I said the "c" word in this chapter. *cries* I swore to never say the hated "c" word. Anyway, this chapter has a part u prolly already read that I just put in earlier to make sure people wouldn't be like "What the hell are you talking about?" sooo yer. Please enjoy .




I don't need air. I don't need to breathe
I don't need rest.I don't have time to sleep.
Cause I've got you. And You've got me
and that's all we need

"I've Got You" Tegan and Sara


Misaki woke up warm and well rested. His eyes opened and he smiled at the sight he saw. Kneeling by his bed, his eyes closed lovingly, Akihiko had Misaki's left hand held to his face. When Misaki ran his finger over the author's bottom lip, he opened his eyes. "Hey," Misaki said, his voice sticky from sleep.

"Good morning, Misaki," Akihiko cooed. "We'll be landing in about half an hour."

Landing? Misaki wondered, then remembered that they had plans to fly somewhere.

"How did I get on the plane…and why am I in a bed?" Misaki asked, his eyes growing wide.

"I carried you," Akihiko answered, simply, "and my family has a private airplane."

"Oh," Misaki said, rolling his eyes, "why did I have to ask? What time is it?"

"Where we're at now, it's close to 8 pm."

"Wow," Misaki said, "I feel like I wasted an entire day."

"That's alright," Akihiko told him, his voice turning low and persuasive, as he pushed him playfully back onto the bed, "We'll make up for it tonight."

Rolling his eyes, Misaki replied, "I'm going to spend 24 hours straight on my back."

"No, you won't be on your back the whole time, silly."

"Great," Misaki breathed, as he leaned into a kiss. He couldn't help but be taken aback at the gentleness of his lips. Until they were warned that the plane would be landing soon, they lay beside each other, tasting the calm passion they were both feeling. Misaki hardly cared to get off the plane, but when he stepped off, he changed his mind.

{Note from author: I completely invented the place they went for the honeymoon because I'm super picky and couldn't find the perfect place. I looked for close to a week, but got fed up and decided to invent it. So, if such a place exists, I don't know where it does.}

The sun was bleeding on the horizon, but the horizon was endless dark blue ocean and diamonds lay in the suns trail. Beyond the beach, was a paradise of tropical green and maybe a mile from shore, Misaki could see another island glowing with lights. Marveling in the lush air, Misaki didn't notice his lover until he wrapped his arms around him and murmured in his ear, "Let's make love when we get to the house."

Misaki blushed and almost refused out of old habit, but instead he breathed in deeply the smell of ocean spray, verdant greenery and the familiar scent of his love and laid his lips against Akihiko's neck. "It'll be our first time as a married couple." His own words made him blush as usual, but it wasn't uncomfortable, he didn't feel compelled to laugh nervously or take back what he had said, he just leaned closer and let the feeling captivate him.

"Usami sama, the car is ready." Misaki's heart beat eagerly, Only a little bit longer. Anticipation was building in them, boiling and bubbling and pounding under their skin. Misaki felt the hand on his thigh like his every sensation was magnified hundred fold. He traced patterns on that large, pale hand, marveling in the memory of the things it could do and wondering how a hand could be so beautiful, creamy skin, protruding bones, long, slender fingers, maybe it was just because it was connected to the core of his world. They passed through tunnels of thick green trees on a dirt path and when they emerged from the trees, Misaki half expected to be greeted with a mansion, but what he saw was so much more beautiful. The house was rather small and delicate. Pale blue-gray exterior with ivy creeping along the railings of a weathered wood porch, a stone path led through the thick dark grass and globes of light glowed in iron scepters on either side of the porch stairs.

"Usagi san, it's beautiful," Misaki gushed over the little house, as he gripped his husband's hand and pulled him towards the door, abandoning their luggage. Akihiko smiled in contentment and allowed himself to be dragged into the bungalow's interior. Misaki smiled at the sweetness of the entire structure. The living room was the palest yellow with wood floorboards, a huge, wide couch with thick white and yellow stripes, an antique ivory coffee table and a matching armoire containing a television. The bedroom was merely a loft with a vastly oversized mattress that consumed the entire space and was covered with pillows and soft blankets. Eagerly, Misaki headed towards the back porch and when he pulled open the French doors, his jaw dropped. Globes full of rosy candlelight illuminated the chestnut wood porch, a large pentagon Jacuzzi was laid into the porch and filled the air with the tang of tropical flowers and besides the spectacular scenery of purple night sky and starlit ocean, Misaki's attention was riveted on the huge circular mattress elevated by three steps. It wasn't so much a mattress as an overly stuffed, satin down blanket. It was the color of snow with an abundance of scarlet throw pillows and sheer curtains were tied to the wooden frame.

"You like it?" Akihiko asked, his mouth close to Misaki's ear, so his breath cooled his skin.

"Yes," Misaki nodded, sincerely.

"I'm glad." Misaki gasped as he felt cool hands slide under his shirt, popping buttons open as they went.

"What do you want to do, Misaki?" he questioned, licking the curve of his jaw.

"I kind of think you already have something in mind." Misaki's pulse raced.

"I want to know what you want to do." Akihiko slipped one hand beneath Misaki's pants, while the other rubbed his nipple causing him to gasp as Akihiko pressed his erection against him.

"What do you want?" Misaki asked, turning the question around.

"Hmm," Akihiko pondered, rubbing circles on Misaki's hips, "I want you to undress us."

To Akihiko's surprise, Misaki's hands hardly shook as he removed his own shirt then moved to strip his lover. He slid the light fabric off his shoulders and marveled at the sight. His skin was so pale in the dim light. He ran his hands over his hips, his abdomen, his rose pink nipples, his protruding collarbones and delicately, he kissed where his heart beat.

"We're married," Misaki whispered. Feeling his husband's heart throb for him beneath his lips had brought it into perspective. This body before him was the single support that would for the rest of his life keep him standing. If one fell, the other would be there to catch him, if they both stumbled, they could shift the world to fit their place on the ground. This person was his, his to touch, his to kiss and hold and make love to, his and only his forever. The enormity of his commitment was feather light in his mind. He wanted this, god did he want this and suddenly, small touches weren't enough. His hands, now sure of what they were doing, unbuttoned Akihiko's pants and got on his knees to slide them down his legs. It had been so long since he saw his naked body. Misaki's breath caught in his throat at the sight. The slightly humid air made his skin slick and shiny and he wanted nothing more than to feel his glowing body. One of his hands wrapped around the back of Akihiko's lean thighs as he licked a trail up his leg. "Misaki," Akihiko sighed, his voice thick with lascivious desires, as the flesh on his hips and lower abdomen was kissed and nipped at by eager lips.

"Can I?" Misaki asked, wantonly, licking the precum out of the slit of Akihiko's erection. Misaki stared hungrily at the sight before him. His crotch throbbed painfully in his pants as he absorbed the view of Akihiko's erection that pulsated with each beat of his heart. Some barely surviving piece of Misaki's mind told him to look away because the desire he was feeling from looking at that large, perfectly erect cock was just strange, but it was quickly drowned by the present and the present contained nothing but the sweet, clean smell of his husband and those dark amethyst eyes that were hazed by love and lust as he gazed down at Misaki's needy expression.

"Please," Akihiko obliged, his voice mirroring Misaki's. Misaki licked delicately at his entire member until it was shiny from saliva and gently sucked at the head, swirling his tongue around the velvet soft flesh and softly kissing. Making sure he inhaled deeply, so when he exhaled, he encompassed his lover in a warm, wet cloud, as he made his way down the shaft, varying the pressure, first sucking hard, then soft and sweetly. When it was in his mouth as far as it would go, he pulled back up sucking viciously at the tip, causing precum to pool onto his tongue. The taste was soothing and exhilarating all at once, salty, but sweet and musky at the same time. Akihiko was leaning against the house for support, one hand tangled in Misaki's hair, the other grasping white knuckled on the door frame. Breathing was a chorus of loud exhales, grunts and moans.

Misaki whimpered when Akihiko gently pushed him away. Misaki didn't want to stop, he wanted to feel the hot fluid coat his mouth and tongue and throat. "Come here." Akihiko forcefully lead Misaki to the bed by his hand. Falling down on the satin mattress, Misaki straddled Akihiko's waist and sucked the sensitive spot between his collarbone and neck and ran his hands roughly against his chest, initiating fervent moans from Akihiko's shining pink lips that he was licking and biting in an impassioned frenzy, as Misaki left love bites on his neck and chest. Misaki was enraptured by the reactions he could draw from the other man. The friction in his pants was getting extremely uncomfortable, so he stood up to remove the offending clothing. His pants slid off his feet and when he looked up, he was met with such a beautiful sight, it made his mind bleed in colors so bright the world lit up. Akihiko lay on the bed, just like he had left him, his entire being radiated the beauty of the male anatomy. His broad shoulders full of the knobs and dips and grooves of bone and sinew, his arms were sprawled at his sides waiting for Misaki's embrace, his ribs peaked shyly underneath skin so pale and lovely it was ethereal and deep lines were etched on his tapered torso where muscles were toned, but lean and unobtrusive. Continuing downwards, his eyes once again fell upon what he wanted to feel so bad, he needed him inside him, torturing those sweet, explosive, intimate places only Akihiko knew of. When he looked back up to his face, his heart sang a soft melody, his lilac eyes, shaped so beautifully, drank in Misaki's body, like necessary sustenance, his parted lips were so pink and devastating, the way they kissed, the words that fell from them and so many other capabilities, his jaw curved sharply and his hair clung in sticky strands to his flushed face and forehead. The rosy tint in his skin made Misaki start salivating more than he was, but more than that, he had never known that sweat could look so good. He felt it running teasingly down his own impatient body, but the way it beaded on Akihiko's lips and formed rivulets in the crevice of his muscles and the smooth, sensitive flesh of his neck made him forget how to breathe. Oh god, how bad he wanted this man was unnatural; no human body should be able to contain it. Misaki broke from his reverent observation and crawled back onto the bed. Lapping and sucking and licking at the flesh on his inner thigh before greedily swallowing his lover. Misaki moaned shamelessly around him, moving his mouth in time with Akihiko's gentle thrusts. "God, Misaki," Akihiko groaned, pulling desperately at the sheets below him. Misaki slowed his pace, admiring the openness Akihiko was showing, his lack of self consciousness, the way his back arched, asking for more. How could he have ever acted like he didn't want him? What would his life be like without this alluring, writhing man above him? Pushing such undesirable thoughts away, Misaki pulled Akihiko towards the edge and he could feel his lover's release coming soon by the way he tensed and the change in the sounds escaping those dazzling lips. When he came, he came hard and fast, Misaki smiled drunkenly at the flavor coating his mouth and drizzling down his face. Reluctantly swallowing the liquid, he lapped the rest off Akihiko's content, still throbbing cock and then made his way to up to his navel, dipping his tongue into the small hollow. The salt of sweat added to the melody of flavors playing in his mouth, Misaki stretched out on top of Akihiko, his erection pressing against Akihiko's abdomen as he watched transfixed as his husband caught his breath and laughed knowingly at Misaki's lust filled eyes. He propped himself up on his elbows and kissed Misaki's forehead, "Who the hell taught you to do that?" he teased, his voice still husky and breathless.

Misaki glared at him, but the glare quickly turned to a smile and he kissed the corner of Akihiko's mouth, waiting for his heart to relax before he endured another round. "I want you inside me," Misaki sighed into Akihiko's mouth. Taking Misaki's face between his large, cool hands, Akihiko kissed him, pulling him into a kiss so deep it stole his breath away. Misaki reacted eagerly, opening his mouth to the comforting heat of Akihiko's tongue, kissing back hard and recklessly, twisting his fingers in that soft, silver hair, anything to make him closer. Their lips parted for mere fractions of seconds, just to gasp in a lungful of air and change angle before clashing their lips together harder, nibbling and sucking and licking in a savage passion. One of Akihiko's hands traveled down the soft planes of Misaki's back to roughly cup his small ass and gently tease his tight opening. Misaki mewled and cried out beautifully at his husband's every touch, reacting so strongly, Akihiko felt his erection growing harder and harder at every small sound or sight of creamy, eager flesh. Flipping him over to prepare him for the pain, Akihiko gazed lovingly at the body beneath him that was begging for his touch. Misaki grew impatient and Akihiko watched entranced as Misaki grabbed his hand and sucked on the long digits, coating them in saliva. When his fingers were properly coated, he withdrew them from Misaki's warm mouth, earning a small whimper, as his finger tips traced around the twitching pink hole. He watched fascinated as he slid half a digit in and fevered, silky muscles clamped down tightly around him. When that single finger grazed across Misaki's sensitive prostate he slid in another finger, watching lovingly as Misaki gasped and moaned longingly at the sensation. This had always been one of Akihiko's favorite parts, at the beginning of their relationship Misaki would usually stop complaining as soon as he was reminded of the pleasure to come and now, Akihiko watched, four years later, as the man he'd fallen so ardently in love with pulled him in, eager and unashamed of what he wanted.

Despite the urgency tugging at his every fiber, when Misaki's eyes caught Akihiko's, he melted further and his body relaxed at his loving lilac gaze. "You okay?" Akihiko asked, slowly scissoring his fingers.

"Mmmhmm," Misaki managed to say, biting his lip. It still hurt a little, but he knew that as soon as he felt Akihiko inside him the pain would quickly subside to be replaced with something much more powerful.

"Alright." Akihiko smiled and wrapped his arms lovingly around his husband to pull him into a sitting position. Akihiko felt Misaki's smile press against his shoulder and he gently took his chin in his hand, so their eyes were level. "I love you," he whispered against Misaki's lips. Groaning at the feeling and flavor, Akihiko intensified the kiss, their tongues knotting together and lips once again moving urgently with unspoken needs.

Misaki saw the places their bodies connected like explosions. Their hands intertwined, fingers lacing together sensually, and a wave crashed beneath his skin, when their hips, slick and sweaty from uncontained exhilaration slid against each others, fire bloomed like flowers, miraculously unfolding one petal at a time, its beauty increasing after each addition. Every kiss was like lightening shocking his fragile nerves and when Akihiko finally pressed his already weeping erection into Misaki's ravenous opening, Misaki thrusted down, swallowing him to the hilt and a star exploded behind his eyes, the bright light burned Akihiko into his mind. His hair, darkened with sweat and adhered to his flushed skin, perspiration beaded his flawless body and saliva clung to his rosy, sugary lips. Misaki's transparent emerald eyes brimmed with tears from the raw desire grinning lasciviously at its twin in Akihiko's smoldering dark eyes. Ripe with passion, they looked for an outlet in every inch of the others flesh. Their lips pressed together unrelentingly, tongues memorizing the crevices of their mouths and rubbing feverishly together. Feelings poured sweetly from their fingertips and they became saturated with the intensity of each other's love. Thrusting hard and recklessly, they hit all the unique spots that only two people who know one another wholly and completely could. They navigated one another's bodies flawlessly moving by instinct. Since they were both concentrated on bringing the other to that sweet precipice where they would only balance for a few precious seconds, their fingertips grazed the heavens together and they savored the heat of starlight in the same taste before freefalling through air spun of silver passion and platinum pleasure crashing back to earth with an ear ringing jolt. The animalistic sounds that had ripped unconsciously from their throats settled into greedy gasps for oxygen and gentle moans as their muscles reverberated with aftershocks. "I love you, Misaki. I love you. I love you. I love you…Misaki," Akihiko wantonly sighed with hot breath into his husband's ear.

Misaki knotted one hand into Akihiko's wet, silver hair and gently cradled his face in the other as he initiated a long, wet kiss, their tongues lazily sweeping across each other. "I love you too, Usagi san," he exhaled, lustily. Laying them down so Misaki was resting on his chest, Akihiko gently stroked Misaki's spine, while Misaki swept trails with his fingertips across Akihiko's torso, his ear pressed against the slowing, melodic beat of his heart. Their needs satiated for the moment, but not nearly saturated to the extent they were craving, they enjoyed long tender minutes of just feeling one another's skin and lips and breath.

"I can't get enough of you, Misaki," Akihiko whispered into Misaki's dark hair.

The words struck a chord in Misaki and he felt his pulse jump in response. "Usagi san?" he asked in confusion as he was gently kissed before being effortlessly adjusted. "What are you doing?" Akihiko had flipped Misaki around, so his knees were resting on Akihiko's shoulders and he was slightly elevated because of Akihiko relaxing against a tall stack of pillows.

"What does it look like?" was Akihiko's muffled reply as he licked Misaki's flushed, wet opening and sucked roughly at the flesh surrounding it, causing Misaki to blush bright red as his tongue explored areas that had him trembling from equal parts pleasure and embarrassment. Laying his head on Akihiko's thigh, he gasped and moaned desperately at the feeling of that searing, wet tongue teasing him. When it slipped inside him, licking at the silky, fevered muscles that twitched deliciously at his every touch, Misaki grasped desperately at Akihiko's hips, his mind becoming bleary and light from the feeling tearing at his nerves. His frazzled mind was confused when he heard a soft, sweet humming sound, but when he felt the reverberations hit his prostate and travel the course of innumerable sources of pleasure, bright spots flitted across his vision and he frantically cried out. Trying to resist the urge to thrust back at that indescribable feeling, he sucked hard and urgently on Akihiko's swollen erection, moaning uncontrollably around the incredible heat. Misaki ran the flat of his tongue quickly around the base, preparing the entire long, thick length for meeting friction when it slipped inside him.

Akihiko marveled at the creature before him. "God you make me hard." he groaned, wantonly against Misaki's flesh that was now inflamed with little red marks. Misaki whimpered at the loss of contact when Akihiko flipped him onto his back and quickly pounced on him, attacking his neck with impatient lips. Sparing no time, he formed a path of love bites down to Misaki's tender nipples. He trailed his tongue around one first before grabbing the bud in his mouth and pulling hard and insistently on the flesh while licking rough circles across the top. "Usagi san!" Misaki nearly shouted, pulling at his hair, "Stop teasing, I need to feel you inside me!"

Smashing their lips in a suffocating kiss, their tongues tangling together and teeth grinding when they tried desperately to get closer, Akihiko's eyes swam with uncharacteristic tears at the intensity of the emotions coursing the miles of veins running through his body. Misaki's hands slid to Akihiko's hips and he desperately guided them closer to him. Taking his time, loving the way Misaki begged, Akihiko pushed Misaki's knees to his chest and pressed the tip teasingly to his trembling entrance. Misaki's entire being shuddered at the gentle touch and Akihiko watched entranced as his lover's hands shook and his back arched. His slender chest expanded rapidly and his hands trembled as they wrapped around Akihiko's neck and pulled him into a tender kiss. Feeling Akihiko partially slip into him from the change in position, he gasped and losing the last of his control Akihiko thrust fully into him. Misaki was enraptured by the look on Akihiko's face, his violet eyes half lidded and his beautiful lips open and moaning irrepressibly. He moved slowly at first, a steady rhythm that pulsed heavy waves of pleasure up their spines and through every crevice of their beings. Quickly, the steady cadence became intolerable and Misaki's hips undulated to meet the thrusts that were quickly becoming more urgent and demanding. Hitting his prostate every time, a thick coiling feeling gathered in Misaki's abdomen becoming more and more pronounced every second. Just the thoughts pouring into his mind were enough to send him hurtling towards a climax that would rack his entire being for hours, the thought of Akihiko filling him so completely, the thought that the rest of his life would be filled with this candy sweet, passionately intense nirvana and his anticipation for the strange but incredible feel of Akihiko climaxing inside him. As they built up towards the source of release for the second time that night, Misaki could hardly breathe, every feeling was too much and his throat was burning from gasping and crying out every time his prostate was so deliciously attacked. The space between them was practically nonexistent, their arms wound tightly around each other, lips smashed together or frantically finding an outlet in another area of accessible flesh, Misaki's nails were digging into Akihiko's back and his legs had slipped from his shoulders to wrap tightly around his waist. Pulling away a few inches, Akihiko grabbed Misaki's leaking erection and pumped it in the same rhythm as his unsteady thrusts. Misaki cried out louder thrusting back as hard he could while lying down by using his legs as leverage. "I love you, Misaki," Akihiko growled playfully in his ear, the almost painfully strong thrusts getting harder. Misaki was beyond the ability to form comprehensive words, so his reply was to pull him back into a brutal kiss, their tongues drinking in the taste of the other and their minds were introduced to a welcome oblivion as their bodies melded into one. Feeling as though his heart was trying to beat its way through his ribcage to join Akihiko's, Misaki felt his muscles tensing painfully, his mind bled colours he didn't know existed. "Usa-gi-san," Misaki cried in broken syllables, his tongue was thick in his mouth and his lungs were aching. The sweet throbbing was travelling up his spinal cord and resonating to his fingertips. Akihiko's hand rubbing his weeping erection was only making it that much more intense and he knew he was close to the end. His back arched to curve perfectly against Akihiko, they let out one final cry of bliss as they came again and Misaki tried desperately to get closer as they rode out the last tremors of pleasure, rocking in a slow cadence and Misaki reveled in the heat that had exploded inside him, coating his insides. Releasing his legs' vice grip on Akihiko's waist, he let them travel down and rest comfortably on his upper thighs, one hand running affectionately through his hair, the other's fingertips tracing patterns on his spine. Akihiko kissed his forehead, then each side of his face and the bridge of his nose. "A whole month…it was worth it in many ways, but I missed being close to you, Misaki."

"We still slept together every night, jeesh."

"And it was torture, you're so sexy when you sleep."

"You're an idiot," Misaki sighed, exasperated.

"And you're going to tell me it wasn't a struggle for you at all?" Akihiko asked, skeptically.

"It was relaxing." Misaki found it hard to meet Akihiko's eyes because in truth, after a week it had been anything but relaxing. He had found himself salivating over trivial common place actions, like rolling up his sleeves when he typed, running his fingers through his hair, when he got out of the shower and his skin was wet and rosy, or whenever he stretched and flesh was revealed along his pants line. He had also observed a great deal of adorable things he did, like biting his lip when he read or knitting his eyebrows together when he was thinking.

"Is that so? One wouldn't have guessed with the way you've reacted so far tonight, or from the lust filled, hazy gazes you've been giving me for the last two weeks."

"What lusty gazes?" Misaki asked, embarrassed because he realized it was probably true.

"Oh, darling," Akihiko sighed with a smile, running his hand through the soft damp mop of Misaki's hair, "Next place we stay, I will have to get a room with a mirror so you can see how beautifully you react."

"You're such a perv," Misaki said, mock indignantly. Their playful banter made him happy and he couldn't help but smile.

"And I'm your perv," Akihiko said, pecking him sweetly on the lips before rolling off him. Misaki gasped slightly when he realized Akihiko had still been inside him and he now felt very, very empty.

Akihiko smirked, as he lay close beside him, stretching his long body. "Ugh," Misaki said, wrinkling his nose as he ran a finger through the remnants of their love making on his stomach and felt it slowly leaking out him.

"Hmm," Akihiko pondered, as he rolled over on his side and leaned his head on his hand looking at Misaki before swiping his finger over the white fluid and licking it off.

Misaki raised his eyebrow curiously. "That was gross."

"Nothing about you is gross," Akihiko smiled and leaned over to lap the rest off his stomach and content member. Feeling his tongue swipe lovingly over his flesh, still thick with recollections of recent intense pleasure, made his breath hitch. "Yum, Misaki tastes so delicious," he sighed, contentedly.

"Usagi san, my body is not physically prepared to handle this again at the moment."

"You were the one complaining about being dirty, and now you're clean," Akihiko said, smirking.

Misaki wiped the corner of his mouth clean, but before he could pull his hand away, Akihiko captured it and sucked gently on the digit. He rolled his eyes, but was secretly intrigued by seeing his lover's small sweet gestures. Lying down on his side, he draped an arm over Misaki and Misaki turned his head to look at him. Their eyes implored each other for simple things, unspoken words, smiles that don't reach the lips and desires that were stirring lethargically at the moment, but were powerful and fast to surface. With the back of his fingers, Misaki stroked the sharp curve of Akihiko's jaw and he inched closer to lay his lips right below his bottom lip. They stayed like that for a moment, but when Akihiko tilted his head down, their lips tripped over one another's, dancing and caressing slowly. Akihiko pulled Misaki on top of him, so he could wrap his arms around him.

"Misaki?" he asked, swirling a strand of Misaki's silky hair around his index finger.


"I think it's time to check out the Jacuzzi."

Misaki smiled to himself at the insinuation and lazily pushed himself up, stretching like a cat before allowing Akihiko to get up. Akihiko smiled at how adorable his Misaki had looked with his feline stretches and automatically scooped him into his arms, putting out the rosy globes of light before settling them both in the fragrant water. Misaki, of course, made indignant comments at being carried bridal style, but he quickly ceased his complaints when the wonderfully fragrant water enveloped him. He positioned himself so his legs straddled Akihiko's waist and they sat facing each other in the glowing indigo light shed by the stars burning in their place in the heavens and the moon that illuminated Akihiko's hair, rendering it the same shade as its silvery façade. "I'm happy," Akihiko whispered against Misaki's lips. Passion quickly replaced contentment as they felt the overwhelming allure of the other's flesh. Mouths content at mutual dominance of the kiss, they knotted their fingers together and only disengaged from any touch to continue their explorations elsewhere. "Misaki," Akihiko groaned through the kiss, "My Misaki." As much as it used to infuriate him, he had always known those words were true and they tasted so good in his mouth. Minutes or hours could have passed and the couple wouldn't have known the difference. The only thing that kept time was the seconds their lips separated, or the moments between caresses. Hands knitted together, mouths moving in sync, they bathed in nighttime ambience and floridly fragranced water, the world outside meant nothing because the only world that was tangible was the one they had created together.


Hot sunshine, the light smell of flowers and ocean, Misaki opened his eyes, Usagi san. The perfect way to wake up. Bathed in morning sunshine, Akihiko's mussed hair reflected in fragments of bright light and his face contained a child like brilliance in slumber. In reality, Misaki had only fallen asleep a few hours ago, but his body felt refreshed and ready to start another day. The memories of the previous night danced vividly through his tired mind. He still felt the effects saturating his entire being from being so thoroughly love drunk. Their limbs hadn't disentangled themselves for hours because the summer heat felt cold outside of each other's embrace. They'd made love until the sky turned lilac then fell into a welcome, lovely slumber. In the languid haze of sleep, it took him awhile to realize how dry and sticky his mouth was and how sore his every muscle was. Wiggling from Akihiko's tight embrace, he started working out the kinks in his back before he attempted the expedition of standing. Twisting his body, he groaned as his spine cracked in successive pops. Waking to the sound of Misaki rolling all over the bed, Akihiko watched his lover curiously as his adorable body twisted and his face scrunched. Knowing he had nearly pushed Misaki to his limit the previous night, he tried to take a firm grasp on his libido while he watched his muscle's tense beneath his milky pale skin and his adorable features pucker at the feel-good pain of sore muscles and bones being stretched.

"Good morning," he said in a quiet, husky voice.

Misaki's eyelids flew open at the sound, revealing those polished emerald gems that unconsciously smiled at his lover even as his mouth curved into a frown. "Did I wake you up?" he asked, sweetly.

"I'd rather be awake," he told him earnestly.

Misaki settled back on his side, so they were only inches apart. "Thank you," he said, his voice serious.

"For what, love?" he asked, running his long fingers through Misaki's hair and along his jaw, cupping his chin in his hand.

"This place is beautiful."

"I'm very glad you like it," Akihiko crooned, smiling his genuine smile that only Misaki ever saw. Akihiko gently pressed their lips together. Soft suction noises fell from their mouths as they covered one another's lips and faces with feathery kisses. When their movements started to become more fevered and eager, Akihiko abruptly pulled away and told Misaki, "This shall go no farther, you need breakfast and you need to make a full recovery by tonight," which of course made Misaki blush and Akihiko winked suggestively at him before scooping him into his arms and carrying him towards the bathroom. After their communal shower full of suppressed desires and the scent of coconut and mango and other sweet fruits and flowers, they parted while Misaki started the coffee and Akihiko went to bring in their luggage that had been left by the front door. When Akihiko joined him in the kitchen again, he was dressed in a tight, white, v-neck long sleeved shirt and Burberry boxer briefs. Misaki blushed at how good he looked without trying and went into the living room to find his own suitcase, where he quickly dressed in shorts and a lose fitting tank top.

"You are going to put on pants sometime today right, Usagi san?" Akihiko was back on the porch, gazing over the railing at the diamond plaited water.

"Only if you want me to, Misaki," he teased, but then quickly corrected himself, "Actually, I suppose I have to. We have plans today."

"More surprises?" Misaki asked, widening his eyes.

"Of course, we have a lot of time to kill and I plan on reveling in every moment of it," he told him, wrapping his arms around Misaki's small waist and kissing his forehead, "So you should get ready because we need to leave soon."

"Alright," Misaki said, leaning into his embrace.


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