~ Buy My Heart ~

Summary: When Riza Hawkeye first met the rich and handsome Roy Mustang, he said the last thing she expected to hear. "Marry me, and I'll pay you one million dollars." AU Royai

Chapter One: The Offer

Hello, are you free tonight
I like your looks, I love your smile
Could I use you for a while?
It's all wrong, but it's all right.

Dolly Parton, "It's all wrong, but it's all right."

Riza Hawkeye always believed in true love. The kind where you're with someone, unconditionally and happily, until the day you die. It was the one thing she had always wanted. To have someone to want her. But it was something she had given up on, years ago.

"You can't just throw me out of here!" She yelled, her blond locks hanging messily in her face, as she fought with the landlord.

"Oh I can and I am, honey." The landlord, Peter O'Ryan, an unattractive, stocky man who was in his mid forties and balding, bellowed at her.

Riza glared, her amber eyes taking a fierce quality to them, as the eighteen-year old glared at the man. "But I have children." She all but growled, casting a glance to the two small boys, who were watching the fight with wide eyes.

She looked like she could be their sister, as both boys had shimmering blond hair, although the older boys hair was golden while the younger had sandy blond hair. But despite her young age, they had still taken to calling her "Mum." As they had been barely old enough to talk when their real mother had died.

"You chose to take on those brats, knowing you wouldn't be able to pay rent. So unless you can pay up now, I want you and your little orphans out of my apartment." O'Ryan shouted, and the younger of the two orphans - Alphonse - started to cry.

"Look," Riza began, in a calm voice with an underlying tone of malice. "I will get your money, just give me until tomorrow, please."

The man paused in frustration. "You have until 5pm tomorrow. If I don't have my money, you and your brats are homeless." He slammed the door on his way out and the small, eroding apartment shook with it.

Riza put her back to the wall and slid down it. "Like I'd live in this piece of crap by choice, anyway." She mumbled, before looking towards her two 'sons'. The older, Edward, was trying to comfort his brother.

"All....my....fault!" Wailed Al, the sweet little six year old had tears running down his face.

"Don't be silly, Al. Why would this be your fault?" Riza asked, crawling over to the two and pulling them into her lap comfortingly.

Al hugged Riza tightly, and Edward just rested his head against her shoulder.

"The m-man said s-s-s-so." Alphonse whimpered, his beautiful blue eyes meeting Riza's amber orbs in sadness.

"This is in no way your fault Al. It's all my fault. All mummy's fault." Riza stroked his hair soothingly.

Alphonse and Edward had been three and four when Riza had first taken them in, three years ago. Back then, she had had a steady job as a receptionist.


Riza was walking home from work, the fourteen year old runaway briskly pacing the city streets in the beginning twilight, when she heard yelling. An old man, in the side alley to a restaurant, was scolding two young boys, the golden haired one was glaring stubbornly at the man as he stood in front of his younger sibling protectively.

The heartless man was waving around a broom and cursing at the two. "Don't need two street rats scaring away my customers. Get outta here, you two little bastards before I get really angry. Where are your parents?" The last question had no hint of pity or concern for the young boys, just impatient annoyance.

The youngest bursted into tears at the question, but the older one tightened his glare and bluntly stated. "Dead."

Riza could almost feel her heart go out to them. When she'd left home, left her father, it had been a choice she had made - knowing what the consequences could be. But these two boys, they'd had everything ripped away from them - their parents, their homes, their food.

And it may have been impulsive and idiotic, but Riza was never regret the irrational decision she made that night.

"Oh! Boys, there you are! I've been looking everywhere." She said, running into the alley and picking up the crying boy, before turning to the restaurant owner. "I'm so sorry, they just ran off. I hope they didn't bother you."

The man shrugged, annoyance clear on his features as he shrugged. "Whatever. Just get your brothers out of here."

"Right, sorry." She said, watching the man walk back inside.

"Hiya, I'm Riza. You two sure look hungry. Why don't you come with me and I'll get you a bite to eat?"

And the stubborn little golden boy had looked to his younger brother, nestled in Riza's arms, before turning back to her and saying, "I'm Edward."


"How are you going to get the money, mumma?" Al asked, wiping his eyes with the sleeve of his shirt.

Riza smiled. She had lost her job a month ago, and all her savings were just about dried up. "I'll find a way. " She told the two, putting on a smile for them, when deep down inside everything seemed hopeless. "Now go get ready for school and I'll walk you in."

The two boys nodded, and walked away, but not before Edward glanced back at her, his deep golden eyes knowing. He was exceptionally intelligent for his age - a child prodigy - so it was a very rare instance that Riza was able to get something by without his noticing.


2,300 Amestrians are reported missing every day. So, resources to find those missing are limited, and the first hours are always critical to finding the missing person. Riza 'disappeared' four years ago, at the age of thirteen. Therefore, most people from her home town had given up all hope of finding her. In three years, she'd be presumed dead.

That is, if she wasn't found first. Although chances of Riza not being found were decreasing as she considered calling home. Her father would act so happy that she was alive, but she knew if she saw him again she'd be in for a beating. To say her father hadn't been the nicest of people would be a gross understatement. He'd been awful. Constantly getting drunk and throwing things around.

She'd hated her life. Which is why she had risked everything to get out of there. Which is why she would work in less than reputable places, and lived in a place where people wouldn't even let an animal stay - to keep herself hidden.

Ed and Al would probably get seperated, put into care. They would hate her for it, but she couldn't let the two keep living like this. She had to get them out of here, she was jobless and soon to be homeless. Her only choice was to call her father and face his wrath - and she sure as hell wasn't letting her adopted sons see that.

It was best this way. She'd call social services, after calling her father and tell them about Ed and Al, who were now at school - oblivious to the fact that they may never see their surrogate mother again.

Riza sighed, as she stepped into the public phone booth, sliding in two of her last coins, and dialing the number she still remembered after all this time.

It began to ring.

Maybe he wasn't home.

Ring, Ring.

Maybe he was passed out, drunk.

Ring, Ring.

Maybe he had moved out, so she would never find him.


Maybe - "Hello?"

Riza felt her chest tighten in panic, as the voice of the one person she ever truly despised answered. All the hate started to build up again and she couldn't quite manage to make herself speak, or give any acknowledgment to him.

"Hello? Is anyone fucking there?" He sounded angry already. But he would be royally pissed off once he found out who this was.

"Im hanging up, you-"

"Dad?" Riza asked, her voice unusually timid. He can't hurt you from behind a phone, she reminded herself.

She heard her father take a deep breath. "Riza fucking Hawkeye. Where the fuck have you been, you little bitch? Everyone thinks you're fucking dead. There's a memorial and every - fucking - thing."

Fuck in every sentence, he was just like she remembered. "I'm sorry, dad. I'm so sorry. Please, forgive me."

A pause. "Where the fuck are you?"

"I'm at..." Central. She thought the word but couldn't speak it.

"I'm at..." She repeated, before deciding it wasn't worth it. She couldn't be weak now, she had run away for a reason. She couldn't go back. She'd still call social services, but she would stay in Central, homeless or not - as long as she wasn't with him.

"I'm sorry, this was a bad idea." She said, hearing him begin to speak but she hung up before he could do anthing. Taking a deep breath she stumbled out of the phone box. 'I can't do this.' She thought, leaning against a cool brick wall, the wall of some building. The bricks were rough, but she still pressed her cheek against it, the cool stone somewhat refreshing.

She counted her breaths. In, hold for five, out, repeat. She could feel her heart rate lowering as she calmed down. She turned so she was facing the street, her back against the bricks, while she watched the people.

So many busy people, with busy lives, talking on mobiles, walking with family, friends, lovers - things she'd never had. Al and Ed were her only family, not that man, her father - he was nothing. But then, they wouldn't be her family much longer. She'd be leaving them. They'd hate her.

"Damn it." She murmured, closing her eyes before her emotions went out of control. Someone stood beside her, but she didn't bother opening her eyes. She didn't care who it was.

The man cleared his throat and she opened an eye, glancing at him. He was well dressed, but at least fifty, and she had to wonder what he wanted with her.

"How much?" He asked, inconspicuously.

"Excuse me?" Riza asked.

"How much are you? Per hour, per fuck, whatever love."

Riza's eyes widened and she glared at the man. "I am NOT a prostitute. Go screw yourself."

The man frowned and walked away, mumbling curses at her under his breath. Bastard. She thought, closing her eyes again.

She wasn't well dressed, just in some hole covered jeans and a baggy t-shirt, but it was still apparent that she was attractive. Clear skin, beautiful hair, a nice figure. Unfortunately, it made most men assume that a poor girl like her was for sale. Which usually ended with them having a very sensitive male area assaulted by her knee, but she was too upset to have hurt the last guy. She just wanted to break down and cry, which she would never do in public. This is why she wasn't going home. Because she was not going to cry. She had to be strong for Ed and Al.

Riza opened her eyes and started to actually take in her surroundings, before she realized where she was. "Crap." She murmured, feeling stupid. She was on Gabriel Street. The street most commonly known for being covered in drug dealers and prostitutes. No wonder the guy had mistaken her for one. Riza growled to herself, pushing herself off from the wall and beginning to walk away.

Along the footpath of the street, she walked briskly, trying to keep her head down, as she passed people. A young man with black hair glanced at her curiously, and she met his gaze for a moment, to see he had black eyes. As dark as midnight. She was in too much shock staring at such dark eyes, that she didn't notice the vehicle slowing down next her.

"Hey darling, how much?" The man in the car asked, winding the window down and leering at Riza.

"A million dollars." She replied, sharply.

The man glared. "Stuck up whore." He said, driving away.

Riza kept walking, until she felt a hand on her arm. Part of her panicked and the other part was trying to think of all the possible weapons in the area as she turned to the person who had touched her.

She faced black eyes. The man. He was about twenty or so, and incredibly attractive.

"I'll take it." He said, his face serious. He had a deep voice, the kind Riza imagined would have girls dropping their pants in seconds.

"What?" Riza asked, shocked.

"One million dollars. I'll pay you it."

All the offers ran through Riza's mind. The disgusting, leering men, holding cash out to her. She'd always said no, she'd always vowed she'd never sell herself. But... One million dollars. For one night with an attractive man. It wasn't exactly a bad deal. "Are you serious?" She managed to choke out.

The man let go of her arm and pulled out his wallet, opening it and pulling out a stack of hundred dollar bills. He counted out twenty and pressed them into her palm.

"That's two thousand. I'll pay you the rest at my house. I obviously don't carry one million dollars on me around this place.

Riza looked at the money in awe. It was enough to pay off her debt.

"Well?" The man asked, impatiently.

Riza didn't stop to think before she nodded.


The man's car was a sleek, black convertible. It was gorgeous and obviously expensive.

The first half of the car ride was silent. Riza felt the wind toss her blond hair around as she looked around in awe. Although she had a twisting feeling in her stomach, telling her to run away, as fast as she could, telling her she could get money some other way.

The man sighed, running a gloved hand through his midnight hair. "What's you name?"

Riza jumped slightly, shocked that he was talking. "Uh, I'm Riza." She replied timidly.

He cast her a sideways glance and held the hand he wasn't driving with out to her. "I'm Roy Mustang."

She took his hand hesitantly and sook it. "How old are you, Riza?" He asked, putting both hands back on the wheel.

"Eighteen." She told him, looking down. Just knowing what she was planning to do made her feel ashamed. But at least now she could keep Ed and Al.

He nodded. "I'm twenty-one next month."

He pulled into a driveway expertly, he was a very controlled driver, if not a little fast. "And this, is my home." He announced and Riza took in her surroundings in awe.

It was a mansion. In fact, mansion didn't even cover it. Perfect green lawn, with manicured hedges surrounding the pristine, white, four story mansion. It was gorgeous. The type of house that was only in fairytales.

Riza was too busy staring, she didn't notice the car stopping, or Roy getting out. She only realized when he opened her door and held out a hand, which she took.

They walked inside, and Roy led her from perfect room to room until they made it to the lounge room. It had black walls, white expensive looking couches and a fluffy white rug. In the middle of the room was a fireplace, a fire already crackling.

Roy kicked off his shoes and Riza followed suit. He sat himself down on the rug, infront of the fire, the orange lighting flickering onto him.

Riza took a deep breath. 'This is it.' She thought, feeling herself shake slightly.

Roy looked up at her curiously, and Riza brought her hands to the bottom of her shirt, beginning to pull it up. "I've never done anything like this before." She murmured, trying to keep the panic out of her voice.

Roy stood quickly and put his hands on hers, stopping her from undressing.

"I don't think you understand why I'm paying you." Roy said. "The deal is: Marry me and I'll pay you one million dollars.

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