her garters was. Her eyes then narrowed, hearing a soft grunt a moment later followed by one of the clasps opening. He was undoing them with his teeth! That sent more shivers and excitement throughout her body. When he had finished unclasping each garter from her stocking, he glanced up at her with a devilish smirk.

They had two hours before midnight, and based on the smirk she saw on his face, he was going to use those two hours as pure sweet torture. She felt the horrible redness that flushed her cheeks as he knelt in front of her, looking up at her with that damn sly smirk of his. What that man could do likely would make a troll sing an aria beautifully.

Severus then ran his hands from the top of her stockings to her knee, where he forced her knee to bend and rest atop his strong shoulder. Running his hand down the rest of her leg to her ankle, he unsnapped the clasp holding up the four bands around it. One hand remained supporting the lower part of her leg, though, while the other cupped the back of her silver heel and tugged it off. Aurora was dimly aware of the sound her heel made as it clattered to the floor. She felt her knee tremble as he placed a soft kiss to her inner thigh before his hands slid back up her leg, this time maneuvering it into a standing position before he repeated the process with her right.

A moment later, she bit her lip to keep from moaning as he slowly rolled her stockings down one leg at a time. His hands were gentle as always, making her naked skin feel ablaze when his fingers touched it. The parts of her untouched by his fiery fingers, however, were left wanting and needing. It wasn't long before gooseflesh appeared as a shudder quickly overtook her. He then pressed once more a kiss against her inner thigh, blowing gently across the damp area. She couldn't hold back her moan this time as her body shook, nearly sending her to the floor. He chuckled in response, glancing up at her with that same damn smirk.

"Hmm, what should we do about these?" he asked, hooking a finger underneath the waistband near her hip.

"Well, u-unless y-you plan o-on, um," she said in a shaky voice. Her words then faltered as his finger moved just a bit to the left.

"Yes?" he drawled, cocking his eyebrow slightly upwards.

"S-shagging me, um, t-through the, um—" She released another moan, arching towards him as his finger moved just a bit more to the left.

"Please, Aurora, do continue."

"T-through y-your c-clothes," she said, shaking horribly.

"Hmm, you do bring up a valid point. I'm fully clothed, and you're, well, not," he replied, smirking. "I'll rectify this immediately." His finger that had been inside her waistband was removed instantly followed by him standing and banishing his clothes. He chuckled when her mouth dropped. "Was that not what you wanted?" A strangled sound came out of her throat as she stared at him. "Perhaps that wasn't necessarily fair on second thought." He then stepped even closer to her and leaned down, barely touching her lips with his own. "Then again, life isn't fair." His voice then lowered into dangerous territory. It was a tone he rarely used, if ever. "Aurora," he said, chuckling softly when she whimpered and moaned in response. "You enjoy it when I say your name, don't you?" When she replied with a whimper, he frowned for a moment. "Answer me," he commanded firmly.

"YES," she cried, covering her mouth a moment later with a widening of her eyes.

"Lie on the bed," he commanded, staring down at her with intense black eyes boring holes into her very soul. She did the first command without a question. "On your stomach, Aurora," he growled softly, watching her as she rolled over. When she finally stopped squirming, he silently walked to the bed, slowly crawling in beside her. He brushed her curls to the side, bending over her and pressing feather light kisses against the back of her neck before trailing down her back. He smiled as he heard her soft moans of pleasure as he did this. "You see, it's all about control, and right now you're giving me it, trusting me with your very life." He then felt her shudder underneath his lips. "And later, I shall be the one to trust you with my very life. You'll be the one in control then, and I'll be like you, soaking it in."

"Can't, um, now?"

He chuckled at her inability to speak, pressing a series of kisses against the middle of her back. His fingers then gently trailed up and down her, producing a series of mews from her. He only smiled, drinking her in one kiss at a time.

"Is that what you want?" he asked quietly.

"Yes," she cried, shuddering underneath him.

"Do you understand what I'm saying, though? That right now, you're in the same position that I'll be in when it takes over in a few hours. I'll be the one trusting you then."

"I-I do," she whimpered, nodding fervently. "Y-you trust m-me not t-to h-hurt you." When he gently touched her shoulder, she glanced up at him through the fog of lust, rolling onto her side.

He lovingly placed a hand behind her neck, urging her to sit up, which she did. His lips then brushed hers, causing her to deepen the kiss to seek out his unique taste. She felt his lips quiver when she lay back against the pillows, moaning into his mouth as his hands roamed all over her body only to fondle her breasts finally. As his swollen, erect member took over, he instinctively positioned himself in between her slightly parted legs, forcing them wider as he moved closer. She then felt his finger slip underneath her waistband again, twisting it painfully tight this time. He stared straight into her eyes, seemingly drinking in her every reaction before he yanked on the waistband. She winced against his lips as the material broke, but sighed as she was freed from the last offending item that separated them.

Her legs then instinctively wrapped themselves around him, seeking him out. She moaned when he gave in and gently entered her. Her hips instantly arched up off the bed, drawing more of him inside. She didn't know how to describe it, but she wanted all of him, and she wanted it all right then. Her hands moved to his back a moment later, pushing against him, urging him to go deeper. He, however, refused, stilling inside her. His refusal only made her more frustrated, though. Didn't he understand?

She felt his sweet kisses against her neck, but it didn't distract her enough. She moved herself against him, attempting to hit his reflex. He only chuckled against her, whispering that she had to be patient. Well, she didn't want to be patient! She had waited twenty-four years already. She wasn't sure if she could wait another moment.

His kisses soon turned into him nipping lovingly. She cried out a few times, not because it hurt but because she hadn't expected that. He'd nip, then kiss, then suck and blow against it before he'd nip again, repeating the process. She was certain he was marking his territory.

"W-we have a-an hour now," she whined, still trembling.

"Hush," he said against her reddened skin.

"Severus, please," she begged, inhaling immediately when he plunged deeper inside of her before slowly pulling out of her. "No, don't stop, please, don't stop," she pleaded. He swiftly entered her again, only to pull out a moment later at an excruciating slow pace. "Please," she begged, whispering into his ear.

Her back arched up off the bed as he plunged inside her, slowly pulled back, and plunged in again. He repeated this for what seemed to be a lifetime to her, but really only five minutes. It was still at his controlled pace, quick, slow, and back to quick. She met him with every thrust, hoping he'd quicken the pace at some point.

"Please, Severus," she said once more, crying out a moment later when he plunged deep inside her, bringing her hips fully off the bed this time. He then withdrew only a bit before thrusting further into her. He quickened their pace, soon slamming against her with soft grunts. Her moans filled the room as he continued. Her arms wrapped around his neck, urging him on. She then felt him twitch slightly within her before his seed spurt out, coating her insides with his seed. She softly cried in sheer ecstasy with him as they climaxed together.

As they both came back down, she watched him open his mouth to speak, but his panting made that rather hard. She then felt him soften inside her, withdrawing a moment later and laying down beside her. His arm gently snaked underneath her neck as he motioned for her to lay her head on his chest.

Bells ringing nearby caused her to glance into his eyes. She waited, listening to the bells as they rang out the time. When the twelfth bell rang, she gasped, staring at him horrified. No, no, it should have been eleven, not twelve rings. She then buried her head deep into his bare chest in hopes that he'd protect her from what was coming. He held her, just as she knew he would, but sighed softly.

"Everything's going to be fine," he softly whispered, lazily drawing circles onto her bare back. His frown no doubt deepened when she didn't response. "Let's just go to sleep in one another's arms then, Aurora. You can show me that lingerie of yours tomorrow," he said, likely to lighten the mood.

She forced a laugh, feeling herself tremble against him. She was thirty-five now. The bells had told her that. Any moment now she'd become a monster. She cried against him, wishing all of this nonsense about her mother was a lie. She didn't want to lose him, not now, not when she finally had him in her arms. She listened to his soft voice as he tried to soothe her into sleeping, doing her best to stay awake. Unfortunately, his attempt worked. She quickly fell asleep, listening to the sound of his heart beating against her ear.


An indiscernible whooshing sound woke her up. She groaned softly, slowly opening her eyes to the predawn. Severus lay across from her with his eyes closed, wearing a black shirt. Her eyes then narrowed. He shouldn't have been wearing a shirt. She silently sat up, gently resting a hand against his face. He grimaced in response, but didn't wake. She grabbed his hand that had been near her mouth, holding it and wondering what had happened. Her eyes then caught the angry red puncture wounds to his wrist, which caused her to drop his arm immediately and turn around to leave, just as she had promised Eileen she would. A hand, however, snatched her wrist, pulling her back onto the bed.

"Where are you going?" he quietly asked, slowly opening his eyes.


"You didn't hurt me," he interrupted, staring at her.

"I did that to you," she argued, motioning with her eyes to his wrist. She then watched him sit up and grab his switchblade from the nightstand. "What are you doing?" she asked, staring at him in horror as he opened the blade.

"You need to trust yourself with me," he simply replied.

"Severus, please don't," she pleaded, placing a hand on his arm. She quickly closed her eyes and turned away when he pressed the blade against the two marks.

"It's not deep," he said, gaining her attention. He held his wrist up, as not to bleed on the sheets.

"You're an idiot."


"I can kill you now."

"You won't." He then sighed when she shook her head fiercely. "You've trusted me the majority of the years we've know each other. I am asking you to trust me again."

"I-I'll hurt you."

"You won't, Aurora." He gently smeared a drop of crimson onto his finger. He moved at a slow enough pace that if she had wanted to jerk away from him, she was able to. His blood smeared finger hovered a moment in front of her, seemingly waiting for her to move back if she wanted to. When she didn't, he gently pressed his finger against her lips. "Trust me."

She stared at him, wanting to pull back but not doing so. Her eyes closed as she felt his finger against her lips. She could smell the blood just under her nose, causing her to tremble in fear. She didn't want to become a monster. And that was what she'd be if she trusted him.

"Aurora, please. Trust me."

Timidly, she parted her lips, ignoring the trembling as she did. Her tongue darted out, tasting the sticky substance. She pulled back from him, grateful when he didn't push the subject when she did.

"Well?" he asked, dropping his hand with the bloody finger to his side.

"It, um, it tastes like honeysuckle," she answered, staring at him. "I-I don't, um, well, the usual metallic taste is gone." She watched him nod slowly.

"Do you have the urge to kill me, though, to get more?"

"No." She then exhaled loudly, glancing away. "Please don't do that again." When the blood smell disappeared a few seconds later, she looked back at him, noticing that he had healed his cut.

"You're still in control, Aurora. You just proved that." He kissed her cheek then before getting out of bed. "I'll go make us breakfast."

"Can I eat blood-free food anymore?" she asked, scoffing.

"Your mother does," he pointed out, glancing at her.

"Yeah, but most don't."

"Well, from what your father informed me before our wedding, your grandmother was cursed with vampirism. The majority, however, aren't. They're turned and sired by a vampire."

"Yay for Grandmum," she mumbled, shaking her head. "This all sounds so stupid."

"Aura, look at me." He waited until she did. "Your mother is a vampire, and mine returned from the Veil so to speak. Sharing that commonality with your mother is, therefore, not stupid to me, nor is it foolish. It is just the way it is. We will just have to learn to accept this."

"In other words, I have to accept the fact that I'm going to bite you when we're intimate." Her eyes then narrowed when he snorted with a soft smile. "What's so funny?"

"If I were you, Aurora, I would take a good hard look at myself in the mirror." He whirled around then, briskly walking out of the room.

She remained staring at the empty doorframe for a few minutes before tossing the sheets off and slowly climbing out of bed. She grabbed the thin silk green dressing gown from the chair beside her, quickly putting it on and tying it closed. What in the world was he talking about when he said that she should look at herself in the mirror? She silently walked towards the door off to the side of the room, catching the full length mirror on the wall a moment later. She stood in front of it then, noticing that her reflection didn't appear to be any different. When she caught her husband's reflection as he walked up behind her, she frowned.

"What are you talking about, Severus?" Her brows furrowed as he silently reached around her, gently pushing the top of her dressing gown down to expose her chest. Her eyes then widened at the slightly faded marks against her skin. Without a doubt, she knew that was a result of his nipping. When he gently pushed aside her dark curls that covered her neck, she gasped as he uncovered more.

"As you can see, Aurora, you're not the only one with, well, love bites this morning," he whispered beside her ear.

"This was from last night?" she asked, glancing in the mirror at him.

"No, night before last," he replied, wrapping his arms around her lovingly. "You've been asleep nearly thirty hours." He then frowned deeply. "Our youngest informed me before the wedding not to be unnerved when I'd attempt to wake you yesterday. I'll admit, though. Finding neither a pulse nor hearing a breath from you unnerved me greatly." He released a loud exhale. "I imagine all of what I found, though, was so your body could adjust to the changes without stressing it too much. In fact, now that you're awake, I'd imagine your different systems will slowly start working again."

"Ah," she said, nodding slowly. That'd explain why she wasn't rushing to the toilet.

"Our daughter also informed me that I should be expecting a correspondence sometime this evening. However, she did not know what the importance of it was."

"Our daughter, the Seer," she said with a soft laugh. "So, how'd you find this place?"

"Your father actually," he answered. "It's his wedding gift to us."

"This cottage is our wedding gift?"

"No, this island is our wedding gift." He sighed. "Come with me after you've finished. I want to show you something." He then removed his arms from her waist. Turning around, he silently walked out, closing the door behind him.

A few minutes later, she emerged from the bathroom, heading towards the sitting area. When she reached him, she glanced at a grandfather clock in the corner that he pointed at it.

At first it looked like any other grandfather clock. It stood six feet tall encased in stained cherry housing with snakes carved into its wood. Exposed by a glass door that had frosted edges, the silver pendulum swung back and forth, ensuring that the most accurate time possible was displayed above. However, upon further inspection, she noticed the engraved Latin that encircled the silver clock face, along with the runes.

"It's not a Time Turner," he said in response to her confused look. "However, according to your father, it does actually remove us from the normal string of time. It'll feel like we'll have been here for months if we want it to, but when we return, no matter when we do, it'll have only been a night."

"How'd my father learn about this?"

"I am under the impression that your mother found it when she traveled the world and later brought your father here after they married. However, according to your father, the house they had been in was destroyed by a tempest that hit the island."

"They rebuilt it?" For some reason, she couldn't see her father building anything. Granted, her father did loads of things by hand, but she couldn't see him as a carpenter, though. Taking care of horses she could see, but not building a house.

"Your father sent a few of his house elves out here to finish the work while we completed the rituals," he explained.

"Owls can reach us, though?"

"From the way I understand it, the house elves will deliver anything we receive by post."

She nodded, leaning against him. She could get used to owl-free days. They were rare at Hogwarts. She then sighed, walking away from the grandfather clock to the cast-iron gas stove where their eggs and bacon were cooking.

"That smells heavenly, Severus," she said, inhaling the rich aromas of their breakfast.

"Glad to know that being a Potions Master all these years hasn't diminished my ability to cook," he joked, walking towards her before inspecting the self-cooking breakfast. He then held a hand out, summoning a shaker of fine black pepper and shaking it gently over the eggs.

"Pepper?" she said, laughing.

"Yes," he replied. "It gives the eggs more flavor. Now, just hush and sit." He pointed towards the small table made for two. "I'll bring it to you when I'm finished."

She sighed, but did as he asked. Sitting at the table, she watched him as he flipped the eggs and later the bacon expertly. Their breakfast smelled even better now, if that was even possible. When she caught the plates levitated beside him a moment later, she sat up straighter and waited for him to return.

"For you," he said, gently setting the steaming plate in front of her.

Her eyes narrowed on the smiley face plate of food. She then glanced up at him, wondering who the hell this man was and where the hell her husband was. She caught his soft chuckle immediately as he sat down across from her with his own plate.

"I suppose you could say that your father and I bonded prior to the wedding."

"Just how cozy did you two get?" she asked, raising an eyebrow at him.

"Not that cozy," he replied. "Your father only offered some helpful advice. He thought my fixing your eggs this way might put a smile on your face. So I decided to take his advice."

She nodded slowly, picking up a fork. She started to eat in silence, taking quick glances at him every now and then. She had bit him, tasted him. She then softly laughed. Well, not tasted him in the sexual sense, but she had tasted him nonetheless.

"What are you thinking about?"

"Trust me, Severus. You don't want to know." She then caught his soft snort as he took a drink from his glass of grape juice.

"Oh. I see," he said, nodding softly.

"Really, and just what do you see?"

"Your different options of tasting me now," he replied with a quirked smile.

She blushed horribly, turning away from him. She hadn't meant to broadcast her thoughts so openly. She then inhaled slowly, turning back to meet his dark eyes. Well, two could play that game.

"I don't suppose you're up to that, are you?" she asked, daring him to answer.

"Up to—what do the students call it these days 'polishing one's wand?"

She covered her mouth instantly to hold back her laughter. They sounded like two raunchy teenagers. With a wide grin, she cleared her throat, just barely holding back the raucous laughter.

"No, that's something else. I think I was thinking more along the lines of giving it a, well, a spit shine." She caught his slight widening of his eyes before the rich, velvety chuckles poured out of him. She laughed with him, grabbing his hand instantly when he laid it across the table.

Their moment came to a screeching halt when a letter suddenly popped in and landed on the table. He sighed softly, grabbing it with his free hand. He, however, had to release her a moment later in order to open the envelope. His eyes moved quickly across the letter, skimming it, before he placed it back on the table and slid it towards her.

"Who's it from?" she asked, picking it up.

"My mother," he replied with a heavy sigh. "It's addressed to you."

"So I see," she mumbled, reading the letter that was dated yesterday.

Ms. Aurora Sinistra,

No doubt you've woken up this morning beside my son, whether that is with him drained of life or otherwise. You likely are wondering now why I'm writing this letter to you of all people. I am doing so in the hopes that my fears are unfounded and that my son was not lying dead beside you this morning.

As I informed you yesterday prior to you tying your life to him, I do not wish to lose my son to you as I lost his father to your mother. I am not blind, though, nor am I deaf. I saw yesterday the love my son has for you. So, therefore, if you have not killed him, I shall work on my distrust of you in the spirit of keeping the peace so to speak.

You appear to be true to your words and are unlike your mother. This I saw yesterday also. Your hesitation during the exchanging of the vows, which I admit I wrote off as acting when I first saw it, was something that I believe I needed to see from you. However, do not take my words as my accepting you fully the moment you return from wherever my son has whisked you off to. No one can do that. But as I said, I shall work on my distrust, and hopefully in the next decade or two I will be able to call you my daughter-in-law.

Finally, I wish to extend the privilege of you taking the Prince surname. Since my son has taken that potion to purify his blood so to speak, he is also eligible to take it. While it shall be disconcerting to say the least for me, knowing that you share my last name, it is a tradition in my family that I shall not impede. However, I do wish to enlighten you to the fact that since my return I have become sole owner of Prince Manor again, not Severus. Therefore, you will not live the pampered life you once did while I was in the service of Lady Atal.

I shall therefore leave the house on Spinner's End in Severus's name. Granted, my son likely will demolish it at the first chance, but I doubt you'll be homeless. Perhaps he can build it up from the ruins and make a suitable home out of it again. I suppose in closing I should congratulate you, but I fail to know if I mean it in the sense of your marriage to my son or to you not killing him.

Eileen Prince

"Well, that was positively charming," Aurora said, setting the letter down. "You know, Severus, I hope one day to achieve your mother's level of sarcasm." She laughed when he snorted into his glass. "So, tell me. Is your good mood because of our wedding night? Because I've never seen you in this good of a mood before," she said, staring at him.

"It might be a result of our wedding night," he agreed with a smile. "However, I've felt, well, more emotional one could say since we completed the Ritual of Binding. Your father believes that to be the result of it cleansing my soul so to speak." He then glanced off with a faraway look before looking at her again. "I can barely remember the bad. When I think on my childhood now, I remember meeting Lily that day in the park, not Tobias. I remember the times we were together in the common room rather than the times I was at a meeting with the monster. When I attempt to recall the bad, I only see the good in my life, the good I was too blind to see before."

"You see Lily?" she asked quietly. She smiled softly when he nodded. "Does she still make your heart leap into your throat, Severus?" she asked curiously.

"She does," he answered truthfully. "However, what I feel for her pales in comparison to what I feel for you. She was my first love, my first obsession one could say, though. One never gets over his first."

"I don't suppose one does," she said with a smile, understanding his meaning. He was her first, and she knew that had fate been kinder and he'd been with Lily, that she'd feel the same pain, the same love, that he still felt for Lily, his first.

"Well, shall we have a bit of a lie-in this morning, seeing as how we're both in our sleepwear?" He chuckled when she rolled her eyes and laughed. "Then again, you could perhaps show me that lingerie of yours that you've been hiding from me."

"My, oh my, I do believe Severus Snape is a bit of a dirty old man," she drawled, feigning a look of scandal on her face.

"Prince," he corrected. "My mother gave us her approval for the use, Aurora."

"You are not Tobias, Severus," she quietly reminded in response to his correction.

"And you're not Syra, Aurora," he retorted, rising slowly and motioning for her to do the same. "Now, lie-in or lingerie?" he asked, walking around the table with his arm bent towards her.

"Well, I suppose since you treated me so well, it's only fair that I do so for you this morning."

"Lingerie it is," he said with a positively gleeful look, leading her towards the bedroom.

"Who would have guessed that Severus Prince liked lingerie?" she teased, laughing when he lightly smacked her arm. "Is this truly going to be our honeymoon, Severus?" she asked semi-seriously. "Months of shagging, I mean?" she clarified with a smile.

"Only the first twelve months," he deadpanned, glancing at her. His eyes shone with pure happiness before his rich, velvety chuckles filled the room again. He then sobered up, sighing contently. "If there's something else you'd rather be doing, I'm open for suggestions, Aurora. After all, this time is about experiencing things together as couple, becoming unified as one so to speak."

"Then let's let the lingerie surprise wait until your birthday," she said with a smile. "You and I have things more important to do, other places to be."

"Do we?" he asked softly with a look of wonder in his eyes.

"Yes," she answered before kissing his cheek. "I'm correct to assume there are fresh clothes here?" He nodded. "Good, well, let's get dressed in our finest clothes then. We have places to be."

Five minutes later, Aurora emerged from the bathroom, wearing a dark blue pullover and black slacks. She flashed a soft smile at her husband as he stood patiently waiting by the door for her, holding out the Prince family heirloom. She then silently slipped her arms back into the velvety emerald robes, beaming as she stared at the intricate design in the silver embroidered collar and cuffs.

"I'm glad to see you still enjoy wearing them," he said softly, glancing at her with a faint smile.

"Of course I do, Severus," she replied, resting a hand against his black jumper. "It has a bit of your magic embedded in it, surrounding me with your warmth."

"Must you always romanticize things around me, Aurora?" he quipped, still smiling.

"You knew I was a hopeless romantic when you married me, Severus," she reminded.

"Then I shall find a way to endeavor, I suppose." He then gave a short laugh, placing an arm around her waist. "Shall we depart then?" He kissed her cheek softly when she nodded.

With a soft pop from disapparating, they appeared a moment later in Godric's Hollow. They walked across the fresh white powder, the snow crunching softly under their boots. They headed to the back of the cemetery towards two white marble tombstones shone majestically in the predawn light.

"You've been here before," he remarked quietly beside her.

"I came here a week after the tombstones were erected," she replied softly. "I suppose I felt guilty for all those years we were in Hogwarts, where I wished ill to come to her and James."

"And now?" he asked.

She didn't respond. Instead, she stepped out of his sideways hug and knelt in the snow in front of Lily's grave. She could feel his eyes watching her every move, which was somewhat calming she'd admit. She then placed her hand across Lily's name and bowed her head, closing her eyes as she thought her words she wanted to say to the deceased witch. The snow swirled around her then before the church bells off in the distance rang hauntingly. She smiled softly in response, rising a moment later.

"You're not going to say anything to her, Severus?" she asked, noticing that he had not moved any closer to the grave.

"All the things I would have to say, she already knows," he replied softly.

She nodded, slowly pulling her wand out from her inner pocket. She pointed her wand then at the ground just before the tombstone, sending a spark of purple at the snow. Taking a step back, she watched her snowdrop flowers she had conjured sprout up through the snow before blooming.

"We should bring Harry here someday," she said quietly, staring at the flowers. "He likely hasn't been here before." She then smiled as her husband's arm wrapped around her waist. "We have one more place to visit," she stated. "And then we can go home and be with our children."

"After you," he replied, leaning his head softly against hers.

Once more the soft pop of disapparation came before they appeared in a familiar clearing in a wooded area. She tensed at the sight of the tombstone in front of her, only relaxing when Severus whispered something soothingly beside her. She nodded jerkily in response, taking a step forward.

She hadn't visited this particular grave since the day the child was buried. But seeing the grave during the ritual, knowing what she knew now, she knew that they both needed this . . . closure in their lives. After all, she had known all along that this child was hers. Her husband, however, had just learned a few days earlier about the child that likely was his.

"Do you wish me to alter it again?" he asked barely above a whisper.

She jerked her head no, blinking back the tears. She then placed a hand across their unborn daughter's name, focusing her magic on the engraving. When a hand rested atop of hers a moment later, she glanced up, feeling his magic flow through her to the marble. They removed their hands afterwards, staring at the words 'Aria Sinistra-Prince.' She then laughed while silently crying when he placed a conjured glass-enclosed Slytherin teddy bear in front of their unborn daughter's grave.

"Let's go home, Aurora," he whispered, gently kissing her cheek. Their hands then entwined with their silver wedding rings glowing softly in the predawn light. With a soft pop, they vanished, just as a lone phoenix trilled softly from a branch up above, where it had stared down and watched.

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