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After leaving Urahara's shop Naruto quickly made his way back to the apartment. He knew that other Shinigami would need to be placated somewhat and he also still had to assign them patrol areas. Fortunately, the apartment wasn't too far from Kisuke's Shop, so he manged to get there in just a few quick Flash Steps.

With a soft woosh he appeared in front of the door, and the light chatter he could just barely discern through the wood immediately died away.
"I'm back," he called, somewhat awkwardly as he walked inside. He was immediately met with half a dozen glaring eyes. He frowned briefly at the attitude, then schooled his own expression.

"Mind telling us what the hell that was all about?" demanded Hitsugaya rudely.

Naruto faced the younger Captain, his cerulean eyes boring into the white haired shinigami's own turquoise orbs, "I believe I told you earlier, that my business with Uruhara Kisuke was private," he said flatly. "This business as yet, does not concern you or your mission."

Hitsugaya was about to say something more, but Naruto, who had grown even more annoyed, finally flared his reiatsu, " Enough," he said, "I do not answer to you Captain." Hitsugaya gritted his teeth. It galled him to be spoken to with disrespect, but he stayed silent, Naruto was right after all.

After reigning in his reiatsu and temper, Naruto turned to the others and addressed them as a whole. "We need to figure out who should patrol what area of the city, and we have to make sure we can all contact each other in case of an emergency."

Despite their indignation at being so firmly rebuked, the remaining Shinigami nodded, wisely deciding not to push the issue any further.

A week or so later

Underneath an abandoned Karakura warehouse there was an impossibly large training room that ex-Captain Urahara Kisuke had built just a few weeks previously.
The "room" which actually resembled an empty wasteland, stretched out seemingly for miles, and even came equipped with an artificial sun and sky. The only way someone could tell that the room wasn't actually outside was from the unnatural quiet and the lack of clouds.

Here this secret training room a fierce battle raged between two blond figures. Aside from their hair color, the two fighters were near polar opposites, being both different genders, different heights, and utilizing different fighting styles.
The two fighters repeatedly clashed high in the air, the shriek of steel meeting steel continually ringing as their katana repeatedly clashed. Periodically energy attacks, and waves of fire and lightning were used with impunity.

Neither Naruto not Hioyri could tell how long they'd been at it, but they both sported twin fierce smiles. Suddenly the flow of the battle changed, and when the two Zanpakuto locked again this time they didn't immediately spring away from each other, instead they kept their blades pressed together.

"Why don't we kick this up a notch, Hiyori taunted. "All right, but no complaining if you get hurt Hiyori-chan," Naruto, replied cheekily.

She growled in response and brutally kicked him as hard as she could in the gut. He wasn't supposed to call her that in public.

Surprised by his girlfriend's unorthodox attack Naruto was caught off guard and he crashed into the ground hard. Dazed, it took him a second to clear his head, and with a few moments Hiyori's reiryoku spike, her reiatsu signature changing; it became darker and felt heavier as it became intermixed with that of her Inner-Hollow.

Hiyori stood in the sky wrapped in an aura of pink and black reiatsu, with a bone white mask covering her face. The mask sported large purple diamond-like markings across the brow, and featured a rather prominent horn, much like a rhinoceros. "Get ready," she said, her voiced distorted as if there were two of her speaking at once, with one voice at a much deeper pitch. It was disconcerting to say in the least.

Glancing at sky Naruto looked at the now Hollowfied girl, and while even though he knew it was still Hiyori, and he still loved her beyond words, he couldn't help but feel a tiny twinge of fear. Them the moment passed and he brushed that fear aside as he focused.

But before he could move she vanished from sight, reappearing directly behind him a second later. With a speed borne from years of practice, Naruto managed to get his blade up in time to block her two-handed overhead slash. At close range, Naruto could see that the sclera of Hiyori's eyes were an inky black, and her pupils burned gold. Just like Ichigo's had when they had fought a few weeks ago.

He let his reiryoku augment his muscles, and in a frankly inhuman display of strength, he threw Hiyori off his sword, and immediately Flash Stepped away.

Hiyori recovered quickly, immediately searching for Naruto, but the other blond was nowhere in sight. "Where are you?," she growled, not expecting an answer. "Up here," came the unexpected reply from above, and she swore she could hear the smile on his face.

"What?" she asked, startled as she looked up ans saw Naruto standing about twenty feet above her head, with an energy sphere in his palm. The attack was glowing with intense yellow light, and was aimed at right her. "Hadō 32: Ōkasen," Naruto quickly bellowed, and from his palm a wide arc of energy blasted forward.

"Shit!," she screeched as she saw the incoming attack. Forcing as much spirit energy in to her arms as she could, she brought her sealed sword around to bear, just in time to keep from being bifurcated by Naruto's cutting spell. The energy attack pushed against her Zanpakutō with titanic force, slowly but surely forcing her to her knees.

"Ready to give up?"Naruto taunted jovially from above when the spell finally died away.

"The hell I am," she roared catching her second wind, blurring away in an instant with a sharp Buzz sound.

"What the..." Naruto had just enough time think, before Hiyori appeared inside his guard, landing a punch to his gut so hard that it knocked the wind clean out of him. That wasn't a Flash Step. he thought sluggishlyas he fell.

"You wanna play rough?" Hiyori growled, "That's fine by me."

After crash landing on the ground for the second time in 5 minutes, Naruto gasped as he forced the air back into his lungs. Shaking off his disorientation, he turned back to his opponent, only to find her charging a menacing orb of red light on the tip of her mask's horn.

"No way," Naruto breathed in awe, as he regognize the technique, "You guys can fire off real Cero?"

A Cero, was a technique used exclusively by extremely powerful Hollows. It took the form of an immensely powerful blast, or sphere of concentrated Hollow spiritual energy, and the more power one put in the more powerful the blast. Almost instantly he could tell the amount of power Hiyori pumped into her Cero greatly exceeded the spell he'd just used on her.

Hiyori ginned wickedly under her mask as she'd heard what he'd said. "Oh yeah," she laughed. That was all the warning Naruto got as she unleashed the immensely destructive Hollow attack. In seconds the small orb exploded into into a truly massive energy beam.

Naruto had just barely had time to defend himself, but thankfully a few seconds before the Cero struck he surrounded himself in purple barrier. The technique was formed from translucent overlapping honey comb "plates". When the crimson Cero slammed into Naruto's barrier, it was with enough concussive force to shatter the ground he was standing on.

Thankfully, his barrier held the Cero at bay, but very quickly cracks started to appear in several of the plates, the attack was ridiculously strong.
With a grunt he pushed even more power into his barrier and weathered the assault, but it actually took a fair bit of his power to do so. Mercifully Hiyori couldn't sustain the attack forever, and eventually both the barrier and the Cero exploded, each sending a massive cloud of dust blasting high into the air.

'"Take that," panted Hiyori as she floated to the ground. She had pumped a ton of reiryoku into the Cero and was exhausted from the effort. Focusing on her boyfriend's reiatsu signature, she was pleased to note that his reserves were lower than her own; confident that he was bested, she let her mask disintegrate. "I win," she declared proudly. Unfortunately her assumption was her undoing.

"Hadō 4: Byakurai*," said Naruto, his voice drifting out of the cloud faintly. It was followed by a thin beam of white lightning and the weak electric attack slammed into the girl. Caught completely off guard, she knocked her flat on her ass a good twenty feet away.

The dust cloud finally settled, revealing Naruto lying on his belly, both his hair and clothes lightly singed, with a wide grin on his face, "I think we can call this one a tie," he said with smile. As a reply Hiyori slowly raised her right arm and flipped him off. Naruto chuckled before he hopped to his feet and shuffled over to her.

After he dropped down next to her, Hiyori shifted so her head was laying in his stomach. "Well that was fun," he murmured as he absently ran his fingers through her hair. "Yeah," it was she agreed. "You've gotten so strong Hiyori-chan," he continued, "It's amazing."
She smirked, "Not all of us were Kidō geniuses, you know." I've worked my butt off to be able to control this power." Naruto nodded, "It's incredible," he said, "How does it work?"

A pained look crossed her face, and Naruto flinched, guilt welling up, "I'm so sorry," he apologized. "I didn't mean it like that."
She cut him off, "It's ok dumb ass." She sighed contentedly as she settled in deeper, "I'll tell you all about it, just not right now ya know?"

Naruto nodded, and idly began playing with her hair. "What are you thinking about?" he asked a few minutes later, but she replied with something completely unintelligible as she drifted off to sleep.

Naruto smiled and after a time he joined her in the land of dreams. Happier than he had been in decades.


Naruto's eyes snapped open. Two massive reiatsu signatures had suddenly materialized in the far most northern part of Karakura Town. The beings emitting the powerful signatures were obviously very strong and from the malevolent aura he could sense, they were definitely hostile.

He immediately exploded into motion, running out of the training room as fast as he could, shouting an apology at a rather irate Hiyori, upset at her "pillow's" rude exit. He passed by the other Vaizard in the warehouse but didn't stop to communicate.

The moment he was out of the warehouse, he Flash Stepped north, heading straight towards the two enemy signatures he sense. As he traveled he felt Ichigo approaching the enemy, and allowed himself to feel a small measure of relief. A short time later the sense of relief died as he felt Ichigo release his Bankai. He knew the teen wouldn't have done so with out a reason.

Then as he moved, he felt Ichigo's reiatsu signature fluctuate, the boys normal warm reiatsu spiked strongly, then morphed into a dark and oppressive power, then it switched back. He was Hollowfying again.

"Shit," Naruto cursed, forcing himself to move even faster. For a few moments longer, he could still feel Ichigo's reiatsu fluctuating, but then it dropped to a dangerously low level, while one of the enemy powers swelled greatly to a Captain's level.

It took only a minute longer, for him to be within sight of the situation, but it wasn't good. Ichigo lay bruised and battered before a bald, one armed giant of a man, who sported the broken remnants of a hollow mask on the lower part of his face. Behind the giant, a smaller figure stood silent, his emerald eyes totally empty of emotion. This one had messy black hair, pale white skin, a black upper lip, and green eyes, with twin facial markings in the form of teal lines which descend from the lower part of his eyes. Both enemies were wearing a white jacket, with black sash, and a white hakama. It was like an eerie reverse of the Shinigami uniform.

The smaller man also sported the remnants of a hollow mask, this one looking rather like a helmet, on the left side of his head. Naruto knew immediately that these beings were Arrancar. The giant moved to deliver the final strike against Ichigo, and that's when he acted, casting a barrier spell as he moved.

"Bakudō 81 Danku*," Naruto whispered as he Flash Stepped directly in front of Ichigo. A translucent wall of energy appearing a second later, completely nullifying the giant's attack. "Phew, that was close," he said to Ichigo casually, while the giant took a step back.

"Sorry I'm so late," he continued talking to the youth as he dismissed the barrier, "But you see I got lost on the road of life, as a friend of mine used to say."

"Che, more and more people keep butting in," the giant man suddenly interrupted.

Naruto frowned in confusion and looked around. Sure enough there were other unconscious people around, including Inoue Orihime, Sado Yatsutora, and another one of Ichigo's friends.

"Well now, you did this?" Naruto asked softly rage welling up, the giant arrancar couldn't tell, but there was now a dangerous edge to his tone.

"Hell yeah I did," the man roared, "And you're next!" He moved to attack once more, but by then Naruto was already gone.

"You know, I hate guys like you," said Naruto, his voice coming from behind his opponent. The giant whirled around, but instantly found himself wrapped in chains."Tetsu no Kusari." Naruto stared at his opponent silently for a second before drawing his sword, "Sit between the Darkness and the Light: Twilight Heart," he chanted as he ran his left palm along the flat of the Zanpakutō.

The Arrancar watched as the sword was outlined with an almost blinding white light, which then quickly faded to a deep black, then the blade shattered into hundreds of glowing black and white particles. The black orbs flowed over right arm, the white surrounded his left. A heartbeat after his Armor-like shikai was released, the giant Arrancar flared his own crimson reiatsu, and shattered the chains binding him. "Like some weak ass technique is gonna stop me," he growled.

Naruto didn't deign to respond, but instead he acted. Moving at super human speed, he slipped right under the giants guard, and delivered a brutal uppercut to his stomach, one that strong enough to actually lift the huge Arrancar off it's feet. A second later the blond shinigami was gone, this time appearing from thin air behind his opponents head, and axe kicked him, forcing the enemy to it's knees.

For a second Naruto stood behind his enemy, looking exactly like a god of death, then he stretched out his right metal-clad index finger. A small ball of fire, about four inches in diameter, materialized on the tip of his finger, and then he leveled it at the back of his enemies head.
"Hadō 46: Bāningu Kiba," he said coldly.

Before anything could happen, a slender arm, quickly pushed Naruto's own arm straight up, and the spell he had been about to fire rocketed into the sky before flying out of sight.
It was the second Arrancar, who up until then had done nothing, who had defended the giant arrancar. Naruto was quite surprised, as he hadn't sensed the second's Arrancar's approach at all. This Arrancar's emerald eyes bored into Naruto's cerulean orbs and from up close Naruto could see that he possessed slit pupils, much like a cat. Then the heretofore silent, green-eyed Arrancar disappeared from Naruto's sight sharp buzz sound; a few seconds later the larger Arracar was gone too, it seemed that the giant was deceptively fast for his size.

Surprised, Naruto whirled around, only to spot the two enemies a short distance away. "Come, Yammy it's time to go," ordered the green-eyed Arrancar turning away.

"What the hell are you going on about, Ulquiorra?" demanded the one known as Yammy, "I can take care of these weaklings." Naruto quickly committed their names to memory for his report.

"Fool," replied the one known as Ulquiorra flatly, "That's Uzumaki Naruto right in front of you, in your current form he'll annihilate you." Yammy frowned, but he knew Ulquiorra was right." Ulquiorra traced a horizontal line in the air with his right finger, and a strange black line appeared. The line quickly started growing, before widening, forming the same hollow technique, the Garganta that Aizen had used to escape Soul Society.

"Oh, running away," prodded Naruto sarcastically as he watched, "And why should I let you go?"

"Such provocation is unnecessary, Uzumaki Naruto," stated Ulquiorra blandly. "It's obvious that you can't fight the two of us, and protect the trash around you." Naruto scowled, but didn't move to attack. The implicit threat to the unconscious mortals was clear.

As the Garganta silently enveloped the two Arracar Ulquiorra spoke again, his words directed towards the injured Ichigo.
"I'm going to go report in to Aizen-sama." He said, "I will tell him that the Substitute-Shinigami he had his eyes set on is trash that isn't even worth killing," then the Garganta slipped shut.

At that moment the other Shinigami who were stationed at in Karakura arrived, "Are you two alright?" cried Rukia, even as she rushed only to Ichigo

Naruto mentally dismissed his Shikai which reformed into his katana, and sheathed it before responding, "I'm fine," he said tiredly, "But some of you need to take care of Ichigo and his friends."

[A few days later]

Things had finally calmed down around Karakura Town, nothing out of the ordinary had happened since the Arrancar known as Ulquiorra and Yammy had visited. Naruto had dutifully given his report to Yamamoto and was instructed to continue with his responsibilities. All of the Shinigami made sure they were prepared for anything, but even so after days of nothing happening, people tend to get lax.

So it was understandable how six Arrancar, who were suppressing their power, managed to slip into Karakura Town late one night.

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Now for a listing of special terms

Fash steps : a high speed movement technique that allows the user to move faster than the eye can follow, training and skill are what determines how fast a user of Shunpo can move.

Hadō 32 Ōkasen, (Yellow Fire Flash): Fires a wide arc of yellow energy at a target, capable of cutting through solid objects.

Cero" a powerful blast of concentrated Hollow spiritual energy, that takes the form of a sphere or beam of destructive power. Used byhigh level Hollows, Arrancar, and Vizard

Hadō 4: Byakurai, (Pale/White Lightning): A reather simple, low lever spell, where the user fires a concentrated electric bolt from their fingers. The spell can become quite lethal if it's over charged.

Bakudō : Danku (Splitting Void): An energy barrier that takes the form of a rectangular wall of light, capable of stopping immensely powerful destructive spells up to level 89

Hadō 46 Bāningu Kiba (Burning Fang) A powerful fire projectile that takes the form of a lage animal fang made of fire, that when fired, both pierces and burns the victim (note this is a spell of my own creation)