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4 Months Later...

"Mr. Huntzberger it's the next segment."

"Oh great, thank you Lynne." I said as I looked up and smiled at her before reaching into my top drawer to grab the remote and turn the TV on. "Would you like to stay and watch with me?"

"Of course, I'd love to." she said turning one of the guest chairs around in my office to face the TV and my phone started ringing.

"Huntzberger." I said absentmindedly watching the commercial that was on.

"She's on after the commercial." Lorelai said.

"Thanks I've already got in on and the DVR is set at home." I said smiling noting all the noise in the background. "What's going on over there it sounds like Stars Hallow is having a huge party."

"You could say that. Taylor put a large projector jumbo tron thingy up in the middle of the town square."

"Seriously?" I ask incredulously.

"Oh I'm serious. The town voted that we all wanted to watch her debut together and Taylor would not approve of us all being congregated in one house because that would violate some maximum occupancy ordinance in a private residence or something." she rattled on, "so he got the jumbo tron and everyone is gathered in the square with lawn chairs but I am actually headed to Luke's to watch."

"Luke's? Why Luke's?" I ask not understanding.

"Well Luke bought a new flat screen just for this very occasion and installed it in the middle of the diner and everything, but apparently it's only to be used for when our girl is on." she explained.

"Wow that's amazing and completely Luke. I just...I can't believe Luke put a TV up in his diner. Before you know it he'll start allowing cell phone use."

"We can only all hope, but the TV may be worse than the cell phone ban. I tried turning in on once and oh man it was ugly." she said, "So how was she this morning?"

"Honestly I couldn't really tell you. It was early, 4 a.m. early and she was trying not to wake me but that didn't exactly work out very well until she found her shoes."

"So total mess huh?"

"Yeah pretty much." I said and the door of my office opened to reveal my father who motioned to the TV, "Hey I'll talk to you after ok Lorelai." I said before hanging up.

"Hey dad."

"Did I miss it?" he said looking at the TV.

"No it's just about to start." I said grabbing the remote and turning up the volume when I saw Matt Lauer on the screen.

"We are proud to announce that we have a new correspondent here on the Today Show. She is a columnist for the New York Times making a lot of big splashes, Rory Gilmore. It's good to have you Rory."

She appeared on screen, smiling and looking right back at me. My father put his hand on my shoulder and smiled at me. She started speaking but truthfully I wasn't really listening. Her face just mesmerized me as it always did and I was thankful that I had recorded this on my DVR. I was completely taken by her face and the only thought that was going through my head was 'that's my girl'.

A couple of minutes after she went off air my Blackberry started ringing and a familiar face flashed on my screen and I smiled, "You were absolutely amazing Ace."

"Yeah, really?" she asked and I could hear the uncertainty in her voice. "I was so nervous. Did I look nervous? I felt so flushed the entire time. Was my face a tomato? Did I talk too fast? I felt like I was talking really fast? I was just so nervous. Was I a tomato, I felt so flushed."

"No you looked absolutely beautiful Ace. No tomato's in sight and if you were nervous I didn't notice it at all. You completely looked like a natural." I said chuckling slightly.

"Really because that's what Matt just said but I wasn't sure." she said then paused for a second. "Oh my God Logan I can't believe I'm doing this, that I did it, I was so nervous before I went on I thought I might throw up."

"You did amazing Ace." I said smiling, "I love you."

"I love you too. Look I've got to go my mom keeps calling and I have to get this TV makeup off me before heading to the Times."

"Ok but hey try to get home on time tonight I've got a surprise for you."

"Sounds perfect." she says and I can hear the smile in here voice. "Oh hey Logan."

"Yeah Ace." I say softly.

"This is all real right? You, the Today Show, the New York Times? It's all real right, not just some insanely fabulous dream?" she says quietly.

"Yeah Ace it's all real." I say then lower my voice. "And I'll show you how real I am later."

"Ok now I know you're real." she says laughing. "I love you."

She hangs up and I smile lightly and bite my lip before putting my Blackberry down and turning my attention back to my computer. I stare blankly at the memo in front of me but I'm unable to concentrate. I sigh and log into Facebook and notice that Rory's Facebook Fansite is blowing up right now. It's only been a few minutes but a link to her first Today Show appearance is already up.

The fan site was created a couple of months ago before her column began running to generate a buzz but the moment her first column came out her fans grew by the thousands and her Twitter account was the same. She was definitely hot.

I clicked onto my profile and then my information tab. My relationship status looked back at me. After everything with Ellie my status remained the same: In A Relationship. It was true but I never linked it with Rory. Hmmm...

It wasn't like the world didn't already know that we were together. We had agreed to not keep it private but instead opted to keep a low profile but the paparazzi were relentless and eventually they got a shot of the two of us but by that time neither of us cared.

I clicked on Edit My Profile and then went to my relationship status and chose Rory's name after In a Relationship with. I confirmed my change and got a notice that it would be sent to Rory for approval. Well I guess nothing makes our relationship more official like a confirmation on Facebook.

As I sat in the cab on my way home I breathed a sigh of relief. I can't believe I had actually done it. When I had agreed to take the job as a weekly correspondent at The Today Show I had initially been excited at the prospect but as my debut grew closer, I had become nervous and doubted that I wouldn't actually be able to do it.

Writing a weekly column that was relevant, interesting and witty was difficult enough without adding to the pressure of being liked and judged on TV as well. The great thing about print journalism was the fact that you could write about whatever you wanted and the only thing that people judged you for was your writing. I didn't have to worry about what I was wearing, what weird thing my hair was doing or have to remember how to read out loud. TV was definitely a whole other world, and it scared the crap out of me.

After my initial screen test with the Today Show a few months ago, they told me I was great but I had to slow down a bit and calm down. Slow down my speech, ha! That felt next to impossible, but somehow after forcing my mom to slow down too under the threat that I would cease all phone calls, I was able to get it just right and they subsequently offered me the job. I was thrilled but I went back and forth on whether or not to accept for quite some time; trying to decide whether I really wanted to put myself out there like that. I mean I knew I enjoyed it and there was a certain thrill about reporting your story on camera but I barely enjoyed the scrutiny that came from my column and dating Logan - but of course Logan had made me see that I would be great at it and that people would love me as well.


I always thought my mom was my biggest cheerleader but I don't know, Logan could definitely give her a run for her money. When we finally made it to New York after our reunion at Yale, he proudly introduced me to everyone in his office as the best writer at the Chicago Post-Daily and if the Huntzberger Publishing Group could be so lucky, a future columnist for the New York Times. Then when I met with the editors at the Times he stayed back and let me do my thing but then celebrated with me afterwards.

He also introduced me to every producer, writer, editor, and well just about everyone in New York saying that HPG had just acquired the next big thing. He was proud of me and it showed. The amazing and maybe curious thing about it all though was that he never introduced me as his girlfriend, but as Rory Gilmore, writer for the Chicago Post-Daily or Rory Gilmore, the newest columnist for the New York Times. He allowed me to shine on my own. In my own right. My previous fears that people were going to say I only got the job because I was Logan Huntzberger's girlfriend never came. Sure there were a few skeptics, but it didn't last long. People believed that I was worthy of the job.

There was never any kind of formal announcement that we were a couple, I think it was just assumed by the general public. It took some getting used to, the paparazzi following you around and trying to get a photo of the two of us together, especially in the beginning, but after awhile it got slightly easier. I wasn't found of it, but if it was the price I had to pay for being with Logan, than I would gladly take it.

As I thought about my life as it was right now, I couldn't help but smile. Everything I had dreamed about was coming true. Sure I wasn't an overseas foreign correspondent as I had always planned but after a year and a half on the campaign trail, I now know I was meant to stay in one place and in New York City with two amazing jobs, I was close enough to my mom that I could still visit easily, and I was with the man that I loved. Nothing could be better.

I pulled out my Blackberry and scrolled through my messages. Far too many but one caught my attention in particular - a Facebook relationship confirmation. I opened up the email and laughed reading it before dialing his number.

"Hey where are you?" he said answering. "Please tell me you're not working late on a story."

"No I'm actually in a cab on my way home but I was just perusing through my emails and I came across a Facebook relationship confirmation...from you." I said as my taxi pulled up in front of my building.

"Oh yeah that." he said and I could hear the smile in his voice, "So did you confirm it?"

"Not quite yet." I said handing the driving his money.

"What do you mean not quite yet?"

"Well I don't know, I mean if I say I'm in a relationship with you, then that completely closes me of to the rest of the world." I say trying to sound serious as I walk into the lobby of our building and wave hello to the doorman.

He was silent for a moment, "Ok I get it, now that you're a successful TV star now you need to keep your options open."

"Exactly. I can't just be attached to just anybody." I say as I step off the elevator and start walking to our apartment. "What if Clooney takes notice of lil' old me."

"You're right you could be the one that Clooney has been waiting to settle down with forever. I mean, I being a multi-millionaire media mogul have nothing compared to George...well I guess we had a good run while it lasted." he says nonchalantly.

"Yeah it was good while it lasted." I say as I quietly open the door, "Thank you for taking this like such a gentleman."

"Oh of course."

"Thanks for the memories Huntzberger." I said putting my purse down and tip toeing to the kitchen where I heard his voice coming from.

"Oh no problem Gilmore." he said looking up and a huge smile appeared on his face as he spotted me. He put the wooden spoon he was holding down and wiped his hand on the hand towel before walking over to me. "So not quite good enough for you huh Ace?" He said standing in front of me.

I looked at him, rubbed my chin then circled him checking him out then stood in front of him again and tilted my head to the side, "Eh you're no Clooney but I guess you'll have to do for now."

He laughed before pulling me fiercely to him. "Oh I'll show you I'm exactly right for you." he said before crashing his lips against mine. When he released his hold on me slightly I looked at him with my lips all swollen before pulling away and walking away shrugging, "I don't know Huntzberger, I just thought you had more in you."

"What?" he asked incredulously and I just smiled and ran into bedroom as he ran after me. On the counter Logan's Blackberry started buzzing with a new notification.

Confirmed - In A Relationship with Rory Gilmore


No title yet...any ideas?

3 months after the Epilogue for Facebook Friends everything is going well for Logan and Rory...Logan makes a surprise visit alone to Stars Hallow to talk to Lorelai and Rory has a discussion about her future with Mitchum. Both conversations change everything for Logan and Rory but nothing changes things more than the conversation that Logan and Rory will have with eachother.