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Naruto stood in the white abyss of his mind, tear streaks still evident on his cheeks looking into his father's face for what was probably the last time during his life. It was strange considering only a few minutes ago was the first time he could remember looking at his father's face. Besides of coarse from the many pictures he'd seen over the years and the stone faces.

A look of regret and resignation passes from father to son. "Now... I have to be going... my chakra is starting to fade." The older man says as he reaches out towards the gaping seal on his son's stomach. "I'll restore the seal but this is the las..t.." Out from the spirit's hand a cool wash of normal chakra touches the tattered edges of Naruto's stomach before a spike of pain shoots through him and a sudden look of alarm passes across his father's face.

Not missing the expression Naruto looks down at the hole in his stomach. Cloudy red chakra surrounds the sides of the opening. As he watches, the edges attempt to close again but are forced back open by a wave of red and another spike of pain shoots through him.

Naruto pales suddenly and hesidently says, "Something's wrong isn't it?"

The equally pale spirit says, "He's forceably keeping it open... that should be impossible for anyone even him!"

"You can do something, right? You're an expert in seals.." Naruto says wide-eyed, now in a complete panic.

Minato looks his son in the eye and says mournfully, "I can't close it."

Panic rises up in Naruto as he grabs his hair, "If we don't do something everyone is going to die..." His eyes snap around and looks into the slightly fading face of the past hokage. "... try to think of something... we can't give up!"

Minato takes a large wobbly breath as sweat starts to trickle down the side of his face. For a slight moment Naruto can see through him. The spirit gives him a ghost of a smile and says "I wasn't going to. Let me look at it again..." He closes his eyes and holds out both hands facing the opening in Naruto's stomach, concentrating chakra towards it.

After a moment the spirit opens his eyes with a spark of hope. "I see that's why it won't close." Seeing the puzzled expression on his son's face he trys to explain. "It's not closing because Kyuubi's chakra is right now formed like ropes that are anchoring him into the physical body he created outside of you. The core of him however.. the part that is powering him, is still inside of you... so if those ropes were somehow cut there would be nothing tying his chakra outside your body and like rubber bands the chakra would snap back behind the seal."

Naruto tilts his head to the side with a thoughtful look on his face. "Okay I understand that, umm sort of. But how is knowing that going to help? I'm stuck in here I can't cut chakra strings inside my mind."

"The only way I can see that the chakra strings are going to be severed is to do a teleportation ninjutsu to move your body outside of the Kyuubi projected body." Minato takes another large breath and grinds his teeth as he uses shear force of will to keep himself from fading. "You'll have to do the jutsu in here however. You won't be able to wake up till kyuubi is back behind his seal. I'll be honest I don't know how doing the jutsu in here is going to effect you.."

Naruto looks up into his father's face with a worried frown. "What might happen? Will what's happening become worse?"

"I won't lie to you. There's a major possibility that you'll teleport only your soul. If that happens you'll die but in that case you'll take Kyuubi with you. Then at least one threat will be gone. The key to whether this works or not is if a space/time jutsu can work in reverse." Seeing his son's confused face he trys to explain. "The body and soul are heavily connected. If you do a teleportation jutsu on the body the soul goes along with the body. I'm hoping that if you do it the other way with the soul that the body will go with the soul."

Realizing the odds Naruto says grimly, "This is our only option isn't it?"

A outright ill look crosses the deceased Hokage's face. "Yes, I'm sorry Naruto. Jiraiya-sensei taught you a teleportion ninjutsu along with the other toad jutsu's, correct?" The boy nods. "Then I"ll leave it up too you... good luck and take care, son..." With those parting words Naruto's father stops struggling and allowed himself to fade.

With his eyes tightly closed Naruto tilts his head back and takes a long fortifying breath. Confusion, Fear and a overwhelming sense of grief assaults him. Steeling his resolve he lowers his head and stares straight into the white abyss and does a short series of well practiced hand-signs.

With a burst of chakra, the endless white fades and a haze of red obscures his vision. The Flames... all he could comprehend as bile rose and locked in his throat, was that his body was being consumed by flames. After what felt like hours but he knew was only a couple moments the wave of red encompassing him began to fade as well and his surroundings suddenly come into focus.

He could hear waves and smell the sea and threw his blurred vision he saw what seemed to be shards of glass, falling down onto a rail enclosed paved road and right infront of him was a crouched child with blond hair covered in familiar orange ready to charge a masked figure.

Before he could fully comprehend where he was, what he was on and why everything looked so familiar the world suddenly tilts on Naruto and everything goes black.

For those who don't know, this is a rewrite. I'm rewriting because I would have had to write out large portions of the Canon storyline without change. Anyways this story's origional purpose was for me to experiment with timetravels. That still applys ... you can consider all updates a miracle. Just to warn you I'm not really serious about this fic... (for some reason spellcheck isn't working and I'm too lazy to hunt for another program to fix this so just ignore any errors you find please.)