Plot: Neal's boyfriend Jesse is writing a book; a book that happens to be about a thief. With Neal working for the FBI, Agent Burke constantly shadowing them, and a missing jade statue Jesse's story gets way out of hand. Neal/OMC, Slash

A/N: I have way too many unfinished stories going but I couldn't help myself. It's my first White Collar story! Yeah! I'm in love with Neal, he's so amazing. Matt Bomer is one attractive fella; his eyes are to die for. Jesse is a figment of my imagination and basically looks like James Maslow in my head. Please don't steal my story or leave hurtful flames. It's just not nice. But for those of you who love a good mystery, fun high-jinks, and boy-love this is the story for you!

Chapter One: The Fine Red Line

This would be easy. Just get the painting and get out. Parties were always the best venues for heists. They were always overcrowded, with no one knowing who was invited or just snuck in. Not to mention crawling with expensive booze and hot girls; at least the one's he went to. Neal Caffrey adjusted his ash grey fedora so it sat jauntily on his head. He'd really have to pour on the charm if he wanted to make it out alive. He would have to tread lightly when robbing mafia royalty.

After slipping in with a group of unsuspecting models, who thought he was a Finnish fashion designer, he began to scope out the lavish New York penthouse. It was beautiful, as penthouses often are, with a large rooftop deck and a killer view of the city. Neal took in the magnificent vision before snagging himself a flute of champagne and began to explore the penthouse unassumingly. Rule one when robbing scary mobsters with guns, make yourself scarce. He was after an authentic Anjali painting. It would be quite a steal (no pun intended) for any buyer who wanted to bid on it; the calligraphy alone was worth its weight in gold. But Neal didn't want it just for profit. He wanted the prestige, the bragging rights. It took guts to rob a bank but it took real balls to lift a painting from the artist's home, especially when said artist was also involved in criminal affairs.

Stepping lightly, his black D&G dress shoes barely making a sound on the carpeted stairs, Neal made his way into the heart of the penthouse. He was surprised no one had stopped him yet, even to ask what he was doing. This part of the penthouse was eerily quiet. Only the faint echo of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" pumped through the walls from downstairs. The trick, Neal had learned, was to act like you belonged-

"I don't think like that." Neal Caffrey said, leaning over his boyfriend's chair to get a look at his laptop screen.

Jesse Rivenbark gave his boyfriend an incredulous look with his hazel eyes, "Yes you do. After five years of knowing you I know exactly how you think."

"I think I would know how my own brain works."

"Yes but you're not being objective."

Neal grinned cheekily at him, "Who says this has to be an objective piece?" he gave Jesse a lingering kiss on the neck; "After all, you are sleeping with the subject of your novel."

He nodded, knowing that Neal is absolutely right, "It's more of a memoir now."

Neal chuckled and stepped back to give his lover some space. He watched him from where he was leaning against the wall, a light gleam in his blue eyes. Everything Jesse did drove him crazy. Sometimes he didn't think Jesse knew just how much he loved him. The way he laughed at dry, often tasteless, jokes and kept the swooped bangs of his light-brown hair just above his eyes. Neal often wondered what he'd done in a previous life to deserve Jesse. Jesse was twenty-four, making it an eight year difference between himself and Neal. However, Jesse felt like he was the older one in the relationship. Neal was somewhat of a free-spirit.

Jesse closed his iMac gently and sighed. He was never going to get this novel finished. He'd been working on it since he'd been dating Neal but had only recently revealed it to him. Neal loved the idea of being immortalized in text and encouraged him to write more. Jesse happily obliged, typing away whenever an idea struck him, but his creativity was beginning to slow.

Eventually he knew it would clot.

"Baby I gotta go." Neal said, he was sporting a smile but Jesse could see the sadness in his eyes.

Jesse pushed himself away from his desk, "So what do the suits need you for now?"

Neal chuckled, "They're not as bad as you think."

"I don't like suits that put you in danger." Jesse said as he stood and stretched, "Plus they keep that thing on you." He pointed to Neal's tracking anklet, "It has to be a violation of your constitutional rights or something."

"You sound like Mozzie."

Jesse feigned disgust, "I thought you knew me."

Neal grabbed Jesse by his slender wrist and pulled him closer so they were standing nose to nose. The ex-thief nuzzled his boyfriend's neck softly.

"I do." He said giving Jesse's tanned neck a small bite, causing him to emit a cute yelp. Neal laughed for a second time, "Do that again."

"Make me?" Jesse teased.

"Oh I will."

Neal was about to make good on his threat before a knock at the door interrupted him. Jesse sighed,

"Another moment ruined."

Neal was already walking towards the door, "Just a minor setback."

He swung open the door to find FBI Agent Peter Burke scowling at him. Peter and Neal had a…special relationship. Basically Neal was a private consultant to the FBI, cutting his jail sentence short (much to Jesse's delight) but he was always at the bureau's beck and call. Neal's need for adventure and casual disregard for the rules often got him in trouble.

Peter snapped his phone shut, "Didn't you get my message?"

"What message?" Neal said, turning away to make a face at Jesse.

"I learned to text on this damn thing because of you Caffrey." Peter growled.

"I just told you to step into the 21st century."

Jesse cleared his throat, "Hi Peter, I'm fine in case you were wondering."

"Yeah hi Jesse." Peter said.

Peter had a soft spot for the youth. He started to grow on him when he promised to give Peter a part in his book. There was something about Jesse that drew people in like flies to a carnivorous plant.

Peter looked at his watch, "Neal we've gotta go."

Neal was already donning his coat and signature fedora. He gave Jesse a peck on the cheek, "See you later baby."

"Yeah," Jesse said as he watched them leave, "see you later."

I hope you didn't totally hate that. And I hope you like Jesse!