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A peculiar feeling of awe and power hung heavily in the air; the acrid smells of burning debris, generated by buildings that had been reduced to rubble in seconds, and the stench of the deaths of hundreds mixed nauseatingly.

Panting heavily as the last remnants of his Sage-Mode power left him, Uzumaki Naruto silently surveyed the wasteland that had once been his home, the Shinobi village hidden in the leaves, Konohagakure. Behind him lay the charred and mangled remains of five of the bodies of his most fearsome enemy to date, one Nagato of Amegakure, more commonly known as the shinobi terrorist Pein.

This Pein was the leader of the infamous Akatsuki, and organization that had once featured 9 members, all S-class terrorists and criminals themselves, and had guided them in their hunt for the various Jinchuuriki and Biju that were scattered across the land.
For nearly 5 years the Akatsuki had hunted Naruto, seeking the power of the legendary Nine-Tailed Fox. During that time, most of the Akatsuki had perished at the hands of various Konoha shinobi, and Pein had finally decided to take matters into his own hands.

A few hours previously, in a brutal "shock-and-awe" display of power, Pein had launched an assault on Konoha personally, and with a single attack had decimated a massive portion of the village. In less than 5 minutes, Pein had not only killed thousands of people, but had also blasted most of the village into a crater, and the effort had barely seemed to phase him.

Shortly before Naruto returned from a crucial training expedition were he had learned to enter the near legendary Sage-Mode, the remaining villagers had rallied together to try to repel Pein's assault. Most of them did not survive the attempt, and their deaths weighed heavily on Naruto's conscience.

Naruto struggled to catch his breath, exhaustion was settling in. He only had one more clone secretly gathering nature-chakra, but he couldn't use it just yet. So instead, he glared defiantly at his tormentor, the Destroyer of Konoha. Pein was a monster of a man that possessed the Legendary Rinnegan, and had learned to impose his will on corpses, granting them a sort of false "life."

For nearly a full hour, Naruto had waged battle with Pein and his corpse puppets, and through a combination of luck, skill, raw power and overwhelming talent and determination, had finally managed to put down all but one of his opponent's bodies. This Path of Pein (as the puppets referred to themselves) was made from a man with medium length spiky orange hair, sporting several facial piercings, including a metal bar through each ear, three studs through the side of his upper nose, and one spike stud on each end of the bottom lip. What was especially disconcerting about this last Path was that he/it was completely unscathed, there wasn't even a rip in the black and red Akatsuki cloak it wore.

Taking a single moment to check to make sure the other bodies were still non-responsive, Naruto's gaze refocused on his last opponent as he got ready to reenter Sage-Mode. "This is it," he told himself, "You can beat him, and make him pay for everything he's done!"

Miles away from Konoha a clone of Naruto was meditating under a a small waterfall, sitting preternaturally still. Finally, it sensed the mental command of the original Naruto, and as it dispelled itself, power rushed into Naruto's real body. His sapphire eyes instantly changed to a burning gold, and the fatigue that had been weighing him down vanished.

"You're very strong," Pein spoke suddenly, his purplish eyes boring straight into Naruto's own. "No one has ever given Pein this much trouble before." He raised his right hand while a black spike materialized in his left, "But you won't win, and I have grown tired of this charade." His chakra flared in a split second, "Bansho-Tenin!"

An overwhelming force took hold of Naruto with crushing power, "What?!"he barely managed to yell, as he was pulled off his feet. The technique was new to him and unfortunately, he wasn't able to figure out what was happening fast enough. The blond ninja caught fully off guard, was helpless as Pein's technique took effect. Before he could even blink Naruto found himself staring literally eye to eye with the expressionless body of Pein.

"Goodbye Uzumaki Naruto, with your death the Kyuubi will be set free, and it's power and the world will be mine," Pein remarked flatly. "Take comfort in knowing that your death will usher in a new, perfect world." It wasn't until Pein moved his hand lower that Naruto finally realized the black spike was now lodged in directly into his heart. Then as he struggled to move at all, Pein placed his left hand on the center of Naruto's chest and whispered "Shinra Tensei."

There was a violent surge of chakra and Naruto was blasted completely out of the crater that was once Konoha. As darkness began creeping into his vision he distinctly remembered someone, perhaps himself, screaming "NO!" and then there was nothing, only silence.

{Later somewhere outside Konoha}

With a start Naruto opened his eyes, wincing slightly as they readjusted to the light."What the hell just happened," he muttered softly, a little dazed. As he turned his head to the side he noted the large trees in the surroundings. "I'm outside the village," he mused to himself, his thoughts felt sluggish.
He paused for a moment as the thought finally registered properly. "The village!" he shouted, jumping to his feet. "I have to get back!"

He tried to charge his chakra to his legs, and just as he was about to jump away he felt a sudden sharp tug on his chest and stomach. Looking down he was surprised to discover two chains on his torso trailing off a ways into the distance. One of the chains was sticking out from directly between his pectorals, however, the other chain was located directly on the seal.

Instantly his blood ran cold at the sight of the second thick chain. Fighting off the surge of panic, noting that there was no immediate danger, he took a breath. "What the hell?" he bellowed out loud, "Why the hell are there chains stuck in me!? and his voice rang softly through the trees. When no one answered his face fell. He looked closer at the chains, and what he saw defied logic. The chains literally protruded from inside his body, with no visible anchor. It was impossible to say the least, but there it was.

Tearing his eyes away from the peculiarity, Naruto focused on his priorities, which was mainly getting back to Konoha. "Might as well see where they lead," he mumbled as he began following the chains, wrapping the excess around his hand, absently noting that they were ice cold despite it being a hot summer day. Somehow, instinctively he knew that he couldn't remove the chains himself, so he made sure not to tug too hard.

When the chains grew taut he found himself standing in front of a large tree with the chains going behind it, fearing that he had been somehow chained to a tree while unconscious, he crept forward

"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?," he roared in anger and shock a moment later. His mind reeled, while he stumbled back, nearly falling down at the sight. There laying on the ground in front of him, was himself. A perfect clone of his own body lay right before his eyes, with tattered clothes and new hole in the heart and all.

He wasn't sure how long he stared at the body but he knew some time passed. After a while he spoke aloud. "This can't be happening,"Naruto panicked. "What the hell is going on?" A moment later he had a realization, "It's gotta be a trick, a genjutsu or something." He brought his hands together into the familiar Rat hand seal, and tried to bring his chakra to bear. It was something he had done hundreds of times, with barely a though, channeling chakra that is, but it didn't work.

He'd almost run out of chakra while training before, and he'd had his chakra sealed a few times, but the life energy had been always been there. This time it was different. In that single, awful moment, Naruto came face to face with the absolute truth. He was dead.

"This can't be happening, this can't be me!" he gasped aloud, while a horrible realization settled on him. He had failed. He had lost against the monster that was Pein, and now his village, his friends, everyone he cared about would be destroyed, and it was his fault. Crushing despair settled on him and he wondered what could he do? He began to scream and curse at the injustice of it all.

He was so preoccupied with the terrible scene before his eyes, that he failed to notice the impossible materialization of and old-world style, wooden sliding door, or shōji behind him, and certainly wasn't aware of the person who stepped through.


The sight of one blond teenager screaming to the heavens, was what Urahara Kisuke was treated to as he stepped through the Senkaimon gateway to the Living World. "So this is the one," mused Kisuke to himself as he watched Naruto rage. " He's certainly lively isn't he?." After observing the other blond for a few moments, Kisuke finally cleared his throat loudly.

Naruto froze in mid rant at the sound and whirled around, his hand instinctively reaching for his kunai, only to grasp at nothing. His blue eyes roamed over the newcomer quickly taking his unusual appearance. The man was blond, much like himself, but it was a paler shade and longer. He wore a pure black kimono, with a white undershirt, and a white haori cloak draped over his shoulders.
He also noted the sheathed sword at the man's side and quickly tensed up, unsure what to expect

Kisuke noted the teen's sharp look and raised his hands up in a placating manner, "Easy, I'm not here to fight," he said genially. "My name is Urahara Kisuke, what's yours?"

"Uzumaki Naruto," Naruto replied warily, never taking his eyes off of the older man's face.

"Look, I bet you're wondering what is going on," said Kisuke gently, as he stepped forward.

"No shit" retorted Naruto sarcastically glaring at the newcomer. Kisuke frowned at the boy's crude statement but let it slide. "I'm sorry to tell you this Naruto-kun but I'm afraid you're dead," he said gently. He hated this type of work, he was a scientist through and through and was a terrible emotional therapist. If not for the unusual aspects of this particular young man's life, he wouldn't even be here. Expecting another crude outburst from the teen, Kisuke was rather surprised when Naruto merely slumped forward, and sighed.

"I kinda figured that, guess that means I'm a ghost" the teen muttered mostly to himself before falling into silent contemplation. After a moment he looked back up at Kisuke." You know, it's funny I always pictured Death looking kinda different," he said, almost absently. " I was expecting the traditional Shinigami you know? .

Kisuke actually laughed at that, "Most people have their own idea of what Death is like my boy, but be that as it may, I am A Shinigami," he said, placing emphasis on A.

"There are more than one?" asked Naruto genuinely surprised. "Indeed," responded Kisuke, "There are many Shinigami, but we are all the guides of souls, and I am here now to take you to Soul Society."

"Soul Society?" what's that asked Naruto, while reflexively rubbing the back of his head, a nervous habit he'd never been able to kick.

"It's what you mortals refer to as the afterlife," explained Kisuke. "As a shinigami, I myself am part of a very special group within in Soul Society, and I was chosen to ferry your soul for a very specific reason."

"Let me guess by specific reason, you mean the Kyūbi, don't you," Naruto growled. Anger welled up in him, he was suddenly sure that yet another group was looking for him solely because of his burden.

Kisuke noticed the dark look on the boy's face, "Yes," he said. "But not for the reason you might think." Kisuke paused for a moment, before continuing,"Tell me what do you know about your seal?"

Naruto frowned, "Not much," he admitted, just that it's different from most other demon containing seals, and it that it's very strong."

Kisuke nodded, "You are correct," he said, "What you probably don't know is that in order to seal away the Kyūbi in the first place the man you know as the 4th Hokage summoned one of us, which is quite a feat for a human you know, and struck a deal."

Naruto blinked in surprise, "What do you mean" he asked. "How is that even possible?"

Kisuke huffed in annoyance, "We still aren't sure exactly how the technique was made," he admitted, "But your somehow he did it, and he of course also wanted to make a deal but the price for meddling in mortal affairs is often quite steep, and is usually paid for with one's own soul."

Naruto shivered at the ominous statement, "So what exactly did the Fourth ask for," he inquired.

Kisuke sighed, "In exchange for his own soul he had the Nine-Tail's life energy split and sealed into you, and he asked that once you died, that the creature be sent back to it's own realm." He looked Naruto right in the eyes, as he spoke, "Now that you are dead, I am here to uphold that deal."

Naruto felt a small measure of relief wash over, even if he was dead, Akatsuki would not be getting the Nine-Tailed Fox, the world would be safe from their plan at the very least.

Kisuke strode past the soul of Naruto and stood over the teen's corpse, "You might want to step back,"the Shinigami warned. Then with a quick, clearly practiced move, Kisuke unsheathed the sword at his side and sliced straight through the chain attached to the seal, and then seamlessly jumped back a good 20 feet.

There was a single moment of silence, then red chakra burst out of the sea on Naruto's corpse like a torrent of flames. Within moments the chakra began forming a a gigantic fox-like form, slowly becoming more and more solid, until...

"I AM FREE,"boomed to voice of the mighty demon fox, as it stood unfettered in the mortal plane for the first time in fifteen years, "Now I shall have my revenge!"

"I'm afraid not," Kisuke spoke, interrupting the Fox's tirade. Kisuke's voice was magnified somehow to be nearly deafening, and was easily picked up by the beast. "In fact you're about to leave this plane of existence entirely," he continued.

"Impudence!" roared the fox. "Who dares challenge me?" The fox turned it's furious gaze on the blond shinigami, and roared loudly.

" Jeez" commented Kisuke idly, completely unfazed by the creature's fury. "You're so very loud."

"I will dest…"

"Be silent, "commanded the Shinigami suddenly, his voice now echoing with power and authority; he raised his hands and spoke again, "Bakudō #63. Sajō Sabaku. From right next to the other man, Naruto watched in awe as a huge chain of bright yellow energy wrapped itself around the demon fox completely immobilizing it. No matter what the beast tried to do free it's self, nothing worked.

Kisuke smiled as he finished off the technique, "That's better," he said softly watching the beast struggle. 'Now then, it is time to finish this." Focusing his spiritual energy into his legs he took off in a massive jump and landed in mid-air, directly in front of the Fox's eyes.

He swiftly unsheathed his sword once more as he stared at the demon straight into the eye fearlessly. Then with a cold smile he said "Goodbye," while slamming the hilt of his blade right onto the creatures face.

A stunning blast of golden light appeared quickly taking the shape of a rectangle even bigger than the fox itself. After a few seconds the translucent rectangle seemingly pulsed once, flashing brightly and then faded away revealing a gargantuan black doorway held shut by a massive chain, and adorned with the bandaged head and torso of a giant skeleton on each side.

Naruto watched fascinated as the skeleton's on the door pulled themselves open revealing a pure blackness, a darkness that seemed to suck in light itself. An aura of dread washed over Naruto, and he instinctively moved back. One of the skeleton creatures stretched out its hand and took hold of the immobilized demon fox, and brought it, struggling vainly the entire time straight into the blackness. The moment the fox was inside, the doors slammed shut and disappeared. A moment later Kisuke gently floated down from the air, dropping to the ground silently.

"Wha.. what was that?" asked Naruto, both awestruck and terrified, what he had just seen was likely noy sight not meant for mortal eyes.

"The Gates of Hell," replied Kisuke quietly as he held his sword out perpendicular to the ground, before turning it sideways like a key. A traditional shoji materialized before the two blonds, and slid open. "Now then it is time to go," ordered Kisuke

"But wait there's so much I need to ask you" said Naruto. "What is Soul Society like, is the Kyūbi really gone, is..."

"Don't worry all of your questions will be answered soon," Kisuke said with a smile as he cut the second chain.

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