I know that some characters within a manga or anime are only there for 'comic' relief, and never amount to much in life! I for one detest that to treat a person as a minor being, I know its only make believe – but everyone is valued no matter what some say!!

Sorry for the rant. But after watching both series again, I felt that justice had to done... And for some crazy reason he reminds me of me? O_o

So here's a little tale about a young man learning to grow, and learning to listen to his heart. And with friends like these – he will either go far, or end up far under ground!?!

Disclaimer: You guys should know me by now. "I own squat..." Yeah sad but true....

Where Do You Go!!


"I'd like to believe that you love me

I'd like to believe that you care

I'd like to believe you're the one I can trust

You're the one who will always be there"


Dec 24th, 10:15am

"Puff...puff...puff...suck the air in fat boy!'

'Damn it!....damn it!.....move your fat ass!!'

Life in general wasn't too kind to him, not matter how much he smiled and did some very nice things to those around him. He never could make them understand or listen to things he wanted to say, they would look down at him and laugh or tease him for thinking such things...

'Faster fat ass!....faster...'


He couldn't help being who he was: five foot nine, fat and round as many girls and even guys have called - and she even called me a 'HOBBIT!!'. There was no justice for a guy like him, he never had the chance to be with a girl and never even had the chance to walk along side one – close enough to touch her hand let alone smell her perfume! He envied Keitaro ever since he moved into what use to be a inn, and now for the last four years been of all things...


But no matter what he did or say to reassure Keitaro that everything would turn out alright, deep down inside he wished to God that he could trade places with him!

'Okay I'm a man inside but I don't want to think of the tenants in that way, I mean who do they think I am – Haitani!!'


Shaking his head to clear those perverted thoughts, he glanced at his watch to realize that if he wanted to sit the entrance exams – he better 'pull the lead out' and move it really fast to catch the tram!! Running like hell was poking his ass! He ran like the wind or some human possessed running around, under and even jumping over anything or anyone who got in his way. He was a man determined to achieve his aim and nothing was going to stop him catching that tram, and to achieve his dreams – wealth, wife and karaoke!!


Smiling to himself as he could feel the sweat running down his back, making him feel so damn hot and sticky. He couldn't help it and laughed even when strange looks or alarm was focused in his direction! His hair long as it was kept clinging to his eyes and his glasses would occasional fall from his nose, but he didn't care his father wanted him to get a hair cut and his mother said that wearing contacts will help him to find a girlfriend! They just couldn't understand; yes, the hair would make him look more human and less of the caveman, and yes he might get lucky with a girl – if she was deaf, dumb and blind. Then he might get 'lucky'! But he believed that what was in the inside of a person was important, than how you looked and how much wealth or influence one had – some might call that old fashion; or just plain stupid and gutless! But he had his beliefs and he wasn't going to change them just to fit into some 'mold' that most people said you had to be – just to fit in...

'C'mon....faster fat boy..nearly there...nearly there...faster!'


He kept up his pace running jogging and weaving in and out of people and cars, as he got nearer to the station; already he could see people walking in and knew that very soon the doors will close. And if that happened he would have to wait until next year to take the exams again!!

'No!...C'mon faster.....hurry your going to miss the tram...'


With a miracle he jumped the first flight of stairs,and then the second like a seasoned athlete! He jumped and ran even by magic was able to collect and pay for a ticket without stopping? He dodged and weaved nearing the double doors, using his mental thoughts to will the doors to remain open a little bit longer (yeah right who did he think he was – Houdini!!). Getting closer he saw just a few people entering the tram and to his horror the doors started to close, with a sudden feeling of dread and realization he knew that this was the last chance to change everything.

With a sudden feeling of determination and a surge of strength, he ran and jumped the last few meters and flew forward with lightning speed (now who's dreaming!) closing his eyes he could imagine his future coming to him in images of black and white:

Missing the tram...

Sulking and crying like a big baby there on the platform...

Crying all the way home to face his parents...

Forced to give up his dreams and work in a mundane job...

For the rest of his life....his natural life......forever.....and ….forever... and …..


With his eyes closed he could hear voices, he could feel something wet, he could feel pain!?

Slowly opening his eyes with his vision blurred and his ears ringing, he struggled and slowly managed to stand on his feet. Feeling his body he knew that by some heavenly intervention he was still in one piece and nothing was broken, but some parts were bruised; but he was alive! Feeling that his glasses were still in one piece and resting on the tip of his nose, he reached up and pushed them up to the top of his nose and quickly his vision returned. Jumping a bit and quickly looking around he realized that he was surrounded by many bodies, who were at this moment trying their best to ignore this young strange and perhaps crazy young man – who not long ago came flying and screaming like a madman through the tram doors like a......well a madman!!

Smiling and saying sorry to those around him only re-enforced their belief that yes, he was in fact a madman and he just gave up and giggled to himself.

'Maybe I should stop that or by the time we reach Tokyo some men in white coats and a strange jacket will be waiting for me!'

Ceasing his giggling and looking around he smiled and thanked God that he made it, and just hope that he reach the testing centre in time. Still smiling he didn't hear someone call out his name, and didn't hear two others call as well – even though one was calling him an idiot? He didn't realized that until he felt a hand grip his shoulder!

"Fu....Fu....Fu...Well this is a surprise!"

Turning around he was greeted with a smile from an angel, and a bust to match the Himalayas!!


He cringed at the only voice that could raise the dead, and who's fist wished that they stayed that way!

"Ara... Naru-san... that's not fair he didn't do anything wrong to you, be nice for once... please!"

"We had to run as well to catch the tram....and we knew what would of happened if we missed it"

"HAH!! Who do you mean 'we'... I for one will pass not matter what... unlike that idiot standing there..!"

"That's not fair...he's my best friend...and I will never abandon my friends... that includes you as well"

Naru just turned up her nose at that comment and turned away to hold onto the rail as the tram sped along, and glared at an old man who was too close to her and looking at her!

"What do you want you.... PERVERT!!"

"That's right you better look the other way!"

Keitaro just shook his head and looked back at his friend who just stood there in mild shock, meanwhile the other young woman came up and ran her hand through his hair to see his face – which at that moment turned to the brightest red ever seen! She laughed at his discomfort and patted him on the shoulder.

"Fu...Fu...Fu...maybe with a hair cut and some contacts, I could make you into a 'stud' or maybe find a nice girlfriend...what do you think?"

He couldn't believe what he wa hearing, she was not only touching him; but giving him advice on the 'fairer sex'!!

'If i've died and gone to heaven then I hope I don't wake up...or if I haven't...then curse you then!!'

He just stood there and smiled and not say a thing, while she just looked down at him and smiled; he wished she would stay there with him forever... sigh!

"Keitaro...I....I thought you would have been at the centre already!"

He still couldn't think straight – not while the Okinawan Goddess was still stroking his hair!

"Well that's a long story....but We'll save that for another time"

"Anyway are you ready for the test....?"

Keitaro had a smile that would put anyone's heart at ease, and he guessed that's why so many girls liked him – when ever he wasn't with him or Haitani-san!

"I sure am....don't you worry I know I will pass this time!"

Standing proud and with a smile of confidence, he reached out a hand; and Keitaro smiled back and took the hand offered to him...

"You bet.... I wish you the best of luck as well my friend...you and I will do our best...Shirai-san... we will do our best!"

The two friends stood there surrounded by people on a tram speeding towards their destiny and a life full of possibilities, they stood there smiling and shaking each others hands with an air of strength and confidence...


Well there you go, don't expect the chapters to come thick and fast any time soon! I just had to get this one up as this idea had been bugging me for weeks, and thought if I got it done I would eventually make a start. So if you want more let me know – as the Tiny Dancer and Redemption is taking over my life as well...

Well like they say "No rest for the wicked..."

The lyrics at the top is from the song:

'Where do you go!'

By the Australian 80's band:

Hunters and Collectors

Well take care folks and enjoy life